Phone Case DIY

Last updated on September 28th, 2022 at 03:45 pm

Phone Case DIY

Phone Case DIY

Phone Case DIY is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P., Phone Case DIY is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th November 2020 with the latest update 16th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Phone Case DIY ?

370,123 people have rated 2.7.4

What is the price of the Phone Case DIY ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Phone Case DIY released ?

Phone Case DIY was released on 17th November 2020.

When was the Phone Case DIY updated ?

The latest updated date of Phone Case DIY on 16th September 2022.

Where can Phone Case DIY be downloaded ?

You can download the game Phone Case DIY from Apple Official App Store.



How much do you love your phone? OK, we know.
So how about you make it super pretty with some serious customization work?
Unleash your creative mind and splash some color on this phone!
Make it glow! Make it bling! Make it glitter! Make it yours!

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Updated on 16th September 2022

Bug fixes for better game playing!

Phone Case DIY Review

Your game has s so fun maybe add less adds and to unlock things quicker and that you dont have to watch adds for all the good stuff.

This is a very fun game but we have some requests there is a lot of ads but still it is very fun we really like that you can spray paint your phone case but if you can send it to us that will be amazing and if you can save your phone cases that will be very fun but still it is a very fun game is one of our favorites we really love this game because its very satisfying and it has very ASMR noises that sound really good and satisfying this game is so amazing we recommend it 5 stars more like 10.

We are in love with this game but we have a few things to ask you question number 1 are you able to make a update please well not a few and if you do make a update thanks.

It was amazing so amazing thank you for the game.

Ok so THERE IS NOTT we REPEAT NOT that many ads! Ppl are being dramatic there isnt that many adds. Also its not boring its soooo fun its our favorite game and you dont like this game then you are just being dramatic and greedy.

We love this game we love it we love it we love it.

You Just payed us today and lm so thankful Ty so much you are so kind and for that Im rating you 5 stars!

Hey guys we love this game so much if your woundering our name is Addison Tindall this not our fav game but it’s close.

We love this game it is the best.

Thx you,I love this game so much its so fun keep making more Im exited to see what you come up . Sencerley Wolf Spain.

Best game ever because itsSatisfying and you can show your art.

Its So Fun And It Has Sprays That Make The Phone Look Good Like Pink And Yellow Spray,Stickers,Keychains, AND MORE.

Here are some reasons why to buy this game. 1 this game is just calm there is nothing to worry about. 2 this game is FREE so you dont have to spend a penny. 3 even tho this app has lots of adds they are not usually that long you just have to wait a few seconds and bam done. We hope that after you read this you will get it. Have a nice time playing!

So fun we get to design our own phone but there are way to many ads if you hate ads but its also super fun when there are no ads!!!

Every time we pick a color an add Im the last 18 minutes we’ve hade ten adds we’ve counted Im almost wanting to delete this game!!

It was fun yes, but it kept saying ADDS NOt REaDY YET!! We got really annoyed we tried resets our electronic we tried resetting the internet we TReID EVERYTHING!! We couldnt do anything except spray and we dont remember what its called but Im not trying to be rude its just we can only play two types of things and It gets really boring when that happens and plus our brother has this and his lets him do everything! Im so confused please help us the best if you can thanks you ( Im really sorry Im not trying to be really rude Im just bored and annoyed sorry ) Thank you for reading.

We love this game! We just think that there are wayyyyyyy to many ads and this game keeps kicking us out of it and we have to turn off our device and turn it back on then go back in to the game. But other then that gray game!

There are to many adds if there wasnt this many adds it be a 5/5 but we also really like the game so thats why its a 4/5.

We dont get ads which wont let us get further into the game, but overall the game is a fun game to play on trips and just for fun.

We like this game a lot but there are sooo many adds almost every time we click on a spray theres an add and we dont like that.

