Picture Tile Slider Pro

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Picture Tile Slider Pro


Picture Tile Slider Pro is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CHRIS PAVLOU, Picture Tile Slider Pro is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th December 2008 with the latest update 8th February 2021

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


16 people have rated 7.5

You can download the game Picture Tile Slider Pro from APP STORE.


Picture Tile Slider Pro is a really cool tile-sliding puzzle game, based on the 15-puzzle (or n-puzzle) game, with a ton of features. You’ll love it!

To solve the puzzle you arrange the tiles in number order, left to right then down. When you complete the puzzle you will be cheered on or applauded and have a chance to register your score.


  • Easy Tap-n-Slide. Just tap and tiles slide.
  • Multi-Tile-Slide. Move more than one tile at a time.
  • Auto-Save of the game progress.
  • Auto-Pause of timer when game is closed/inactive.
  • 4 puzzle layouts (3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6).
  • Timer based score keeping for each layout.
  • 2 second preview of solved puzzle.
  • Use one of 70 sample HD pictures provided as the puzzle.
  • Use pictures from your Photo Album as the puzzle.
  • Take a picture with the Camera and use as the puzzle.
  • Solvable-Puzzles-Only option.
  • Show/Hide tile numbers.
  • Save screenshots of solved puzzles.
  • Tell-a-friend about the game from inside the game.
  • Leave a review link inside the game for your convenience.

The puzzle is really fun to play and easy too – even a 6 year old can do it!

Turning off the Solvable-Puzzles-Only option makes it more challenging, because you don’t know if the puzzle can be solved or not.

Turning off Tile numbers also makes it more challenging.

The game remembers the state of the game so if a call comes in you can answer it knowing that when you are done you can resume where you left off with the timer paused. Once you make a move the timer will resume.

The game also remembers which picture you were using no matter the source.

Please note that pictures you take with the camera from within the game to use as the puzzle are not saved in your Photo Album. Once you solve the puzzle you can save a screenshot of the puzzle itself.

Updated on 8th February 2021

In addition to"best time", you can now also keep high scores by "fewer moves". Tap on the Moves or Time headings on the Hall of Fame screen to choose.

Picture Tile Slider Pro Reviews

The only thing its lacking is the ability to play with w animated gifs.

As a child we loved these puzzles which were plastic tiles in a frame. This electronic version is much more fun… With variety and ranges of difficulty.

Doesnt work. Cannot use your pictures.

We like this game and the app is great!

Lots of options, small in size, works great, and lots of fun.

We have tried a lot of others. This is still the best. Remains practically perfect in every way!

We really enjoy working these puzzles. We would recommend this app for anyone who enjoys a challenge.

We really like the app. We wish there were more pics and you could take the numbers off. But it’s good!

This game has everything you could want in a slide puzzle, we love it! Nice job.

Works perfectly. Well designed, plenty if options. Happy with the purchase.

Very well done, interface is very intuitive and game is addicting.

The numbers sometimes get annoying but we love it anyways!

Love the fact you can take pics on the fly and use them in the app right away. Great interface design too.

1/4/08 – Just bought this . . . Played it once so far . . . We’re impressed!!! Love it and all the features . . . Great Job!!!

Our most used app really enjoy it must have.

Fun, customizable puzzle game. We really like the move whole row or column feature. The option for numbering the tiles really helps figure out the order on some of the images.

Extremely well-designed app all around. Available options are great (size of board, choose pictures, etc.). Best app we’ve tried to-date.

We love his puzzle! The best part – you can use your own pictures too!

Excellent app — well done, great feature set, and a lot of fun to play.

There are few more implementations of the similar concept out there. The beauty of this one is refinement, attention to details, customization. The author definitely thought about end user experience and fine-tuned User Interface to make playing of the game easy and fun. Those small details which often define the greatness of the game are all there. Worth the $0.99. :)

If you’ve got the patience for this kind of puzzle then you should get it!

The sounds, and implementation are nice. Only problem is, the GUI is rather ugly. For a much more elegant design, take a look at "Tactile," though that one’s far from perfect as well. (That one lacks sounds, as well as a lot of the options this one has.) we would say at the very least, get rid of the "Picture Slider" words at the top, as well as the borders on the side. They’re sort of cluttery and unnecessary, and ruin an otherwise nice visual experience. And it’d be nice for the bottom menu bar to disappear when not in use (and reappear when one taps on the bottom area, for example). Other than that, good work.

This app is wonderful but it is very hard to figure out this puzzle even if you do the 3 x 3 we would not get this unless you are a teacher.

Every time we try to open it, the game crash’s.

Only a few people like this so boring it is hard to beat at first but then u finish everyone in like 30 or less seconds.

We just bought this app only to find adult ads on it? Ridiculous!! Why force us to look at ads with 17+ adult content when we paid for it?! And it does force you or else the little red numbers don’t go away. We’re so mad.

This app is a waist of money. There is better apps of the same type that are free.

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