Paint by Number Art: Hey Color

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 03:40 pm

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zephyrmobile, spol. s r.o., Paint by Number Art: Hey Color is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th April 2019 with the latest update 7th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Trivia, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Paint by Number Art: Hey Color ?

140,948 people have rated 4.5.0

What is the price of the Paint by Number Art: Hey Color ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Paint by Number Art: Hey Color released ?

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color was released on 8th April 2019.

When was the Paint by Number Art: Hey Color updated ?

The latest updated date of Paint by Number Art: Hey Color on 7th June 2023.

Where can Paint by Number Art: Hey Color be downloaded ?

You can download the game Paint by Number Art: Hey Color from Apple Official App Store.



Plunge into the fascinating world of coloring with Hey Color app — a perfect tool to relieve stress & release your inner artist.

Want to take your mind off & relax after a busy day? Let stunning artworks help you beat anxiety, fall asleep quickly or simply pass the time!

Just follow the numbers to bring them to life and get relaxed.

– 10 000 + COLORING PAGES TO PAINT. Animals, Flowers, Nature, People, Places, Mandalas, Birds, Patterns, Fantasy, Fashion, Lifestyle, Yummy, Messages, Marine, Holidays, For Kids, Transport, Home and Garden, and more.
– SPECIAL IMAGES. Color stunning rare images with special effects.
– NEW ACHIEVEMENTS. Complete daily missions and get more rewards.
– DAILY UPDATES. 8 new artworks are added every day for your joy.
– MYSTERY MAGIC IMAGES. Play secret images – unveil the pictures as you color them and enjoy vivid paintings.
– EXCLUSIVE BONUS PACKS. We collaborate with a team of artists, who design exclusive pictures especially for you.
– ONE-HAND COLORING. Unlike other similar apps, colors change automatically when you move the palette, so you don’t need to make 2 taps.
– USEFUL HINTS. Enhanced zoom-in helps you find tiny hard-to-spot cells.
– QUICK SHARING. Share your finished artworks on all social networks with friends.
– BONUSES. Play games on our Facebook page and get bonuses!
– NEW WIDGETS. Add our amazing daily pic widget.


  • Choose the picture you like.
  • Color pieces by their numbers.
  • Done!
  • Share with friends on Facebook or Instagram.

Relieve stress with color-by-number art book!

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Updated on 7th June 2023

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Paint by Number Art: Hey Color Review

We play this all the time and really love it. There is a particular type of picture we like a lot but you dont seem to produce it anymore. When you paint adjoining colors, the line between them fades. We used to get them particularly in bonuses. We wish you would do some more of them.

It is really entertaining and we recommend this to everybody and we think it deserves 5 stars from everybody also it will make you smarter and focus more.

We love your puzzle designs ! Keep up the good work!!

This coloring app is so relaxing – we love it!

We love this! It is just so relaxing and stress free. We would be on this 24/7 if we could! Im addicted and enjoy it so much!

We love this game its so relaxing when hyoid done it looks so good try it.

We love the colors they are not to dim.

The coloring pages are great and there are many to choose from, but the way its designed it is too easy to accidentally touch something that forces you to watch an ad to proceed. So annoying!!

Look we really really love this app and so want to subscribe because of the amount of ads that are on this we cant because the price for a subscription is ridiculous. Especially when other apps charge half for a subscription that you are charging. Not everyone can afford 20 bucks a month or100 bucks a year Im on limited funds and between our bills, meds food and our cats we dont have much left over and it would take us awhile to save up for a years subscription.

Too many ads to just color ONE PICTURE..

We enjoy using the app to chill and we understand the need for ads but some of them never end. You wait and wait and you can never close it and we had closed the pic for 2 seconds and came back lol.

Its fun hate the adds $99.99 a year is to much to pay.

Begs for a review after every picture makes pop ups nothing people hate more then pop ups and started some new stupid thing all the good pics are with a stupid badge meaning premium prob more way to get money!!!

Its great to see the colors bring things to life!

We love this! It is just so relaxing and stress free. We would be on this 24/7 if we could!

We play this game for hours. We just love the pictures. Great variety. So much fun! Highly recommend!

We used a drug (Lyrica) 25 years ago for neuropathy (shooting pains down our leg from diabetes) for a month but its lasting effects caused tremors in our hands that keep us from being able to write or draw. We are able to use this app with a stylus or an Apple Pencil and it has helped us to re-learn how to control our hands for fine motion, like coloring. We are only able to color, not paint, draw or write. Those actions are, we believe, forever beyond our ability because of the drug. We love this app and the lack of distractions the Premium Access gives us is a Blessing! It is significantly less expensive if you pay for the year up front – if you can. The monthly and weekly totals are increasingly more expensive, but more affordable for those not able to swing the up-front amount. Not many things we are able to do any longer relax us as much as drawing. It helps us to get a sense of inner peace, and we hope it will for others. Best wishes to all.

