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title 2 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, 2 is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th August 2018 with the latest update 19th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,327,441 people have rated 2.5.1

You can download the game 2 from APP STORE.


You liked ? You’ll love!
Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.
A smooth drawing experience!

Game made by Voodoo, who developed Helix Jump,, Snack VS Block and other cool games!

Updated on 19th April 2022

Minor bug fixes 2 Review

We were playing on our high score but then once we died we played an ad to revive and o eve we came back it started the whole app over and that was just wasting our time.

This game is very good and we lay it every day. We MAKE SURE we play it every day. We love this game it is really entertaining and we recommend downloading it!!! We love this, ME.

Nothing is more frustrating than losing all of your land for no reason. This happens all the time. Also, offer a place within the app to provide feedback.

OMG 10/10 game whould play over and over again you should download this now Can we have our parents back now.

If the devs even see this, this game is AWESOME! It’s really fun and we really like how smooth the animation is! The power up things are awesome, but the one that gives you a bigger range of sight makes us feel slow. Also, there’s a glitch where the pot thing will STAY on your character after the zone defense runs out, which, that glitch is hilarious, but worth fixing. We like all the skins, especially the duck! All of them are great! Anyways, great game! -turtle.


Amazing a sequel to a game with problems that are now solved.

This is just a scam theres no free robux we saw a ad where theres free robux ofc we dont trust it but we just wanted to see so yea no robux.

Best game ever! It is SOOOOO satisfying and even more addictive! If you play this, you need something strong to pull you away! If you manage to, Im impressed!

We think it should the game should add a practice mode or ai or have some modes.

We hate the game because we cant call their manager.

Theres pepole you can beat and have fun with. Its so fun when you win and the WHOLE map is your Area! We Just hate ads lol. You should do a you tuber update?

Its just a beautiful idle game that you can just spend hours at a time playing nonstop. Not only that, it uses no internet so you can basically play anywhere.

The game is overall really fun but there are way too many ads tbh.

Amazing game, very addictive, but Bugs: The only one we can think of is when our game lags and freezes, when it resumes Im halfway across the map and Im about to die. Questions: Whats the point in coins if theres no shop? We’ve got over two thousand useless coins, and theres no updates available. Needs improvements: This will be the bigger review we write because of this, so Ill go from biggest problems to smallest. You shouldnt be able to kill yourself by running into your own line, if someone lags or turns the wrong way OOPS! IM DEAD! Thats super annoying, and maybe if you removed it more people would play. The game gets boring really quickly, so maybe add more? Like, maybe add maps, some sort of Make your own cube or something? You should also make some game modes, like Teams (6vs6vs6vs6), duos (2vs2vs2vs2), and things like that. It seems like the game isnt online, which concerns us, because it should be online, otherwise it should be called Paper Battles, not Paper. Io Overall its a nice game with just Some problems, but the ads in the middle of the game Maybe use the coins instead of the ads. Make an offer in the corner that doesnt freeze the screen, an offer to use coins for a power up.

We love this game except for the fact that the name of the game makes no sense and that is all that we have to say.

Its really fun but the only problem is is that ther are sooooooo many ads all we can do is lick butt cheeks and become president sorry thanks again – butt smacked.

We love these game so much we could play it for hours down load the app.

We definitely think this game is a lot better than Paper. Io one because you dont have to go in squares and you can get a lot more of the map that way. We dont like how they expect you to get 100 percent of the map because there are a lot of other people playing and over time they get more and more of the map. Like seriously, how are you supposed to get that reward?! We’ve been playing for about 3 years or so every day for at least half an hour to try to beat our score and the most of the map we’ve ever gotten is like thirty percent. We also think there are more fun games out there than this game. We also was hoping you could add more skins because right now there is only like ten skins, technically nine because it is virtually impossible to get one hundred percent of the map so please add more skins! That is not the number one complaint we have though. Anyway, hey developers, could you please respond on this because we would really appreciate it!!! Thanks!!!!

Its fun we like it its nice if you dont have internet and you are bored we think you should try this game good luck.

This game is great and addicting. Just make sure to get the no add version. We love playing this game and cant stop.

We love the new update, but when we hit 80% it didnt give us a new skin, also when we went down to 60% for some reason it glitched out and took away all our area and we were left with 0.19%. We are very disappointed a specially because this is our favorite game.

Why does there have to be a commercial every time you die.

Its a good game. But, if you want to download the game, be aware of the lag and the ads.

There is one problem with this game we love it but the glitch of when you are the highest one player gets on your land and half of it is gone as soon as the player is on your land you die this makes us so mad so creator please fix this.

The reason we gave this game a three is simply because of the ads. We only get about ten seconds before we have to watch another ad! The game itself is very fun! However we feel like the experience is taken away by the ads.

To many ads each time we get 3 kills AD we finish the game AD we get so annoyed and it makes us want to stop playing this game although its fun!

We love the game and its highly addicting, but the ads will kill you. Not figuratively but literally. We do not mind the ads, they allow the game to remain free and provides boosters in game. The issue we have with the ads is they keep closing the game. Ill be watching an ad, either from killing 3 plp or wanting a booster, and the ad will close the app or it will replay the ad 3-5 times then go to a black screen then freeze until it closes or you have to force close it. If the issue with the ads would get fixed, then the game would be perfect.

This game is great but it has so many ads.

Game glitchy we had to delete this game its way too much ads within every 25 seconds its getting out of hand we’ve played this game back in 2019 it was never like this we decided to redownload it because we were addicted to this game at one however, when we downloaded it we get hit with ads the game freeze and lags Im like is it really worth having this app on our phone? Nah. Other than that it is a fun game just too much bugs on there which needs to be fixed.

Look, when the app finished downloading we were pumped to play and it was fun, but after a few rounds it started getting really glitchy and annoying. As soon as you started other players would kill you within 2 seconds because it just glitched. Please look into this it is so annoying but the game itself is fine.

We love the game very much but theres only one thing to it that we dont like. Its the ads, theres an ad every five seconds of the game we are playing and it is very annoying. Trust us we love the game and we would love to play it but if the ads keep on coming around thats just enough for us to stop playing it. Please do us a favor and fix this we’ve seen many other complaints about the ads and we really think you should fix it. Maybe add less ads and like from here there. Try not to do so many ads in about five seconds maybe about one minute maybe we can have an ad. Please stop doing so many ads its very annoying and its interrupting the game time. And we bet you everybody else agrees with it too. If you read this please please stop doing so many ads!

Im not gonna lie, we are obsessed with this game. But the ads happen mid-game way to often. Sometimes they are only 10 seconds apart from each other, and you cant skip them. That is the only problem with this game.

The game is glitchy but a lot of fun. You earn coins but we cant figure out what you can use them for? Skins are all awarded or found (on map after watching an ad), but there doesnt seem to be anywhere to spend the coins?

The game is good and all but you need to get rid of the adds its not working hunny.

This game is a really good game but one time we were paling a match and we had 95%. We thought is was going to get the 100% skin. But then the thing that says thank you for you support thing popped up and gave us the shield power up. We used it and it deleted every thing that we had and it went to 5%. It deleted 90% percent for no reason and it made us very mad. Although it is a kinda good game.

Sometimes whenever we are in the middle of our OWN circle or shape it will just kill us and we wouldnt be even outside of our shape.