Papa’s Bakeria To Go!

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Papa’s Bakeria To Go!


Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flipline IDS LLC, Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th January 2020 with the latest update 16th January 2020

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


178 people have rated 1.0.0

You can download the game Papa’s Bakeria To Go! from APP STORE.


Bake and decorate delicious pies in Papa’s Bakeria To Go!


After missing out on your dream job, Papa Louie helps you out by hiring you to run Papa’s Bakeria, a brand-new restaurant located in Whiskview Mall! This big-time bakery serves the most sought-after pies in town, and gets plenty of foot traffic from some of the pickiest customers around.

You’ll need to prepare pies with delicious crusts and flavorful fillings, then top the pie with various crust designs, meringues, or crumbles before popping it in the oven. After the pie has baked, it’s time to decorate it with a wide array of drizzles, shakers, and toppings before serving a slice to your hungry customers. Whiskview Mall is decorated to celebrate different holidays throughout the year, and you’ll unlock new festive ingredients as you go for delicious seasonal pies.


NEW FEATURES – All of your favorite features from other versions of Papa’s restaurants are now available in this "To Go" game, redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens!

HOLIDAY FLAVORS – Celebrate the seasons at Whiskview Mall with tasty holiday flavors! Your customers will order delicious pies made with seasonal ingredients. You’ll unlock new fillings, crust designs, syrups, and toppings for each holiday of the year, and your customers will love trying these festive flavors.

SERVE SPECIAL RECIPES – Earn Special Recipes from your customers, and serve them as the Daily Special in the Bakeria! Each Special has a bonus you can earn for serving a prime example of that recipe. Master each special to earn a special prize!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKERS – Play as Timm or Cecilia, or create your own custom character to work in the bakery! You can also show off your holiday spirit with a massive variety of holiday outfits and clothing for your workers. Choose unique color combinations for each item of clothing, and create your own style with millions of combinations!

SPECIAL DELIVERY – Some customers don’t want to come all the way to Whiskview Mall for fresh pies. When you start taking phone orders, customers can call to place their order, and you’ll hire a Driver to help take and deliver orders to their homes instead!

COLLECT STICKERS – Complete a variety of tasks and achievements while playing to earn colorful Stickers for your collection. Each customer has a set of three favorite Stickers: Earn all three and you’ll be rewarded with a brand-new outfit to give to that customer!

DECORATE THE SHOP – Customize the Bakeria lobby with themed furniture and decorations for each holiday of the year! Mix and match your favorite styles, or add items that match the current holiday so customers won’t mind waiting longer for their food.

CLIPPING COUPONS – Missing your favorite customer? Send them a coupon with the help of your friendly mailman, Vincent! Customers love a good deal, and will promptly arrive to order another meal. Coupons are great for completing quests for Stickers and for strategically leveling up customers!

DAILY MINI-GAMES – Play Foodini’s famous Mini-Games after each workday to earn new furniture for your lobby and new clothing for your workers.


  • Hands-on pie shop in the Papa Louie universe
  • All new controls and gameplay features designed for touchscreens
  • Multi-task between building, baking, and topping pies
  • Custom chefs and drivers
  • 12 separate holidays to unlock, each with more ingredients
  • Earn and master 40 unique Special Recipes
  • 90 colorful Stickers to earn for completing tasks
  • 126 customers to serve with unique orders
  • Use Stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
  • 123 ingredients to unlock

Updated on 16th January 2020

Papa’s Bakeria To Go! Reviews

We love this game but toppings station is hard we had to this used to it.

A very great game! Only complaint is the topping station feels like its hard to get 100%, but thats probably just us!, great game otherwise!

We’ve wanted to buy this game ever since we saw it in the AppStore and Im glad we did. This is another great addition to Papa Louie restaurant family. Who knew making virtual pie would be so much fun? :) Like always there are special recipes to earn, quirky customers to serve, a restaurant to decorate and holidays to celebrate. Plus, this game is family friendly and very affordable. We highly recommend trying this game or one of the others if youre ever looking for a fun, affordable game to play.

