Paint by Number Art: Hey Color

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 09:05 am

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zephyrmobile, spol. s r.o., Paint by Number Art: Hey Color is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th April 2019 with the latest update 26th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Trivia, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Paint by Number Art: Hey Color ?

116,443 people have rated 4.1.3

What is the price of the Paint by Number Art: Hey Color ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Paint by Number Art: Hey Color released ?

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color was released on 8th April 2019.

When was the Paint by Number Art: Hey Color updated ?

The latest updated date of Paint by Number Art: Hey Color on 26th November 2022.

Where can Paint by Number Art: Hey Color be downloaded ?

You can download the game Paint by Number Art: Hey Color from Apple Official App Store.



Plunge into the fascinating world of coloring with Hey Color app — a perfect tool to relieve stress & release your inner artist.

Want to take your mind off & relax after a busy day? Let stunning artworks help you beat anxiety, fall asleep quickly or simply pass the time!

Just follow the numbers to bring them to life and get relaxed.

– 10 000 + COLORING PAGES TO PAINT. Animals, Flowers, Nature, People, Places, Mandalas, Birds, Patterns, Fantasy, Fashion, Lifestyle, Yummy, Messages, Marine, Holidays, For Kids, Transport, Home and Garden, and more.
– SPECIAL IMAGES. Color stunning rare images with special effects.
– NEW ACHIEVEMENTS. Complete daily missions and get more rewards.
– DAILY UPDATES. 8 new artworks are added every day for your joy.
– MYSTERY MAGIC IMAGES. Play secret images – unveil the pictures as you color them and enjoy vivid paintings.
– EXCLUSIVE BONUS PACKS. We collaborate with a team of artists, who design exclusive pictures especially for you.
– ONE-HAND COLORING. Unlike other similar apps, colors change automatically when you move the palette, so you don’t need to make 2 taps.
– USEFUL HINTS. Enhanced zoom-in helps you find tiny hard-to-spot cells.
– QUICK SHARING. Share your finished artworks on all social networks with friends.
– BONUSES. Play games on our Facebook page and get bonuses!
– NEW WIDGETS. Add our amazing daily pic widget.


  • Choose the picture you like.
  • Color pieces by their numbers.
  • Done!
  • Share with friends on Facebook or Instagram.

Relieve stress with color-by-number art book!

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Updated on 26th November 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color Review

Im obsessed with this app, love picking these intricate pictures and coloring away! We only wish the events (color 20 images in 3 days) would give you a little moretime otherwise we would do nothing else!

To many that cost money to color. All the good ones too high.

We are a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD coloring helps calm us at times will take all the picture you give me.

This app has such beautiful pictures! We love the detail and a variety of colors. Somehow they have a way of drawing a person right into the scene-many times.

We love your app, it keeps us entertained for a while. That being said, we had an idea. Could you add functionality that allows the users (assuming each user has a unique identifier), to add specific pictures that they would like to color to a list for later, then, once that is done, it is just moved to the our Works list as usual. We personally cant tell you how many pictures we’ve seen that we want to color, but cant at the time for some reason or another, and, and then its gone, never to be seen again when we come back later. That functionality would be very beneficial to us, along with a lot of other users. Thank you for listening to our idea! Great app!

Im greatly that we can colored beautiful pictures and they are very colorful, thanks again & for free.

Amazing and very interesting application.

We’ve done other coloring by number apps. But we love this one the best. Its fun and relaxing.

This is a good very good we like this try it some time.

Its mindless to find the tiny spots of color and complete a picture. It might be more fun to have the colors offered and paint it yourself. This way it may help people learn how to use color palettes to shade and to identify important spots.

We love this game. The pictures are categorized so you can choose a difficult one or holiday themed one or whatever. The only drawback is the ads. We understand that ads are needed in free apps. But some of the ads, especially the one for Royal Match, are impossible to get out of. We click the x and another ad screen opens. We click done and another ad screen opens. Sometimes we have clicked out of 6 or more screens, and we still cannot get out of the ad. We have to shut off the game and restart to continue.

This is our favorite app to destress, and we use it daily. The only complaint we have at this time is the paint can in the top right that changes with every color. Its very annoying when you search for a color and the paint can also changes. Our eyes go directly to it thinking its a part of the picture. We’ve never used the paint can and to us it seems useless. We understand what its used for, but it would be nice to have an option to disable it. Thank you for a great app!!

Some thing we like taking long on.

We love this app. We used it today and now it is showing very adult ads. One ad is for a vibrator. Another is for an app/game showing vulgar pics. We close it out and go back in. We have grandchildren that color on this app. If we continue to receive this stuff we will delete it and use another app.

Loved this app and didnt mind watching ads to play until they started getting more sexually explicit. Then last night, an ad for our Fantasy came on featuring lesbian porn. Kids could be using this app or may be sitting by an adult while they draw. There is no reason for there to do anything but G rated ads on this sight. We are done.

When we see the new pictures for the day, two of them are always marked as premium. Even though they are free, it makes us feel something bad will happen, so we dont color them. Please get rid of the premium pictures in the new pictures that show up every day.

