Pikalytics: Battle Strategy

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 06:05 pm

Pikalytics: Battle Strategy


Pikalytics: Battle Strategy is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Griffin Ledingham, Pikalytics: Battle Strategy is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd May 2020 with the latest update 5th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Utilities, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


583 people have rated 1.2.6

You can download the game Pikalytics: Battle Strategy from APP STORE.


Pikalytics Battle Ranking Pokedex for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on the Nintendo Switch. Teams, moves, abilities, and EV spreads for Battle Stadium Doubles (VGC 2023) and Battle Stadium Singles.

Find out what trainers are bringing to the field, and stay one step ahead of the competition on your mobile device! Offline Ranked battle data, informing you which Pokemon see the most use, which moves are popular, and which items are being held.

Store favorite Pokemon to help you build your team, and jump between different Pokemon quickly as you go.

Ready to step up your game? Pikalytics: Battle Strategy include Effort Values and Natures for the competitive players out there to really refine their team building for the meta game. Each Pokemon page shows base stats, so trainers can quickly check speed tiers while in the heat of battle.

Need to know which moves an opponent might be using online? Use Pikalytics: Battle Strategy to help prepare defensively too! Studying up on what other Pokemon use helps you improve your play, knowing better what to team build against when preparing your squad.

Key features:

  • 100% ad-free!
  • Offline, no internet connection required!
  • Ranking Pokédex
  • Store Favorite Pokemon for quick access
  • Top Moves, Abilities, Items, Teammates and more!
  • Search Ranking Pokedex for items, moves, and names
  • Frequent updates with the latest stats!
  • Fast, and network free. Browse all you want, all entirely offline!

Follow us on Twitter @Pikalytics (https://twitter.com/Pikalytics) or online at https://www.pikalytics.com


Pikalytics: Battle Strategy is a third-party application made by fans, and is not affiliated with the Pokémon brand, Pokémon Sword & Shield, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo.

Sprites courtesy of Smogon Sprite project.

Raw data courtesy of Pokemon Showdown.

Updated on 5th May 2023

  • Our latest April Scarlet & Violet usage stats for Gen 9 VGC 2023 Regulation Set C, Battle Stadium Singles, OverUsed and Ubers!

Pikalytics: Battle Strategy Reviews

Im new to vgc and Im hoping we get to see a update soon with the new season and Pokmon added.

Love this app but cant give it 5 star because its not updated regularly. Have to go to their website to see updates.

We love the usage statistics this app provides. If the app also supported team building just like the pikalytics website does this would be easy 5 stars.

Great app, quality information and ease of use. Just a few months behind for updated stats. Would be a 5 star if regularly updated.

Awesome app but, the info is not accurate its a little behind when compared to the actual website.

Paid 0.99 because we were trying to team build via the site but half our phone was an ad and then come to find we can’t team build in this? C’mon now.

How come we cant see EVs, abilities, or personalities for Pokmon on an app we paid for that we can see on a free website? Im confused by that choice.

So not sure if Im missing something or not. We will readjust our rating if we are but is this just showing popular moves, base stats, and teammates for each Pokmon? We know their site offers a load of information and was expecting for a paid app Id be getting that information in a phone friendly format. For a premium app all we get is three pieces of info on each Pokmon? We woulda liked to see meta spreads and a team builder at least. Was just expecting a little more.

The app doesnt include item usage distribution, ability distribution or or alternate ev spread information, but the website does. Why would we pay for missing information?

Doesn’t even include item or ability usage, let alone the team builder. Far inferior to the free website.

We love this app tremendously. Been playing Pokmon for over 20+years and seeing the meta constantly shift over the generations can be difficult to keep up with sometimes. This app helps you keep current we love the ease and versatility you provide. Only a small suggestion when you select a Pokmon maybe add their typings next to their name as well. Helps with synergy and such. Love love love this app.

This app is terrible. No team building or anything. Dont waste your money.

The App is amazing. It has really helped us put together a good competitive team that dominates. Just a suggestion, we were wondering if it could be possible to add the natures of the Pokmons as well.

This app is amazing totally worth the money!!!

We like the app, its a little annoying to pay 99 cents and still need to go to the website for the vgc damage calculator.

Its January 23rd 2021 and the latest stats they have are from November 2020 which is Octobers 2020 end of month stats. This is a paid app so we would like to believe the developer would copy and paste more updated stats to this app but it seems as though this app has lost its support. Such a shame.

