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Pachinko is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by On-Core Software LLC, Pachinko is a Casino game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th January 2009 with the latest update 8th September 2017

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


5 people have rated 1.6

You can download the game Pachinko from APP STORE.


Pachinko is a game that is somewhat similar to pinball machines in the United States. In Japan, Pachinko machines are used as gaming devices in Pachinko parlors, where people play to win prizes or money.

We are THRILLED and honored that in Japan Pachinko had reached the #1 position in Top Games and #5 in Top Applications!

The original machines were totally mechanical. Our game emulates the early mechanical models. A bit of skill is involved to launch the ball to certain areas of the machine, but it also takes some luck to get the ball in a “wing” or “drop bucket” to receive a jackpot of balls from the bank. For more information check out:

On-Core Pachinko Features

  • Classic Pachinko emulates the original mechanical Japanese machines from the 70’s and on.
  • There are modes that control the starting number of balls, jackpots, and number of balls required to win the game.
  • High Scores when playing in unlimited mode (Limited Balls = NO).

How to Play
To play, move the lever downwards by swiping your finger over the lower section of the game from top to bottom and then lifting your finger to release the lever. How far down you pull the lever will determine how much force is used to launch the ball. The balls are launched up through the chute on the left and fall down from the top. You hit a jackpot when your ball falls into a “wing”, “drop bucket” or the center section of the game. The bank pays you with additional balls. When a ball enters a wing or the center section of the game, one or more wings will open. Wide open wings provide a much greater chance of a ball getting in to hit a jackpot.

When you get a ball in the center where the surfer is, not only will you earn more balls, one, two or all four of the wings will open depending upon where the ball hits the wave. Experiment with pulling the lever down different distances to learn how you can control the area into which the balls drop.

Some users have reported that initially found the game a bit hard. We suggest that you go into the Settings and raise the "Balls to Start" and "Ball Per Award" to higher numbers.

Updated on 8th September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Compatibility updates

Pachinko Reviews

This is a great app. We love all of the settings available and the authenticity of the pachinko experience it brings. We have two suggestions to bring this to the next level. First, update the high scores table to count according to balls started. Its not fair that someone with 50 balls to start gets the same treatment as someone starting with 10 just because they get the same amount of balls rewarded. Second, make a lefty mode our right thumb gets sore after all that flicking! All in all a terrific app. Thanks!

This simulation is as near perfect as it gets. We own a pachinko machine and they nailed it with this app. Recommended to any pachinko lover!

Our brother had a real Pachinko machine, and this game is as close to the real thing as you can get! Including the sound effects. This game is well worth getting!! It might be cool to have different skins, to have an animation where you see the balls loading and being used from the hopper at the bottom.

This is the best game app that we have very good feel like the gravity that the game has we are a 42-year-old man and our kids do not get what we like this app they were just born at the wrong time. LOL. A VARIETY OF GAMES INSTEAD OF ONE WOULD BE NICE!

We have about 5 vintage pachinko apps and this is the only one to deliver a true virtual pachinko experience. The play field is authentic down to the working tulips. But it’s the real pachinko sounds that make this game stand out above all the others. If you enjoy vintage pachinko DON’T miss this one !!

One of our boyhood friends had a pachinko machine at his house. Playing this game reminds us of that. We think it would be difficult to get a more authentic look and feel in a phone. The app could be improved in minor ways; the sound has audible hum and the ball physics suffers a bit from the small screen. However, in our opinion it is well worth the money we paid for it. We too would like to see in app purchases for diverse machines. Now that we’ve played the game for a while, there are a few bugs for which players should be warned. The settings screen doesn’t allow one to abort the game. If the abort button is pushed, the settings screen becomes unusable. When that happens the player is locked into whatever game they are playing. There is at least a 1 in 25 chance of sinking a ball, so the 25 ball per goal game is almost impossible to lose. With no abort, the player will be stuck in that game. Also the top scores do not work. So keep the game on the 3 or 5 ball per goal settings and it is enjoyable.

Please update this for iOS 11, so that it will continue to work.

It has a most-accurate pachinko randomness, while a digital counter keeps track of balls won, and balls left. The disappointment is a HIGH SCORES talley, that doesn’t record ANY scores (let alone your high achievements. Even better would be, if you could merely TOUCH the particular High Score Scenario you want to beat, to begin a game. NO NETWORK CAPABILITY!

