Pascal’s Wager

Last updated on September 20th, 2022 at 11:25 pm

Pascal’s Wager


Pascal’s Wager is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Giant Games, Inc., Pascal’s Wager is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th January 2020 with the latest update 7th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


740 people have rated 1.10.5

You can download the game Pascal’s Wager from APP STORE.


August 19th, 2022
Newest add-on content, Dance of the Throne, is now available!
The Soul of Obsession carrying the will of all Demiurges has been summoned to Solas again, and it’s here for revenge!
The leader of Demiurge, Elena, will be arriving as a playable character in this mode. Dance in a flurry of dual blades and experience a completely new challenge in Solas.

20th Aug 2020
"The Tides of Oblivion" DLC is available!
New story, maps and playable character.
Adventure with Jerold to explore the cursed Ichthyosauria!

■ Devices support:

  • System run iOS 9 and above

  • iPhone 6s and above

  • iPad models with 2G RAM or more

■ Description

Pascal’s Wager is an action role playing game with the style of dark fantasy. The game provides its players with top-notch picture quality and a feast for the senses that the mobile platform has never had before. In the game, the world is shrouded by dark mist, where light is dim and mysterious. People there become lunatic, and nobody knows the secrets behind that.

Players can play multiple characters to experience the strong storyline and reveal various hidden areas of the map. Along the way, they will fight unbelievable enemies, confront epic bosses, and embrace overwhelming death and truth. All the while, they’ll be engrossed by a magnificent soundtrack performed by a world-class orchestra.

■ Features

  • An incredibly Rich and Deep story, 20 or more hours of content

  • Four operable characters, with different combat modes and skill trees

  • Dozens of different enemies, bringing extensive experience of hectic battles

  • Diversified NPCs, responding to independent subplots

  • Three-dimensional map with multiple layers

  • Cinematic performance and storytelling, fully voiced dialog

  • Powerfully attractive soundtracks, performed by a world-famous symphony orchestra

  • Full controller support to ensure the best possible gameplay experience

  • Substantial post-launch DLC adding to the story and characters

■ Story

In ancient times, a natural disaster brought the Sun from high in the Sky to the depths of the Ocean, allowing a mysterious dark fog to blanket the World.

Simultaneously, Colossi, beings that were revered by descendants, roamed the lands for the very first time.

These Colossi, which emit the sparks of light that disperse the black fog, bring the only hope to mankind.

Thousands of years later, humanity has long grown accustomed to following in the footsteps of these revered beings as they travel through the black fog.

However, just as how the Sun was mysteriously brought down from the Sky, these Colossi have also began to fall mysteriously…

Terrence, a courier whom was expelled by the Church, has learned that his long estranged wife Teresa, may have some connection to the recent fall of the Colossi.

Setting forth on a journey filled with anguish, deception and possible redemption, Terrence seeks to find his wife and the truth behind their World.

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Updated on 7th September 2022


  • Adjusted fall damage mechanics in Dance of the Throne. Falling from very high places will now trigger fall damage and potentially deaths, instead of always respawning.


  • Fixed an issue where Blessed Elixir of Energy’s effect may be cancelled if Elena’s Flash Return talent is performed while under the effect of the elixir.
  • Fixed certain visual effect issues in Karst Cave boss room.

Pascal’s Wager Reviews

This is the best AppStore we ever purchased. It fell we’re playing Dark Souls. If you havent purchased this app, get it right now.

We love this game we preordered it when it was first announced we actually didnt think mobile games could be this good we love it yes Im on casual mode big change we love it.

This game should be played on big screen, so pls port to appleTV.

Works great with controller. We swear though during the opening the touch controls were hidden while using game pad, now though they are always there. If there was a way to hide them would be great. Otherwise super fun.

We were hoping to play this on our mouse and keyboard but we can because the sensitivity turns down when ever something pops up.

Sadly, can only run around in the very first playable area as the on screen action buttons all briefly show then go away. We thought they might reappear when there was an actual fight but no.

