OK Golf

OK Golf


OK Golf is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Okidokico Entertainment Inc., OK Golf is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2017 with the latest update 19th February 2020

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


238 people have rated 2.2.0

You can download the game OK Golf from APP STORE.


Golf on the go!

Winner: Best Canadian-developed Mobile Game, MobileSyrup’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards.

"A visually stunning, minimalist new golf game" – AppAddict

"OK Golf’s design is as good as it comes" – MacStories

"A nice zone of zen for me when I need a break from reality" – AppAdvice

It’s not real golf, but it’s OK!

OK Golf is the essence of golf, refined to a tee. Play a quick round anywhere, anytime on 15 stylish golf courses inspired by classic golfing destinations. Easy to play, hard to put down, perfect for all ages and handicaps!

"You’re going to enjoy the time you spend with it." – Pocket Gamer

Just aim, drag and release to shoot the ball. No clubs, just you and the ball.

Inspired by beautiful and iconic locations, each course is a handcrafted miniature diorama.

Enjoy a moment of zen while you play a round of golf immersed in the calming sounds of nature.

Unlock new courses and secret areas and challenge yourself with different game modes.

Pay once, get all futures courses free!

Compete online with Game Center or on the same device, or simply rise to the top of the leaderboards.

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Visit us at: www.okidokico.com

Updated on 19th February 2020

New special 3 hole Pictominoes themed course!

OK Golf Reviews

Absolutely love this game, fun for the casual player or one shooting for the best scores! Loaded with fun extras and constantly has us coming back for more.

We really love this game. The courses are beautiful to see and we still like to hunt around for better ways to navigate the obstacles. But some recent IOS release has caused the game to stop working. Please correct this bug. Thanks.

Really simple, relaxing, fun & challenging game to play. Simple as that.

This game is as fun as it is apparently neglected.

Controller support. If that doesnt tell you enough about the devs and the game in general we dont know what will.

We’ve searched for ages to find an excellent golf game that is quick to pickup and play casually. You cant do any better than OK Golf. Beautiful, challenging, and fun.

A lot of love and care obviously went into making this game. Just shows a game does not have to be photorealistic to be beautiful. Look, for example, at the earthrise scene on the moon, or the vertigo-inducing course set in the Paris skyline. The sound effects are particularly well done. The developer is, very simply, an artist. Then there is the game within the game, wherein there are many pleasant surprises to be found. Our main quibble is the (apparent) lack of any cheats or hints for locating some of these extras that we have been unable to discover despite long, repeated, and persistent efforts. For example, there are two holes at Buchan Bay that we expect we will never be able to play, and not for lack of months of trying to find them.

Great game. Simple and fun Question: we had to reinstall the app and all our courses reset? Is there no cloud save?

Our game was crashing a lot. We deleted it then reinstalled. That seems to have fixed it. OLD REVIEW: Ok Golf looks great and plays really well. Very simple design with simple controls (just pull back and release). However it can be very difficult at times. On most par 3 holes it takes 2 shots just to get to the green. One mistake on some holes can cause you to post a double bogey. The problem with this game is that is cant decide whether to be a relaxed golfing experience with simple controls or a tough golf game aimed at diehards. For us as someone who wants a more relaxed easy-going experience the game gets too frustrating as so many of the holes are too hard and sometimes just bad luck will ruin your score.

Not formatted correctly for notch phones… Simple and decent gameplay… But missing basic fun things like different clubs or spin so it becomes repetitive fast… Appears you can reset a hole twice but never again… Not explained how to get more Mulligan’s… Needs work… WAY overpriced at $5 though.

Ok Golf looks great and plays really well. Very simple design with simple controls (just pull back and release). However it can be very difficult at times. On most par 3 holes it takes 2 shots just to get to the green. One mistake on some holes can cause you to post a double bogey. The problem with this game is that is cant decide whether to be a relaxed golfing experience with simple controls or a tough golf game aimed at diehards. For us as someone who wants a more relaxed easy-going experience the game gets too frustrating as so many of the holes are too hard and sometimes just bad luck will ruin your score.

