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Pocket Build


Pocket Build is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MoonBear LTD, Pocket Build is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st November 2017 with the latest update 11th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


23,817 people have rated 3.92

You can download the game Pocket Build from APP STORE.


Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless!

  • Featured as Game of the day.
  • #1 game in over 57 countries.
  • "An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." – AppAdvice

Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it’s all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination!

  • Hundreds of items to build.
  • Huge open world.
  • Build instantly.
  • Collect resources and build special items.
  • Command your humans to do various tasks.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • New items added every update.
  • Endless possibilities.
  • Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more!
  • Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world.
  • Control the camera view, rotate, zoom.
  • 3D touch support.
  • Haptic feedback.

The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!

The game contains an optional subscription feature. It is not required to play and enjoy the game. If you choose to purchase the subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours. Subscription starts at $0.99/week. Prices are in US dollars and may vary in other countries. Auto-renewal can be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store after purchase. The subscription can be cancelled at anytime. If you don’t choose to purchase the subscription, the game can still be fully played without it. Terms & conditions can be found here https://moonbear.com/terms-and-conditions

Updated on 11th April 2022

  • Just some minor bug fixes. More awesome updates coming soon!

Pocket Build Reviews

This is a great game, but we have a few ideas if you dont mind. First, we suggest natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Second you should be able to control the humans while they are mounted and maybe control animals too. Also the giants. There should also be a mode where the humans build houses for themselves. We hope you consider these ideas. Thank you.

Hi, this game is great! We have a few suggestions: Im building something with goblins, and we think you should add a few more goblins. What about a doctor goblin? When the goblins die, someone needs to revive them other than us! We also think you should make it so you can make the goblins stand still. We need. Them to stand, like on the watch tower, but they keep moving around. You should also make goblins who can chop wood, and farm we have no humans in our world to do that. You should also make goblins able to ride horses and dragons! Bye! That is the end of the review.

We love this game always have even since we were very young but there was always something missingweapons we wish there were weapons for different time periods like swords for medieval times and guns for more modern times we love the game but add more weapons.

We love building games like Minecraft, DQB 1&2, Banished, Stardew Valley, old school Sim & Sim City, etc. This game scratches that itch for us! We feel like Im a god creating a little utopia for our people to live in. The free form nature of the game, combined with the resource collecting creates a great balance. Having everything available would feel too easy. So its nice to have the work for it objects. We want to be a subscribed supporter, but the $12 US/month is just too much for us. We dont know how the indie team estimates their price point, but something closer to $4 US/month would get our subscription. Though Im sure they have their reasons, they seem like a very passionate team. The only suggestion we can think of would be to just add more stylized variety. Theres already plenty! But having more medieval variety would be nice. Having medieval Persian, Nordic, Italian, Greek, Moroccan etc. Architecture would be so, so wonderful. But hey, yall have already created an amazing game, so thank you!

Amazing game Im impressed we didnt think we would like it but we do. Cant wait for those updates they look awesome!

Got this game yesterday so we might be mistaken one thing that could be put in. It is that you cant zoom out to far. In our opinion we think we would be easier to see what is going on if we could zoom out more. Other than that it is a great game would recommend it to anyone. Note for the Editor if there is a way to zoom out please let us know.

Future updates we want trains and natural disasters in storms And make solar systems that you create just like our pocket galaxy partner with pocket lab UK we made a review about their game too and we gave them and you five stars and one last thing Make planets on their sides.

Very good game. Great for the graphics and art style of mobile and the promised updates afterwards have us really looking forward to it. In fact, when we first played minecraft 8 years ago, we imagined how nice it would be to have a more realistic style of 3D creation sandbox game on our phone with the ability to interact in the first person in the world we designed and created. But we think the game can still be improved in some places, such as some objects can be combined into a whole, and this whole can be copied and pasted to other places, which can reduce a lot of repeated operations and increase the fun of the game. In addition, we hope the game can support the handle or wonderful control keyboard and mouse and other peripherals.

