OXENFREE: Netflix Edition

Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 07:30 am

OXENFREE: Netflix Edition

OXENFREE: Netflix Edition

OXENFREE: Netflix Edition is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Netflix, Inc., OXENFREE: Netflix Edition is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th September 2022 with the latest update 24th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of OXENFREE: Netflix Edition ?

111 people have rated 4.1.1

What is the price of the OXENFREE: Netflix Edition ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the OXENFREE: Netflix Edition released ?

OXENFREE: Netflix Edition was released on 24th September 2022.

When was the OXENFREE: Netflix Edition updated ?

The latest updated date of OXENFREE: Netflix Edition on 24th September 2022.

Where can OXENFREE: Netflix Edition be downloaded ?

You can download the game OXENFREE: Netflix Edition from Apple Official App Store.



Available exclusively for Netflix members.

A fun night partying takes a supernatural turn for the teens of Camena High. Unlock the mysteries of a ghostly rift in this choice-driven thriller.

Alex is a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother, Jonas, to an overnight party on an old military island. The senior-year tradition takes a terrifying turn when she stumbles upon the island’s cryptic past in this World War II-inspired narrative that GamesBeat calls "a big next step for adventure games."

Play as Alex:

  • Explore a haunted island: Hike and talk across lush woods, abandoned military forts and more. What’s simmering just beneath the hauntingly beautiful veneer of Edwards Island will forever change your perception of reality.

  • Contact the supernatural: Rumor has it if you stand in just the right spot, you can use a radio to tune in a station that doesn’t exist on Edwards Island. Turn the radio dial, activating ways to save your friends and communicate with ghosts.

  • Forge or destroy bonds. Your choices matter: Will you encourage your best friend to ask out his crush? Can you close the distance between yourself and your new stepbrother? Be mindful — your choices will impact your relationships and inform how you tackle otherworldly threats.

Updated on 24th September 2022

OXENFREE: Netflix Edition Review

We are absolutely obsessed with how great nightschools games are and we are just waiting and waiting for the next one netflix yall were smart for getting in on this. Spent our head buried in our phone and computer for hours it was wonderful. Have yet to find games like this.

This was very entertaining and very well put together. We loved pretty much everything. The voice actors did an amazing job and we love the dialogue options for the main character. Definitely gave us the creeps at times. We need the sequel!!

We loved playing this!! We were bored and decided to play a random nexflix game, and Im happy we did. We did use a guide majority of the time to get things like anomalies and letters, was definitely a huge help. The uses of symbols like the red lights and attention to detail is wonderful. Amazing game, highly recommend.

Some minor lags, but easy to ignore since this game was sooo Amazing!! We found it better than watching any series or show, just basically 11/10 stars, It was really sooo good. We dont know about you but we had the time of our life, it really felt like we were nervous. We dont know about the other players but we tried to finish the game in a night, thank goodness it isnt that short. Need more nowThat was absolutely beautiful/terrifying/nostalgic/tragic/powerful/and the interactions actually made sense. Its relatable since they are also teens.

Havent played a game we loved in a while! This one truly engulfed us! The store line was incredible! Just wish you could get a closer view of the characters and wish there was MORE to the game :( was so sad when we finished it in 1 night. Also wish you had more time to read and pick your characters response. Also wish you could play as one of the others in there, and not just Alex!

Sooo we have a thing for games with different endings and only based on our choices and not to mention the time loop thing omg this was the best game we have played like the story never ends you can try it out again after you finish the first one and the second time they know and you know that you were here before andddd there are so many interesting as you continue to play on we loved it <3.

We played this game two years ago on the computer and we absolutely LOVED it. Its a bit creepy, yes, but the worldbuilding and endings and just everything about it is so cool and well done!!

This is honestly the best Id been looking for a game like this definitely should download.

We loved the game a lot. Its something we played in about three days, but felt so fun! Yeah, it was a pretty creepy game and a chill-inducing, but the audio was amazing. The characters in the picture/title were stunning and so was the story. Though it was short taught a really valuable lesson. Would recommend!

