Offroad Legends 2

Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 04:50 pm

Offroad Legends 2


Offroad Legends 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dogbyte Games Kft., Offroad Legends 2 is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th November 2014 with the latest update 13th March 2019

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


979 people have rated 1.2.1

You can download the game Offroad Legends 2 from APP STORE.


This is your chance to experience the thrill of driving Monster Trucks, desert Trucks and 4×4 off-roaders over amazing jump filled tracks.
Experience cutting edge graphics, ground breaking physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in Offroad Legends 2!

Offroad Legends 2 features:

  • More detailed and complex graphics and physics than ever
  • More than 64 amazing tracks to beat
  • 16 ultra detailed vehicles to unlock and drive
  • Turn based multiplayer via GameCenter
  • MFI Controller support
  • Playground for the kids (No damage, easy tracks)
  • Monster trucks, Desert trucks, 4×4 offroaders, Oldtimers!
  • Real World car sounds
  • Vehicle tuning
  • ground breaking car dynamics with detailed part simulation (flapping/detachable doors etc.)
  • Collect the parts of premium super cars to unlock them
  • 4 game modes (Racing, Transporter, Destruction, Lava Jump)
  • Weather Effects
  • Customizable touch controls
  • GameCenter Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Explosions and more Explosions!

Enjoy this petrol-laced fun!

Updated on 13th March 2019

-Wide screen support
-Extended Controller support
-Tweaked some too evil levels (like 4×4 warmup 8)

Offroad Legends 2 Reviews

We really really like this game and hope for more games in this genre from any developer. Theres just never enough.

Very entertaining and very realistic!

Love this game! They dont constantly hassle you for in-app purchases or drown you in ads.

Way better than the first one, cars are much more powerful and better handling, just wish it had more levels.

This is just flat out awesome! Also nice graphics! And game play!

This game is awesome the graphics are so much better than the first one the creators have improved.

This game is actually super fun.

We know this is mostly a kids game but it so much fun for adults too!

We’ve been playing this game on and off for a few years now and we can never seem to put it down, its definitely a fun game to help pass the time!

Our kid n we love this game. We take turns playing n it brings us closer together.


The best game ever we want to play more of this game keep up the great work yous guys we recommend this game to all players.

We’ve been playing this game since the iPhone 4s was popular still the best game.

We know the truck and car models and years so make them look like their actual model Ranger: 1980 Ford Bronco Bug: Vw beetle Defender: 2014 Jeep Wrangler Taurus: we dont know Carry: 1951 Chevy 3100 Cardinal: 1955 Chevy bel air Moon we dont know Rocket: 1935 ford And we want more 70s pickups Please read these massages from all.

We wish it had a different sound for all the vehicles but overall a pretty good game.

We played this game years ago (and would have given 4/5 stars) but we went to play it again now, but you cant reset it. Deleted and downloaded again. Old records still valid. Sure you can replay levels (I played years ago) but not the same as replaying…. No replay-ability.

Kids playground level 5 thats all.

It is awesome very car much level so puzzle verey good suggestion make the trucks a little less stiff and faster Why is there a minecraft TNT in the third level.

Plz read. We would like to Chang one thing…… Front and back camera besides just a side camera. We could steer and go around the track!!

Super fun for kids who can’t stop nagging their parents screaming can we play your phone or for older people (like myself) who are bored and want to pass time… Also very fun compared to the first one.

Everything about this game is awesome. We love to play it.

Fantastic pack of games. Still load them back on, play it all the way through, then delete. A year goes by, we’ll load them back again. Only games we do that with. Obvious question is "When is the next one"??

We love this game, but we just cant get past oldtimer pro, really wish we could.

Best game we’ve ever played on our phone and it’s the only one on earth that some people love .

Very worth the money. We also played off-road legends 1 and it was awesome! But in level 3 on the place were you break the stars there is an extremely random minecraft tnt!!!!! Like woah’! Why is that there????

It’s a game with awesome graphics, good controls and a challenging gameplay. We recommend to everyone!

This game looks freakin real the grass even moves in the breeze on the menu to select a level love that there is a way to acquire the premium cars without a purchase PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS AND CARS THANK YOU THIS GAME WOULD TOTALLY BE WORTH $3 for maybe a DLC pack with new levels and cars thanks for a great game!

We first discovered this franchise with Sahara, we loved it, but finished it, so we found the two other free Legends games, loved them, and finished them. We still kept on playing over and over though, even after getting three stars on every track… So we finally broke down and rummaged through our couch cushions to purchase Legends 2, assuming that it would be a little more lengthy in the career mode. We are not disappointed. To begin, like the other Legends games, the game is beautiful- great graphics, real time damage, graceful physics, and colorful changing backgrounds. If that were all, we would still love it. But on top of that, the gameplay is intuitive, responsive, and challenging. We have to try several times to get three stars sometimes, but we succeed. That’s the key to a good mobile game- it should challenge, but not anger the player. This one features a neat rewards system too- pick up little badges to earn parts to new vehicles. Getting to them on some levels adds an extra challenge! We couldn’t wait to finish this game before writing a review, so we hope that we’re not disappointed later in the career. But at this point, we’re not sure what these guys could do to disappoint us. It’s just the best side scroll driving game ever made for the App Store. Indeed, it is probably one of the best games, period. Thanks for helping us waste hour upon hour, Dogbyte! We can’t wait for Legends 3!

Wow this game just made our day. Well worth the price.

What a amazing game! Five stars across the board!

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