Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 02:45 pm 2 2 2 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, 2 is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th August 2018 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of 2 ?

1,505,943 people have rated 3.9.0

What is the price of the 2 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the 2 released ? 2 was released on 9th August 2018.

When was the 2 updated ?

The latest updated date of 2 on 26th May 2023.

Where can 2 be downloaded ?

You can download the game 2 from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to 2, the ultimate conquest game from Voodoo! Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition with a smooth drawing experience!
Are you ready to become the champion of Township and take over the game? With 2, you can draw your way to victory and claim your space before your opponents beat you to it.
Our game offers exciting and challenging gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours. With each level, you’ll face new obstacles and enemies, but don’t worry – with your strategic skills, you’ll be able to overcome them all.
But that’s not all – with our addictive gameplay and user-friendly interface, you’ll keep coming back for more. Our game is perfect for players of all ages, and with the option to play online or offline, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
So, what are you waiting for? Download 2 now and start your conquest today! Our game offers the ultimate gaming experience and will keep you hooked for hours on end. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become the champion!

Updated on 26th May 2023

bug fix 2 Review

Good game but their is way to many ads. Ya feel us.

Best games we ever had, but to much ads and grist love the powers ups keep up the work.

This is one Of our fav games we can play all day it’s so slay.

Heyyyy! Its Paper io Lover again. We forgot to put in our other review that there r also a lot of adds in this game. Like, when we get an add, we kill someone i. The game and then we get another add strait away! We dont really like this so we hope this could get fixed. -Paper io Lover ( Now ShinyGiraffe)

Why do these glitches keep happening? Anyway sorry we forgot to send you a review dont worry Ill explain. We think this app is so much fun we cant even stop playing it! We really enjoy this game!

We love this game!!! It is so much fun and it makes you think!! We recommend it plus you do not have to pay for it so it is a win win!!!

You can make it so other people cant kill you But you can kill them.

We have never played a game this fun.

We think that this game is really satisfying and everyone should play it! Its fun to watch it go around destroying things!

It is so much fun to play and it is so relaxing to just try and do your best at it.

We are doing really great and we are getting king a lot of times.

This game is the best game ever open. Try to stop making bad comments. Its literally a good game stop just stop a good game whats wrong with that?

So for you can fill up countrys with your block! We are on the netherlands. We play every day!

When we started the game it was very hard but when we play it more its more easy but we really enjoyed it. And people that are reading this we hope you enjoy it too.

Im so happy you found her we cant even begin but you know we know how you felt when.

Its really fun to play and hard and frustrating to play when other people are killing you and trying to win.

This ever existed because we won.

This is a good app but has an absurd amount of ads. Of course you need ads to run the game but this is unnecessary. Otherwise awesome but these can make it a bit infuriating to play sometimes. Also, theres no way to end the game when you get 100% of the map and keep that as your high score. Pretty good, but 2 MAJOR issues.

This game is really fun to play.

We love this game we play this game sense 3 ( Im 8) And this game is awesome ! Its kinda but easy to play ! And you should play it too.

Supper cool with graphics but can you make the game able to have no Wi-Fi to play also add that every 10 times you die then you get a add.

Honestly this game is a fun one but the adds get annoying we recommend that the game gives you a add when you die 3-5 times or just dont do adds. We would love for no adds, but we know its important for adds. Also we keep getting the same add thats kind of for teenagers. We do like the game but those are our only complaints for now. Thank you for reading this if you read. Yours truly, A person who plays paper. Io2.

Soooooo many ads it is annoying buying the no ads thing is totally worth it This game is really fun and addicting we do recommend it if you dont have any thing to do.

So we downloaded this game a couple weeks ago and we LOVED it. It was a cool concept and it got even more fun once we were more familiar with how to play, but we do have a few problems. 1) NO TUTORIAL First of all, when you first get the game, there is no tutorial on how to play and we think there should be. We know you try to get your area to cover the country but its more complicated than that. There are many different ways to get out that should be included in a tutorial when the app is first downloaded. 2) ADS! Also, there are a LOT of ads! There is an ad after basically everything you do! Less ads would make the game more enjoyable 3) GLITCHING So we didnt really have a problem with this when we first downloaded the app but its becoming a problem. Lately when we go to cover a country and reach 100%, it keeps us in the same place, forcing us to exit out of the app. It does not save our progress and we have to complete the country all over again! We did the same country and got to 100% again and it did the same thing! So we had to do it for a third time which was really annoying! Please fix this!

