Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising

Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising


Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Anton Lebed, Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th November 2017 with the latest update 20th August 2020

Whether you are a fan of Music, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


746 people have rated 3.3.3

You can download the game Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising from APP STORE.



  • Dancing with own music on lowrider car
  • Hopping on lowrider car with opponents
  • Other jumping modes
  • SinglePlayer freeride in the city
  • Online high jump with opponents
  • Online freeride in the city
  • View and evaluate tuning cars of other players
  • Large number of classical lowrider cars


  • continental whales
  • painting machines
  • Setup curb feelers
  • Change rims
  • Change tires
  • Slabs Rims
  • Flexible system for applying decals to a car
  • etc

Updated on 20th August 2020

  • added censor to chat
  • fixed bug with stealing cars
  • fixed bug with buying cars
  • added 9 new cars
  • fixed back button

Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising Reviews

This is a great game love the detail put into this giving 5 stars all the way but the timer on buying and selling its killing us thats how we make our money . And the truck selection in the dealership is pretty low. Could you add a 2001 Ford F-150 ext can and 4 door and a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado ext can and 4 door.

This game is awesome but one thing we dont like is we sell a car and someone buys it but it dont show on our end so we cant collect the money or give him the keys and can u make the accessories up to like 500 or something and can u make it to the game dont freeze and put us in a screen of water do all that and the game will be perfect.

The back button sometimes doesnt take you back it just make the sounds and doesnt let you go back guys please fix that ASAP we love the game so much but that back button problem is still going on and it so annoying.

Everything works perfect but just needs take off those timers that dont let u buy nothing.

Its the best game ever but just sometimes will never load so that is the only problem we have with it.

This game is sick we build cars and stuff but sometimes it wont load us in and for about 2 days its been doing that but the screen flashes its really weird.

The prices need to be dropped cause its to much money to get what we want and we cant afford all of that.

We overall love this game and we think its the #1 lowrider game on the AppStore. Its an enjoyable game. The only thing thats kind of annoying is the timer. The timer gets a lot of people annoyed because you can only buy/sell 1 car a day. We think that removing the timer would be a good choice.

We feel like their shouldnt be a timer for selling and buying Bc it gets annoying waiting but we still love the game.

Just simply needs to be updated likes new maps and simple stuff.

This helps us release stress while we mess with the hydrolics.

We like this game a lot but when we open the app the game wont load. If you can fix this we would appreciate it a lot. P.S can you also change the map to a different city.


We love the game but you telling us we paid $2 just so that it wouldnt load up the update after we update the game?? We’ve been trying to load the update for about t a month and once it get to a certain mb it wont finish downloading on the game.

Amazing game but where da update at?

Our game is stuck on downloading additional resources can someone help.

It would be cool and really fun and Im sure several people would love the game more if you made it where you could blow black smoke even if its just with the v8 engine sound anything is better than nothing but it would make the game more fun.

So we try to open app then it just glitches out and then goes to black screen and just keeps doing the same thing but overall its a very fun game!

Love the game. Love building trucks. But the timer is ridiculous.

Not downloading resources iPhone 6s.

Awesome game alot of potential but please please fix the battery drainage problem.

We love this game but it need motorcycles because that would look cool motorcycles and lowriders that will be cool and the paint hop on real life bikes that will be sick and maybe add some new inside for the cars like Cadillac inside so on put its a good game.

Wot let us open mite delete app only had it for a few days and wont open.

We love the game but recently no matter what the game will stay open to edit the cars but as soon as we try and join a party to play with other people or just drive around by our self in free roam is lets us on for a few second and then the game glitches out and we can play this really needs to be fixed so we can keep playing the game with our friends and other people.

We need help its not letting us play the game and stuck on loading screen.

It a really good game but the timer.

Please add more maps & shops Etc please great game!!

So we love the game we learned of it of of a few friends it is better than any game we’ve ever played and there is only a few things we think they should fix. The timer, it is too long in our opinion.

Definitely a great game but you guys should add were we can have way more accessories.

Great game but.. When u try to buy cars u have to wait for them to approve it we have lost lots of gold cause of this and never get the car we like can u guys make it to where if its for sale and u buy it u get it right away.

Its not working when its said downloading additional rescues pack and blinks checking updates.

We got 1 car with 300 less gold. We have no money to customize.

Guys can you plz fix the game its not loading it gets stuck on the screen that says downloading additional resources plzzzzz fix ASAP we wanna play.

Can u plz fix the iCloud save we cant save nothing. We deleted the game and downloaded it back and lost everything.

Only thing that needs to change is the fault trade limit we should be able to sell or buy more than 1 car a day.

We love the game , but it wont let us sell a vehicle we are trying to sell our truck but the game wont list the truck if yall developers will get back to us that would be great plus our back button is still messed up please mak e another update soon just to fix the bug in this one.

We just recently bought this game and have had the best time the only thing that really bugs us is that you can only buy every 24hr you need to make it unlimited that would be the greatest thing ever.

It says we can have our own music in the game but we have absolutely now clue as how to do it. When we click our music it just shows up blank. If you see this please reply with an answer.

Can you fix the game it keeps saying downloading additional resources please fix please fix and can you put a inside view inside all the cars.

Absolutely great game we love this game so much but it would be a trillion times better if yall took out the buy and sell timer or make is shorter, we bought a truck yesterday and we still have to wait 10 hours from now to buy another, please make is shorter and/or take it out. Make it like 1 hour.

Not sure sure if it just be but when we try to buy a car from someone it show offers limited and we have to wait like 15 hrs so if that can be fixed that would be nice but we really enjoy the game other than that.

We would love to play the game but its not letting us it not connecting.

The game is so fun but they should let us go to first person and the hands will be on the wheel and hitting the switches when we hop it and you guys should put new maps if you see this can you plz plz do this.

We’ve been stuck on the downloading content screen forever.

It not letting us play the game it just take us to a black screen in it make us get mad.

We love this game played it about a year now but on the other hand the timer it is making us annoyed and the parts we need unlimited parts so we can fit in games with more than 500 parts and it would be cool if we can have like a night mode and a night part in accessories so we can light up and hang with our friends/ if u can do this it would be very appreciated and we think everyone else thinks it to/ thank u.

Can u please fix it its making us mad.

We would like to get more maps and stuff like more vehicles and sometimes when Im going to comm accesories and comm it starts to lag we would like for that to get fixed or it might be our phone but who knows anyways this game is the best we have played.