Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

Papa’s Freezeria To Go!


Papa’s Freezeria To Go! is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flipline IDS LLC, Papa’s Freezeria To Go! is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th February 2014 with the latest update 24th January 2019

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,687 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Papa’s Freezeria To Go! from APP STORE.


Build and serve sundaes on the go with this brand-new version of Papa’s Freezeria, with gameplay and controls reimagined for iPhone and iPod Touch!

You’ve just started a relaxing summer job at an oceanfront ice cream shop, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie’s customers arrive on the island! You’ll need to whip up delicious Freezer sundaes by pouring ice cream, adding mixables and syrups, blending sundaes, adding whipped cream and toppings, and don’t forget the cherry on top for a perfect summertime treat!

You’ll need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls designed to work just right in the palm of your hand. Head to the Order Station to watch for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Build Station to combine ice cream and mixables for each sundae. Jump to the Mix Station to mix sundaes until they’re blended just right. Hop to the Top Station to pour whipped cream and toppings before serving the sundae to your picky customers. Each Station is a hands-on experience, where you’ll need to drag, swipe, and tap your way through the sundae-building process.

Keep your customers happy to earn points and level up. As your level rises, you’ll unlock new toppings for the shop, and new customers will start to visit the Freezeria! A well-crafted sundae also earns you tips, which you can spend on upgrades and decorations for the lobby!


Papa’s Freezeria To Go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your fingers won’t get in the way of the action!

CONTROL WITH YOUR THUMBS – You’ll switch stations using buttons in the corners of the screen, perfect for your thumbs. You can also use buttons in the top corners to quickly switch Order Tickets, and you can view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading.

BUILD STATION – We’ve completely redesigned the Build Station for smaller screens. The Pour Button and Bonus Meter are moved to the side and sized just right for your thumb, so you can watch the meter and tap at the right time without any fingers blocking your view. When it’s time to choose a mixable or a syrup, the entire screen is filled with large buttons so you can easily tap the correct item.

MIX STATION – We’ve fine-tuned the Mix Station upgrades to work even better on small touch screens. Once you purchase the Blend Alarm upgrades, you can drag these large alarms and snap them onto any blender. Booster Buttons are also large and easy to press, and you can even use multi-touch to boost multiple blenders at once!

TOP STATION – The Topping Bin carousel from "Papa’s Burgeria To Go!" is back, which lets you top sundaes in a brand-new way! Swipe the carousel of Topping Bins to choose the item you want to use, then grab the sundae cup to start pouring toppings evenly across the sundae. You can also tap a button to switch to placeable items like cherries and cookies. And with full multi-touch support, you can keep one finger sliding the bins and another tapping on the cup below, so you’ll have those sundaes finished in no time!

NEW INGREDIENTS – We’ve added a ton of new ingredients that can’t be found in the classic or HD versions of the game, including mixables, syrups, whipped cream flavors, and other toppings that you’ll unlock as you play the game. There’s over 70 unique ingredients for you to discover!


  • Hands-on ice cream shop in the Papa Louie universe
  • All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens
  • Multi-task between building, mixing, and topping
  • Shop to buy upgrades using your in-game tips
  • 85 customers to unlock with unique orders
  • Challenging Closers and Food Critic
  • 120 in-game achievements to earn


Papa’s Freezeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens. If you’re looking for large-screen gameplay, check out "Papa’s Freezeria HD" for iPad!

Updated on 24th January 2019

  • Added support for iPhone X and newer phones!
  • Fixed problems with dragging items on iPhone X
  • Fixed problems with dragging when played on iPad
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Papa’s Freezeria To Go! Reviews

We were sad when we couldnt play on pc anymore because of Adobe Flash. This is awesome and better though and has better controls. Worth the 99 cents.

We really like this game but where are the holidays? The other customers? And what is red relvet surup? But, we will say that if you have never played papas games this is a good game to start with! Along with the pivveria.

This game was our childhood and Im really glad we found it again, definitely worth the money. The only thing is that we cannot find the shop anywhere, like when we first started playing it again we would have an option to go to the shop and those minigames would show up frequently too. But for some reason the shop doesnt show up anymore and neither do the minigames.

Ok so, we were watching youtube videos and we saw this game so we downloaded it. We started and we were confused , but once you get a hang of the game it becomes really fun and easy. Making some shakes were hard, but its worth it when you unlock new characters and new toppings to put on your milkshake. If you want to download we would consider you doing it now, you will NOT be disappointed.

We love these games it brings us back to our childhood but on the papas games can someone take out the counter in the middle of the order station and zoom out when the day starts? Idk how to exactly explain it but yea.

Papas freezeria has their own mobile its called papas freezeria hd/to go the hd cost $2.99 and to go cost $0.99 it contains no ads upgrades customers and making sundaes get them now only for $0.99 or $2.99.

Best Gameria, idk why its just so fun.

As an avid player of Papas Freezeria when we were younger, we’ve noticed some differences from the computer version to the app. First off, the progression is a lot quicker when unlocking new ingredients. You already start out with a ton of ingredients (one of which the chocolate whipped cream which you dont unlock until further in the computer game) and you unlock new ones super quickly. Its not a huge thing but it does make the progression speedier and its a bit less rewarding. Secondly, theres no more than six customers per day. Period. Not even when you level up far; no matter what there is always six customers where as in the computer version the higher of a level you are the more customers you tend to get. Its not a super big problem for us as since it is just a mobile game it makes it more relaxed than the computer version. Overall, as a Papas Freezeria vet, the mobile game is extremely good and it has some differences to the original computer game, which is unfortunately gone now, but we still love it and frequently play it to pass time. 10/10 game.

