Outsmarted – Companion App

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 08:10 pm

Outsmarted – Companion App

Outsmarted - Companion App

Outsmarted – Companion App is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by QPlay Ltd, Outsmarted – Companion App is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th December 2020 with the latest update 27th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Trivia, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Outsmarted – Companion App ?

2,339 people have rated 2.0.5

What is the price of the Outsmarted – Companion App ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Outsmarted – Companion App released ?

Outsmarted – Companion App was released on 17th December 2020.

When was the Outsmarted – Companion App updated ?

The latest updated date of Outsmarted – Companion App on 27th April 2023.

Where can Outsmarted – Companion App be downloaded ?

You can download the game Outsmarted – Companion App from Apple Official App Store.



Outsmarted is the revolutionary board game that’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! It combines the best features of traditional family board games, with the excitement of a fully interactive app that brings you the next level in immersion & excitement.

Let Outsmarted host the show as you compete as individuals on in teams to be the first to collect the 6 Rings of Knowledge and make it to the Final Round!

Outsmarted automatically tailors the question difficulty to a player’s age, now everyone in the family can play together & ANYONE can win!

It’s also the world’s first board game with remote-play capabilities. Play with friends & family, wherever they are in the world!

Updated on 27th April 2023

Outsmarted 2 features a completely re-designed, sleeker user interface and many graphical improvements. Outsmarted 2 does not require the game server for question serving during gameplay and so does not experience a drop in performance or question load times even at peak times. It also offers many new gameplay features including a skill-stop bonus wheel and auto-reconnect for connected devices.

Outsmarted – Companion App Review

This game is very fun to play with family and friends and we would highly recommend this game on family gatherings,play dates and other things. Though we dont like how you have to pay for a lot of the topics its still somewhat educational and worth the purchase but, still it needs more free better topics to play on. Good job to the devoplers!

We are not very smart so got last place by a long ways but it was fun also our friends crushed it idfk why they know so much random stuff but it was cool.

Our granddaughter who is 8 is having a great time beating us. We are having lots of fun with this ingenious game!

Great family fun night! We do wish the junior category could be broken down by age or grade.

We absolutely love this game, when we can actually log in. We have lots of issues logging in any time we try to play. It also skips from time to time and logs us out. We will say again, we love this game, just wish it was easier to login and start.

Stuck on this dialogue box. We are all connected and ready and cant start the game. Poorly made app.

We love this game! Highly recommended! Perfect for a family game night. Perfect for a date game night. Perfect for a group game night. The remote player option is also brilliant. Everything about the game: packaging, pieces, content, production is on point. Dont hesitate to pick this one up!

Great fun for any number of players.

Outsmarted is a fun experience for us and our sister. We are 9 right now and our sister is 12. We love playing this game together on our iPad. Thank you so much for creating this game! We are always Da Vinci because we LOVE HIS HAT!!!!!!! (Sorry, please ignore that.) we love playing online games but we also love board games, so in the contrary this is the PERFECT game!

This was so much fun and was very inclusive of all types of people.

Our 6 & 8 played with us adults and we all are able to answer and have fun. There is a bad lag on the images that are needed to answer some of the questions. Also wish the instructions were easier to jump back to during game play. Fun! A few bugs to work out.

We think there needs to be an older adult line of questions. But, really fun!

Why does it need access to our microphone? Good questions though!

We didnt finish the first game we started. Then when we played again, about half the questions were ones we had seen in the first game we played. We will be very angry if thats how this works. The game is cool but there cant be a ton of questions youve already had. Will change this if it doesnt continue.

We continually have trouble with logging every one in. Lots of bugs to be worked out. Its a very fun game when everything is working like its supposed to. It doesnt tally up the winner correctly often. So its been frustrating. We hope the bugs get worked out.

Questions are very specific. Game doesnt come with instructions. Lots of potential but poorly executed.

How does this happen. This has happened several times.

Great game to play with the family. Looking forward to playing more!

Our family and we love to play games together! This game did not disappoint! Great for all ages! We loved it, lots of fun, laughs, and togetherness!!

Its a good game because we won.

The game is fun when it works. But it also randomly kicks us out and freezes.

Fun game but when playing final round and select 2nd right answer it saves the game and exits. Otherwise very fun for our 22 and 20 year old to play with family.

Remote players keep getting disconnected and the game keeps freezing, so we have to exit and go back in to resume.

There are way too many repeated questions for a game that is supposed to be constantly updating. It is also skewed to Europeans, so if you’re American you may be frustrated by some categories. We’ve had fun playing it other than that.

Fun but kept kicking us out so hard to get into the game. Also, couldnt figure out how to cast or airplay onto tv.

Aside from constant crashing, freezing and remote users getting repeatedly bounced, there just arent enough questions in each category. If you play this for a couple hours in one night, youll be seeing questions repeated ad-nauseum. We actually had to make a rule for when a question comes up that has already come up many times. Not worth it.

The idea behind the app is cool, but the software is so buggy it ruined the game for us. Tried a timed 30 minute game for our first playthrough and the app has crashed 5 times in 12 minutes, so we quit. If the developers fix this issue then it could be enjoyable.

The game very hard to play remotely due to poor board integrations and the points game doesnt show total points. The trivia is great, but the gameplay needs a lot of work.

We got this for Christmas. Played, or tried to play a short 30 minute game. App crashed in the final round and we couldnt get back into our game. Thankfully we werent playing a longer game. No idea where our wife got this in order to return it. Waste of money as no ine wants to bother trying it again.

App is poorly optimized and unstable.

Keeps booting us out of app. Wrong person shown as winner.

AWFUL! Poorly designed and a total rip off. Randomly kicks you out in the middle of the game and you cant go back to see the code. It also freezes frequently. Each category only has a handful of questions, so you get repeats a lot. You have to pay extra for additional categories, and it only starts you with a few. As a teacher, we can confidently say that some of the questions are formatted in a horrible way. The range of difficulty varies wildly. Its like, What is 2+2? Or What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?

EVERY time the game gets to the Final Round it freezes up. EVERY TIME! Super frustrating.

Us and our family have played this game multiple times now and we can confirm the app is poorly made, not only did we all have to close the app and reopen it multiple times for it to function properly just in one game. But after we bought a category apparently we reused it too much so now we dont get to play that category we already bought.

Made quickly/cheaply by people with seemingly no programming experience. Memory leaks that grind the app to a halt seem to be common, it drains your battery super quickly, and random crashes happen every 5-15 minutes on both Android and Apple. The app itself is also riddled with spelling errors and handling issues on specialized characters. We cannot finish a game without a crash! Sad because it was a great idea.

If we could give zero stars we would. The first time we tried to use the app, once the question category was selected it would just repeat the opening sequence and never gives a question. Now the app cant even get past the warning that starting a new game will overwrite the previous, it just freezes there. Reached out to support, no response. Dont waste your money on this game.

A rat our mom urkom burns j s den but pppp smack meguts.

We have played the game twice. Its a little clunky to load and get the game started, and then the game froze while playing both times. We are 0-2 at getting the games finished. Fix the bugs and we would love it!!

App crashes and disconnects players way too much.

We tried setting this game up at 7pm. After an hour of trying to set the game up we gave up. The idea of an online game like this is absolutely disgusting. Dont buy this game unless you are a computer teacher. Ruined the whole night for us.

Had the same questions previously played.

Stuck on the load splash page. Just doesnt work at all. It does ask for microphone access however.

Very buggy. When playing on multiple devices, 50/50 provides different choices on each players screens. It also caused one of the games to freeze.

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