This game is super fun, and even though it doesnt look like it its really relaxing. The things about the game we dont like is that all the cool things like pop-it and stencil and all that need to have an ad watched before you play it. Our other thing is all the ads are just THE SAME ADS. We think we’ve seen that same Wordscapes ad at LEAST 30 times. On the other hand this game is awesome, theres tons of cool stickers and patters you can use with spray, and cool keychains. We totally recommend it except for the ads so definitely download.

Ok so this game is awesome if ur artsy but there are way to many ads of u try to pick a different color it gives u an ad if you do anything that involves touching the screen it gives u an ad and even if u can get rid of it, it costs money. There are WAY too many ads.

~Ok Im a simple girl k? But like its fun and all so yeah. Would recommend if ur patient with all the god dang adds. Like what the heck?! Otherwise besides the adds it has some good things about it. First off we love the like items in ur room in the background super cute and some of the floors and walls r pretty good too Also the acrylic animation could use some work as well as the marble. Kinda laggy. We wish u could go back to like if u press the next button on the right the left button could make u go back to ur previous work. Thats kinda hard to explain but we hope u get it sense we cant give a 3 1/2 stars we give u 3. Good bye. Have a nice day~

This game is okay. When we want to watch an add it wont let me.

Okay okay Im so glad we got it lol but its ad.

So we were gonna play it when it kicked us out we had to do our password then we had to do that all again and then it said Lost IPhone It was Werid it was not letting us out but then it happened.

We are writing this review because of our hatred for adds. We HATE ADDS now when we got this game like a year ago. There was literally like 1 add per costumer but now you cant even go like 2 colors without an add. Now we tried to get over the adds because we LOVE this game to and it is like our number one game when we play games. It is very fun we dont think that there could be just a few things like more opportunities for the hydro dipping and other things like that. Overall just we love the game just if you guys could please try to lower the amount of adds we would really appreciate that thanks bye.

So this game is good in all but kinda annoying it has a lost of adds although you could probably turn of your internet but that may make it so you cant play but if your a light sleeper and rarely turn your ringer off we dont recommend it just because it gives you notifications at 12:00 AM we stayed up that late a lot of times and saw it but thankfully we are an incredibly deep sleeper. Sorry if its too long.

Its a really fun game and its super addicting but theres one thing that makes it bad its ADS every second or minute we get an add but it super fun but ads come on its always ads ads ads and ADS its annoying but very fun.

We were really excited to play this game and make our own art we click a button and we click another button ad we click again ad we finish ad we give it to the person and then work on another one ad there are way to many ads can you put up ads every ten minutes at least because the ads are constant and we feel like Im playing a game where we watch ads all day so you can do better.

There is soooi many adddddsss you need to plsss get rid of some of them!

There are so much adds and it makes it not fun and there isnt thst much pretty things.

At first, the game looks fun in the ads but theres not much DIY to it, you just do what it says. Also there is way to many ads!!! They show one after every time you pick a new color!! They say its for 12+ but its more like 6+. Overall, we would not recommend this game but if you like doing crafty stuff you should get it.

There are way to many adds, you cant even finish the phone case with at least 2 adds. Because of this, we would not recommend this game if you are giving it to a little kid or playing it to chill out.

Nonononononono just nonononon no. Just nonononoon No. Nononononononononononoon.

We just think that this game is really boring we got a back like 5,6,7,8 or like 30 times just to see some things new and try it again but we got rid of it and we dont regret it because THIS GAME IS SUPER SUPER BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

No just no the ads there are way too many ads we hate them.

After every step there is add we dont like that that:(

Ads AND ads IT is the worst AND IT is a scam.

Yall make the game so complicated because yall ad adds.

We like the game its self but there are WAY TOO MANY FREAKING ADS!!!!!! REPETITIVE ADS TO listen up we have WAY MANY MORE GAMES ON HERE they dont have 1% of the ads Im angry and sad at the developers we hate the ads its like there UNLIMITED + INFINITE.

They show vip people coming in and asking for a phone makeover in then when you click do phone case it says that you cannot because there is no add ready.

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