Pictionary Air

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 12:30 am

Pictionary Air

Pictionary Air

Pictionary Air is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mattel, Pictionary Air is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd May 2019 with the latest update 9th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pictionary Air ?

18,585 people have rated 5.1.0

What is the price of the Pictionary Air ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pictionary Air released ?

Pictionary Air was released on 3rd May 2019.

When was the Pictionary Air updated ?

The latest updated date of Pictionary Air on 9th March 2023.

Where can Pictionary Air be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pictionary Air from Apple Official App Store.



Now with digital clues! Updated Pictionary Air™ 2 pen! Erase and add points using the pen.

Draw in the air and see it on screen in this hysterical way to play Pictionary™. Interact with your sketch, similar to charades, while your team guesses as many clues as they can!

Pick up the Pictionary Air™ 2 upgraded pen (sold separately), connect it to the app, unlock clues and get your air-drawing game on! Clear the screen and add points directly from the pen. You can also save and share videos of all your funny gameplay moments! Several themed digital clue packs are also offered as an in-app purchase, so you can keep on playing!

Use an Apple TV or similar compatible streaming device to mirror the game to your TV for even more laughs!

There’s a Pictionary™ for every player!
(Each sold separately, subject to availability.)

Pictionary Air™ Star Wars™ has players sketching through a galaxy far, far away with a little help from R2-D2, BB-8 and their friends!

Pictionary Air™ Harry Potter™ adds magical flair to the original air-drawing game! Choose two Hogwarts™ houses and battle it out to win the house cup. Fill the meter to earn 2x points and add magical effects! Find the Golden Snitch for even more points!

Pictionary Air™ Kids vs. Grown-Ups has kids playing against adults in an air-drawing showdown! Kids clues include images, so players 6+ can join in the fun.

Do you have 2 Pictionary Air™ pens? Try “All Play” where both teams can draw in the air and guess AT THE SAME TIME.

Pictionary Air™ 2 is the hilarious new addition to your next game night.

Updated on 9th March 2023

New feature – digital clues! Pick up the Pictionary Air™ 2 upgraded pen (sold separately), connect it to the app, unlock clues and get your air-drawing game on! Clear the screen and add points directly from the pen. Choose from several themed digital clue packs, perfect for your next game night!

Pictionary Air Review

Best game of our life, so fun because you write in the air five star rating.

Love drawing so much thats why we love so Pictionary air yeah.

It sometimes draws unnecessary lines but other than that a blast totally recommend.

Its a great family game and the kids will love it. Especially if you play the kids vs grownups. Its fun all around. Just follow the tip and instructions.

This app is literally just a yellow screen. Awesome.

Great when it worked but app no longer works and can no longer use it. Hope it gets fixed soon.

We love this game so fun for all kids and adults.

This game is so fun especially for families. We would recommend this to anyone looking for a family game night! Just know that you need the game to play, we found it at target but you can get the game in lots of places have fun!

This game is the best game ever.

Fun and enjoyable. A little hard to set up though.

It seems fun. But the air pen is unstable and we have no place to see our own drawing as picturist. Its unstable so the markings are always off. Terrible for non-artists. Doesnt help with those that cant draw well.

We have been stuck on the loading screen for 20 minutes and the percent wont go up.

Fun game. Just dont stand in front of the tv or else you drawings wont draw properly because of the double green light in the background.

Our children gave this to us for Christmas tonight!! We played it for over three hours! We laughed so much. It was a great night. Highly recommend! Took us a couple rounds to get the hang of the pen, but even those were fun.

Its a pretty great game with you.

Dont ask us to rate this messed up game again. EVER AGAIN!!! P.S. We mean it you frikalasuaruas.

Its perfect other then it took FOREVER to install lol.

If you get on it and click the download button it will make us wait 30 seconds and then it wont download it.

We got this game for Christmas and was a bunch of fun! However, there is some room for improvement that would make this game unbelievably awesome! The only real complaint that we had was that the drawing area was way too small. The team scores take up way too much space along with the +1 point/pause/eraser controls at the bottom of the screen. When our kiddos were drawing, their lines were often covered up by the controls on the screen. Our recommendation move the scores to the corners of the screen and open up the drawing area to make the most of the available screen. Would definitely give a five star rating with these changes.

