Offroad Legends

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Offroad Legends


Offroad Legends is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dogbyte Games Kft., Offroad Legends is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th June 2012 with the latest update 28th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,198 people have rated 1.3.5

You can download the game Offroad Legends from APP STORE.


Drive the most amazing offroad vehicles of all time in this extreme hill climbing madness! Crash the barriers and fly above bottomless chasms with Monster Trucks, 4×4 off-roaders and six-wheeled Behemoths!

Use your best skills to beat the most mind blowing tracks and be the ultimate Offroad Legend!

  • Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy

  • This is the best physics racer we’ve enjoyed for some time. –

  • Solid gameplay, graphics are clean and impressive! –

  • Another Gem by Dogbyte Games –

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  • Offroad Legends brings a lot of fun. –

Main features:

  • Four vehicle categories (Monsters, 4×4 off-roaders, Behemoths, Fun cars)
  • Three game modes
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • 90 challenging tracks
  • Real time vehicle deformation
  • Precise physics simulation
  • Vehicle tuning
  • Retina display support for iPad and iPhone!
  • GameCenter achievements and leaderboards!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a tough ride!

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Updated on 28th April 2023

compatibility fixes

Offroad Legends Reviews

We really love the details of this games and everything we love every single atom in this game (

We love this game and have been playing this game since 2015, unfortunately it crashes upon start. It shows the first loading screen and then crashes every time. Please fix devs as we love this game and will change to a 5 star rating when fixed.

We really love the details of this games and everything we love every single atom in this game.

This one has been out for a while, still as good. Surely part three could become real.

Nice graphics nice physics variety of courses and vehicles. Yes some courses are way too difficult however play around with all the vehicles; you will have to pay to play to get the full benefits but eventually you will love it. Play it for fun. Dont get frustrated. Laugh. Be happy.

Game is really good, very well made. We definitely recommend if you like to challenge yourself and keep yourself occupied. Definitely worth the money!!!

THIS GAME IS THE GAME OF ALL GAMES YOU HAVE AWWOME TRUCKS we HAVE THE RAT and we should add our gf broke up with me.

We love this game, we used to play it a long time ago, we are so happy. They still have it!

Add the tesla cybertruck in the game pls.

Lava can kill you even when your on the opposite side of the wall.

Its a really fun game but we have noticed that there are eyes staring at us from the sewer in the background or maybe its just us?

Its far too difficult. Id rather have race courses NOT stunt & jumping courses. Im not good at these at all! UNFULFILLING. Im UNHAPPY! Arthur.

Some levels are straight up bull crap.

We love this game and played it the whole way through but some courses are way too hard. Taking us a while to beat. The game starts off simple and just fun but just gets harder and less fun because its more frustrating from trying to finish a course.

We bought every vehicle and stage to help u guys so pls keep updating it.

Honestly our favorite game we love playing it And watching others play it.

THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTE AMAZINGNESS its so fun and realistic and we can play when Im bored and it will keep us entertained.

Great game. A bit confusing though with all the versions of it.

We would have to agree with HDEMO. This game is so very frustrating!!!!!! Add a few seconds to the time so you can complete the level with at-least one star!!!!! We guess if it was easy it would not be a challenge. But really. Nicely made tho. Bassfreak.

Hi we have the IphoneXR and we have this game and we paid 1 dollar and we think you should fix your game and make it a bigger screen plz like the Sahara one and your game is really really fun!!

Needs a mode that is based off distance not time. And you should be able to run your tuned car. If they added both it would be great, you can tune the car you want then try to set a new distance record. Instead of picking gas up as you go it can be damage scored. That way your tuning skill actually matter. And makes the tune feature more relevant.

Great game and doesn’t cost any money to play.

Listen, your game is great. We love the gameplay and the controls are easy and simple. Yet, we hate this game more than any other in the whole wide world! Why? Because some of the levels are so demanding and are almost impossible. Im not saying you should change the entire game, but certain levels should be given a few more seconds for all 3 stars. Nonetheless, we think it is a great game. Still, somehow this game is more frustrating than getting over it.

We love the game, we’ve played it on several devices…. Unfortunately the tilt buttons seldom work. We don’t know if it’s the game or our phone (iPhone 7plus), but if the buttons worked it would be 5 star.

This game started out kinda fun but soon turned into just driving over and jumping stupid ramps. And the lava pits are even dumber. How about making an off road game where you just drive off road…?

Game seams good at first, however, the longer you play it the more it becomes obvious there is little kinks in the game to motivate you to spend more money on all the little add ons. We have been trying to beat one section for several weeks. Have it memorized at this point. When we’re about to beat it and unlock additional courses the truck becomes non responsive. We would say it’s just another scam written into the game. If your interested in beating this game without buying everything the creator is selling. Move on and get a different game from a different company.

We really enjoy these types of games. We didn’t know how much they’ve improved (I used to play a simple barebones game with a motorcycle ) and its really fun play this and Offroad Legends 2. Both are very well made and the controls are perfect.

We love all the suspension tuning. You can really dial in the way a vehicle drives and make it very fast.

We love the game itself and we have "Off-road Legends 1 and 2". There needs to be an "Off road Legends 3" already. We’re ready for new vehicles and new tracks.

Awesome game keeps us coming back.

Always a blast when we pick up our tablet and knock out some levels!

What a fun way to pass time !!!

By far our favorite tilt game out.

Amazing game can’t wait to play the sequel!

Super game, good graphics… We’re 47 and our 7 & 10 year ALL love playing this game!! We don’t write reviews but we have really had fun playing this game!

We like the realistic physics, it makes up for not having a controller on a iPad:)

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