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OPA! – Family Card Game

OPA! - Family Card Game

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, OPA! – Family Card Game! Developed by the innovative team at Beach Bum Ltd., this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 14th December 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 1st April 2024.

Are you a fan of Casual, Card, games? Then OPA! – Family Card Game is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of OPA! – Family Card Game

Over 23 players have rated OPA! – Family Card Game. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does OPA! – Family Card Game Cost?

Good news! You can download OPA! – Family Card Game on your iOS device absolutely free!

OPA! – Family Card Game Release Date

Eager to know when OPA! – Family Card Game first graced the App Store? It was launched on 14th December 2023.

When Was OPA! – Family Card Game Last Updated?

The latest version of OPA! – Family Card Game was updated on 1st April 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download OPA! – Family Card Game?

To get started with OPA! – Family Card Game, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into OPA! – Family Card Game

OPA! – Family Card Game is a fun and classic card game that will keep you entertained for hours! Play and create the best combinations to win!

Enjoy this wild online card game that will challenge your strategic thinking skills! Get ready to have a blast and test your skills and strategies as you plan to overcome fun challenges, outsmart your opponents, and win the game.

Play OPA! online and enjoy the classic game at your fingertips!

Spend hours of fun with OPA! – Family Card Game

  • To play a card, match it by color, number, or symbol
  • The first player to play all the cards in their hand wins!
  • WILD cards can be played on any card
  • Utilize wild cards to even the playing field or use power cards to increase the penalty for the next player.

OPA! – Family Card Game is the perfect game for any occasion. Challenge your friends and family and become the master of OPA!

How to Play?

Join the wild ride!

In this game, each player is dealt 8 cards while the remaining cards form the "Draw Pile." The top card is flipped to start a "Discard Pile."
On your turn, you must place a card on the Discard Pile that matches the top card’s color, number, or power. You must draw from the Draw Pile if you cannot play a card. Play, then pass to the next player.

Stacking Rule: +2 & +2 wild power cards can be played on top of each other to increase the penalty for the next player. Remember that you may not play a +2 on a +2 wild.

The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the round. The game ends when a player reaches a set score.

With easy-to-learn rules and simple gameplay, this game is perfect for everyone to pick up and play.

Enjoy playing this game with your family and friends, kick back and relax whenever you have free time. OPA! – Family Card Game now and show your competitive side!

Are you ready? Test your card-playing skills in OPA! – Family Card Game and become the ultimate victor!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of OPA! – Family Card Game updated on 1st April 2024:

Enhancements and bug fixes.

User Reviews on OPA! – Family Card Game

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of OPA! – Family Card Game below:

We love the game but we passed the goal to level up to silver but they still have us in the copper league.

Very good game. We love itONE ISSUE . Im on level 796 with a win average of 78% . We have not moved anywhere in our coin league.. Im still in the copper club with 6,243,960 coins.. Please fix this issue so we can rate this game the 5 stars it deserves.

We love this game! Its great fun, however, you cant connect with ie. Facebook to save your data and/or invite friends and familyit would be much more enjoyable if you could.

Great game and fun twist on Uno but ads after every match is too much! At least give us option for no ads. Also can yall add MULTIPLAYER we thought we could play with friends we been telling everyone to get this game but we guess not. Can yall add a feature to add and play with friends!!! Thanks.

We like it its like uno but better.

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