Papa’s Pizzeria To Go!

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Papa’s Pizzeria To Go!


Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flipline IDS LLC, Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th November 2014 with the latest update 24th January 2019

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


191 people have rated 1.1.0

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Things get messy when you’re stuck running a wildly popular pizza parlor in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! Top, bake, and serve pizzas in this award-winning game that’s reimagined for iPhone and iPod Touch.

You’ll need to multitask between each area of the pizzeria, with new controls designed to work just right in the palm of your hand. Head to the Order Station to watch for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Topping Station to add a variety of toppings to each pizza. Move to the Bake Station to cook the pizzas in the oven until they’re baked just right. Jump to the Cutting Station to cut the pizza into perfect slices. Each station is a hands-on experience, where you’ll need to drag, swipe, and tap your way through the pizza-building process.

Keep your customers happy to earn more points and level up. As your level rises, you’ll unlock new toppings in the shop, and new customers will start visiting the Pizzeria! A well-crafted pizza also earns you tips, which you can spend on upgrades and decorations for the lobby!


Papa’s Pizzeria To Go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your fingers don’t get in the way of the action!

CONTROL WITH YOUR THUMBS – You’ll switch stations using buttons in the corners of the screen, perfect for your thumbs. You can also use buttons in the top corners to quickly switch Order Tickets, and you can view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading.

TOPPING STATION – We’ve completely redesigned the Topping Station for smaller screens. Bins of toppings can be scrolled with your thumb, which allows us to have many more toppings than in the original game. Tap on a bin to select that topping, then tap multiple times on the pizza to add items directly onto the pizza. You don’t need to drag individual toppings onto the pizza, so you can top faster than ever! A quick swipe on the pizza will send it off the to the Bake Station.

BAKE STATION – Papa Louie’s coal-fired oven gets an upgrade! You can buy new Oven Alarms in the Shop to help you keep track of pizzas in the oven. Simply drag an alarm onto one of the oven timers, and you’ll hear an alert when that pizza is cooked just right. Buy new Oven Boosters to cook your pizzas even faster than before!

CUTTING STATION – When it’s time to cut pizzas, simply touch and drag a line across the pizza to decide where to cut. If you want even more control to fine-tune your slices, you can also cut using multi-touch! Use two fingers or thumbs to move each end of the line at the same time, and release to slice your pizza. If you’re having trouble cutting pizzas at the right angle, buy a variety of Cutting Guides in the Shop to cut that perfect slice!

NEW INGREDIENTS – We’ve added a ton of new ingredients which can’t be found in the original Papa’s Pizzeria. As you play the game, you’ll unlock 26 unique ingredients to serve your customers!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOBBY – You can spend your hard-earned tips in the Shop, where you can find a variety of posters, furniture, and wallpaper styles for your lobby! Use the brand-new Lobby tool to add items to your restaurant, and move and arrange them however you like! Choose from over 140 customization items, and every item you add to the lobby will improve your Waiting Score for your customers!

UPDATED FEATURES – Serve picky closers at the end of the day, earn paychecks as you play, and try to please the finicky Food Critic to earn a Blue Ribbon!


Hands-on pizza shop in the Papa Louie universe
All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens
Multi-task between topping, baking, and cutting
Shop to buy upgrades, furniture, and posters using your in-game tips
New Lobby Editor to customize and decorate your shop
90 customers to unlock with unique orders
Challenging Closers and Food Critic
75 in-game achievements to earn


Papa’s Pizzeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens.

Updated on 24th January 2019

  • Added support for iPhone X and newer phones!
  • Fixed problems with dragging items on iPhone X
  • Fixed problems with dragging when played on iPad
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! Reviews

This game is the standard it is the past it is the present and it is the future of our generation we think in order to have a successful life you need to play this game now of days kids aint gonna play computer games so good job for papa bringing his food-eias to app stores on mobile devices he is currently making more money than ur faves tbh #papaforprez!

You see the game is good but they need to add some of newer features from games like pankaria we dont know if we spelled that correct and we feel like the newer ones need to be $.99 or less just because they will probably sell better.

Im 28 (29 in July) Im one of the last or a generation old enough to remember the days pre smartphone when computer games was king. The papa Louie pizza game was one of those timeless classics and those who enjoyed that game will no doubt fall in love with this one too. It even adds features the game on PC didnt have. Im happy they brought out to the mobile realm. We got a few of the papa games on our iPhone and will be sure to get more haha. Hope they can add new feature in the future. Thanks for bringing back memories :)

Its a good game, we like unlocking new things but we have an issue when cutting pizzas. Whenever we try to cut from the top we accidentally tap the tickets so we end up getting the wrong order.

Who is sad that it will be gone.

We think you should be able to talk to the customers that would be fun we love the game but that would be very appreciative thank you.

This Game is a great distraction! Many levels and fun challenges! Great features and upgrades! This flash legend is a must play even for those who arent familiar with Papas Gamerias.

This is the greatest game we’ve ever played and its so fun and it brings back child memories.

This game is an apsolute abominatation. That punk roy walk in and orders something and we being the generous person we are give him an ecstatics hundred pepper and he give us a 37. Dont even gets us started on papa louises.

Is there any way to recover a save? The kid we babysit pressed delete and now it’s all gone.

We remember playing these games on Coolmathgames as a middle schooler. The only reason its not 5 star is because there isnt customization options like the PC version used to have. Bring that in and Ill totally change our review!

We got it and we want to add our name please add this.

