Piano Notes! – Learn To Read Music

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Piano Notes! – Learn To Read Music


Piano Notes! – Learn To Read Music is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Visions Encoded Inc., Piano Notes! – Learn To Read Music is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th September 2011 with the latest update 20th August 2017

Whether you are a fan of Education, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


35 people have rated 1.8

You can download the game Piano Notes! – Learn To Read Music from APP STORE.


3 Challenging Game Modes:

  • Arcade
  • Count-down
  • Endless

"Piano Notes!" will help intermediate learners to improve their sight-reading of notes on the bass and treble clef in the keys of C, F, G, Bb, D, Eb, A, Ab and E (0-4 flats, 1-4 sharps).

I created this basic flashcard game as a follow up to our popular "Notes! – Learn To Read Music" app.

For feedback or suggestions please contact us at http://visionsencoded.com/contact/.

Updated on 20th August 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Updated graphics, bug fixes
  • 64-bit support
  • Minimum required version bumped to iOS 8.1

Piano Notes! – Learn To Read Music Reviews

We wanted to brush up on our music theory and this is a great place to start!

Extremely helpful with practicing sight reading. Its perfect for anyone who wants some extra practice with reading notes.

Ok so we got this app and was really liking it! But after a while, it got boring. We think they should have different types of games. Of corse, they dont have to. But we HIGHY RECOMMEND THIS APP!! We’ve improved in ways we cant imagine was possible! Thank you for this app! We love it! Please please please get this app if your thinking about it! If the people that made the app respond to us or do a little update to the game, we know you care about the education of learning piano notes. And Ill know you read this :) so please get back to us!

We have learned a lot and enjoy the timed program.

A great app for us, everything we wanted in practicing the notes.

Im returning to piano after a long hiatus. We were an intermediate level player, but after 20 years we’ve forgotten many ledger notes. This is a great way to resurrect and reinforce note identification!

It was very hard to read. We prefer the blue-colored app basically because it doesnt stress us out. We do not like it. But, we learnt from this app too.

This is the sister app to the blue outlined one. The blue is beginner and this red one is advanced. They should really be labeled as such. The blue one is excellent, includes instructions and appropriate feedback. This red one has lots of levels that we can assume are helpful for advanced music reading – but there is no instruction anywhere in the app.

Thought this app was going to help us learn to read music! No instructions at all! And you have to hit random keys and that makes a sound. Does nothing to help you figure out what the notes mean.

It only tells you the notes and doesnt show you how to play them. Dont waste your money.

This is what is missing from traditional instruction. Improving our reading fluency made practice so much more gratifying that we don’t want to stop anymore.

This app has helped us in learning where the notes are, plan and simple. A must have.

This app has been a great tool for moving forward in learning to read music. It is easy to use and thorough. Well, it’s easy to use, once you get past the darn cats. It does need a small help panel, or some kind of brief explanation. However, the email response from the programmer was extremely fast and clear. Thanks very much.

This app has helped sharpen our sight reading skills significantly and we use it daily to drill myself. Highly recommend.

Love app ever since we’ve started using we have had nothing but success love love love it!!!!

This app is great, the different modes allow you to pace yourself (good for practice w/ real piano) or be challenged (good practice when away from piano). There’s no instructions, but it’s very self-explanatory. Thanks for this helpful tool, loved it.

This app blew us away. We needed something to help us with sight reading music; we were terrible at it. After downloading, this app had us addicted! It made sight reading fun without dumbing it down. Definitely worth buying. We use it constantly. Well designed.

Helping us re-learn piano and sight reading sheet music after a 35 year hiatus. Could do without the cat pictures, but it’s just the start up screen…

So glad we found this app! Already makings music reading better. We are so excited.

We’re working with this marvelous app it’s so cool that meek make our boring day at work so happy!! In ten minutes we’re getting so good we can tell right away love it!!!!!

These flash cards are a great way to work on sight reading music. We are bad on the bass clef and this has helped us sight read much better. These great exercises can be incorporated into a practice routine for a few minutes each day. You do need to keep an eye out for the shaded middle C as the keyboard needs to move when the exercises change from treble to bass clef.

Definitely addresses our long standing sight reading weakness.

Exactly what we need to help further our piano study when we have to be away from the piano.

We have hundreds (thousands?) of apps and this by far is the the best piano related app that we have found for learning to read notes. We especially like the timer mode. The levels get more difficult, additng new key signatures and accidentals. Thanks so much for this app- we are coming along in our note reading much faster now that we are using this one..

We can’t see getting tired of using this to get faster and faster. We are very glad we found this app.

For years we’ve struggled with our sight reading and we always thought we had little musical aptitude, but since getting this program a few days ago, we’ve been astounded at how much easier music reading is. We’ve spent so much time trying to memorize which notes correspond to each line, to very little effect, but the simple interface and straightforward approach of this program has really helped us learn to read music. We generally spend five minutes with the program a few times throughout the day, and that kind of short but frequent repetition makes a huge difference. We wish I’d had something like this when we started playing music in middle school band!

Learning anywhere and everywhere. Recognition skill of reading notes can be improved at any time of the day where ever you are! Love it!

From a great musician who has been hopelessly inept at sight reading… Enjoyable, too.

Thanks to this game we now know how to play the basic notes faster’nn.

For less than a dollar, this app can’t be beat. We were looking at spending about $15 on some music note flashcards to help with sight reading. This makes it a fun and challenging game that can be played all alone. Highly recommended to all parents with kids in piano lessons.

We don’t know where we would press but we look for it because now we know the letters and where they are so it has gotten easier! We taped the letters to our keyboard to memorize and we think we already know a lot of the letters! Who wouldn’t like it?!? We would pay 1000000 dollars for it!

As a kid we were taught piano and we memorized middle c very well, but as we went on, our instructors never emphasized learning the higher ranges past that. As years went by we learned to play by ear and also how to watch people play and copy movements. As we are 20 years old we cannot sight read, this app has helped our recognition significantly, just by repeating the first level! Wonder app, worth the money!

We love this app. It challenges you and after spending some time, we must say, we’ve improved. Piano teacher is impressed with our improvement in sight reading.

Good program, helps with music reading. Our only wish is to have extended scales off the bar. Otherwise it does help and it’s like a video game so it’s kind of fun too. Worth every penny.

Great app! Can’t stop playing it!! Our piano teacher lets us use it so we use it when we’re practicing. We highly recommend but a little overpriced. 99 cents would be better.

When we started out learning the bass cleft notes we had a mere 55% accuracy. After 15 or so minutes of playing our accuracy improved to 86%. It did get easier the longer we practiced. Then our brain started to hurt and we had to quit for a while. :)

We really like this app is helping us to learn and practice the notes for piano playing. We’re getting better at reading our notes every time we practice. It’s easy to use.

A fun compliment to music theory. Better then analog flash cards.

We are using this app with students at the end of second term and older. The only app which uses middle C as the base reinforcing that each note has a corresponding key. Now if the range of notes could be established by the instructor younger students could develop along with the app.

Great app just one suggestion… Please add the corresponding letter of the note on the key.

Great app we like very much, you should get it if you are learning piano.

The E# key does not work!!! Please fix bug.

Does not show notes with them once they are picked. We would like to see notes with them for a beginner.

There appears to be zero flexibility, you have to go through it in the path that they’ve laid out. It’s really tedious. Some people clearly like it, but it’s just not for us. We prefer something more creative and less rote-driven.

No directions, no idea how to use app. We want a refund.

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