Ok. So, reading the reviews made this app sound really bad. Though, to tell the honest truth, this game is a lot of fun. The only thing is. Its very easy. So basically, Im really good at almost all games. This game isnt hard for us. Almost every game we end up with almost 50% of the country. Another thing is some of the adds are inappropriate. We would suggest better adds for kids. We would recommend for beginners though’

Overall a good game, we like the concept a lot. But, the ads are a little ridiculous, Paper. Io is the only game we have seen with ads inside of a playing game. Like seriously? One time we were out of our base and we didnt know an ad was coming because it was only a tiny little countdown. We were out of our base and when we got back to the game a person killed us. Ads ruin the gameplay because they often mess us up. We understand you need ads but during a game? Your probably gonna lose a lot of people playing. If you just had ads between every 1 or 2 games that would be perfect instead of the middle of the game.. And also, we think its dumb that you can kill your self because one time we had a power up and all we were trying to do was get around our base but it glitched and we spun around and killed myself which was a glitch not us. It makes us mad and want to even delete the game! Please fix these problems.

Its good and fun but when we get a new skin and a new map to fill and we finish it it always glitches and we have to scroll out and do it again and then the same thing happens.

Its really fun but we dont like how when you get 100% of the map filled in you have to swipe out of the app but then it doesnt save your progress. Please fix this it would be much better!

We loved this game sooo much so fun we were addicted but here comes the but. We wouldve kept the game but we had to make storage on our phone, and we loved it a lot but we felt it was hard to unlock skins and when we got it we meant to play with our sister but we found out they might be Npcs and after a lot of adds it got a little bit repetitive, But we would recommend this game to everyone in the world we would still have it if we could!!!!

We truly do like it! Its entertaining, fun, also a good game for competitiveness. Buuuuuuuut EVERY TIME you die there is an add oh whoops and another oh yeah and Im one more. Uh sooo many adds!!! And the last bad part about this game is that you lose really easily and it Kinda makes you a little mad, ok? Its a 50/50 get the game or not.

So this game is really fun but the adds ok the reason why we play this game is because it is so fun.

How much fun we had is unimaginable.

We live the game its very addicting but the adds are insanely frequent and get on our nerves. The actual game is very fun you can get new skins and and lots of other fun things but now when we join the game it automatically tries to charge our credit card for the no adds it doesnt offer the deal of the no adds but as soon as we join it says not from the game, but from apple double click to confirm purchase.

We like this game alot. It gives you lots of choicss for skins, and the cute little things that follow you around when you kill someone. But one thing that happens for us when we get an add and we have over 40% land the app stops and turns off the game making us have to restart the app. But overall it is an amazing app and we love playing it.

Ok listen up, this game is awesome we play it all the time but, hears the problem, SO MANY ADS, we play for 2mins and ads come up. It gives you the option to watch a ad to revive but even if you dont , YOU WILL STILL GET AN AD! Pls fix this!

We love it so much and its really fun but 1 thing one time we finished a map then it would not let us move maps even though we finished it so just a small bug!

So we will complete the map and stuff but then it doesnt count as a win so Im just stuck there not knowing what to do! Pls fix that thx. Also we dont rlly like the amount of adds but at least we get a gift thanks! Great game though we play every day!

We like this game a lot. Its fun, and kinda addicting. We have one main problem with it. It keeps randomly killing us. We just play normally, and out of nowhere we die. No one kills us. It also happens if we run into the edge of the map for too long. We love the game, and will continue playing, but we do hope they fix that.

We love the game it was so fun and it has great technology but the reason we give it a three is because it was super fun before but then all of our progress was deleted and then we cried for three minutes and it deleted after we only left the game for two days and we turned off our phone and then turned it back on and idk what we even did. And also it just was like being weird like it was completely fine but then once we left it for two days it just all of our progress was deleted.

Only is fun for a certain amount of time, many glitches, and they are extremely desperate to get you to watch an ad, you kill 2 people, you gotta watch an ad, you finished the world? Oh wow! Thats great! Anyway, have fun trying to kill yourself to get back to the menu, cause you cant! Instead, you have to reopen the app, meaning: you lose all of the progress you made that round, except the skins you unlocked of course!

Its a very fun game but when your in the middle of a game it takes u right to an add also its happens hundredths of times so yea thats it.

The game is fun, but theres too many ads. We can get 2 ads within less than 30 seconds, and its very annoying.

Although this game is very fun and addicting, we happen to come across some problems. Such as ADS they pop up literally every 3 kills and we kill very often so it gets annoying, and every once in a while Ill complete a map and it will glitch and not say complete and we have to restart the whole country and its rlly time consuming. We would highly suggest fixing these issues cs at one point if it reaches to a lot of people, people will start deleting and we think we might.

We love this game but it only counts half of our wins we almost always cover the board 100% just for it to freeze up and not move to the next level even tho we’ve completed the task.

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