Says it 1.99 basically $2. Just got it and got it downloaded even though we only had .26 in our checking. Noice dudes! Highly recommend buying this game no negative feedback to give so far.

So we got a new phone a while ago and we were debating to get this game again, but you know we love this game and we might as well get it again so guess what? We did. Great game very worth the 1.99. We love the holidays and the game functionsso if ur reading this debating dont read anymore and get it already.

Kudos to flipline for being able to turn such an iconic computer game into a great mobile game. It doesnt make us fell like the computer game is better (which happens often). We could play this for hours. Request: After you have turned all of the computer games into mobile games can you please start updating the older ones like Papas Freezeria. Like adding tickets for games, or being able to customize a character; to try to make it feel more 2020.

We love this app and we love all the others we’ve been playing them for years but Flipline Studios, we have a question. Can you make another app? Maybe like a clothes store or something? Love this app!!

We love it though, nobody orders specials anymore. A special is usually ordered only once a day.

Ok we love this game, and back then 2018, we were wondering… Where is Bakeria HD/To go? But then we were very happy that we found out that it was here! 2020! Our mom let us buy it and it was worth the 1.99! If you want to try and top it, well depending on where you aim it, It will auto top, and if its like a banana, then you can aim it and tap the button yourself! This game also allows us to chillax and relax to the max, when we are stressed, we come across this game and we still wonder, where is papas Pastaria HD/To go?

Hey flipline studios. We give game 5 STARS! You have uploaded for a long time we loved you games scence we were a pc player in 2008 and played your first ever game. Why we gave it 5 stars is the qualatty you give.

Great for the kids and a fun game.

This game is great. Im waiting for the HD version.

Got it today no regrets fun cooking doesnt take to long and its easy and fun like it and cheap thanks filpline make one where we can make snow cones wich would be called coneria and one with brownies which would be called brownieria love your games make more!

When we first played this game on our PC, it instantly became our favorite Paperia game, and it is no different on mobile! The clever mechanics make it so easy to transition from PC to mobile! It was so addicting, that it only took us a month to get to Papa Louie (Rank 65, Day 106).

Can you guy please make all of Papas Cooking Games for both the iPhone and iPad please?!

Thank You Flipline for making another amazing game. We love the music/sound design in this Bakeria To Go. The new Top Station mechanics make this game more enjoyable than other To Go games. All the improvements from the PC game make this even more enjoyable. Keep up the amazing work!!

So the computer version of this game is our favorite one and the only one we have beaten on computer, so obviously we were excited for and had high expectations for this game, and we will admit we are not disappointed. This game (In our opinion) expands on the pc one in every way. It is mobile and you can play it whenever you want, its UI and graphics are more polished and pleasing to the eye, and the controls are simpler (Which may be a good or bad thing depending on the person but we like it) Most of the game is relatively similar to the computer version, but the main difference (Pushing away the obvious differences of it being on a mobile device) is the topping station. The computer version of the topping station is much like the HD games systems and the other computer games systems but in this version the topping station is much different than other To Go games. The topping station in this game is more automated and more simple where you just put the general area where you want something and it does it for you. Other than that most of the game is similar to the computer version but we would still recommend getting it here because of the mobile device advantages. Our only problem with it is that there is some sort of variable in the building station that separates you from getting something like 95% than from getting 100% and we personally didnt pick this variable up in the tutorial so we wish it was explained better. Other than that we really like this and it is our favorite To Go game at the moment.

Because flash will be gone and this is one of our favorite games thank you.

We used to play the papa Louie games on PC, but when we saw that they were in mobile, we knew they were going to be great. When we started playing Bakeria, we instantly fell in love with it. Its easy, fun, affordable, and family friendly. The only couple of things we would say is that putting the vanilla and chocolate merengue topper on takes a really long time, so maybe starting with an automatic merengue topper machine or paying for it later would be a nice touch. Same thing with the vanilla and chocolate crumble. Otherwise, this game is amazing and we hope to see more in the future.