We love this game because its part of the Papas franchise, but it could use the daily specials like the newer ones. It helps keep it interesting. Also, Im really wanting Sushiria for mobile or iPad. Its our favorite Papas game.

We have reached level 99 and normally thats when the game ends and you go to the next shop like pancakes or something. But it is not doing it. So does it ever end?

We really love this! Its very good for our brain when we need a break. However, the part we dont like is that its old and doesnt have some of the features the newer To Go games have. (Special recipes, Customer coupons, stickers, etc.

This game is incredible. We remember sitting in our classroom playing these games while doing our work. We only have one downside to this game. We believe this game would be 100% better if it has the same mini games and customization of the lobby like the other games has, such as hot Doggeria.

Its a good game, especially to pass the time. We think there should be a newer update though cause this is the oldest one and it looks kinda blurry and older on the screen compared to the newer ones.

For some reason, our sons iPad has better graphics than in our iPhones. Ours is very pixelated and old! His looks newer and updated. Can anyone help us?

It is fun but after a while it gets boring. Can you add mini games like In the other papa games.

The game is fun for about 2 days maybe. We wish they would just run ads so all these games could be free :( definitely not buying another one.

Us want a refund we hate it :( we wasted money on this its fine just why:/ but sill cool just want a refund but why it cost money its like a free game :(

This game is a waste of money. You dont even make the pizza (dough, spread cheese & sauce, etc.) you just heat up the pizza then put toppings on. Basically the pizza is premade all you do is put it in the oven for a few seconds and then when its finished you place the toppings and give it to the customer. We want our money back.

We love Flipline Studios games we play them on Cool Math all the time. The problem Im having is the quality. We believe HD is way better then the to go,because it doesnt say what is true. We even wasted 16 bucks on all the games to get our dad to buy all the games for us. The reason why we didnt get HD was because of all the money it would coast us. Also Flipline studios should come out with a vegetarian game. They should also but the sushiria game on the iPads as well.

It wont let us delete the app we want our money back.

All we want to know is why does this cost money.

The quality is so horrible its not even worth the money. Also you barely get to do anything. Just take an order, add toppings, bake and slice the pizza. Id recommend you spend another dollar on one of the better games.

We pay for the game but its doesnt even load(the loading circle is not moving) and we delete it and download it again but it wont work please help.

We love all papa’s games but sushiria is the best pease add it!

We’ve made a great choice to buy a game like this. We’ve started with the original version to a better cheap price version with an easier addicting gameplay.

We love this game and would like for the Wingeria game to come to the iPhones !

Would you add things from had to to go or am Is it going to be the same way it is now either way is just fine we’re just wondering.

The game is awesome but we wish papas pizzeria to go was like papas pizzeria had where the customer are able to pick different doughs and sauces and we would love to see some of the other games from pc like the doughnuts and such we pie and grilled cheese and maybe wings too but besides that keep up the good work!

Please, please, please; make all of the papa Louie games for the iPhone.. We enjoy playing the ones to go for the phone, but also enjoy the pc ones and the iPad ones. However, not everyone knows about the pc or the iPad version. Since we play mostly on our phone, it would be nice to have all of them conveniently there.. AND please make a new game soon-one for all electronic devices.. PLEASE!!

This game is fun you guys should work on adding papas donuteria , papas sushiria , papas bakeria and papas cheeseria to mobile devices also. We would spend our money on those games as well specially for people who dont have desktops or laptops to play them online.

We would recommend this game for anyone and make more games, plz.

We’ve always liked the PC version of papas games and Im happy that they brung Papas games to mobile devices. Papas Pizzeria is a great mobile game and is well worth the money. If we had more money on our iTunes account, then we would buy more Papas games.

First of all. We were playing the game. We were making the foods and one of the people say that its bad. And Waiting is not a type of percent. And people wait patience. If you think this is something Im wrong about or right about. Please tell us Flipline Studios.

First of all we love this game, we’ve been playing the computer Version since 2012, and now on mobile we are on day 201, its a lot of days and we still have fun but it makes it gets kind of boring when Papa Louie is always the first customers, if you get Switch him with different customers and show him every once in awhile that will be awesome, like the Cupcakeria it shows him everyone once in a while, also add the Donut, Pie, Cheese, Sushi and many others, but keep up the work and make sure Papa Louie isnt always the first customer =P.

Can u get wingeria to go we loved that game it’s our fav papa game plzzz.

This app is awesome but can you please add more games.

This is a very fun app but like after day 35 you get no more new ingredients. To us, we enjoy seeing the new things we get every time we get a rank up. If you could, add some more stuff. It doesnt have to be just toppings it can be like different cheeses or dough or add like another station like bread or something. Also maybe you could add some more games like the sushi one.

Could you please make Papaa Donuteria to go please.

We love the HD games on our iPad we think you should add hotdogeria and bakeria.

This game is the best for killing time and its fun but on day 9-10 the guy with the cat screws up the game by getting the wrong pizza and you have to restart if you want a good score. PLEASE FIX.

We’ve been playing these games for awhile and every time we get back on to the game, it gives us the same people and orders as the one before. We havent gotten any new customers or toppings/types of things in a few days. Please fix this so it will stop repeating this!!!!!

Payed $$ for this and it freezes up all the time not satisfied, we wish we could get our money back at least… Yeah its just a game but money is money ya know?

Theres so many glitches we cant even play the game because it freezes so often.

The game always freezes and it pisses us off. We wish we didnt spend 99C On it. IPhone X.

This game is really fun and there is nothing wrong with it we are impressed it’s AWESOME!!