We honestly have loved this game for at least a year now and we have nothing negative to say about it. The developers of Pocket Build are probably the only developers that seem to get everything right and they listen to their fans. Lastly they give you the option to tip them for the game which gives you a small reward. Now, just waiting for that multiplayer update :) Edit: we changed our rating to 1 star until they release the multiplayer update, going inside building, and zombies. We’ve waited too long (a year? Maybe more. Kind of slow at developing updates.

We love your game but we have a problem we think you could update the game a little bit.

We love the game but please have interior design on the houses!

Add RPG elements and interact with furniture as well as being able to enter buildings.

First we want to be able to change objects colors, this would allow for more customization without having to model anything new, or pull another stock model. Also, the new update with butterflies and fish? Disappointing. The fish float ABOVE the water and most of the stuff you cant even place without barrels! You didnt even have to add those! The fact you cant get barrels without donating is really annoying. So with that out of the way, keep up the good work! You are doing a great job developing this game, and we would love to see more! Sincerely, a happy customer.

First of all we love this game! We have been playing for about a year now. Before that we were just waiting for a game like this to pop up somewhere anyway love how you can create whatever you want but please add more animals say dinosaurs and more buildings please we mean we love this game but some people (not trying to be rude)want to build Jurassic park like a Jurassic park gate or something besides Jurassic park more animals like wait actually am just gonna list the animals down 1dinosaurs dilophasaur T. Rex spinosaur stegosaur petradon triceratops troodon and last but not least indominus rex sure its not a real Dino but you got to have a fierce Dino right 2aliens with 4 eyes and you cant create them but at night in your worlds they come and throw tnt and try and destroy your buildings but you can shoo them off with a fox 3cyborgs half robot half human you can create them along with retro buildings and flying cars 4superherous captain America Batman captain underpants along with George Harold and melvin and mr Krupp wonderwoman and the flash and thats it we know its a lot but can you at least do the dinos and aliens please we would really appreciate it bye.

Hi! (This is a short review) . We love pocket build SOOO much :) we just have an idea. Could you like at furniture bc we notice that your gonna make it where you can go inside houses, and you add like chairs and beds and stuff. -Jade.

This game is amazing but there is this glitch where the Goblins Stand like a T! And they just magically float.

This app is amazing! So much to do and explore! We have so much fun! Thank you!

You can build whatever you want castle, volcano, town, form and cabin and even MORE we do wish there was a button to turn off the music though hope ya add that!

We recommend this app to everyone who likes building. In survival you have to collect resources to make things to build with! In creative you can make anything.

We love this game the second we played it but it would be nice to include pets and we noticed that if you wanted to go in the houses but other than that we love it.

This is our second favorite video games for building it is so cool.

We love this app so much Love its the most funniest game we’ve played on this game all day and this is the end.

We think this is really cool and its a open land game you can go anywhere its just really nice we love the music and this game asks hey want more stuff!? Try it free! For a week! You can or cannot do it to us it doesnt matter we think what it gives you is great so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do and cant wait for Pocket Build+ :)

We love how you get to supervise a group of people and make decisions for them to do. Thank you guys for making such an amazing app! We would pay for it again if we could thats how much we love this game.

Please make it easier to make a permanent survival world and start out and make castle corner walls.

We want to like this game. The idea is great. The art style is beautiful. Its chill. Its easy to learn. But without like an iPad the controls are a bit of a struggle. We have been waiting on this game to come to steam for awhile. We want to like it. We’re not a developer so we might be talking out of our a** but please add controller support. We have a Razer Kishi and we think this would be our new favorite game if we could use it. Keep up the good work.

We were expecting survival to have some sort of challenge? Resources are still unlimited and theres so sense of reward, its beautiful and we can tell a lot of work went into in yet it feels unfinished. We got it because we were expecting it to be similar to Godus but maybe more open world.

We paid for the game, isnt this enough? Stop with your YouTube sub requests. Poor form for a developer. Ill s avoid any of your future apps.

Where the story where the wars.