We’ve been playing this game on our iPhone 7 for years now and have had a lot of fun with it. Its always been an easy to pick up game of golf that can definitely be challenging in the later levels. Was disappointed to see that this game hasnt been optimized on our new iPhone 12 mini, and presumably any iPhone with a display like it. The game is fully playable, but Some things at the top get cut off by the notch. It also feels very zoomed in. Your are definitely missing out on some horizontal viewing playing like this. Im guessing its just zooming in on the 16:9 aspect ratio the game wants to play at.

Don’t bother. The 1.99 charge is to make it seem like they have something good. It’s child’s play.

This is worst hame ever and at 99 cents its a rip-off.

Great game, but its unplayable now. Hasnt been updated in a year. Crashes before it can be played.

This version is no longer appearing as screen optimized for the iPhone XS Max.

Exceptional game… Lots of courses and new ones added regularly. Lots of challenge and always fun.

For some reason the golf game that we can most easily compare this to for review purposes is PGA Tour Golf for the Mattel Electronics Intellivision. No club selection and simple graphics compared to simulation type golf games of the era dont matter. Its just fun. We find it as much of a puzzle game as we do a golf game. Easily worth the price of skipping a coffee.

Did latest update and still crashes on our iPad Pro. Very frustrating to be almost done in champion round and then crashes. Other than that, best golf game. Would have given it a 5+.

We love this game, but we cant bare the extreme lag on our iPhone 11 Pro Max. Please optimize this game for the 11 Pro Max. We will definitely give 5 stars once the lag is gone. Thanks!

Not even worth being free. Feels far too rigged. Save your money.

Even though you don’t choose golf clubs, see a player swing or have a timing bar to mash your finger on, it is a very challenging, strategic and fun game of golf! It’s harder than it looks! It takes some trial and error to get a grasp on the ball physics and how hard to hit the ball. The courses are nicely laid out and present a good challenge! The courses can be viewed from any angle, close up or zoomed out and you have complete control of the camera. We give it 4 Stars for it’s superb minimalistic design and great fun factor! We recommend it to anyone that hates golf games that have that stupid timing bar! This golf game is different, simple, challenging and FUN! KUDOS dev’s!!!

After holing out on Llyncapel Ruins course in championship mode the game crashes on our iPhone X.

The new course is awesome! We laughed out loud more than a few times! Thank you for continued development of this great game!!

This is a great game. A great time waster.

We are an avid golfer both mobile games and in real life. The game overall is super fun with the shortcuts and trying to get three stars on holes. However, it is SUPER hard to do so in the course Buchan Bay. Because it is so windy it hooks your ball all the way across the fairway all the time. We LOVE everything else about the game.

This game is well worth the money as it provides over a hundred holes and more additional challenges. The art style fits perfectly and looks stunning. The team is always releasing new levels to play and explore so theres always something new to come back to. Our only gripe is that the levels can sometimes drastically spike in difficulty. We myself have collected every single star and had a blast doing so. Also the secret holes in Buchan bay are devastatingly difficult to get three stars on and should be fixed if possible.

Best golf game we’ve ever played you guys are awesome really love it must have very fun.

Very happy that: 1) Developer reads reviews, listens to customers. 2) Works to make app better through new content plus performance & stability improvements.

We usually don’t buy apps but we had about 4$ in the bank and decided to go through all the popular games, seeing which game could be fun to try out. Came across this game and instantly decided to buy it and it’s completely worth it. You will get frustrated beyond belief as you climb up the courses but heck, feels good to nail a birdie when it happens! Love the ambient sounds as well and the concept of secret holes and hidden objectives, nice! BUG: we cannot play Hole of Truth, though! Seems to crash everytime we enter it no matter what we do whether it is to restart the app or our device. For now, we’ve been grinding through every course (:

We dont write reviews on apps we never have, however we brought this game like a 2 years ago now. And its not boring or add filled or a waist surprisingly we’ve consistently playd it for a couple weeks then put it down and come back months later to have the same fun. New maps keep getting added we think theres like 120+ sum levels now. And secret levels(i still cant find). Really great game.

It keeps crashing when we finish the first hole of the second course in championship mode. Frustrating!

Update con stately crashes. REALLY frustrating. Fix this.

