Oxide: Survival Island

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Oxide: Survival Island

Oxide: Survival Island

Oxide: Survival Island is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wladyslaw Jewloszewicz, Oxide: Survival Island is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th August 2021 with the latest update 17th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Oxide: Survival Island ?

373 people have rated 0.3.10

What is the price of the Oxide: Survival Island ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Oxide: Survival Island released ?

Oxide: Survival Island was released on 8th August 2021.

When was the Oxide: Survival Island updated ?

The latest updated date of Oxide: Survival Island on 17th December 2022.

Where can Oxide: Survival Island be downloaded ?

You can download the game Oxide: Survival Island from Apple Official App Store.



Oxide: Survival Island is a new game based on Survival Simulator!

Here you are, alone on the abandoned island, where everything can kill you. Cold, starving, predators, enemies: are you strong enough to tackle all these dangers?
Now stop, breathe and plan. Step 1: gather resources and create tools. Step 2: build a shelter and make some attire. Step 3: craft weapons, chase animals and procure food. Don’t forget about other players inhabiting this island. Make allies to fight alongside! Ready? Steady, Go! Do your best to stay alive! Good luck!


  • Own servers, which allows the player to save all progress without loss and increases the number of players on one server;
  • Expanded map: wood, ocean, gas station and bases where you can find loot barrels;
  • Friends system. Add other players as friends and see when they are online;
  • 3 biomes (cold, temperate, hot). Attire is meant to protect not only from injuries, but also from cold;
  • Improved construction and crafting systems;
  • Diversity of weapons and ammunition;
  • Cupboard system: you need to craft a cupboard and put regularly logs in it in order to prevent your house from deterioration;
  • Improved sky graphics.

Updated on 17th December 2022

  • Added Christmas props;
  • Added Spanish language;
  • Added new items (metal armor, triangle foundation and floor, medkit, bandage, fuel bottle, animal fat);
  • Added resource store;
  • Improved the anticheat system;
  • Armor durability decreases if you take damage;
  • Fixed some bugs.

Oxide: Survival Island Review

We love this game it is way better than rust we also love the new Halloween update keep up the great work catsbit!!

We really like this game so very good game 5/5 star.

There are definitely a lot less cheaters but there is an occasional cheater with aim bot but other than that this game has gotten a lot better. 5 stars:)

Logged in with a guest account because we were curious of what it was, so we lost our actual account that we had spent money on and played on for a year, we would like it back and we think you need to change how all of it works. ALSO NEVER ADD THE COMPATIBILITY TO USE CONTROLLERS WITH THIS GAME IT WILL MAKE IT REALLY UNFAIR FOR PEOPLE WHO CANT GET CONTROLLERS NO MATTER WHAT.

Ok first of all take away anti cheat its pointless and it kicks for no reason and you get kicked even when its not anti cheat second, you should be able to recycle things and get components and add more monuments and you should still be able to use things even when you dont have the bp, third add ladders and stuff to climb the walls and switch back rifle to before the ar.

Ok so we’ve played the game for a month now on only one server and we still havent gotten the rocket launcher it takes to much scrap please make it easier to get scrap or make cost go down also add more monuments add traps other wise really good server.

Can you please fix the hacker issues. Ps can you add creating servers only for prime though we hope that you read this thanks.

Ok first of all take away anti cheat its pointless and it kicks for no reason and you get kicked even when its not anti cheat second, you should be able to recycle things and get components and add more monuments and you should still be able to use things even when you dont have the bp, third add ladders and stuff to climb the walls and switch back rifle to before the ar.

The game would be a lot better if you couldnt block off the town with high wooden walls and if you could also have the option to use a controller.

Please fix the research table system its very hard to get scrap took us 3 days to get an axe crafted and its hard to get scrap at all either please reduce scrap cost or make it easier to gather scrap by making the drop of scrap increase or more monuments please ok thanks its a good game 3/5.

People are hacking and there is no contact support nor no way to communicate with anyone in regards to get support to resolve this!!!!!!

This is the worst game we have ever play, there are a lot of hackers. The game its just unplayable. The dev. Of this game puts updates from Halloween, Christmas and etc.. But he never have the time to fix the quality of the game. There is also no way to kick hackers.

Only reason we gave u a star for this garbage is cuz it wont allow us to give u zerour animals dont even have a health bar so u can tell if u hurt themI hit a pig with twelve rounds from a rev and he didnt even flinch so yall needa get this fixed cuz this sum noob game coding its almost like yall dont care about the game itself.

Improve anti-cheat. Hackers run every server.

Like fr you can put a stupid Halloween update in, but you cant actually fix the things that matter. We hope you dont consider yourself a game dev. And along with what someone else commented the only reason you got one star from us is because we cant give you zero.

Its a terrible rust knockoff and the creator of the game sent a YouTuber threats nonstop at one point. 0.00000349/10.