We got this app about 2 years ago, one of the first on our iphone, and loved it. We don’t know quite what has changed but it isn’t fun to play anymore because scoring seems like a rare accident instead of something we have anything to do with. Almost like the change from real handles to electronic firing. Recently we have seen runs of over 100 shots where nothing went in. Before, it was possible to move the handle position slightly and change the trajectory slightly. Now the handle position doesn’t seem to have the same effect, a little change might have no effect or it might launch the ball on a dramatically different path. The balls also act much more "live", bouncing off posts really fast and not coming off at the angles they would need to drop into little spaces. We are using Pachinko on an iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.0.1. We notice that with this combination many apps, not just Pachinko, perform differently than they did in the past – some faster, some slower, much more variability in performance. (Some work better in airplane mode.) For real-time computation apps based on user hand-eye coordination, changes in the OS could really foul up the user experience. We don’t know what happened to Pachinko or whether it’s changes were intended by the developers or whether the change in the computing environment of the phone is responsible. In any case, Pachinko is more boring than it used to be because we don’t have any illusion of controlling the handle anymore. It was our favorite before.

Awsome game!! We own 4 real Vintage Pachinko machines and this app is as real as it gets. The sound and the way the ball bounces off the nails and the lights and bell when you hit a payout Well worth the money lots of fun! We have other Pachinko apps that we paid more money for and are not as REAL as this one.. Great App Guys.

We’ve downloaded several Pachinko apps, and by far, this is the best one. We own a vintage Pachinko machine, and the sound effects of this app are perfect, right down to the balls tapping on the glass as they fall through the pins, the sound of the balls hitting the pins, the sound of the lever being flicked, the launch of the balls, and the sound of the balls exiting the play area. If you’re looking for an authentic Pachinko machine app, we recommend this one over all the others, and it’s less expensive. Great job!

Our family used to own a real Pachinko game when we were young, which we "inherited" when everyone left home. When we had to retire and downsize we had to give it up & we have REALLY missed it. This game looks a little different but plays almost identically to the one we had – it is marvelous! Nice going!! We would only like it better if we understood better how it tracks High Scores … Am not sure that’s working right or we are understanding how to set that up…

Gets boring after winning once. Good for a couple of hours.

We grew up with a pachinko machine and have not found a realistic iTunes pachinko app… Until now. On-Core’s Pachinko is a complete app that offers the sounds, gameplay and even a lever similar to those that the real pachinko games have. Unlike the other pachinko games in the iTunes store that try to put a twist into their apps or use colorful buttons, On-Core’s Pachinko stays true. If you haven’t played pachinko, the gameplay is simple and similar to pinball except you shoot many more balls, scoring when balls hit specific targets, and you gain extra balls as your bonus. If you’re looking for something straightforward and adheres to the spirit of the pachinko game, then you can’t go wrong with On-Core’s Pachinko.

Enjoyable game, kids liked it too. Seems true to the real Japanese pinball game on which it is based. It you like old pineball/arcade games this is a good bet.

This app is perfect for those who like vintage pachinkos. The sounds are very authentic and match the motions of the balls (including banging against the glass!). The gravity is a little offthe balls don’t launch or fall as fast as in real lifebut the kinetics of how they bounce off of each other and through the nails are spot-on. We like how the settings allow you to determine how many balls you start with and how many you win per jackpot. Some of the graphics are a little hard to see, like the middle jackpot section, so it would have been nice to have that simpler or maybe a floating magnifying glass to see the detail. The flipper controls use the iPhone touch control perfectly and make the game play very much like an actual vintage pachinko machine. Kudos!

Pachinko is the ultimate time killer. Good easy fast fun.

We love this game. It plays just like the vintage mechanical pachinkos (which we collect). Keep up the great work!

Really nice. Physics have real weight, and the balls don’t seem floaty. The sounds are spot on, and the handle even feels right. Another board or two would make an awsome update – but what is here is already worth every penny; thanks for a really enjoyable app!!!!

This reminds us of the pachinko machine we had growing up. It’s been broken for quite a few years so we are really enjoying this game. The audio brings back alot of memories.

We had the same type of game in our home. The sound on this one is very real, and the movement of the ball is so realistic. Keep up the good work.

There is something very satisfying about this simple game. Never having played a "real" Pachinko machine before, we are now thoroughly hooked. We even purchased Pajatzo, a Finnish version of this game, but played with coins. We guess the old adage "KISS" (keep it simple stupid) has never been more true with this great game.

This is a must have app. Works very nearly like a real one. Spot on developers!!!

This game gets you hooked for hours. It is just like playing the real thing. The physics seem real, they really put a lot of effort into this one. The only thing that would make it perfect (Which the developers say they’re going to do once they get a web server dedicated to having them not just on the phone, but on the internet as well) is to have a high score listing where you can have your high score, even if you don’t "win the game" by hitting the number of bonus balls. So, we will look forward to that update, but in the meantime, we will keep flipping the flipper and shooting balls and watching them bounce around hoping we hit the jackpot in the center. Way to go on this app!!!!

