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osu!stream is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dean Herbert, osu!stream is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st August 2011 with the latest update 26th February 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of osu!stream ?

1,414 people have rated 2020

What is the price of the osu!stream ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the osu!stream released ?

osu!stream was released on 1st August 2011.

When was the osu!stream updated ?

The latest updated date of osu!stream on 26th February 2020.

Where can osu!stream be downloaded ?

You can download the game osu!stream from Apple Official App Store.



Test your ability to tap, slide, hold and spin to the beat in this FREE rhythm game!

osu!stream offers three styles of play, including an unique"stream" mode which becomes harder as you get better! Can you perfect your combo and get the highest score?

osu! levels (known as "beatmaps") were painstakingly crafted by community members. All content in this game is now offered for free.

The source code for this game is also available for educational purposes.

Reach out if you need anything. I’ll reply within a day or two at [email protected]



  • Lovingly crafted levels that play well on both iPhone AND iPad.
  • Challenge three styles of play on every song, including an unlockable expert mode!
  • Online leaderboards!
  • Original and remixed music from a variety of artists.
  • Vibrant and colourful pixel-perfect graphics across all devices.
  • Smooth 60fps gameplay on 3GS+
  • High frame rate gameplay even on older devices! (3g/iTouch 2g)
  • Optional finger guides for beginners.
  • An autoplay mode to help learn more difficult songs.
  • Localised to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Italian and French.


All songs are used with permission and remain copyright to their respective artists.

Updated on 26th February 2020

  • Added support for newer devices, up to iPhone 11
  • All paid content is now free
  • Some unreleased tracks have been made available
  • Online leaderboards have been frozen and twitter integration has been removed
  • The soundtrack has been refreshed
  • The source code has been made available

This may be the final release of osu!stream. Thank you for your support over the years! We aren’t done in the mobile space and osu!lazer is rapidly approaching a state of awesome (google for a testflight link if interested in following development).

osu!stream Review

Its cool and all but we really miss the old osu, this osu! One just has the same songs ofc but we really want to play some of the old songs that were in osu, but we really do enjoy playing this :)

Computer version is more refined, but still super fun for mobile love it.

Thanks for the update this is such a well made game its a shame that it wont be getting updates anymore but we understand its necessary so that you can focus on Osu! Lazer and the mobile version of osu lazer we really appreciate the work you put into osu and thats the reason why osu is the best rhythm game in our opinion we cant wait for osu lazer mobile keep up the good work.

We like the ark trance one add that to the regular osu!

When is osu lazer fully coming out.

When we start the app it automatically exits itself out and thats a problem on phone.

You added aperture laboratories want you gone ITS ALREADY AMAZING bc we freakin love that song just add more songs so then we can have even more fun including the other peeps keep up da good work! -kai.

We play this game on pc and on mobile it provided the great game we already know and love in spades. While the pc version is better, for a mobile version of it its great to play when your bored.

So the Pc version is not for kids but this! This is and this is why we like this version! Its fun, cant wait for lazer (Only if its not inappropriate) When we make yt videos on a game that means we like it and we have done this in videos. Its good and its very fun :D.

Its good but you should probably add osu mania and the other modes also add skins and new maps just like on pc.

We’ve been playing osu! On the PC for a while now, and always pondered if there was ever to be a mobile version. Was so glad there WAS a mobile version already! Played it, and osu! Sure takes skill, but its such a time-killer and addicting.

There were no problems with it.

We like this and all but, Id love to see like make your own songs etc, like for the computer. Overall great game!

Its so fun and all but we really wish for both Android and IOS that you can somehow download mods.

Oh our gosh this game is so fun like who wouldnt play it we Will recommend you to play it.

The person who said they disliked and said it is not perfect we were like what? Nothing is perfect? But this game is amazing and we love it!

We have been wating a long time for this to release and the game play feels good we cud play this everyday.

Osu!’s a great fit for mobile and there’s a whole bunch of good music here. We can’t wait for lazer to release.

We love the game. The levels will push you a lot to do your best. Our only concern/complaint is how many levels there are.

First They should add bluebird silhouette and more anime songs besides that its a great game.

Im 16k on bancho but still cant fc anything on this.

Love you ppy thanks for making/fixing this game!

We’ve been a fan of the game, but never got around to getting a tablet to use for Osu!. When we got this game, trust us, when we say its hard, ITS HARD, mainly Fracture, which is actually a nine circles level in gd. But still, we need more songs in this, or atleast support to iphone to add beatmaps from pc Osu! Over to this game.

Love this app but please add more SONGS!!!!!

We have an iPhone 8 and its not working why is it not working.

We’ve always wanted to play osu! But have never gotten to it due to the lack of computer access, but after discovering this Im having so much fun! We love rhythm games and was yet to play osu! But now we can! Its also pretty fun to play this with the Apple Pencil so if you have one we suggest trying it out! This app is really great and Im surprised we didnt find it until now!

This is a really good game but we cant stop listening to the intro music because its so good.

This app we used to play during our early teen years yo, its amazing we can still come back and play this. Thanks for making this.

This game is go in all but we dont know how to do beat maps on our iphone 6s can you tell us how to please thanks..

This game is really enjoyable since we cant play pc version atm, but why stop updating such a great game, we’ve had soooo much fun playing osu before our computer broke and on our phone, why not update it and add even more songs, after a while its gonna seem like these songs will get repetitive, if you guys stop updating can you add some music still here and there?

We love this game we played it for 3 minutes and already In love with the game but we’ve searched on YouTube how to download hai domo but we cant. Developers if you respond please help us we wanna play hai domo :}

Really fun. We had autoplay mode on and we played half of a song thinking we were amazing, lol. Oh, and here are some song suggestions. 1. Any Bnha opening theme 2. Theyll Keep You Running by CK9C 3. Judgement its an Undertale song, but Idk by who. It starts with welcomed you.

We’ve been playing for 30 minutes and Im addictive to this ;_; HOW IN 30 XD.

It was working great. The songs were loads of fun and it was really intuitive and flowy but then it got really out or sync and we no matter how much we changed the settings by it didn’t fix it Edit: it was because we were playing with Bluetooth headphones.

Can u make the support up to iphone 12 and 13 please.

We love music game so we see your game, we play your game. We think your game is so good. We wish you can make a new music that is easy.

We love playing this game, and was so happy to see the recent updates. Developers, this app is great! We would love to see more music.

We remember finding this game around 6 years ago and consequently becoming addicted to it.. It got us into the standard version osu (due to wanting to play more beatmaps) and ofc that game is super fun! We stopped playing stream for years but we never deleted it and we now finally recently opened it to see some new songs! Its a little sad to see this is the last update, but we look forward to the future of osu (which hopefully includes maps with multitouch)!

Sooo no more updates? We were just asking this because Im um a little new and we were just wondering.

Used to play this on our laptop. Its a fun mobile version of osu. Really nice of them to make the songs free and the beat maps are really fun.

The game is perfect for us we love challenge and our hand eye coordination is almost perfect for this game its just you need to add more songs that have the max difficulty the arent hard enough and maybe you should add a few song that are a bigger challenge and the grade scale is based off of accuracy so there is no easy way to do it that is amazing.

We haven’t been able to play it because we have an iPhone 8 and we hope it there is a chance to make it compatible we would be grateful.

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