We cant believe rust hasnt filed a lawsuit yet. Took absolutely no creative liberty with this one huh.

Needs better supervision. Great game just too many hackers ruin it for those who want to play competitive.

Could only play 10 minutes of the game .. Unplayable game needs fixing.

This is god aweful. If youre reading this dont even bother playing. You cant even use spears without throwing them, and if that wasnt bad enoug, half the time they just get stuck in the air or literally dissapear. You go into the cold and you lose 7 health every 5 seconds. You cant recycle any items. The anti cheat is so bad that it doesnt kick cheaters and instead kicks you for no reason when you arent even cheating. We could go on and on and on. Dont play this mess of a game. It may be the only game thats close to rust, but its far from being anywhere close to decent. Its aweful. We rest our case.

This game is literally so cringe. There are a bunch of random Russian guys that literally spend all their time on this game and have all the stuff and just grieph you. You start making a base and they just destroy it for no reason. They just dont want you to play the game. Would be a fun game but it literally is impossible to play due to the player base.

We will keep reviewing it as one star.

We like game it really good already spent 200 hours on the game in one week.

We can literally only have one thing in cupboard at a time and theres no way to have a base!!

So we were playing and then this guy was attacking us so we ran to our base we closed the door and he just walked through happened 2 times and we were doing no damage to him we had iron axe and our friend had iron pickaxe and we couldn’t do damage to him then he went through more doors and stole all our loot and then he wasn’t dying we broke 10% of our iron axe hitting him and he didn’t die and our friend used iron pickaxe and we both weren’t doing dmaage then he got kicked for cheating and he got tped outside our base and has all our loot.

Title speaks for itself. Was hoping for something similar to rust to play on mobile, game is fulllllll of bugs. Hackers control the game, people flying around and walking through doors. Groups will spam report and you get kicked for it. So many small little bugs, ex – can only have 1 type of resource in your TC, so you cant have doors if you upgrade to stone lol. Needs a lot of work, but the update just made it so you can pay for extra in game items now lol.

Its alr its just the disconnecting they keep disconnecting when Im about to kill them.

We think you should make it to where there are different severs for different languages such as, English and Spanish so that way people can understand each other. And we think you should add to where we can creat severs and there should be sever wipes.

We really do need a first person style game like rust on mobile. The closest we had was last island of survival, and honestly along with the cheaters killing that game, it being 3rd person destroyed the immersion of it. We really hope u guys are serious and continue to fix bugs and make the game smoother and get a really good anti cheat system. There is a lot for u guys to work on but if you pull it off then there wont be a survival game that can touch this. If u need to make money from the game then just add skins. Nothing that gives anyone an advantage tho (no p2w items). We have played rust. Its a beautiful and frustrating game, but so many people love it for that hardcore survival pvp experience. Im begging u to please listen to your player base and make this game work properly and keep cheaters and p2w items out of the game and stick with first person perspective.

  • we need more animals like chicken or anything else – some of selfish players close all around the stations and we are dying of thirst because we cant reach the water ! There is no rever to drink from it. – put some mushrooms or fruits – we need skins.

If you guys took the time to fix some bugs you guys would bring in more players and make the current players enjoy this crap game more.

We just downloaded this game and we absolutely love it!! But you are going too lose more customers than your gain!! We have been seeing more and more people talking in the chat about cheaters!! Using exploits mod menus!! And absolutely terrorizing the game cheating!! & for those of you who see this comment you know!! Enough is enough something needs to be done!! We have seen dozens and dozens of people talk about leaving the game because it is ruined!! And it is not the game itself that is bad its the people!! We think this game will evolve and become huge in the future!! But if something is not done soon with this hacking crap mod menu!! This game will surely go down in the dumpster Icon of everyones phone in no time.. Ps. We are a huge supporter we absolutely love this game but for the amount of hours put into it.. Just to be ruined we are at our last straw of making the decision to delete!! Its just hard because we love this game!! But people are ruining it. Also it is going on a whole week now that we have not touched this app. Despite how much we love playing it!! Can someone please do something about this!!

First of all you copied rust you and rust is pretty much the same thing except your free and second of all we got kicked every 5 minutes for suspected cheating.

Its a fun game but your going to have to add more of youre own ideas you just cant take it from the PC game rust there has to be something that Differentiates oxide and rust.

Hey devs if your seeing this Im asking u to add more cloths for ur character more weapons and guns and make some gun skins also add quick loot and make it so people can make there own servers and modded ones.

Needs more things to do, make farming resources faster, better details, give cupboards a LOT more room because its so annoying having a big base and having to login every 8 hours to refill also if you have to travel with no service it just decays and all that work is gone. It doesnt make sense that a workbench requires scrap rather than metal. Adding triangle foundation, triangle roofs, and half walls would be a game changer. And finally please add c-4.

Hey we fell like there should be a safezone just saying but other than that the game can do some fixing and more updates and we get banned alot even tho im not haking so please fix that.

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