Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by STUDIO FURUKAWA, LLC, Pixel Car Racer is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd July 2016 with the latest update 1st August 2019

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pixel Car Racer ?

16,092 people have rated 1.1.80

What is the price of the Pixel Car Racer ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pixel Car Racer released ?

Pixel Car Racer was released on 23rd July 2016.

When was the Pixel Car Racer updated ?

The latest updated date of Pixel Car Racer on 1st August 2019.

Where can Pixel Car Racer be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pixel Car Racer from Apple Official App Store.



Pixel Car Racer is the first of its kind, a retro style arcade racer, featuring a RPG sandbox experience. Build your dream garage with limitless car customization! Take your ride to the streets and race your way to the top.


  • Drag and Street game modes
  • Over 100+ Cars!
  • 1000+ Car Parts!
  • RPG Style Tuning
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Beautiful pixel art graphics
  • Burnouts
  • Liveries
  • Custom Livery Designer
  • Realistic engine system
  • Manual gear shifting
  • Racing style pedals including clutch!
  • Japan, Euro, US style Cars/Parts.
  • Active community
  • Facebook login with cloud saving
  • Designed for car enthusiasts worldwide

PCR website: http://www.pixelcarracer.com/
PCR facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelCarRacer/
STUDIO FURUKAWA website: http://www.studiofurukawa.com/

If experiencing crashing or any bugs, please contact us.

Updated on 1st August 2019

Update Version 1.1.80

  • New Cars
  • Fixed an issue with Leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue with Cloud Saving
  • Fixed an issue with Facebook Login
  • Other Bug fixes and improvements

Pixel Car Racer Review

We love this game all it needs to be perfect its an online mode. Trust us it will make this game so much fun and competitive. So u can also play with your friends and enjoy cruising !

We loved playing this game a long time ago and we would also love to see new upgrades and such.

We love this game we have been playing for around a year and we love it but u guys need to add more body kits more weight reduction options and also Im waiting for story mode to come out!

PCR is just an addicting game its one of the best mobile racing games we have ever played.

We love this game but they need to update it more often.

We love this game! Everything about is great especially being able to modify your vehicle, wheels, custom paint jobs, etc. We were just wondering if you could please add the MRS into the game. We own one and we love the thing and was hoping that it would be in this game. Just a request we were wondering if youre able to do. Thank you if youre able to do it!

Great game even after all these years of no updates wish it would update and that we could get our account back all those years of preparing for story mode to lose all our stuff somehow please come back to this game nd work on it.

Hi this game is super fun to play and its offline but we wish we would be able to battle friends and family if u can plz make it where we can add and battle friends.

Fix the daily reward button it almost never works.

We’ve been playing this game since it came out the game is still fun till this day just when will we be getting the story mode and multiplayer?

VROOOM, WHBAM MAN WE NEED YALL TO Please update, add new things, adjust the screen to fit the newer iPhone screens. This game is great but how do we play the story, why is it locked. Add new cars yanno we need more variety.

This game is great and overall the customization for cars is amazing. There are many cars in this game but we were wondering if you could add more cars like, a Lamborghini huracan, or McLarens and stuff like that. Basically super cars and stuff. We would really appreciate if you could do this in a next update. Keep up the good work!

Good, just wish you could change your name as well as sell items directly from the garage in addition to the shop.

We need a update. Its getting boring and old. We need some new stuff in the game. We and many more love this game. Please we need it.

We absolutely love this game but we just wish they kept updating it. But nonetheless its still a great game and we enjoy.

Game is amazing we love it we just wish they had a friends list and online races.

When is the iOS update gonna drop for pixel racer bc its already out for android.

We love this game and would like to see an update soon pls.

Overall, its a great game and its enjoyable but, we’ve been waiting for story mode to release.

Can you please add DRIFT track and drift parts thanks if you do or its fine.

We love this game and we’ve played it for so long. We’ve nearly owned every car and done every combination with every modification we could. We would LOVE to see an update or even another game like this to play. We hate to see such a game like this with so much potential die off the way it is. Im still going to give this game 5 stars because of how much we love it and how much potential it has. Honestly we will donate to help this game out for it to get back up and running. Please dont give up on it or at least update it one last time for the newer phones.


Im kinda confused we saw a video of someone playing on andriod and theres was a lot newer then ours they had the dimond turbo did you guys take that out or am we just missing soemthing.

Can you please add donks to where you could size rims your own and maybe some more old school muscle cars Im really looking forward to a update please consider our suggestions a good idea. We REALLY LOVE THE GAME.

Outdated but the best racing game so addictive.

Tremendo juegoo,quisiera que le dieran mas seguimiento para poder jugar online o mismo amigos Y que us regalen cajas porque muy pocas que us dan.

We’ve been logged out of the game and our car had 600 something so if you can help us it will be great. The game is very good though.

The game is good but were is the update ????? Im missing content from the store we dont have the diamonds or ruby turbos and alot more.

Its a amazing game but there are a lot of things that need to be fixed 1 is how sometimes you can open the slot thing sometimes you cant but overall its a really good game. Would recommend.

We love this game, this is the only game we play on our phone but when you reach about level 80+ you start buying more cars and customizing them we have the max amount of cars (6) and we think it would be a great idea if when you reached level 100 you would unlock 6 or 12 more car slots.

Hey, love the game. It gives us an almost real life experience on parts/upgrades for cars, but we would love to see more cars get added to the game. We have an Acura TL in real life and we would love to see it in the game.

This game is a master peice you have to start developing this game again and add new cars and customizations and all types of stuff we have never enjoyed a game so much in our life.

The best car game that we’ve ever played on iOS the best love it keep up the hard work!

We erased it so many times just so we can get a motor but its really good.

We love this game but the update that came out for android when do we get that update this game is amazing we love playing it but we want this update.

More cars needed and more parts everything else need to stay the same.

For the past year we’ve been seeing that the game store has active updates for pixel car racer but the apple store doesnt ,this is unfair for us to hit 300 mph because we dont have the new cars nor engines/turbo/EVERYTHING ELSE please make the new set update be available we’ve been waiting and it been 2 years since and update. Please and thank you developers.

It is good but they need a update please.

This game is really fun you can do a lot of customization to the cars, racing is alot of fun we just wish they would update this game :/

We are literally in love with this game. We love the cars and mods and we hope they add more. Im sure they hear it a lot but story mode and seeing more maps and countries would be so cool to add in. So much potential with this game we’ve got money in our pocket to burn here haha.

The game need an update to story mode !!!!

We thought this was just another mobile game full of ads, but no! Its a great games that includes a lot of cars! Love this game!!!

What if we were able to put a supercharger with a turbocharger in the same car.

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