This games control scheme has a passing resemblance to the Souls game with a controller, you lock on and R1 is the main attack. Thats basically all the structural similarity. You dont really have a strategic dodge, you play preset characters, and everything is floaty and imprecise. Its like Darksiders ish. Dont buy if youre looking for something like From Soft games on mobile, and that description really should not be a selling point of the game, because its factually wrong.

We love the game, but we really wish you guys would fix how enemies are prioritized when you lock on. It doesnt make sense why the first enemy our character locks onto is always the farthest one from us, even when the closer enemy is directly in our line of sight. It just makes more sense to us to have the closest enemy automatically prioritized, and switching between locked enemies could be a little cleaner as well. Thanks for making such a cool mobile game though!

Holy mackerel. This is one of the best games we’ve ever played in our life! Its like bloodborne on your phone The environment and map design is basically as masterful as dark souls worlds. Sick job guys Wish there was a way to disable the anti-aliasing or CA or whatever postprocessing effect is making the game so blurry. We really want to see this game in clear vibrant HD.

Great action game. Great graphics. Not so good voice acting. Recommend game controller.

Can you please make the Hair look better?

We got this game on may first 2021 and the game worked fine all the until today we dont know if it a new bug from the update just recently but we would like to go back to playing as soon as possible.

Hi devs, Awesome game here. So much polish. Really nice atmosphere. Reminds us of playing Resident Evil 4 back in the day. Creepy villages and monsters wearing rags we are hoping to play much, much more of the game, but we dont find myself hopping in that often, because our typical gameplay scenario is sitting at a coffee shop with our controller, and not being able to have our Spotify music on in the background kills it for us. We tried pushing past it and taking in the game soundtrack, but if you fix this issue we will promptly change our rating to five *****!

So the moving controls work. But the attack and doge and all that doesnt even show up on screen. So we guess if you want to just run away from your enemies its good. Please fix this or give us a refund. Thx.

If your coming from a pc trying to find games with mouse and keyboard support dont waste your time. This games controls are so bad its not worth it. The mouse movements are extremely inconsistent and it switches from slow/smooth to fast and jerky on its own at random. So you can never adjust to the control speed period. Then the battle mechanics are so clunky its just basically not playable if mouse and keyboard games are what your after Not to even mention how enological the controls are to begin with. As powerful as these new iPads are Im shocked at how third rate at best these games are. Graphics are ok but the constant haze they put in the game on screen is just annoying to look at after awhile. Highly recommend if your expecting a computer like game this is NOT it. Not even close. Requested a refund.

Controls are way too awkward. Wish we could get a refund.

Are you able to upgrade your weapons and armor? We havent seen anything like that and we just beat the third boss the father. It would be a good addition if there isnt an option yet. Also is there gonna be more expansion to the game to make the game longer or even a new game plus would be kinda cool too. Overall the game is awesome and greatly detailed unlike another game we’ve played.

Game is dark souls on the phone this is highest compliment we can give also control are great if you having trouble most likely its one or two thing first it might be your not hitting the buttons on the touch screen smoothly we still make mistake but Im getting very good make sure you check the contact often second it could be your phone performance which isnt a bad thing we wish we had an iPhone 11 it has its own settings but we run high with high frame rate on our iPhone 7plus love this game and want more and more and more.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward for the genre, there’s tons of content and sidequests. There’s a simple upgrade system to improve stats, gain abilities, and different fighting styles based on the characters you use. The fighting systems and the quirks of various foes is pretty manageable. As you playthrough, the game increases in difficulty and offers some benefits for subsequent playthroughs. Nothing too unique, but it’s easy to adapt to while still having to overcome challenges according to your experience. There’s a lot of storyline and background for all the characters. Some of the details can only be learned or experience through sidequests, but you can spend a lot of time on the storyline and various sidequests to get better accessories and cutscenes that give you insight into the characters history. The sidequests without DLC are expansive. There’s special items, storyline, multiple endings, rare accessories, and special materials that all add to your abilities or experience. You can play twice as long just based on the extras outside of the main story. If you replay, you’ll find it necessary to do those extra quests to fight enemies as the game increases difficulty. Overall, it’s a solid game worth the money, we enjoyed all the features and story for a ton of hours. If you like this genre, you’ll love this game, the DLC is worth buying, especially after newgame+.