Finally, a straightforward, accurately designed pachinko game! We’ve yet to hit the middle buckets – any chance of a probability/skill variable in future releases? Multiple boards would also be a plus, but you can’t beat the price, and the gameplay, of the current version. ! [Thank you!]

Last year we had uncovered our old pachinko machine while cleaning out our garage. It was in poor condition and it saddened us to get rid of it. We’re so glad we found this app. It plays just like our old machine did back in our college days. It’s really smooth and plays great! We’re very impressed.

This is an excellent facsimile of the famous Japanese ‘pinball’ game.

This game reminds us of the real thing. It does everything the machine does, including balls getting stuck and balls falling back into the launcher! Great work!

This is a very faithful pachinko simulation. For those of you who complain that it is ugly or boring, guess what… That’s what real pachinko was oftentimes like. The machines were often garish, and the game play was very repetitive. Even so, it’s extremely addictive, and this app conveys that aspect if pachinko perfectly. If you ever enjoyed a pachinko machine in the past, this app is well worth the 99 cents to relive the good times. We’ll agree with other rewiewers, and put in a vote for a few more board layouts, though in reality they all have similar mechanics. Still though, some machines modeled after true Japanese classic designs would be sweet.

Great little game. Authentic look and sounds. Very enjoyable. Please add additional machines.

Very nice! The physics are exquisite and the sounds undeniably believable. Options provide countless variations and repeatable gameplay. Would like to be able to see statistics on overall play – total number of balls and high scores and similar on a daily basis too. Would also like to see more Pachinko boards with different pin layouts. A facility for users to create and share boards would be a plus.

Reminds us of the old Pachinko machine our dad brought back from his tour in Japan. Physics are on par. Sounds and "mechanics" are authentic as well.

V1.4 corrects the slowness. Gameplay emulates well with your common Pachinko machine.

It would be really nice to be able to choose between several different layouts. As it is, although game play is VERY much like the real thing, the board is downright ugly and too simple. Add some more layouts with more bells and whistles and this would be an awesome game!

Solid graphics, sound and physics.

This is an incredible pachinko simulation. We actually have a real machine that is almost exactly the same as this app, right down to the sounds. A few minor suggestions for the next update. On our real machine, the light in the top left of the screen lights up whenever we win balls. Also, it might be kind of neat if you could see the actual balls that you have and are winning in a hopper that is fed into the flipper. Having the number of balls easily shown is great, but I’d also like to be able to see the balls come out into the hopper as we’re winning, and the amount get smaller as we shoot them. One last thing, the difficulty is pretty high. Our wife played for about 15 minutes before she won anything. With these updates, it would be a five star app. Great game, thanks for the great price as well.

Excellently made classic pachinko game. The sounds are perfect! Id like to see different boards or machines. Fantastic job !

Not bad but we find these Pachinko games worthless time-wasters without any sort of RANKING, highscore table and STATS. At least the Making games have a "ranking" (highscore) table. Try Lucky Clune or the Eagle. BTW, will we ever see Pajatzo again? We heard the developer got sued. Too bad. That game looks awesome. Update: bumped to 3 stars (up from 2). We found the highscores table. Very nice. If this game had less "floaty" physics and more stats (total wins, total balls played, gameplay time, profiles, etc) it would be a 5 star game.

Would be more fun if it ever let you win.

This is a nice old-style mechanical pachinko simulator. The playfield design and graphics are simple but effective. Gameplay is an accurate simulation of the real thing. The ball physics seem realistic and accurate even with multiple balls bouncing around the field. The game audio is hit and miss. Some sounds (ball hitting pin, ball hitting wooden bucket, jackpot bell) are pitch perfect, others (Ball Launcher, drain, and alternate ball hitting pin sound) are so wrong as to be distracting. Resampling them would improve play. Altogether a good value for the pachinko fan. Recommended.

Just like the one we owned in Japan. Very nostalgic, but probably a little slow for today’s user.

This is nicely done. If the game would offer prizes of any sort it would be perfect. Like unlocking other boards or even easier items like pictures old styled actual prizes!

Only one background, no real special effects, just flick the balls over and over. Yawn! Should be a free app.

Sugoi disappointed!!! If you expect as one in Japan,don’t buy this until it gets better. Playing this makes us sad. We have to hit a ball one by one……. We miss real pachinko!!!!

We got bored with it after the first day. Sorry we spend 99 cents.

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