Paint the Cube

Paint the Cube

Paint the Cube

Paint the Cube is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Popcore GmbH, Paint the Cube is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th August 2020 with the latest update 2nd March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Paint the Cube ?

5,185 people have rated 74.1.2

What is the price of the Paint the Cube ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Paint the Cube released ?

Paint the Cube was released on 4th August 2020.

When was the Paint the Cube updated ?

The latest updated date of Paint the Cube on 2nd March 2023.

Where can Paint the Cube be downloaded ?

You can download the game Paint the Cube from Apple Official App Store.



In Paint The Cube, it’s your job to navigate colorful paths through a maze by painting lines. But here’s the tricky part – the maze is spread out over a cube, and you can’t see where the end of the path is!

Swipe up, down, left and right to spread colorful paths around the cube. It’s super satisfying to watch the cube twist and turn as you paint it with color. But watch out – it gets trickier as more paths appear! So make sure you don’t leave any path unpainted, or else you will need to retrace your steps to solve the puzzle!

Which direction will you take to make it to the end of the maze? It’s your job to think outside of the box (or cube!) to make sure you complete each tricky challenge. As you complete more levels, you unlock more beautiful colors and patterns to paint with.

It’s you against the cube – have you got what it takes?

Updated on 2nd March 2023

Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!

Paint the Cube Review

Why in your last update we lost all our investments and properties and money. Its like starting at zero again.

This is the first game we’ve ever paid to remove ads. Well done!

Its a fun game but to many ads.

The different games created by popcore are all fun, sometimes very challenging. We dont like some of the pop-up ads. Some are very offensive to us.

It is way to easy but other than that it is okay some people say there are too many adds but there is a good amount in our opinion.

The game will give you the option to watch an ad to earn a skin. If you refuse to watch the ad the game almost always plays one anyway because you finished a level. We understand ads pay for the game to be free, but the sheer amount makes us want to give up the, otherwise very fun and addicting, game to play anything else.

To easy for adults, ads could be way too adult oriented for children. Good for fiddling while waiting in the doctors office.

The first many levels are so boring and excruciating to get through until the actually interesting levels begin:.. Dont know if we can keep doing these easy levels.

We have sat and played through over 500 levels. Level 534 is so simple a 6 mo old could do it. You think it would get harder and more challenging the higher levels you go. But we can tell you putting a couple of interlocking figure 8s with only one path to go down no matter what you do is not challenging. We were very hopeful for this game to get harder that we kept telling myself its go to get harder than this. But after going through the levels we have and seeing duplicates and mirrors of the duplicates we are pretty sure this app has no challenge left to offer. Play it for a while on the free version. It dont waste the money on removing ads because they wont waste their time making it challenging.

Didnt have the attention span to slog through the single solution levels and ads to get to the somewhat interesting stuff the commercials showed.

Their mobile games are cancer, and their ads are worse. This game we played had no challenge whatsoever, this is the worst mobile game company of all time.

Though we do like the concept of this game, its nothing but repetitive. Though thats not a bad thing, truly the only real issue we have with it is that it doesnt become challenging the more you progress. Im already past level 600 and its still simple to solve. We would love this a whole lot more if it became more challenging the more levels you beat.

We were prepared to say how embarrassed we were to try 200 levels bf leaving this review and we see someone did 600… How said the developers came up with a cool puzzle concept and then failed to add any challenge to it!

This game is so boring and brain dead easy. Im at level 40 and we’ve noticed its the same darn 4-5 levels repeating themselves. We saw someone saying they got to level 600 and still had no challenge. No way am we gonna go that far. DELETE!!!

We thought this was a puzzle game. We played 30 levels and they are all the same exact "follow one route" formula, not a single ounce of brain power involved. We guess if you want a mindless game to play, this is fine, but we wanted to solve puzzles. They have a "challenge mode", which costs coins to play the level. That is what the entire game should be.

We dont normally write reviews for games but we like this game its one of the few games we actually play everyday. We could tell that the patterns started to repeat but we continue to play because its a very relaxing game and gets us through our late nights at work Im on level 1316.