We havent played Dark Souls but we watch streamers who play it, and while its by no means Dark Souls, its probably the closest mobile version we will get. The graphics and mechanics are good. We only have one problem with the game. We cant get over the voice acting. It theres an old lady you meet close to the beginning of the game. She sounds like a grown mans attempt at making an old lady voice, and most of the voices dont match the characters. Cheap DLCs, good graphics, and good touch screen controls. The atmosphere for the game is dark and mysterious, but it ruins the atmosphere when we burst out laughing because of the voice acting. Im pretty sure this is an indie developer game, so we dont really blame them for bad voice acting. But please, for the love of god add an option to turn off the voice acting, better the voice acting. 9/10. Would be 10/10 if the voice acting was better.

Let us start by saying: This game is sick! We love the atmosphere, reminds us of the entire souls series. We like the flow of combat, the voice acting is fine. Poor translation doesnt take away from the experience at all. We actually think its kinda cool that the dialogue doesnt always match up with the voice acting. (Try watching a Netflix original anime.) we really like the game so far. (Still in the first area lol, Im really scouring the map.) Im maybe an hour or so in. We researched the game before we bought it, and for what the content entails we didnt mind paying for this game. We hardly spend money on mobile games aside from a couple 1 or 2 dollar purchases here and there. We’ve only had two issues. First and most important, we cant seem to get any internet connectivity or load dlc. Second, the delay from guarding to attacking is nuts. Its like a second, but thats a lifetime in a game like this. We hope to see some of these issues resolved, but if they arent Im still gonna swear by this game. Thanks for all the hard work devs!

We can never get past the developer logo screen. After a long wait, it just crashes. IPad Pro mini.

If you’re a fan of Souls games, you’ll love this. Nothing else to say, it’s fantastic. If you’re not familiar with Souls games this is a relatively slow arpg that may take some getting used to and it’s absolutely worth it. Don’t expect to mindlessly hack and slash your way through this game, every enemy can and will kill you if you don’t respect them which makes combat more rewarding. There are items to find in every corner (and there are a LOT of hidden corners) which makes exploration rewarding. It simply feels good to do everything in this game. There is a slight punishment for dying but it can be mitigated, it’s not all or nothing like most Souls games. Basically you have to choose between taking the risk of carrying and potentially losing currency for when you find a merchant or spend it to minimize potential loss. Either way you can always farm more currency so dying and losing some isn’t a big deal. If you’re worried that the game might be too difficult, don’t be. There are ways to make it easier beyond gitting gud. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just a rewarding and quality game, Pascal’s Wager is well worth a try. As for a critique of the game it’s hard to find anything to complain about. We finished the base game and have yet to do the dlc. Overall it was a great experience. The final boss was a pretty huge difficulty spike for us and a bit annoying how long it was in addition to what amounted to an instant kill ability halfway through the final phase but we figured it out eventually, it was telegraphed well. It was a worthy final boss, that’s for sure. The trophy system is a fine substitute for gear. It felt to us like we never had enough resources to upgrade them as much as we wanted so we didn’t upgrade anything until the end of the game. We ended up with enough resources to upgrade a little less than one full set. In hindsight we could have upgraded lesser trophies and then used them to reforge better ones later, that’s a neat system except for the randomness of reforging + the limited upgrade items – we’re not sure if they can be farmed or not. The characters are all varied and interesting (Terrence is our favorite followed by Benita, haven’t tried the dlc character yet). Every character’s attacks felt just a little too slow to us. We’re not sure if the ending plays out the same for everyone but there is a concern about wasting resources on characters and then not being able to use them. By the end we had enough higher tier resources to fully upgrade about 1 and a half characters, ish. Not sure if those resources can be farmed either. The limited resources discourages playing more than 1 character, being able to respec the talent point things would be nice (unless you can and we just missed it). Exploration in some areas was tricky, there were a few things we couldn’t find without a guide. We felt horribly lost the entire time. Which is good, we think. We have no sense of direction at all and usually try to play these types of games with a map lol. But it’s generally a good sign when you think you’ve explored everything in a game and there’s still more to find. The item system is solid. We don’t use many items in Souls games due to their limited nature (I’m a hoarder) so we don’t have much to say but the options are great. The story is confusing but it seems quite good, we haven’t spent much time trying to fully understand it yet. It gives us a reason to go back and read all the lore bits we’ve picked up. The worst part of the game for us was probably the controls which is more a fault of playing on mobile than anything. Overall they were fine, we lost track of where the buttons were on the screen and died because of it a couple times. That’s just how it goes with touch screen controls.

