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Old Man’s Journey


Step into the gaming world with Old Man’s Journey, one of the top $4.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH, this captivating Puzzle game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 4+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 18th May 2017, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 9th December 2020.

Whether you have a liking for Puzzle, Adventure, games, Old Man’s Journey is sure to keep you hooked!

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A soul-searching adventure about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans.

Over 17 International Awards, including:

  • Apple Design Award (USA)
  • Emotional Game Award (France)
  • Innovation Award (Brazil)
  • Best Art Award (Japan)


  • A powerful and emotional narrative told only through imagery
  • Gorgeously whimsical landscapes with hand-drawn art and animations
  • Handcrafted, pressure-free puzzles
  • Unique landscape-shaping mechanic
  • A compact game experience perfect for a wanderlust-evoking escape
  • Original and emotionally compelling soundtrack by SCNTFC

"A gorgeous experience." – TouchArcade (10/10)
"An absolute joy to look at and play" – The Guardian
"A whimsical poem" – Polygon (8/10)

What’s Fresh in the Latest Update?

Discover what’s new in the recent update of Old Man’s Journey on 9th December 2020:

We fixed a hang up that occurred during startup on some newer iPads. Again.

Hear from the Players – Old Man’s Journey Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Old Man’s Journey:

Played this game upon a recommendation from a buddy, completely worth it. One of the most beautiful stories we’ve ever experienced accented by perfectly matched music the whole way through. Buy this game.

Although this game does not have super exciting gameplay, it has a simple puzzle aspect to it that lets you interact with the world in a way we never have done. The music was peaceful, the art style was beautifully done, and the touching story was told in a more powerful way than any other – On top of that, it did it without words. Its an amazing experience to enjoy.

To enjoy the game you have to calm down, relax, and just enjoy the scenery and experience. The game’s not about figuring out tough puzzles, which is why the puzzles are pretty easy. It’s all about the journey, and the story. If you get it expecting it to be a hard puzzle game or a fast paced game, you will be let down. If you just appreciate it for its beautiful music, story, and scenery, you will have a fantastic experience like we did. It’s not boring at all. Anyways, the graphics are probably the best part of the game, each area’s art is so impressive. Definitely get the game, just know that you’re not getting a hard puzzle game :)

We recently lost our mother due to sepsis and this game was one of the very few that could relate to the feelings of losing someone. The puzzles were amazing and we loved the art style even though it was frustrating at times it was worth it. We definitely will buy any other games you make if you decide to make more. This game touched a part of our heart thats been empty for a while and made us feel like someone understands thank you!

This is not a very challenging game as some reviews seem to harp on. What it is though, is a beautiful story, with clever visuals, and thoughtful user interactions, that combine to create an experience. If youre not all cold and dead inside, its a nice way to spend some time without buying gems or coins. Id pay $4.99 for a sequel in a split second. Thank you very much to the developers and everyone involved in making this happen. We really appreciate it.

It is much better than a movie and the price for such amount of graphics unbelivable. Thank you, it was a great evenin with our 7 and 6 years old kids.

Im easily stressed by gameplay but love a good story so this more slow paced game was perfect! The story was all kinds of sweet and we may have cried just a little at the ending. We’ve played through it twice and loved it twice. Highly recommend.

We finally figured out that we needed to update our software in order to play the game without it shutting down our iPad. So we have changed our rating to reflect our post-update experience. We enjoyed the game and appreciated the design. We did find myself stumped a couple of times, but we would recommend the game.

This game has a great story, although at times the game itself gets a little boring. But overall it is actually quite satisfying to play. We would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a game with a good story!

This game tells a story in such a visually compelling way, the puzzles were just complicated enough with whimsicle touches, but this was definitely not worth the pricetag of $3.99. There weren’t enough levels and just not quite enough… It didn’t quite leave you wanting more, but it left you feeling unfulfilled. To make the game worth the price, it should come with either some more unique levels or a bonus exploration round where you can just walk around tapping on things. Otherwise, the game is worth maybe $1.99.

So when we first got this game we loved it but after we played this game for a couple of minutes there was a train and After we got on the train we couldnt get off.

