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ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2015 with the latest update 5th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE ?

79,276 people have rated 13.0.3

What is the price of the ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE released ?

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE was released on 9th February 2015.

When was the ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE updated ?

The latest updated date of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE on 5th June 2023.

Where can ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE be downloaded ?

You can download the game ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE from Apple Official App Store.



Sail for the Grand Line with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE!

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is an epic turn-based anime RPG based off the popular ONE PIECE anime, with over 100 Million downloads worldwide! Play through the ONE PIECE storyline and become the next pirate king in this hit anime RPG!

Recruit your favorite ONE PIECE characters and build your dream pirate crew. Recruit, level up and battle with characters from the anime, from Buggy the Clown to Trafalgar Law.

Enjoy unique outfits and forms of ONE PIECE characters. If you love Chopper in his reindeer form, Sanji in his Vinsmoke Raid Suit or Boa Hancock, you can find them all in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE!

Explore the world of ONE PIECE and relive your favorite moments from the anime. Take Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirate crew and your favorite characters from every arc on an RPG adventure!

Battle pirates and Marines through classic turn-based RPG battle mechanics mixed with an intuitive tap battle system. The pirate action never stops in this anime adventure game!

Find the ONE PIECE treasure and become the king of pirates in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE!



  • Explore the epic anime story from the beginning through every amazing storyline
  • Join Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates on an RPG adventure to find the ONE PIECE treasure!
  • Play through story arcs like Thriller Bark, Impel Down and Dressrosa
  • Visit iconic locations across the sea, from the Baratie Restaurant to Fishman Island
  • The unpredictable and diverse world of ONE PIECE is now yours to explore!


  • Recruit over 2,000 of your favorite ONE PIECE anime characters
  • Unlock new characters by clearing story missions
  • Recruit banners with awesome events
  • Set sail on iconic ships, like the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny


  • Make a team with all your favorite characters, from Zoro and Nami to Ace and Sabo
  • Level up by evolving and limit breaking your characters!
  • Assemble the greatest pirate crew the Grand Line has ever seen!


  • Experience the intuitive turn based RPG battle tap timing system
  • Turn based strategy battles with different character matchups and skills
  • Time your attacks with your crew to unleash powerful battle chain attacks!
  • Use special Tandem attacks for even more damage!

Are you ready to set sail on an adventure into the anime world of ONE PIECE? Join Luffy and his pirate crew in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE today!

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Updated on 5th June 2023

  • New features for characters
  • Other minor fixes


Whoever created this highly Appreciate you, You are a Genius.

Just absoultly amazing game really follows the one piece story. Just wish they werent so money hungry.

Loved this game for a while now seeing king of he// zoro and blue flame sanji has us hiighly anticipating g5 luffy PEAK PIECE TO THE END.

The art everything its just simple to say that this game is still A GRAND ADVENTURE!

Us out we need a break and go home to our family and get some sleep before school.

Absolutely love the animation the way the game play is designed. Our new favorite game.

We got hybrid kaido from event and this game is fun but boring but mostly fun.

Hey Im a veteran and this game is our favorite game ever but something bad is happening to the game, when we log in to the game to get our daily rewards we can get them but we cant enter the game itself, also when is trying to get to the main screen it just closes the game, so pls Bandai Namco fix it for us thank you.

We like the game and how it works, but it gives too many op characters, the game has become incredibly easy and we wish for more of a challenge, other then that it is pretty good.

This game has so much wasted potential. One of the biggest draws is summoning, even during the 1-5 biggest summon festivals of the year its horrible odds for desired units. A bunch of basically free to summon units mixed with that small lost of decent recruitables. And even if you get lucky there, the game modes are very grindy and even pay to win. The only decent thing is pvp. Lets hope rewards get better for it.

They are just trying to bleed the player base dry, not surprising for gacha game. We love one piece but we cant take the greedy developers pushing the players limits with lack luster updates and greedy banners especially during the anniversary. Goodbye and if you mental well-being get out now.

As a long time player of this game we can accurately assess that there is absolutely zero reason to maintain old discarded units in the rare units lottery pulls. There needs to be a cleansing of units that are borderline useless in the current meta and are mostly used as space fillers when multi pulling for newer units to keep people spending money when they instead of getting a brand new character they get a unit released almost a decade ago and has zero use for any existing players that play this game for more than a month.

