Paper Fold

Paper Fold


Paper Fold is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS, Paper Fold is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th March 2021 with the latest update 11th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


241,397 people have rated 1.39

You can download the game Paper Fold from APP STORE.


Fold and Create Pictures
Simple gameplay, only tap and FOLD the PAPER.
Cute levels including SPACE CATS, AVOCADOS and many more.
EASY to LEARN but also HARD to MASTER.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

Updated on 11th March 2022


-Star Levels
-New Rewards
-Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Paper Fold Review

We love this game we are teaching It to our classmates.

It was a brain game and its really fun.

So every time we do a level and get it write we have a add its getting annoying also when we go to get backgrounds once we press it instead of a add it kicks us out of the game Edit: when we get a paper fold right it it also kicks us out the. Goes back in and we to a add Im really sorry to sound like a Karen but can fix these bugs.

Definitely get this game so fun and its like a strategy game we’ve been playing it for the past few days and we’ve been loving it deathly download it and its totally worth it dont pay you dont have to pay for anything its such a good deal for the people for the game.

We just love it so much and we will keep it updated as well as possible for me.

We like but when we saw the ad we want it cause their music but it just lie like never ad:( so maybe dont lie and we play it more:)

We like this game because its easy and has calm music.

Thank you so much for the game you have created we play it all day and its a fun game to Play and thank you love Arden oh and our last name is Gravett.

Decent. Some guy named carolina said this was crap cause of ads. Its called airplane mode.

We like playing it and its fun.


This game is fun, but they need to take the ads away because it can get annoying, because every second we get a ad and its annoying as we dont know what.

The games fun once the ads arent there, but almost 200 levels in and we have yet to see 50cent. Maybe we need to play longer, we dont know, we still like it and is a fun past time game.

Best game ever so far but you guys Please NEED to add way harder levels, other than that we give your game a 10/10.

The third level is unbeatable please fix that thank you.

This game is fun. But there is no reason that it should be12+. Because we know someone who plays this game and she is only 8. And she says it is the easiest game she has ever played. So we think you should change it to 4+. Because it is the easiest game in the whole world. But otherwise we think it is amazing.

We like this game but we did have to turn our internet off. The adds just come in when we playing in the middle of the game. It was annoying with the adds but its pretty fun.

We gave your game 4 stars because it is not perfect like a game we will love like really badly but it is a great game.

This is a fun game to play if you like fun easy but also hard games.

We like it but it is cind of lame . All you do is flip paper but we mean it is vine of fun .

It is fun but it is not our favorite game, it is ok.

Note for developers: we absolutely hated it when the designs started repeating! The game is great and fun but there is MANY problems. The levels never got harder! The designs are really cute tho! Note for future downloaders: The designs will repeat. If you like puzzles this game is for you. We feel like the difficulty is random for levels so that might be the same for you. We dont know what else to say so have fun if youre going to download this!

The game is good but there are adds every seven and three forthes seconds!

The game is good and the idea is good but it is very laggy and their are way to many ads. We like to play the game but we hate that once we finish one paper fold we have another ad. The game is also laggy, every time we watch an ad for our reward we get kicked out loose the reward. This game needs some things fixed.

All we have to say is that there is WAY to many ads and when we say that we mean it there is way to much but other than that the game is Super soothing and relaxing also super satisfying so if youre OK with a lot of ads then you should get the game.

It a good game in all but Id rather play games watch adds.

It functions as a game, yes, but it’s quite easy as well as boring. Basically meant for toddlers.

There was an ad on tik Tok about harry styles and this puzzle game. And hes not even in it. TOO many ads regardless of Harry Styles being in it or not. Like every 7-10 seconds.

Fun game but soooo many ads. You will actually spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game. You will sit through a 30 second ad to solve a puzzle in 10 seconds to be rewarded with another 30 second ad. Deleted the app after 30 minutes.

Nice game, very relaxing but if you are going to add music to the folding in the ad then add it to the game itself. Literally the only reason we downloaded it was for the music and we were sadly disappointed.

We think the concept is great and its fun but there is WAY too much ads like the levels are really short so every one or two levels you will get an ad and its just REALLY annoying. Thats not all but the ads for this game say there is music and you have to put the lyrics together correctly but there isnt music and that really bothers us because one of the reasons we got this game was because the music. Though the game is fun and if you play for example on a road trip where there is no Wi-Fi so there is no ads it is way better.

We hate it to many ads why would you do this.

Thks is a fun game but the levels are quick and are constantly followed by 30-60 second ads.

In the ad kanye music was in it.