When will this be available to use on apple TV.

Pictionary is a fine game. This rendition of it isnt as fun as the original. The app works okay on most devices, but for some reason the video was inverted when using (upside down) a newer iPhone. Restarting the app and phone didnt resolve anything. The iPhone 2020 SE did fine. The interface could use some work. The clear button is way to small. Having to pass the phone around takes some of the fun out of it. Someone has to interface with the phone at all times. All in all, its not something we care to play again.

Trying to play this game according to the many guidelines the app intro suggests is a chore. You may end up playing this game in a different room than you were hoping to. The device you use to track the drawing needs to remain perfectly still or youre essentially drawing by wiggling your device. To do this we used a tripod and if you dont have one of those, thats another added expense. At least the app is free.

This app doesnt work very well we could not get the pen to work when used by small children. Other wise this is a good idea only if it worked a little better so it makes a game that doesnt include more troubleshooting than playing.

This game was pretty fun until it started glitching out. Our sister would stand there and it started drawing? The pen was literally turned off. This kept on happening no matter how many times we erased it.

App crashes every 3 minutes so you cant even play a full game. The pen tracking isnt accurate in the slightest, so its not even playable. Nobodys having fun when the game isnt even doing its job. We think this digitalizing of the game is just to appeal to Gen Z, which WOULD have made big bucks if it actually WORKED. Us and our friends would much rather play the original as opposed to this absolute dumpster fire. Dont gift this to anybody unless you want to be known as the person who gives the most disappointing presents. Please fix this before we run over the wand thing.

We have having issues with this app. Every time we try to download the recording the app crashes and starts us all over. The pen is also drawing by itself when we are not pressing the button probably going to return this game because we dont know who to contact for this!! Our daughter is super disappointed.

Got this for our son this christmas and we tried to play and the app was so buggy that we had to just use the cards to play charades which he seemed to like but the whole point of us buying this thing was for him to write in the air and he couldnt even do that.

We tried on an iPad Pro and iPhone X. Both have such a dark picture you cannot see the person drawing. We tried a dark, dimly lit, and a well lit room. No difference. We even tried shining a spotlight on the person. No change. Game is not as much fun when you have to keep looking between the screen and person and try to put the two together. Please fix this asap.

We bought this game in store for our daughter, the box says download free app. We got charged 19.97 for the app.

This game is so clunky and awful. We would not recommend this whatsoever.

The game does not load, ever. How is it that we can play on an Android and not on aniPad?

Unplayable if artist is wearing a green/teal/turquoise shirt that resembles the color the wand makes while drawing. The camera will pick up the shirt color and mess up the picture and make it unplayable.

We played this with friends about 8 months ago and loved it, so bought our own. Played it tonight and its not the same as before. It might be the app has been updated since we played with friends. But when we mirror it, the scores and points/pause buttons are right in the way. They take up a lot of the drawing room space, so we had to put ourselves in awkward positions so we could see what we drew. The scores need to be very small and put to the sides or in the corners. Is there a way to do this that Im missing? And also it Other than that it was fun.

So, we just got the Harry Potter version of the game, and we did everything the instructions said to do; put in the batteries, turned the wand on, waited until the wand was glowing, pressed the button, and downloaded the app. We were ready to play, then the pen started acting weird. We couldnt get it to draw, and when we could, the pen made random lines, and sometimes it wouldnt draw at all, and the drawing, when we drew to the left, on the screen, the drawing was moving to the right, so that was discombobulating. We will keep trying, because we just got it, but so far, we are feeling about this game.

So fun for babies like its so perfect its a good way to make Then be distracted for hours.

We think that the game is really fine when we play it it does have some glitches where when youre done with a line it brings another line right up when you didnt even write it but in general its really really fine and we wish that you could have some more updates on it like with a Harry Potter one it wont let us have a well the light for the squiggly lines so we really hope you can make it where you can fix that.

Whenever we try to do this game/app it never shows up or its always glitching we would not recommend this game/app.

Weve had this game for quite a while and have never had any issues playing it. Since the most recent update, it has become so difficult to play. It doesnt follow the pen well, the drawing moves around/seems to be floating sometimes even when the phone is held still, and we have to stand very close to the phone for it to even draw at all. None of these things happened before the update.

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