We absolutely love the characters, the dialogue and the story. Im not big on mobile games, but this one is just a breath of fresh air it is unique! The developers did an amazing job.

The most realistic and dark souls like game ever on ios.

Naysayers must not like souls games, playing on bad devices, or dont understand the mechanics. This game is fire. Feels like a console game. Just like a souls game on your phone. Us gusta.

Im really only 5 minutes in but playing the game with a Backbone controller feels like a AAA experience. Well if AAA games were good anymore. This game is the bees knees and we would have paid $60 for it. Looking forward to more from this developer even if they arent souls like. We read some other reviews. If the last boss is nerfed a bit Id like a setting to set him to insanely hard like how the other reviews suggest the difficulty currently is. Voice acting isnt superb. But its better than most, probably on par with TES: IV Oblivion.

Loving this game. It plays a lot like Souls games. Id love to have more character skins, something like a suit of armor for the characters!

The game mechanics are pretty straightforward, except the part about switching targets. We had to experiment by myself because there no guide about it anywhere on the internet. So, what you do is slide the camera away from the target while you are focused on one already (they have to be close to each other or it wont work). The combat is okay, but kinda slow (wished the counter mechanic was easier to trigger). The story was alright until the end, which was confusing. Intro music is good as well as other sound effects. Graphics is not bad, but could use some improvement. Great ui and ability to customize most of it. Overall, great game to play and have some fun. But, we would like to ask the developers to add the ability to play dlc offline. If we can play the game offline, then dlc should also be able to be played offline since we purchased it obviously. Thanks for reading the whole review and we hope we have helped people make a decision on whether to play the game.

Found this title on a top games list, mobile gamer we think, so we decided to buy. The reasonable one-time purchase price is a plus. Visually its great and we like the dark feel and the attention to story. Unfortunately we cant give it that fifth star because the ARP gameplay is sluggish and not fun. Im not half bad at mobile gaming. We routinely win battle royale matches and play our face off in the top open world ARPGs with no problem. We feel like this ones trying to be a mobile Witcher 3 in terms of combat mechanics, but so far its falling flat. The main problems are the sluggish feel, and that dodging is critical but the linear game world is essentially a series of narrow corridors. We keep hitting that invisible wall mid-dodge. Also, enemy difficulty is already high enough at the outset that you need to integrate all mechanics from fight one – attack, dodge, block, heal – before you have any feel for the gameplay. We were forced to restart on casual and we wont be able to switch back once we hit our stride. Also, as said, its very linear which we can get over, but not our preference. Open world is best. We dont foresee any emergent gameplay here. Ill keep trying but Im already 50% to ragequit.

We havent played it just yet, but we do plan to. We are having trouble with the application coming up on our home screen though.

Amazing game we love it so much we need a second part please.

We have an IPad Pro, the action controls disappear from the bottom right side of the screen shortly after the game starts so its unplayable. It works on our phone but thats not why we bought it, it needs to be payed on a bigger screen.