So good for looking at Pokmon on the go, and really fun to just look at. We also dont really care about the team building because we feel that Pokmon showdown is better at team building. But amazing app, and Definitly worth 1 dollar, and maybe even 5 dollars! Editing this, we realize it would definitly be great to have teambuilder, and if it was better, it would be exceptional.

We love the ease of use and how quickly we can look up exactly what we need to on this app! A few suggestions: -Type Chart for specific Pokmon or a generalized one would be awesome! -Team builder would be a great addition to this app, along with showing what youre weakness is based on the current meta. – Quite a few of the descriptions of Items/Moves end early with a … Without giving any way of seeing the rest of it. While this isnt a dealbreaker, it does get quite annoying having to go look up the rest of the move somewhere else. And thats all! Other than that, we love the app and Im using it constantly.

We enjoy using the desktop version of Pikalytics all the time to teambuild. The app keeps the clean and easy to use design from the website, but it missing a team builder makes it lacking.

Would be a perfect 5 if it had the team builder as well!

IPhone X if that matters… This app is at a great starting point, and the data is super valuable but… But sometimes descriptions end mid-sentence with an ellipsis…. Which is super annoying when youre trying to learn the nitty gritty of an attack or ability. Id love to follow through info with more info. Or instance we see an ability we find interesting, we click it, and Pikalytics would show us all the Pokmon who have it.

We were thrilled to have Pikalytics as an app to avoid the ads on the website when working on team building. However the app and website DO NOT match. If youre team building use the website otherwise youre getting outdated building stats. Id definitely upgrade the review if the app matched the stats and information from the website but until then its what it is.

We would pay a premium if we could theory craft teams on this already incredibly useful app. If you play competitive, this is the app youll need! It allows you to quickly look up moves and stats in game and has saved us in many of our ladder and friendly tournament games, along with assessing which mons you want for your competitive roster.

This app is an amazing tool to use especially for starting new in VGC. We hope one day to get the team builder on the app too!

Hey we really love the damage calc feature on the pikalytics web app we were wondering if it will ever make its way to the mobile app we would greatly appreciate it.

Very convenient, has everything the website has for VGC, SINGLES, OU, and UBERS up to date.

The app is very bare bones. No team building, comparisons etc.

We got the app because we wanted to help support the creators of Pikalytics. Cannot express how useful it is as a competitive player to have access to all of these stats. The only thing we would like them to add to the app is a team builder like they have on the website, but other than that, a flawless app!

Great if you only play swshwheres the rest of the Pokmon? People are playing BDSP on Showdownthe website has it so Im disappointed.

This is a tremendously helpful tool while we are playing, in the car, and so much more. It makes you a better Pokmon player.

We dont understand the reviews, but this app is horrible! The features are very limited it is not anywhere near the usefulness as the website. It also crashes quite frequently. Do not waste youre money on this disappointing app.

We do VGC content and in the masterball tier this app is key in building ALL our new teams.

Amazing app, use it everyday, does exactly what it should.

If you play vgc or you want to this is a stable. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. The website has already helped us so much but this just takes it to the next level.

AMAZING resource. Helps us team build a ton.

We love the fact you can switch dark mode on or off and pick favorite Pokmon so you can track certain Pokmon. Very well made app, thank you.

A whole dollar and we cant even team build!! Lol. Literally everything else is amazing. Its simple and smooth, great for getting detailed information about opposing pokemon on a whim if you dont feel like sitting at a pc to play Pokmon. Im used to using the pikalytics website to theory craft and team build, so it was a disappointment that the team build feature was not included. However we understand the development process and am very glad to see how cleanly this product came out. Surely being able to focus on the list, pokemon info pages, and favorites allowed for such a polished product, but we would really love to see a team building feature added at some point in the future. That would encourage us to use the app more but hey we guess you already got your dollar out of us!

No matter how high up in the rankings you are, or how low you are, we truly believe that Pikalytics will help you improve in every possible way as a competitive Pokmon trainer. From base stats, to movesets, to EV spreads, to wanting to know which Pokmon are paired together, and wanting to see what moves a Pokmon runs… This app has it all! It really helped us come up with different strategies and different ev spreads for our Pokmon. We highly recommend it! For the future of this app (not really something important, just something to make this already good looking app look better) we suggest adding Pokmon character/sprites to the information/introduction screens to make it easier to find The Pokmon youre looking for and make the app look even better! Either way this app is responsive, helpful, and we love it!

We love using Pikalytics for team building and this app just makes it so much more accessible! If you take competitive Pokmon seriously or youre just trying to get into it for the first time, you need this app!

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