We played many of these games on our computer before, then when one of our friends told us that we could play it on our phone now, we rushed over to the App Store and bought it. Just so you know $2 is a really good price for such a wonderful game, we completely recommend this game and we hope you enjoy this game as much as we do (all of them)!!!!!

Just download your new game cant wait to play it again keep making more games.

This app is the best!!! Totally worth the $2.99!!! If you are even remotely thinking about getting it(like we was) and u have the money buy it!!! We swear we NEVER buy apps like NEVER, but we made an exception because we are in love with the online game. (This is also the only app we have ever reviewed because we feel like it deserves it) we know a lot of people say it is like impossible to get 100% in the topping station, and it is hard bu we have gotten it 3 times in the last 2 months. Also the topping station is a lot easier because you press a button and it places it for you, so you can get why the are picky! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!

Longer lines More topping options( crusts, toppings, fillings) More mini games ( like from the website) Weirder pie filling combinations Weirder and more fun topping placements.

We love this so much!!! Its ways to much fun we love this game so much!!!! We remember playing these games as a kid its so fun being able to play it now !!

Okey, before we start our ahem APP CRITIC description (lol) we want to point out am NOT a bot!!! We genuinely think this game is roof-rising! But one problem is that, like in papas pizzeria, its impossible to get on building!? Thats not fair, ESPECIALLY when JOJO OR HIS CLOSER PALS R HERE! We hope flipline studios will fix this issue, and we hope they will make a papas game set in a place where u can like make CASSEROLE OR SOMETHING YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. THANK U FOR LISTENING.

This game is the best flip line studios game and one of the best games ever. We recommend it x1000000000!!!

Ok so isnt it supposed to come out ont Saturday? Anyways, Good game. :)

We always love Papas game they are so amazing and fun. The developers should make Papas Pastaria to go.

One of our favorite games for phone, the problem with the computer version was the toppings took forever but that was fixed in this game 5/5 stars.

Us and our friend used to play this game everyday in school but we could never save our progress with the computer for some reason but now we have bought almost all of them cuz they are really fun this one is our favorite tho cuz its soo much easier to use now love all of the games.

This game is amazing! Highly recommend it. You can play online or offline which really makes the $2 fee worth it! We do suggest that you should add a game thats on our computer. Its called Papas Pasteria. Its our favorite game. Anyway, we love flipping studios! Recommend 100%

Very well made port of the pc version. We were impressed on how they changed the topping station to make it easy for mobile use. At first its a bit wonky to use, but you quickly get used to it. Plenty of ingredients to unlock and new unique customers. This game is very enjoyable and we highly recommend it.

We have fond memories of playing this game growing up and lost our progress and never played again and now that its on mobile we can play it all we want and Im so happy we can again its just as good as we remember it.

We can play this game for hours and is nostalgic for us. The only things that we think it can improve on is that we wish we can spread the toppings ourselves. Also, it would be nice to just press the button of the station we want to go to instead of having to go through all of them. We hope that can be fixed in future updates. We still like the game though. We just wish we were able to have more control on decorating the pies & to also be able to just press the button of the desired station.

We hate you everybody expect for ninja kiwi.

This game is really fun, and another great edition to the To Go! Series of games, but there seems to be some poor textures or weird bugs, at the time of this review. Please be sure to spruce things up!

The game is fun but we keep getting a bug where it will skip the top of the pie and go straight to the baking section. Im pretty disappointed about this. Hopefully it gets fixed because its a great, challenging game and we love the Papas series!

We love this game but theres one glitch that bothers us….. While baking the pies theres a problem where the cooking meter just stops.. Other than that its great and we recommend buying it!

Its a great game, as always, but we can never get a 100% score for the last station (the red one). Even though it seems pretty simple, we can never get it. Its not a huge deal, but its gonna make it so we cant get two stickers. Is anyone else having this problem?

We love all of the Papas game, have bought them all, however we just got an iPad and thought it would be even more fun to continue our games on the bigger screen but none of our saved games transfer over from our phone. Kind of a bummer but alas we will continue to just play on our phone.