Its unfortunate this game never got a graphics upgrade for the iPhone 12 or 13. The addition of anti aliasing and improved LODs would go a long way with this title.

This game has some of the most ATROCIOUS mechanics to have ever been implemented for the sake of uniqueness. 2 stars for having the stones to put out a Soulslike on mobile, but our God, remove literally every goddamn mechanic you guys thought up of and just please shamelessly copy whatever FromSoft does. There’s no need for characters to take a couple of years to attack, no need to have 17 different types of currencies to buy or craft something, no need for some obtuse "lunatic" mode that punishes the player for using one character for too long because of a poorly implemented party system, etc. If you guys do make a sequel to this game, just make it move about 1.5x faster than this, have a few currencies, and have one character that acts as a blank slate that you can build with whatever. Good effort, but the terrible unique mechanics make it a chore to play.

We’ve really tried to enjoy this game on multiple separate occasions but it just doesnt compel our interest. The story has potential but as presented on the iPhone it only gives enough story motive and limited view of surroundings to feel consistently like Im a stranger asked to suddenly bet on a bedroom sized race we dont even have a dog in. A stranger looking in by way of a small peephole across the room. Might be immersive enough on the iPad but just too narrowed in visible scope on the iPhone and too underdeveloped in story motive.

In the first few minutes of gameplay the right side buttons for combat disappear. Can not attack or defend. We want to like the game. This issue is occurring on an iPad. We have reported the issue in game as well.

The game is too hard to play. Waste time . Hit your patience. This is not right. Out of the entertainment, let us feel unpleasant. Against the essence of game, that is entertainment.

Attack controls dont display, so no way to battle. No way to exit game or enter settings after game starts. Appearently no way to contact support. Looks like we wasted our money.

This game is our absolute favourite the graphics alone are amazing and the gameplay is even better great job!

This game is Consol worthy! A must buy if you have a control!

EDIT: PLEASE MAKE THIS MORE LIKE BLOODBORNE THAN SOULS we DIDNT MEAN TO USE ONLY SOULS SERIES IN MY REVIEW we LOVE BLOODBORNE AND WOULD LOVE THE UPDATES, etc. TO LEAN MORE TOWARDS BLOODBORNE THAN SOULS ITS A BETTER EXPERIENCE TRUST ME. HI DEVELOPERS AND GAMERS, we purchased this game a while ago and have been enjoying it. We love the idea of a mobile soulsgame and this solves that. Obviously, this isnt a souls game and it is mobile, so its not perfect. We wish there was a game more like bloodborne on here but sadly we dont know of one so this will do. We havent really played the game extensively, so we cant give detailed description/review, but we are enjoying it. Graphically its great. We dont think it is worth more than 3$ but other than that we love it.

Its a solid game, good story and visually pleasing with good gameplay. This has one glaring flaw however, in that the mouse implementation is awful. Even with the sensitivity all the way up in the settings of the game, it takes very large movements of the mouse to move the camera even a little bit. The devs must have not tried actually playing the game with a mouse. If that were fixed it would be a 5/5. We will update this if better mouse sensitivity is added.

How could we about am having a refund its nothing what we expected Im sorry guys.

Its sad that a reviewer has to do your job for you. Everyone, please understand that you are not purchasing a full game. You wont even get a pop-up saying there in-game purchases. Its a hidden sales technique. They should, like most games, state this in their description or have the pop-up upon purchase stating there is in-game purchases. Instead, though you are here, they telepathically want you to understand that you should go to their website to read this (of nice again, though its not stated here). We hope this comment urges them to post it on their Apple purchasable description instead of expecting you, the consumer, to go out of your way to find out this discrepancy. Great gaming experience, wonderful graphics, great music and decent vocals. However they dont mention at any point before purchasing, that you are NOT purchasing a full game. You have to buy parts of the map separately if you want to play the full game. The DLC they are talking about before needs to be purchased separately.

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