We bought this game almost two years ago and the developers have continued supporting it with free updates ever since. Its a fantastic game with enough secrets and challenges to keep you coming back. And the multiplayer adds to the replay value. We only hope the developers keep supporting the game. Id love to see multiplayer expanded with an option to do matches with more than two people and options to have timed matches against online opponents. Would also like a course scrambled which picks nine random holes from all courses for online. Would be happy to pay more for it too.

We’ve watched a youtube video on how to three star this particular course but it doesnt seem to let us do what he does. It is the secret hole tightrope on Buchan Bay. We cant get three stars we’ve spent more hours on this hole than the rest of the game. We love the game we just need to know if you can three star it lol. Just slowly losing our mind.

Okay, basically this game is pretty freakin awesome, its a calm, collected game with good mechanics and and.

We have gifted this app to 2 friends already cant wait to get there feedback each shot is similar but is never the same the multiple coarses are full of wonderful artwork themes and challenges this app is so worth it!!

We love this game! Easy to play, tough to put down.

Good simple interface, nice courses, relaxing and challenging at the same time. Would like more courses.

Its a fun game to play to take your mind off things. Not to complicated. But one of the problems we have is if we hit the ball in the rough and its on a hill. It shouldnt roll down the hill because is in high grass and should be held by the grass. Little things like that.

Actually a decent game. But playing for 15 minutes on an iPad uses around 25% battery. Let us know when it gets fixed and Ill play again.

The game dynamics are awesome. At times relaxing and other times challenging, but the issue we have is when Im looking for our approach to the green. We dont know how many times we’ve been angling for a shot and looking around and accidentally hit the ball. There is no way to take back the shot. We know we know, if you could take the shot back it would be unfair, BUT the controls desperately need to be improved to avoid accidental hits on the ball. The only option is to start the entire course over again to save the stroke. Super frustrating.

First, the good: The design is very nice. The blocky aesthetic is kind of overdone on the mobile platform but it looks really good in this game. There are a lot of courses that each have different looks to them. Despite all courses taking the shape of a square, they all feel unique and not just a variation of the same holes. We like the fact that the game is played in portrait mode instead of landscape. The bad: Arguably the most important aspect of a golf video game is the act of hitting the golf ball. Unfortunately, this game whiffs it… Really badly. We understand that they were going for speed and simplicity here, rather than real golf simulation, but when the speed falls apart, the simplicity is uninteresting and frustrating. A large portion of your shots will be power shots, which is the same exact thing as a regular shot, except you have to just hold your swipe back for several extra seconds. Theres no real aiming or skill involved, you just pull back and wait for the circle to get small. Then you wait forever for the ball to roll around on the ground. There is no skip button like literally every golf video game has had for 20 years. Its infuriating to watch our ball roll 0.00001mph down a hill off the green on tougher courses. Im not sure why a time attack mode was included but we uninstalled this game before even trying it.

Because the developer provided a thoughtful and gracious explanation Im updating our review to 5 stars. We agree that this game is not a golf simulation but a fun remix based on golf. This is a great game except for two things – no object transparency and shots from the rough are way too short. Tree and other objects visually block shots when they should have enough transparency to allow for accurate shots. Fix that, and Ill give the game the 5 stars it otherwise deserves. Rough shots are way underpowered compared to drives.

The perfect compliment to every golfers masochistic personality: Ratfarts!

It’s cheap, it’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s absolutely stOOpid simple. A game well done.

Awesome game, we have 3 stars on all the holes and only need a couple more secret holes to unlock. The game is perfect so please dont change a thing because of the cry babies who want everything handed to them, boohoo we cant make a shot, boohoo we cant find the secret holes, boohoo the wind is blowing, boohoo boohoo, boohoo, losers go find a different game to play. Developers keep up the good work and dont listen to the cry babies, theyll move on. 5 star game all day long, well worth the money. Update: going back in all the old courses to find stuff is getting kinda boring guys. Need to make new courses better and faster. Update: dont bother with this game developers dont do updates, its been almost a year and nothing. Time to delete.

We love this game and how easy it was to get the hang of. We just wish they would send out a new update because we’ve made our way through the whole game so now we dont play at all because its there isnt anything new to play or achieve.

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