We’ve had this game on our wishlist forever. Lets just say Im glad we bought it on sale for $.99 and not at the full $4.99 price. We found myself really bored throughout the entire game but we had spent money so we were committed, hoping the gameplay would become more of a challenge at one point or another…. We wouldnt even call it a game. Its really just a full-on STORY that you kind of walk through. But you arent really interacting with the story at all. Hes just hiking. Thats it, hes just taking a nice little stroll through the hills thinking of his life. Literally yall, thats it. The graphics are INCREDIBLE and stunning which is the only reason we even gave it 2 stars but you just drag the ground to make him hop from one area to another. Sometimes you have to move some sheep out of the way, thats about the extent of the challenge. Maybe this is a real life story game and this is a tribute to a father or grandfather or something??? Im not sure but either way, hindsight, if we would have known, we would have skipped this one. Sorry it had so much potential… We think.

We feel like 4.99 was a bit over priced for this game. The story line and graphics were great but the game wasnt challenging at all. We were about to get threw the whole game in about an hour. In our opinion they would have made the story line more interactive and levels harder.

Im highly upset that we paid 5 bucks to play this boring game. Which isnt really a game. If we would have known we were going to spend 5 dollars to move the scenery around we would have saved our money as Im encouraging you to do so if your reading this review. Its beautiful but thats about it. Slow and boring. Sad we wasted our money.

Thats the review. Would like to see more but it crashes and we paid full price.

Hi! We started playing the game but it crashes immediately after the 1st memory. We open the game back up and it starts from the beginning again. We’ve watched the beginning 4 times now. So frustrating.

Would love to play but crashes in the same spot every time and worse, it starts over from the beginning with no way to skip past where it crashed.

Game crashes five minutes into gameplay at the same spot every time. Unplayable, complete waste of money. Would like a fix or a refund.

This is the game:an old man walks up and down mountains then he sit and think. This is the gameplay:you go up and down Mountains that U have to fix for his path. This is the story:a man sit every chapter and has flashbacks of his memories. About 1 hour and half being large. End of the game. Im giving one star for the great graphic,sorry.

You should at least give us, as a gift to complete the game, the sound track of the game. The history is not pleasure, but the pictures are beatful.

Bought for iPad. Couldn’t get more than five minutes into the game without the app crashing/closing and starting us over at the beginning. Paid for it and unable to play it so hope we can get a refund.

We have no clue what to do. This game is also so boring. All it has on it is some old man walking around the place. Who would want that? It also cost so much. We wasted our money on this app. We expected more from this app. We thought it would be more than some old old man. However we hope this app gets a little more interesting. How is this supposed to be fun? Can you update this app? We want it to be a little more fun. Maybe we would like it then. We dont know how watching or moving stuff for the old man is supposed to entertain. This was supposed to be fun. It was such a waste. We do not recommend this app to anyone. This app should be free. Thank you. Now we kinda know what to do a little more. We will try the game again.

Playing on our iPad with the brightness maxed just put a grin on our ugly mug the whole time we played. We truly enjoyed this, it is part game, part story, and part gorgeous colorful art all of which kept us engaged. We hope to see more chapters added, thank you for such a different relaxing experience. Fantastic job on the visuals, it just sucked us in like a canvas come to life. So original and a true work of art with warmth.

What a wonderful adventure! The hand drawn art is straight out of a fairytale book. Thanks for that experience.

Oh how we love this game, it makes us happy with good pain. Ill always love this app, as its story is on our lap.

This is a good game we dont like the end sad story about his wife and seeing his flash backs good then bad. Still a good game.

This game lives in the sweet spot, somewhere between a puzzle and an interactive story. Well worth the money. Its clear that so much care and attention went into making it. Looking forward to seeing what this developer comes up with next.

This game may not be for everyone, but it was Perfect for us. We wanted a game that was a little slower paced and thought out game. This game is Perfect and Beautiful, Sad but gives Hope in the end. Nice job to those who created it and hope to see more like this in the future.

This game is a journey. Nothing neurotic or compulsive with missing some object or getting attacked. Just a sweet relaxing and beautifully rendered puzzled journey. Thank you! We will be playing this again!