We think that they should make one Where you design cakes.

We are obsessed. This game is addicting and im 13. Keeps us occupied during the day.

So us and our family would always play papa games and we dont have a computer and recently have been wanting to try some new ones out, then we saw it on the app store, and this was the first one we got. So much fun, im not having any issues playing it so far. We got it today, cant stop playing. The only reason id suggest not getting this game is because you will download other games that just can measure up. Im absolutely addicted! So much fun, love the nostalgia from when we were little. Plus we’ve been looking for games were you dont have to buy the food, just cook and cook and cook. So much fun! ( This is not a paid or advised review, 100% based on experience)

So.. Ill talk about this, this so addicting! We love playing it! Its a good game! There is a problem though, one problem is that the game is kinda bad quaility, and the customers are glitchy, none the less, it is a amazing game! It was worth the money! Go play the game, it is really good.

We love this game! You can play whenever, its definitely worth the 99 cents. There are three game slots so if you want to start over you dont loose all your process. Our recommendation is that you let us design our own characters and name, also more items in the store.

Even though it was .99¢ it was worth it its the best game we ever played on iphone we played this game 24/7 we wanna sponsor this game so bad.

We have no other words then DOWNLOAD IT!

This game is amazing! We do want to ask the developers of this game to put more stuff in the store. We would like to do something with the money that we earned in this game we have over $3000 but nothing to spend it on. We have already bought everything in the store. All we are asking is that you put more stuff in the store thank you!

We like this game but you should add papqs pastaria!!

We downloaded this game on our iPad and im in love with it. We’ve been playing this game on our computer at work and its taken us back to the cool math for kids days when we would play it on the computers at school in middle school. This game is by far our favorite game in the Papa Louie games line.

We’ve downloaded papas game in other devices and decided to buy this and another one (Been a fab for years)

We were so stressed out from exams and parents divorce and papas freezeria gave us an escape. So nostalgic luv it.

Some games overload you with ads, but this is TOTALY Diferent! Best game ever! Whats not to love?

We love all of the papas games… Our favorite is the cheeseria and its not on here makes us sad lol.

When we first started playing this its really fun and easy in fact Im doing good at getting some customers at perfect dont why some people give this app a 4 star we dont agree this is a 5 star.

This game is honestly so addictive! Its really fun! And there are no stupid adds!!! 20 Stars.

We used to play this in middle school all the time! Im sooo happy its available on the App Store. We wish we had more money and more space on our phone, Id buy all the other papas games!

We love this app so much and its so much fun.

Okay, we just moved into a new house and we our room has no wifi right now. Im extremely bored and we realized we downloaded this. We started playing this at 7:00 PM. Its now 12:30! Its so addicting and no wifi needed! Definitely recommend buying. We cant wait to get more Papas games. Just one question why is the computer version free but mobile not? Other than that 10/10.

This is by far the only game on our phone we could play all day it is so fun we also have a suggestion could you make an app of papas cheeseria we love playing it on our computer so we would really like to play it on our phone. With the other papas games we usually get to day 15 and Im kinda bored but we are on day 101 on papas freezeria and we are still not bored thank you for making these games Available on phones bye.

We love the game, its amazing and doesnt really have any flaws, however we just wish you guys could remake this game and updated like the others so we could have seasons and the telephone orders. We would play it more if it was updated and had new stuff but, over all we love the game.

We love these games, they are so much fun and addicting but it could be better. We think it should be updated to be more like papas Donuteria where you can customize your character, play mini games, and even have someone answering the phones. We think this game is too much like the original one.

This game is an absolute banger, super fun, brings you back to those good old days on cool math games. Definitely worth the price!!

This is the most fun we have ever had playing a game before. We would definitely recommend this game 5 star. REALLY FUN!!!

We hated this game long ago and now its awesome very puzzling.

We used to play this game when we were a child and we still love it because its fun.

UPDATE THE GAME!! Make more toppings and sauces to achieve!! We finished the game.

We swear this is the best game on our phone we love it and we play it maybe for hours its so fun our favourite papas games.

Freezeria was one of our favorites as a kid,& we have now mastered it as an adult. Its why Im so obsessed with Papas games today! We really want Sushiria tho please!! Its our favorite of all time!!

Im a criminology and psych junior in college and this is the only thing that got us through finales-

This game was our childhood. We played this game for like, 7 years and we are happy to see the game still in the App Store. Thank you for refilling our childhood.

There is one thing we want to fix papa Louie we have unlocked and and gold star him hoping he would go away we thought wrong he keeps coming back making it difficult to gold star costumers can you please not make him reappear along with Burgeria and pizzeria please.

Papas Freezeria is so fun! We have to thank our friend because, she is the one who showed us this game. We also love ALL the Papas games. But this app is our favorite!

Where to start.. THIS GAME IS GREAT! When we were in 2nd grade, we used to play this game all the time with our friend. Now im in 7th grade. We just remembered it and here we are playing it again. Everything about this game is great. The graphics and details 10/10. WARNING: VERY ADDICTING! This also is motivating if youd every want to start a baking business. Highly recommended!

Hectic but fun worth the money.

We really like this fame but we have a few suggestions for future games: -coffee shop It could be like start bucks or smth where they tell you what kind of milk they want what flavor the brew, and toppings! We think this would be a really good concept for a game! Pls consider!