Just buy Minecraft it wasnt that fun it confusing and we wish we havent gotten it.

First off, we love this game may favourite is using the apocalypse items for worlds. But whenever Im putting down buildings we wish you can change the buildings colour in like a selector. But the biggest problem with this game is that we forget where everything is. Id love to have a search bar to find items easier. It would also be cool to be able to use the 3d rotate on the ground blocks. But other than those 3 things we love this game to death. Its amazing! And its only a dollar. Im going to go back to building our worlds!

We love the game its really great but we have some ideas/themes you could add like maybe you chould add a magic theme where theres like fairys and unicorns and other magical items like maybe some witch stuff to should be cool and also this is a animal but a bulldog seems pretty cool or Im biased anyways these are just ideas we think chould be cool in game hope you liked them -Gracie.

The game has potential. We’ve been playing for most of the day so we dont have a full grasp of the game but in our experience so far there are two ways to play the game: sandbox mode, where you have unlimited building materials(food&wood) and are able to build decorative but non functional villages, towns and kingdoms And regular mode, where you start with 1 or 2 people to gather your initial building materials and you work your way up to more and more people in order to collect more and more resources (wood&food). We’ve found that, for us, this is the only real way the game has any meaning or challenge. The characters dont have any sort of happiness meter, the food doesnt get stored for consumption by your villagers, and the animals in the game, for example cows, chickens, and pigs, are purely decorational with no value to them in terms of food supply. We were frustrated about this because we felt like that created a lack of engagement from the game, but the intended purpose of the game is building and creating so maybe eliminating the managerial structure of keeping your humans fed and happy will be appreciated by some. If you like building without many limitations, this game is for you, there are many different decorations and ways to make your village/town/castles look, and you can go into fairly good detail when creating all of this. But remember, there is no point to the game, no end goal, no tasks or challenges and no function for the animals or giants. Simply building and enjoying the aesthetic. FOR THE DEVS a couple nit picks: it would be helpful to know what item Im looking at on the list when Im browsing through the items. Giving items names and possibly a search bar to easily find the item would go a long way in making the game easier to fulfill its lone, intended purpose of building. The other thing, which may be a bug, but when we spawn a goblin and a pile of gold, in either order, the goblins do not ours it as intended. We’ve even created a corral of sorts and contained the goblin inside with nothing else to do but ours the pile of gold and it will not. Taking control of a person and using the pickaxe does work, however its not automated and too much of a hassle. Last thing, Im not sure if this is too far fetched from the games intended purpose but it seems like giving the different types of people you can spawn different tendencies and proclivities, such as a knight with a higher strength attribute and a lower farming attribute being able to defend from giants and goblins easier but farms resources slower, or a king with some sort of ruling attribute that might help peasants and workers collect double resources within a small/medium/large proximity, based on resources required to obtain said character, but has a lack in another category, would really help make the game feel more alive and interactive. Maybe Im asking too much but we just see it as a possibility. Nice game guys!

This game is so glitchy it is very difficult to use. Plus constant pop ups to make accounts and support the impoverished developers.

Hey, love the update with butterflies and fish. Thanks for all the great updates so far and the great ones to come. We have a few ideas and a little feedback. Please consider adding elephants, dinosaurs, and maybe like a werewolf or Minotaur for the monsters and dragons category. Also there is a little bug with goblins, we went to a world and went first person mode. We went to look at our little goblin workers mining there gold and they werent moving. They were just standing there with there arms out and then a pile of gold would do the whoosh of dust like when the goblin mines some. And they were indeed mining the gold but they were like stuck or something. Thanks for all you guys do, we know coding is hard and time consuming. So thanks for all your hard work. Please add multiplayer on a local network or some thing, just a multiplayer so we can all play together and fight goblins and build villages. Please consider Thanks moonbear LLC :)

Simply amazing. The devs seem to have thought of everything, the different styles of building are wonderful. The game is worth buying, No garbage micro transactions. Subbing seems worth it. The only issue we have is our that it’s on our phone and not a nintendo switch, we’re terrible with only touch screen stuff and it makes the game difficult for us to play personally, that said this game is still very intuitive with its controls and interface. Our clunky hands are our own issue. Either way the game is lovely!