On par with the game Brothers, it tells an old mans story with no dialogue or tutorial. We almost quit playing because the first couple minutes didnt hook us in, but we were so glad we gave it another chance. This is a game that would definitely appeal to an older (30+) fanbase. Younger gamers might not like the slow pace that emphasizes plot and scenery.

The most stunning game we’ve ever played. Incredible graphics, with strategy that is more zen than frustrating along with an emotional and lovely storyline. We found this game extremely relaxing and hope this developer makes another one soon.

Really liked the story and especially the art. Sure probably not worth the $5 but thats what sales are for. We spread out the game over a week and didnt get bored of it at all.

The graphics are stunning and the story is very in depth.

It took us a couple of levels before we understood the game, but once we did… Obsessed! Wonderful graphics and storyline. Game play is relaxed. We usually play time management games, so it was nice to take this game slowly and strategize at each level. Love it! Looking forward to more!

Amazing game. Im not a gamer, not have a ton of time or patience. Was surprised how easy this was to pick up, but maintain some challenge. And the we were also caught off guard with the amazing graphics and emotional story that played out. Highly recommend.

The game is so calming and creative, we love the idea of just playing the game without being interrupted by ads, being asked to rate the game, or micro-transactions. The art style is so original as well. :)

We were a game player but for long time we have stopped playing video games because they all have more or less the same style. We downloaded Old Mans Journey out of curiosity, because as an artist we were interested in the graphic and design. Yes, its not the most complicated game ever and if you are looking for something very challenging perhaps this will not be so exciting… But it is a wonder low stress game, that allows you to immerse yourself in a wonderful natural world, full of wonderful sounds and colors. It will warm your heart because the purpose of this game is not survival, but something very unusual and new. Its worth trying.

Im a pretty big gamer but this game is of an entirely different breed. It tells a story while you move the landscape enabling him to make his journey. We absolutely loved it but certainly not for everyone. The beautifully simplistic art and soundtrack along with the small interactions really make you feel as though youre apart of the journey.

Rarely have we found such beautiful graphics with a storyline woven throughout clever puzzles and challenging gameplay. The music and animations combined with gorgeous interactive environments made this game a joy to play! We completed it over three months – it was like returning to an immersive novel and slowly unfolding the story as we had time to relax and engage with this old man to see where he was going. Cant wait for more from this developer! Well done.

The game is amazing, the art style is stunning and there is nothing you could do to make it better(in our opinion) other than to keep up the good work!!!

This game is unbelievable in its simplicity yet oh so moving. Just try it for yourself :-)

We got this game because we like games that have good graphic design. We downloaded it and it was fun at first, but got repetitive and boring. This is a game meant for patient and thoughtful thinkers.

The visuals in this were beautiful. The puzzles themselves werent very difficult but still made you think. We loved the storyline and being able to watch it all unravel. However we wish the game had been a bit longer.

We love the art style,animation, and story but it was really short. Id really love it if it was a bit longer.

We enjoyed the game a lot more when laying in bed trying to wind myself down. It could be a little more interactive and challenging.

Beautiful art, great music, flows well, and heartfelt story, but….. Needs more gameplay. Mostly just walking and doing simple logic to arrange the path to get from point a to point b. Hardly any interactivity. VERY linear and predictable. The rolling wheel they introduce about mid way was a nice touch, but other than that the gameplay is very stale. Great ending though.

This game needs a little more to it. For starters this game is really short. There are only 15 levels and there is no pause button. The gameplay is super easy and even though it gets a little more difficult it still isnt much of a challenge. The music and animation is nice but the story is lacking. We do like how the environment is effected by what is going on in the story. The landscape is pretty too. Honestly we think this game needs more to it.

At the part where we need to pass to get to the next level the doing coin shaped stone just wouldnt break the wall no matter how we change the shape of the land. The developers how to so how change it. Other than that, the game is creative and interesting to see how it plays out.

The atmosphere in this game is very well attained, with the right combination of graphics, colors, and music. This is hardly a game, however; its more of a mildly interactive short story. When we say short, we mean over in a couple hours. Although its technically a puzzle game, the puzzles are not hard, and the type of challenge is very repetitive. Not worth paying more than $1.