Poly Bridge 2

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:07 am

Poly Bridge 2


Poly Bridge 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dry Cactus Limited, Poly Bridge 2 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th October 2020 with the latest update 26th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


157 people have rated 1.42

You can download the game Poly Bridge 2 from APP STORE.


The acclaimed bridge-building simulator is back and better than ever!

New levels, new mechanics, a custom physics engine, and much more! Rediscover your engineering creativity with even more hours of puzzling fun!

Adrian Talens returns with a new full-length Soundtrack! Relax to the soothing and critically acclaimed music with 13 completely new tracks plus 18 of the original Poly Bridge songs remastered! Enjoy over an hour and a half of the familiar and gentle acoustic guitar rhythms.

Take on levels with some added cushion and bounce your way to victory with the new Spring material. Now your bridges can be even more flexible!

We went above and beyond this time, crafting a custom physics engine optimized and fine-tuned specifically for bridge simulations. Accurate and predictable, it guarantees the same simulation outcome for everyone, keeping the competitive aspect of the game alive!

Updated on 26th October 2021

  • Fix missing localization for Portuguese and French
  • Fix simulation inconsistency with hydraulics controller
  • Account for triangulation in build tooltip and cost
  • Don’t allow saving to blank filename

Poly Bridge 2 Reviews

So, Previously this happened. The sandbox Layout Glitch. If you dont know what we mean, Poly bridge sometimes doesnt like to really cooperate well. So basically, this happened. When poly bridge doesnt cooperate, you go into sandbox, and think, hmmm what should we load in. Oh wait let us check out this build that we made and.. Sandbox breaks. These are somethings that happened when this occurred, 1. Load slots: This glitch DELETES ALL Your saved builds (while we had like 30). 2. Saving slots: when this occurs, it wont let you Save your build. 3. Unknown Delays when Placing Materials: This occurs often (Even outside of the Glitches) this just breaks and lags the game idk why, but it just delays when you place down roads, wood, Steel, etc etc. So if you can fix these that would mean the Universe to us! Thank you for reading this review Read this: (I dont know if this is a glitch or Im just a dork so)

Im going to keep this short and sweet, when we started this game we had high hopes because we saw one of our favorite YouTubers play and it delivered. 10/10 would recommend.

Five star but how do you get to the one two thing on the split joint on iPad .

Has creativity beyond your dreams!

We’ve been a fan of bridge building games in the past, but theyve gotten stale pretty quickly. This one, however, has an incredible amount of depth. Youre not just spanning a gorge, youre building jumps, loops, drawbridges, and more. The puzzles start simple but get fiendishly difficult in the later worlds. And once you finish a world, you can redo it in challenge mode, which adds constraints such as reducing the budget, removing anchor points, or forcing you to build with duct tape and wet spaghetti. The aha moment when you finally complete a puzzle is great, and youll find other people come up with completely different solutions. And one of the best thingsno ads. You just buy it once. And its very much worth the price.

The interaction model of this game requires too many steps to move or delete pieces.

THE GAME IS TERRIBLE nothing ever works right. Ever the game lets us do something we try to do it again and it wont work fix it NOW BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD YOU GO .

This game has a level of polish and attention to detail that easily justifies its price. From the fun challenges to the very well thought out tools (I love the trace tool!), the picture in picture is perfect, the display of angles and measurements as youre laying parts out Its almost like a CAD app that is also a game. Without simultaneously being too difficult to learn, because truly, it is easy to play, difficult to master. Highly recommend.

The game works and is great but there is not sound. We have went into settings and could not get any of the audio to work. No sound effects or background music. Tried everything and nothing worked.

This game is truly our favorite app and it makes you really think and be creative with what you have. We highly recommend this to anyone! Well worth the price as well!

Can a developer please give us a refund.

New issue. We cant beat level first jump because it glitched us to have unlimited budget but we didnt complete it before So we dont know what happened because this also happened in poly bridge 1 But we could pass the level still.

There are some Bridges that we think are very hard because we cant complete them but thats the point of the game right? AMAZING for traveling or when you dont have anything to do actually Im righting this as Im traveling so if we could Id give it a 10 stars!

We really like the game its a game where you can build a bridge anything in everywhere its kind a hard but we dont like that you can pick between a bunch of levels and make your own bridges but theres a problem with sandbox on mobile we cant seem to know how are you add a breakpoint do you know the thing that separates the bridge when you lift it up for like a bridge or another quarter past yeah we dont know if you should text that we dont know if Im just dumb or what anyways if you can do that fix it.

This game is awesome but in a way which makes us remember our first game your original poly bridge it was our first game god bless you we are nine so plz read this review.

We think it is a fun game good for Learning Physics. We think you to put more tools in the game like a canon. We think you should improve if a metal beam falls and hit the road it would break.

Really really fun and good but in sand box you cant use a split joint.