The game is so much fun but it is a little to easy.

At level 22 we had to do a swipe and thats all.

Cubes are super easy and you pay $2.99 to jot watch adds only to watch them. Mehhhhhhhg.

This game is okay. We love puzzle games and we thought this would be right up our alley, but we got bored of it before it got at all challenging.

We thought this game would be kinda like a puzzle game but every level is super easy and there barely involves you having to think.

Ad after each short game. Spend more time watching ads then playing.

THIS GAME USES ADULT ADS! If you contact Apple, they take this very seriously. They will take games out of the app store that have adult ads. They just need to hear from us. We have contacted the developer and have heard nothing. A very disturbing ad objectifying women appeared. THIS ISNT RIGHT!

The ads in this game ARE NOT child friendly.

The ads in this app are no where near appropriate for kids.

The game was fun but the ads are very graphic and x-rated. We are removing the game because of the ads.

The rating of game is 12+ however the ads that are constantly played are inappropriate and explicit and should not be running on these games. We are having this issue with all of this companies apps.

We love this game because it barely has any ads and is also really fun 10/10 recommendations.

OH MY GOD we started playing this game for one hour AND we AM ADDICTED TO IT. You must download this app right now. This reminds our of another game called amaze where you would have to go color the maze . But downloading this game made us see a new world LIKE IT MADE ME SEE AFRICA. Buttttttttttt DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW OR we WILL HUNT YOU . Hehe jk but seriously download this game. Sincerely, the best gamenoober of all time. Ps check out our YT its called Christmas Soul Error. Bye.

Ill give this game a 10 out of 10 stars.

We like the game a lot. In fact, its only one of two games we’ve paid to remove the ads. We really enjoy that we can play and multitask, like watch something or talk to someone, but still feel smart. Our only problem is that we really wish you could rotate the cube to see the different pathways. Because you are unable to do so, it feels like less of a puzzle or game of logic and more of a crapshoot. We’ve spent up to an hour on a level because the line zooms past a certain area that hasnt been painted, and we cant figure out how to get there. Also, much less important but we think a free paint mode thats kinda like a fidget cube would be really cool.

A rare Popcore game that requires a bit of legitimate skill. The rotating cube adds some visual interest and the tactile feedback is a nice touch.

We love this game, but its too easy! We wish there were more fun patterns. Thats all.

We love this game. We’ve been playing for about a month now. We wish there was more vibrant colors on each level. Maybe neon colors too. We think each level should have a different color instead of repeating.

Very time we finish a level, the game freezes and we dont get our points we earned. Disappointing! This happens only at the end of each level so far. Level: 100+

Ok so we downloaded this game thinking it was going to be challenging,but like most ads it was over exaggerated it sayscant ever make the whole thing yellowwell the levels arent like what the ad says,I want harder levels. And the ads,the ads we know you can just turn on airplane mode,or turn WiFi off but the ads just irritate us so much. Overall its a good game though. Just two things to change:Less ads,harder levels. Thank you bye! We hope everyone reading has a blessed day!

We like this game! However our issue is we have noticed that we play the same levels over and over again. We would like new harder levels. We like a challenge.

This game is very fun and also relaxing perfect game to play in the car or when your bored. The more levels you pass the more skins you can unlock! Take our advice and try out this game. FROM: KAYLATHEGAMER#1.

Way too many ads and they just keep on going even when one hits the X. Sick of games that are filled with ads and give little in return.

We paid for ad free still has ads about every 10 games Other than that like it, just disappointed.

Its a pretty decent time passer. We thinks its crappy how you cant watch an ad to get a free ball or to upgrade your town because you need to check your internet connection, but yet you still have to watch an ad after every level just about. We did have service though while it told us to check our connection.

We like the game but its not challenging enough we want it to be where its hard to figure out where it goes.

Love this game for the satisfying aspects of it. We just wish there were actually levels like in the ads where you have the whole cube to paint instead of the same paths over and over. On level 1000 and still havent gotten close to levels that we saw in the ads.

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