State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, August 27, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 27 08 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We have share some info about State Mergers as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

Update regarding State Merge:

  • State Merge will be released during October 11th to October 24th.
  • We will pick a group of states online to test the Merge function.
  • Before the server merging, most of the events in the test states will be closed, but don’t worry, we will give players compensation.
  • In addition, the YITH world events will open in these test states.

Schedule for Arzutane Heist:

  • The game team is still hard at work improving the stability of Arzutane Heist as well as improving people’s game experience in the Heist Battle.
  • For now, we don’t have a confirmed date to re-open Arzutane Heist.
  • We will keep the community updated.

Improvement on Hunting the Hunters rewards:

  • We have put legendary hero fragments as rewards for Hunting the Hunters and tested the update in a few select States.
  • Based on the test feedback, we will further enhance the chance for players to gain hero fragments in the event.
  • The optimization will be implemented in the next update v1.130.10 and tested online again. Please stay tuned.

The State of Survival Anniversary is coming:

  • We are happy to announce that our Anniversary Features will be released in full on September 6th.
  • Players will have access to the brand-new anniversary Hero Becca, unique contests, and special gameplay.
  • All the Anniversary features will first be released in a group of select States for testing purposes on August 31st.