One Clue Jungle fever

One Clue Jungle fever

One Clue Jungle fever

One Clue Jungle fever Answers, Cheats, Hints, Solution for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and Game by Bonfire Media.

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  • Hints: There are over 200 million cases of malaria every year.

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  • alexandra

    Umm hi does anybody know what level 142 is CLUE: part of the family. Pls tell me soon

  • brittney dishman

    Like some upper lips ?

  • cattpenguin

    Im stuck in half a nose… starts with “N” does anyone knows? Please

    • alexandra

      Cattpengin idk what it is but try nostril

  • cattpenguin

    Half a nose…does anyone know what it is?

  • kate

    5 legged animal starting with s

    • mavis


  • kyle

    Starts with letter b stored power

    • me


  • kyle

    Stored power?

  • Cheyenne Harriman

    Small boat starts with C

  • Wallsgirl

    Any one know the starlight starts with S

    • Melinda Moore


      • Richard

        Social network

  • Tink

    transparent person that starts with S the letters are -c g p e s x t r s t e l im totally stuck and its on on your list!

    • Chris Brown

      I wan to say it was spectre

      • Jen Jonas

        it was thanks a bunch!

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