Challenges cannot be completed the art collector challenge doesnt allow you to save the images to complete the task.

We love this app when Im all for some down and our work because Im going to tryouts now for the day to long for the rest time of the week to find us bi-weekly with the time for hey to get its feed off and back on again. Maxine.

We started with Hey Color about 13 months ago. It is our go to place for relaxing and quiet time. We have done approximately 1200 paintings since starting. We love the water colors and would love to have some of the original painting. They are truly beautiful. We have often wondered where the paintings come from. There are some very talented artists who have their paintings in this app.

We have coloring for about 3 years now!! We have a lot of medical problems so we get stressed out very easily!! We find that when we color on the apps we have the stress is more manageable!! We just get lost in whatever picture Im coloring and life is all good again!! We love that we get rewards for some things that we color!! The only thing we would like to see is more things that we can work on to get the rewards!! And if we could be reminded when we are close to getting our reward!! We are an older lady with brain issues!! So when Im told to color 5 fall pictures we get very confused and dont know what pictures we have to color!! So we just color the pictures we think will work and if it does its awesome and if it doesnt work then at least we enjoyed the picture anyways!! Thank you for having this app so we all can relax and have a lot of fun too!! From Debbie Moran!!!!

This game is fine and its pretty hard to thats really fun sometimes you can do fairytales coloring and princess coloring and super fun but its very hard actually gave up on one today who is that hard But not all of them are like that.

At this time this is the only coloring app that we kept on our device but we are noticing that there are so many more white characters than any other color characters. We would love to see more people of color and nationalities on this app please.

There are too many adds and it would be better if there was only 1 add when you play like there is in happy color thats why we like happy color more so if you have only one add we would play it more often So please take out some adds or we will delete this game.

More scenery can give it more dynamic vs flat.

The color selection is at times elementary and childish. Way too many hearts in pictures that dont warrant it. Not enough masculine pictures. Are you catering to only children and women? Is so, than it is a good app. If not, than you have a lot to be desired. Obviously you have not read the previous comments. Make color choices more realistic when portraying houses. More masculine pictures. No sports, why?

There are inappropriate ads on this site, considering the age is for 4+

We really really enjoy our time playing this game but there’s one thing about it that triggers us THE CHOICE OF COLORS. Its really annoying when the colors just never match. Other than that, its an enjoyable game, really. Thanks.

We love this game but the spilled paint can in the upper right corner is distracting and annoying! Every time we want to color a new number, the paint can changes color too which distracts our concentration of our coloring page. Can you please add an option to remove it? It was never there before and we don’t like it.

Great app is just the thing for relaxing with simple activities.

Colors are very bright and vibrant, you can clearly see what you have to color next. Great pics we’ve tried many of these color by number and yours is by far the best! Thanks from Maria in Buffalo New York.

We enjoy you so much that we pay you every day is just putting our heart into design thank you bye.

We absolutely love this app. It is so much fun and we feel good playing with all different colors and we dont feel stressed anymore. This has been the best app ever. Kat.

We love the pictures, especially homes and buildings, however we hate when you take the best pictures and require payment for them! Our other color apps dont do that.

Aside from the annoying adds every time you need to momentarily exit from your work in progress, this is a fun and relaxing way to kill time.

Too many ads, especially about weight loss. We are 5 7 tall and we weigh 132 lbs; therefore we dont need to be bombed with weight loss ads every few seconds.

It may be small but the paint can in the top right is very annoying. Would love to remove it or at least make it stop changing with each color.

The only thing that we hate is the ads if you have to take a call or text and leave for a moment and then come back in.

We love the variety of pictures and the vivid colors but we hate the ads that you cannot escape from without shutting down the app and reopening it. We are deleting it even though we will miss the time we did get to color without an ad interruption. That part was enjoyable and very relaxing even though short. But the constant ads are annoying and try our nerves, defeating the purpose. We understand that ads are important for free apps, but we’ve never been forced to either watch for minutes or close the app to close the ad. Hopefully the ads will improve to where we can watch for a few seconds and close them if we choose to. And remembering which picture we are coloring and open to there instead of our having to search for it every time would be really nice too. We will check back and see if there are improvements. We hope there are, because this app has a lot to offer with just a few improvements.

Hey guys theres this new app called Hey Color and its super fun if you guys like painting and drawing and writing with colors you guys are going to love this app its so fun and if you like listening to music and painting or like drawing or coloring this is something that you might want to try and its free and its so fun you guys should try it. But there is a LOTS of adds it gets annoying!

This color app is so fun. We love the way they give you different pictures to color. We would love to see more stories.

This game is fun and a stress reliever. We would recommend it to anyone who likes coloring. The only issue is that sometimes the spots to tap fill in with color are sometimes ridiculous! They are in tiny little spots that we can barely see. Or in corners or inside of objects. And we end up using up our magnifying glasses. Its hard to see those spots because we have bad eyesight. Please make those spots bigger or dont even bother to make them. Its a bit frustrating trying to find the last tiny spot for the color. Thank you for reading and we hope the issue gets fixed!

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