Hi! We bought this game with a gift card, because we have seen lots of YouTube videos about it and thought we wanted to play it. We opened the app, completed the tutorial, and when we tapped the button to finish the level, the game crashed. We opened the app again, and tapped on the first level so we could try it again. But it crashed again. We cannot play the game, because every time we try to select a level or the sandbox, it crashes. Im sure this game would be played regularly if this bug was fixed, but until then, im gonna have to uninstall poly bridge 2.

Consistently crashes during levels. Newest update wont even stay open for a single level before it crashes and closes. Wish there was an easy way to get a refund.

This is really fun but but so can there please be a update.

The game keeps crashing after the car reach the end at any level! So frustrating. This on ipad pro 11 model MTXQ2AB/A. With logged-in game-center and imported our iphone game played levels. Updating ipad to 14.3 fixed it.

This game is amazing but there are problems. The loading doesnt work great as you have a 1 in 2 chance of successful loading. Other than that the rest is nice. (and our phone gets hot while playing and drains our iPads battery but still good)

Whenever you save a sandbox layout and restart the game it disappears.

All we want is our money back!!!

But there was 1 problem and that was that our brother got all the other materials like hydraulics and he was able to get unlimited budget. We were wondering why does our brother get everything? But the good part is that its really fun and you should get it!

Such a great game the only thing we would do to make it better is to add leaderboards and custom levels pls devs pls.

Hello we are Aiden a preteen who loves architecture we loved Polly bridge but since we found out about Poly Bridge 2 we were dying to download it we finally downloaded it today but we did experience a few problems. First problem: whenever we place a spring we see a quick flash of the main screen of the game and when we adjust Spring strength or move one of the Dots that is connected to the spring Or we paste A selected part of the bridge that includes a spring or more And it also lags the game for a second Sometimes doing the pasting of a selected part of the bridge that includes a Spring Its sometimes causes our game to crash so please address the problem right away for the mobile players heres the second problem: in sandbox everything is invisible we can only see the numbers and letters of vehicles and flags and checkpoints we cant see the land the water or anything so if you can fix that problem it will make sandbox a lot more fun for mobile players we hope this review helps. (:whenever you have the time to fix these two bags that we discovered in the game please look over your coding everything and blah blah blah ill get this game five stars too But if those two bugs could be fixed If we could our five stars would be 10 stars because we love having a smooth game that works without no crashing no bugs and all the animations run smoothly. That is all.

We had beaten world 1-4 except for 4-15. We come back on and we have only beaten half of world 4. When we go through each level, the are complete like normal, but the game didnt save properly.

We used to have a knock off poly bridge and it had terrible physics this game is way better.

Can we get a refund? Downloaded it 5 minutes ago and it keeps crashing?

We absolutely love this game. Theres no ads, and its great. We do have one suggestion, us personally we think you should add trains. So you can build a bridge for that.

We have been waiting for this game to be on mobile since june and not that is here the money is well worth it. We feel very sorry for the people whos game crashes when they try to play.

Thanks for this feature. Really makes it next level.

This is the most complicated freaking game we have ever played on an iPhone. We mean, dont get us wrong, Im all about it baby, but dont expect to enjoy this game if you are a casual gamer. You must be a hardcore iPhone-app connoisseur to excel at this bad boy.

Loving the game, its a lot of fun. Well worth the money.

We absolutely love the app and we play it all the time! The mixture of engineering and creative problem solving is perfect we only downloaded a week ago and we are already doing challenge worlds! The only thing is there is a bug were in achievements Novice Engineer It says it was completed at December 31 1969 4:00 pm but we wasnt even alive back then! We not even in high school! If you could fix this problem we would GREATLY appreciate it. Keep in mind the app is still AWSOME! Keep up the good work! PS the exit button works! When we press it the app kicks us out!!! Lol! Is it supposed to do that?

Its amazing we have wanted to play Polly bridge 2 because all the new features and we thought we would never get to because it was only on steam but it came here. It has all of the new features the only problem is there is no community thingy but other wise amazing and you neeeeeeeeed to get this game 1000% worth it.

Sandbox for us is just a gray screen Other than that it is an amazing game.

We’ve been a poly bridge fan for a while, so when we saw Poly Bridge 2 on the App Store we were extatic! But when we downloaded it we found tons of glitches, it might be our ipad being old but when place down springs the screen blinks black. Also when we enter sandbox mode everythings invisible the land, vehicles, flags and we cant use it! But other than those minor glitches this is a fun and great game! Thanks for listening!

Theres a bug in sandbox where even is the phases arent complete the level will say its complete, for example when we were making something we tested it and a hydraulic contracted the truck went. Then the same hydraulic was commanded to go down, but before it happened as soon as the truck went and got to the finish flag it said the level was complete so we couldnt see the second phase of the hydraulic go back to its original position. Im still finding out other bugs but we found that one and its a pretty big problem. Just wanted to let you know.

We really like this game but its way to hard there should be hints or help.