We’ve been looking for an app like this for quite some time, and we finally found it here. We write a lot of stories and create a lot of worlds that we cant translate very well into visuals without this app. Theres a sandbox mode so theres lots of freedom, the locked items are unlocked every hour over time so the subscription is almost purely to support the creators. As expected of a payed app theres no annoying adds, its easy to use and the graphics are simple and beautiful. It has lots of different view points and can be seen from first person, theres terraforming, tons of different styles of architecture, and its easy to master. The only thing Id really like to change would be to add a feature to mass delete. We know it would be really frustrating to delete a lot a once if it was unintentional, but with the undo button, we think it would work just fine. We’ve looked for a while to be able to delete a lot at once but we just cant seem to find it. If its there we would love to know how to access it, as we can only find the single tile delete. Other than that, being able to edit colors a bit more might be nice, but its really a splendid app even without it. We can create lots of amazing custom worlds that we’ve been wanting to create for the longest time. This is definitely one of our favorite apps and we cant wait to see what else is added!

Great game, we wish it was controller compatible.

Would love to see more things added to add to the experience it can offer. Things like weather, distraction, war between different built towns ya know?

You can build goblin things but there are no goblins.

Some people like the game and others dont for us the game is fine we just dont like it we were wondering if we can get a refund not really worth the dollar.

We never review games but this was the best game we’ve e been looking for games like this but we can never find them nothing wrong with it but can you please add like a walls thing so you can design a house.

Great game! We love games where you have free creative freedom in terms of creating a town and decorating. Love animal crossings so this was a great game to pick up. If we could make a note to the creator would be to be able to change colors of objects, so house walls, roofing, etc and to personalize the characters as well. Anyways, great game! HELLO again! We forgot to add an idea regarding the game. We think there should be a way to lock particular items so you cant move them. When Im editing plants, or anything on the ground, we keep clicking in the soil instead, and moving a whole chuck that we didnt mean to. There should be a way to lock all terraforming tools (the ground), and to look specific items. So if we want to lock a house in place but move all the things Im putting around it and on top of it, the house wont be moved by mistake. Maybe this could be added to the tools that pop up every time you click on an item. That way we can lock and unlock. (But again, specially the earth/ground there should be a way to lock that because thats where we personally fudge* the most) Hope you read this and this is a possibility! Love the game though!

We cant think of a better word to describe this game than that. We love the creativity that there is and its probably our favorite game. We know youre taking requests for things to add so heres some of our ideas. 1, we think you should have some other sci-fi stuff like spaceships and spaceship parts to add a futuristic touch. 2, there should be a way to control characters on boats and horses and other things. 3, you should add roads ( if your not already adding those ) and modern boats. We dont mean to be demanding but we just wanted to share our ideas.

We love playing this game when im bored, it’s very fun and creative. Not trying to be pushy because we know the developers have a life to live and mabye a family, but we do hope the update comes out soon. One suggestion is for people who don’t have subscription, can you allow people to stack. If not stack then advanced placing because is hard placing fences with out subscription.

We’ve been checking in each month waiting for the wars feature to be out, once its out Ill be here! P.S. We’ve been here for about 1-2 years still waiting Was our review from we late 2018, early 2019. We’ve been waiting almost 4 years for the wars update to come out, if you dont mind us asking is there a planned time this update will be coming out?

We have only played this game for a bit, but we can already tell this game was crafted with a ton of love! We would like to praise the developers a bit! We gave this game five stars, because the devs are looking for ways to continue to improve the game. It isnt perfect but no game is. When we play games we always look for games that are continuously being worked on! The best games arent those that are perfect, but those that are always improving! Every review has a response from the developer, and that just shows how much work they have been willing to put into this game. They is always going to be room for improvement, but what we wanted to point out is that the developers deserve recognition! Thank you for taking our suggestions.