Wow, great experience! Not a gamer but stumbled across this on Netflix, gave it a try and got hooked. Amazing storyline/voice actors/graphicsdefinitely takes you on a journey. Love it.

Absolutely loved that game. The story was well thought out and very engaging. We really liked how you have to pay attention closely to the dialogue and how theres different outcomes based off of responses. Finished it within a few days, sad it was kinda short but it was really interesting. Theres a few, very minor, bugs such as when you are rock climbing, your character gets stuck but if you just back up and re-do the motion it usually works. Overall, super minor lag in an overall awesome game that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Literally have never played a game as good as this NOTHING will come close to it.

Dialogue is sometimes hard to read in time .

One of the best adventure games we’ve played it has a stranger things/ horror movie vibe and a great plot line that changes each time you play based upon how you interact with the other characters. Be sure to play it more than once while preserving the timeline. The plot and ending changes. We highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys choice based games.

Played this back when it released on console and it was amazing. Only issue we have is with the music. Its way too loud and theres no option to change it so we can barely hear them speak. (also, to whoever said its way too zoomed out, its supposed to be like that. It was like that on consoles and pc too.)

Im a HUGE fan of this game, we have it downloaded on our Play Station, our phone, and our laptop and we’ve played it multiple times over the years. We downloaded this version to support Night School Studios in their new Netflix launch and for the most part everything is just the same! But there were moments, namely in flashback sections and then a section right before the end where our screen just went completely white except for the characters or whatever a flashlight beam shone on. Luckily we’ve played it a million times before so we knew where to go, but it was pretty inconvenient and we know we wouldve been totally lost if we were a first-time player.

Im loving it so far but it glitches every time we try to climb.

We purchased this years ago and now we see we cant install it via the App Store since Netflix snatched it up. Old customers shouldnt be abandoned when this happens. You should allow past purchases to be honored. We get it when titles just drop off the store. But to resurface like this? We dont know who to blame, Apple for not allowing some backward support when it changes publishers, or the developers? Bumping up to 3 stars because it is a good game, but it still stinks for us past customers losing our purchases only to see them return again like this.

This new Netflix version is just so much worse the graphics have been changed and the characters just look weird now and the whole Netflix concept is stupid. Ruined one of our favorite games thankfully we still have the old one downloaded.

Its exactly the same as the other oxenfree game, this one just requires a Netflix sign in before you can play. The text is too small to read on iPhone. But the game itself is really fun, so Id still give 3 stars.


Seemed like a decent game. We really wanted to finish it but we have to read captioning and the words go by just so fast and u cant go back to them. Add that to having to read/chose the players words, we stayed lost most of the game. If we could follow along better we think we would have had more interest in finishing it cause we were curious about the outcome. Had cool graphics. The storyline & facts given were interesting and believable so that made it good as well.

Seems like a cool game but the game doesnt give you much time to read and theres no option to increase the time. Unfortunately with dyslexia, we dont think Ill be able to play this.

It seems like volume is very important to the plot and mechanics of the game but there is no sound whatsoever.

Like other reviews said, game isnt very user friendly and it can be a little buggy. We cant really say much except it was entertaining for the 5mins we were able to play it but once you go into the cave and need to climb the wall the character just freezes, no matter how much tapping and swiping we did nothing happened so we simply got bored and deleted the game. Also, the conversations are quite fast paced, we would suggest at least having the response bubbles stay on screen a little longer so you have time to decide. Anyways, game has potential but still needs lots of work.

The game looks sleek and the voice acting is good. However, there is no saving option in the game or a saving point to help you save your last mission. Every time we log in Im one or two missions before which is really annoying.

Tried multiple times on iPad but its a no go. Im disappointed.

Too much talking. Music is annoying.

The screen is way zoomed out like those photos in the preview thats all we got at the start. Way too small to appreciate anything.

If youre into teenage angsty stuff then at least the beginning of the storyline will be for you. We did not take the opportunity to find out if it gets any better. As once you got into the cave it started getting really buggy. Just climbing a few unavoidable cave walls and moving around the area took a very long time and it quite often would get stuck when transitioning from climbing to walking and we would have to restart the game and start all over from the beginning of entering the cave. It just wasnt worth our time.

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