This app is so relaxing to us. It helps us to calm down after a rough day. We enjoy coloring the pictures and seeing what they will look like when Im done. Its very satisfying to finish one. And they never seems to be it into the many pictures to choose from. LOVE IT!

Please make sure to make easy pictures.

We like the many colors and that everything isnt angular. Stupid app name, very engaging for color by number!

Love to color the beautiful artwork. Especially the flowers and the birds. Very interesting.

We’ve had this ap for a couple of years. It used to be our favorite coloring ap. The pictures are usually good, and the colors are great. Lately it seems that they give you 2-3 hundred colors but there is only 1 space per color at a time. And it jumps all over the page. Its getting aggravating. We wish it was like it was when we first started. You would get at least an area to color at a time instead of jumping all over.

We dont like that you cant leave and come back without another long ad.

We like this app but we have problems with it freezing & also not being able to get hints. If they fix these problems it would be an excellent coloring app.

Quite often the app does not move. We tap on the color and nothing happens or there is the delay. Sometimes all the colors disappear. After a few seconds they fill out again.

Its a nice app to keep us busy on nights Im alone.

We like the variety of pictures.

We like the way it automatically moves to the next color once one is completed. The special colored images are unusual. Please dont have the ones that are over 100/115 colors – you are passing through a ton of colors that just have one tiny spot each – actually irritating. We check the number of colors before we begin – rejecting the ones with too many.

We enjoyed the pictures and we think that the app itself has great potential. We love that its free and we dont mind ads. We think the variety is great and the artists are good. No glitches. One thing we noticed is its rated 4+. Yes Im going to be Karen for a moment Im assuming that means a 4 year old human and up. The Ads are far too mature. Moms and dads think their 5 y/0 is playing a 4+ game with puppies and unicorns and then they see a bloody decaying weaponized micky mouse ad or %98 naked spread eagle nipple yielding women. Make whatever you want, download whatever you want, who cares. Just please stop marketing sex and violence to preschoolers. Hopefully parents are on top of this. Change your rating and Ill gladly give you 5 stars.

We really like this app but your colors are not true to an image. They are flat and not vibrant. They are dull. We wish that the colors you see in the app ad examples were the colors that we are offered! The color palette is off.

We really like this app but your colors are not true to an image. They are flat and not vibrant. They are dull. We wish that the colors you see in the app ad examples were the colors that we are offered! The color palette is off.

We enjoy the coloring which is relaxing however we do not receive our earned bonuses which is very frustrating.

Why is our log in name say Andinald Assimore??? Who the heck is that ?????.. We love the app but think this is not right ????

Updated Review: Wrote this once with 2 stars but now lowering and changing name of review due to developers response. The creators of this game will act like they care about their players but they really dont. They just want your money. Theyre solution to our review about too many ads is to buy their remove ads option well actually they didnt tell us to buy it because they mislead and just said to get the feature. Looked into it and costs about $3 to remove the ads. Some thing they shouldve said in the response. News flash to these developers not everyone has extra money to put on a game. It is really not fair to your players who do love the game but cant afford to remove the ads to have to put up with so many. Make it fair and equal for all players if some players dont get ads no one should. JUST REMOVE THE ADS AND STOP BEING GREEDY ABOUT MONEY. Do not give these people your time or money.

We bought this app in 2019 and have thoroughly enjoyed it until now, this is the 2nd time they have posted a same sex couple, forcing their colorist to have to look at this. If they want to support this LGBQT movement, they could do so by no longer posting pictures of any couples same sex or opposite sex. They certainly do not have to force us to see this. By far until now, this has been the best coloring app out there. But we will no longer be a part of supporting them. If you dont want to be forced to see same sex couples in a coloring app. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP.

Love this app enjoy the epic and hard pics the most. Please keep giving us epic pics !!!

Fun, easy and delightful coloring for all adult ages. We highly recommend it. If you like creating, youll enjoy the process!

Really love if you could pause the stylus on a part of the picture and that part would be highlighted. Much more satisfying to watch the progression of the completed picture if you get to decide what order it it colored. Would also allow for more detailed pictures.

We have used this app daily for over a year and am deleting it. The quality of the images simply dont compare to those of other apps out there.

We have tried several coloring apps and they all have something to offer, but we found myself coming back to this one over and over. We are physically disabled and we have passed many hours using the app. It certainly makes the time go by faster and more pleasant. Thank you for your hard work.

We are enjoying this coloring. Concentrating on special.

Love this app. Beautiful blended colors. Love the mystery category.

We discovered coloring apps in 2019. Hey Color was the second app we tried and it quickly became our favorite. We love the variety. We especially love the Magic category and the disappearing lines pics. We color everyday. We are addicted to this app. Thank you so much for creating it!

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