Phone Case DIY

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:55 pm

Phone Case DIY


Phone Case DIY is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P., Phone Case DIY is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th November 2020 with the latest update 20th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


309,026 people have rated 2.6.8

You can download the game Phone Case DIY from APP STORE.


How much do you love your phone? OK, we know.
So how about you make it super pretty with some serious customization work?
Unleash your creative mind and splash some color on this phone!
Make it glow! Make it bling! Make it glitter! Make it yours!

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Updated on 20th April 2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Phone Case DIY Review

We love this app because it dosn’t need wi-fi.

This app is so much fun but so so so so so many adds you get to try out different kinds of ways to decorate The phones.

We love it all the way we think we are in a dream and love the decorations and stuff so we do recommend it.

Ads so many of them when we pick a color for the phone there is an AD whenever we complete a level AD whenever we do anything in this Game an AD pops up but ill still leave a 5 STAR REVIEW.

We wish that there was more to do in the game instead of just making phone cases like we wish that you would be able to do a deep clean of the phone and take it apart and fix thing in the phone like that type of stuff.

This game is really nice and cool but we think you should add the glitter.

We like pizza . As you can tell we are an airhead. Btw this was a dare)

Id say this game is pretty nice.

We love crafty games so this is perfect for art and tiediy lovers! Thank you for reading this short message! Love,Claire.

Oh our god our kids and our husband are playing it.

We love crazy lab games and the first time you play it you can youse your creativity.

This game is a bangar keep it up people!!

This game is so fun if youre seeing this you should try it it lets you create your own phone of wonder.

We love the update the other people are lying we HATE YOU HATERS!

This is the game for you. We love all the colors that you can use. We love the shapes of the phone cases.

This is a really good app everybody should get it you spray and then you can add stickers and all sorts of things.

Hi,So we were playing this game and all the new updates they added when we tried to use them it would say the adds are not ready and 8 have had this game for awhile and so it was really annoying that it would not let us use the new updates they added so we defeated the game and we added it and now we are going to see if it works but thats mostly it we find the game really fun and all but that was just the one thing that really annoyed us!

This game is the best game ever! It just has way to many ads.

This game is a good game but there are way to many adds but we suggest you get somebody else to do the people and make them you know? So yeah we hope you understand and Im not being offensive we just dont really like how many adds there are and the people Im saying that because its our opinion so we hope you understand and yes we LOVE YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!

It is a awesome app we love it so much but there are too many adds. Like every time after we do a customer there is a add. Like we said it is a good app but to many adds.

Well the game is good but tooo many ads but we still like the game.

Ok, yes , it is a good game. But it has so many advertisements!! We personally hate those type of games, but this one makes an exception. And we saw an ad for this game with pop-it phone cases, and we were like, Cool! We should get this game! But we were wrong. This ad that we saw for this game was FAKE. So far, we havent seen ANY SIGN for pop-it cases! They just want downloads. And if they want that, remove all the ads! Well, we guess you could have some, but STILL. We do like this game. But if you dont like ads, we dont advise you to download this game. The game is great overall, but just some stuff we dont like. We’ve read some of the other reviews. We understand all of your opinions, but, cmon guys! The game isnt THAT BAD. We would give it 5 stars if the ad wasnt fake, and if there wasnt so many ads. We do fairly enjoy this game and we hope you all found this helpful.

Thank you for this app it is so fun to play! But the adds come up a lot so we will give you four stars but it is still a good game we love it.

We love but there are so many adds. Every time we are done with something an add comes up. So its frustrating when you have an idea in your head.

Dude the adds! Theres like an add like every single 5 seconds! Like the adds are the worst like we were going to delete the game because of this!! If you dont fix this we are going to delete this game. Like the reviews agree with this!! And everybody hates the adds. So if you want 5 stars then fix the adds!

Good app a few inappropriate things and they dont let you watch adds so annoying.

So we downloaded this game and we love it but there are a lot of ads otherwise we would give it a five star rating.

For some reason our adds arent ready yet so we cant get anything. So we can only do acrylic and spray. BORING!

We kind of like this game but the thing is when we try to do a vip it has something were we have to watch an add so when we click the button that says watch add.. (I think ) so any ways when we try to click the add it says Add still not ready yet . Soooo can you please fix it plsssssssssss.

The ads are just coming in nonstop can you add less ads?

This is an amazing game. And the phone art is always amazing, we downloaded this game because we saw you can make pop it phones. Maybe Im mistaken but so far it is an exclusive option. For a few days, that existed. But now we can do that. But, it is unplayable for pop it phones. Oh, and glitter maker come soon! There are many ads on the game. Sometimes, it doesnt let us exit out of the ad! We reboot the whole game, and then it works again! Some of the ads are bad. But we deleted the game because it had so many ads, but we downloaded it again.

This game is fun but it has lots of ads like no Point in calling it phone case diy just call it ads lots of ads and a bit of phone case diy please get back at me.

First of all we play a lot of your games but this one . The front page/thumbnail is SO FALSE its not as interesting as you think. And whenever we find out that we can do a special phone case all we get is adds after adds! ITS SO…. ANNOYING! All we have to say is update the games once in a while and add something thats not stickers and glitter.

Ads every 30 seconds. Not worth your time or use of space.


It literally has way to many ads and dosent even give you freedom at all. We notice sometimes if we even touch the spray paint it gives us an ad. But in conclusion this game is horrible.

We hate all the ads get rid of the or u lose a player that likes your game get rid of all the Ads.

This game has way too many adds.

We just saw an ad and then its just didnt let us do it so we actually rate this a one. Make it better!

Sexual content in ads. Not appropriate for even 16+

We love this game if you play it…… It will be the best game ever. Do you know what is even better……….. ITS FOR FREE! So we should just you get the game right nowwwwwwwwwww.