We swear, the ungodly amount of information you have to save/remember in order to get this company to return your account is insane. We removed the game from our phone a couple of months ago, but got the itch to return to it. We assumed that keeping record of our old User ID, the one thing Namco actively provides you to identify yourself in their game, would be enough to get our account back Boy, was we wrong. First off, you cant use your old ID to regain your account through the game itself. Oh no, you have to submit a support ticket using your email on their website. Second, you dont just need your ID to identify your old account. No, you need your account name, Pirate level, specific word-for-word names of your most recent Pirate Crew (number and all), the date and time you started playing, the date and time you stopped playing, the most recent mission you played, the word-for-word names of as many characters you owned that you can remember, etc. Etc. Etc. We played this game for around eight years, gained so many characters we lost count, and then stopped for a couple months because we lost interest in the meta-chasing and terrible gacha rates. The amount of information they require you to remember after months of not playing is ludicrous, especially when the User ID system exists. Why give us User IDs if they mean nothing without an encyclopedias worth of knowledge on what we did while we were playing the game??? We know nobody will read this entire thing, but in case you do, dont bother ever deleting this game, youll never be able to regain your old account if you do.

Every time we recruit, it always gets stuck on the broken tavern screen. Would be nice if we dont have to close the app and reopen the game and dont even get to see which character we get unless we scroll through the character list and figure it out myself.

We’ve been playing this game for years and now it wont let us even get past the first loading screen to connect to the game. We’ve tried uninstalling and re installing and still nothing.

We really enjoy the event missions, fun game!

Its in the title Games ok. Little too much going on sometimes.

As a fan of One Piece manga and anime we decide to play this game years ago upon its release. But we wish we knew then what we know now. We wish we could have all our time back. If you cant tell people you play a game then its something to be embarrassed about. We played this for years and never told a soul. Because we know how this makes us look. What games you choose to play says lots about you. And theres no point in lying to yourself. This game is clearly heavily time consuming and you spend real money for random in game characters and it is a predatory practice by American standards. We are American so obviously a lot of Japanese aspects of gaming we were unaware of. GACHA games. Japanese invention obviously. Please go on Wikipedia and look up Gacha game. Thats all it’ll take for you to delete this mess. You’re time, money and energy is being farmed by some Japanese gaming practices which are predatory and unethical by American standards. Look up recent settlements for Epic games and such. Or remain a virgin. Your call. We deleted this mess in 2022 and now we play real legitimate video games on Pc and console. Not this mess that we can code up in no time if we had a license to use One Piece creative property.

Thank you the game is super cool.

We have been playing this game for a very long time to be honest with you we love it. The fact that everything is so perfect and you can also fit a storyline of one piece is just amazing. Also, its like almost to comic book, you can read then battle right after and we just think that is so amazing and unique. We love this game and all its glory and honestly this should be a 10 star review.

This games keeps us coming back. Fun quests good characters.

THE ONE PIECE IS REALL!!!! Dark Fantasy by Kanye plays

Good for casual players,hardcore players any players at all its just a overall great game!

This game is so cool and is like one piece.

We just updated the game and we went to go play and it said that there is something wrong with our connection when there is not a problem with it.

This game is great. We use to play Ultimate Ninja Blazing on our phone before it got shut down and this is very similar. Love it.

A One Piece game without ads constantly popping up. Count us in.

We really enjoy this game and the release of purple ulti just solidified it even further.

This game has everything in One Piece and the amount of modern characters allows a great selection mixed with some of the earliest characters in the show. Great game.

Game is great till we go to log in on our account that we paid quite a bit of money on and we cant get in and our account is lost another than that game is good just be careful spending money cause once you lose youre account is gone.

Games great everything about it is amazing the only problem we’ve run into is the inability to put Sogeking and Ussop on the same team we mean we understand not being able to put the same 2 characters on the same team but Sogeking and Ussop although they look similar arent the same character.

Old one piece treasure cruise was a different ballgame, way less activities in the apps such as pirate rumble not even existing yet. Also rainbow gems used to only be given out after certain login streaks, app updates, and on special occasions. Nowadays theres many different games within this game. Island events dont seem to matter nearly as much as they used to back when you new characters for each year Halloween came. The app is heavily geared towards veteran players but gives you such an insane catch up mechanic that you wont have much of an issue being on the same level as most players. Only complaint atm: Korean players keep winning every event and contest bc they can play while we westerners are asleep giving them a huge advantage in the last few hours of the tournaments. There used to be an American only app ver for this game but it was over a year worth of content behind at one point so they just merged the two.

Kept up a log in streak for 1,000 days before we gave it up. Pretty big OP fan so we were hooked for a good while. But it ended up becoming more of a chore to complete events vs actually being fun. The gameplay is more or less the same across all game modes, tap timing combat with each character having a special. But once you start getting into the higher level events you need to have a hyper specific character or team to clear content. And new banners come out very regularly so the amount of characters you need just continues to grow. Again if youre a huge fan youll get some enjoyment out of it! But if youre primarily looking for a new Gatcha with fun gameplay theres others out there Id play instead at this point.