Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 08:15 am

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th October 2021 with the latest update 24th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle ?

10,846 people have rated 1.16

What is the price of the Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle released ?

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle was released on 5th October 2021.

When was the Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle updated ?

The latest updated date of Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle on 24th March 2023.

Where can Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle from Apple Official App Store.




Ahoy me hearties! Ready to hoist the mainsail, batten down the hatches and blaze your way across the Caribbean in search of plunder, glory, and hours of pirate fun? Down your grog and grab your cutlass, it’s all hands on deck in this fast-paced pirate simulator that will really float your boat. Race full-sail across the high seas to do battle with simple merchantmen, naval battleships, and fearsome sea monsters, all while filling your coffers with booty to spend on expanding your tropical island hideaway and upgrading your mighty pirateship in preparation for ever fiercer battles and more dastardly buccaneering further into the game!


  • A pirate’s work is never done! The action comes thick and fast in the turbulent waters of this fun fighting game, and prize ships laden with plunder can be spotted on the horizon at every moment. Engage them in battle, exchange broadsides, send them down to Davy Jones’s locker, and grab their lovely loot. But keep an eye on the enemy’s level and the number of warships you engage simultaneously, or it may be you who’s heading for a watery grave.

  • Splice the mainbrace! Head back to harbor to trade your barrels of booty for coin at the local pirates’ market, then celebrate your victory and enhance your fearsome reputation by upgrading five different parameters of your pirateship or improving your lighthouse to open up new expanses of the high seas to your reign of piratical terror.

  • Pieces of eight! What do pirates love even more than the taste of rum, the scent of the ocean, and a fair following wind? Why, sunken treasure, of course! Scour the Caribbean seas for wrecked ships and bring home even more loot to help you progress through the game.

  • The kraken awakes! Maybe it’s the clement climate or the constant supply of drowning sailors, but the particular corner of the ocean where this game is set is suffering a peculiar infestation of gargantuan sea monsters that pose a threat to every boat on the water. Train your cannon on them and rid the oceans of this cursed blight – profiting mightily in the process, of course!

  • Not all hope is lost! You may be the most dastardly of pirates with an insatiable thirst for gold, but you get to show your better nature elsewhere in this battleships game – in side missions where you rescue maidens in distress and other unfortunate victims of life’s vicissitudes. But fret ye not, the rewards for your good deeds are ample too!


Does the free, lawless, action-packed life of a pirate appeal? Want a reputation for terror and plunder that would put Blackbeard to shame? Raise your jolly roger, launch your ship and download Pirate Raid, the casual pirate simulator that’s fast, fun and full to the gunnels with nautical adventure and buccaneering derring-do!

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Terms of Use: https://say.games/terms-of-use

Updated on 24th March 2023

Now all enemies start chasing if you get close enough
New daily/weekly/monthly offers have been added. Check it out, there’s some cool stuff in there (for example, you can now get a pirate of the right profession)
In some Interactive Events on the map, you can now get a pirate as a reward
New Interactive Event: Witch at the Burning Fire. Her fate is now in your hands. What will you do?

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle Review

Cant upgrade ship the screen is blacked out. Says its up to date. Cant upgrade captain. Help please.

Please add more areas to explore.

We cant access our pirate ship to upgrade our crew. This is a new thing that has happened sense the last update. We love the game otherwise, please keep being awesome guys gals and nonbinary pals.

Actually a very fun game. But WAYYYY to many ads.

The game fun so far. A few problems…. Rum bottles become hard to get in stage two.. Don’t pay the no ad fee, it only lasts for a few minutes and than you have to start watching them again. The developer is a money hungry crook.

We may be the only one here. But our copy of the app crashes on startup. We are more than willing to make an edit to this review, Howe at this time we cant even review it.

We paid for no ads and we still have ads.

It might be an ok game if it werent for the ridiculous amounts of ads that pops up, even randomly without your approval. Very annoying and actually ruins the game.

We understand the game needs to have ads in order to keep it free but this is a little bit too much. We hope that the creators of this game actually care at some point because the fundamentals are really fun but you cant get to the fun through the ads.

Edit: 2 more months later multiple updates, game still freezes when clicking ship on bottom menus very sad. Makes game unplayable and they do not even care lol Wdit: after 2 months and multiple updates, still hve not fixed the game breaking bug that doesnt let you g oinside the pirate/ship menu. Click it, screen goes dim and have to force restart app. Havent been able to upgrade any of our crew for months. Sad, still 1 star game The pirate menu, to upgrade crew members, has been glitched for 2 motnhs now. Click on it, screen goes dark and have to force close game. We are not even able to preform essential functions of the game for 2 months and it still has not been fixed. Crap game.

Just turn on airplane mode so theres no ads YO BRAINLESS APES WHO KEEPS WHINING AND ADDING BAD REVIEWS ABOUT ADS! Anyways, best game ever.

Im really enjoying the game. Enjoy advancing our pirates. Looking forward to more maps, seeing whats behind the 4 and 5th tabs along the bottom, and more features. Hope the max guns get raised and more opportunities to increase gun shoot speed. Agree with another reviewer we get some shops stuck. Im on iOS. Keep up the work.

We’ve been playing this for about a month or so and we absolutely love it But please give us more levels Im at ship level 43 and just cruising around with nothing to do with the next level button but no level to go too PLEASEEEEE Thankyou :)

We get ads when you have afree game. But these are quite excessive, and timed to make people buy the game. Why not just make the game cost in the first place.

We love the game and Im very glad that it updated with more islands. However, the update freezes if you try to go to your ship and upgrade or change your crew. Would be 5 stars without this glitch.

Dokdo is better Same concept, better game To whoever sees this, try Dokdo and we promise you its so much more fun.

Last place or time we need an ad popping up is right in the middle of a battle . It causes one to be killed please fix this issue!!!

This game is really fun and we enjoy it. The only reason Im giving this two stars is because the in app purchase is not true. We purchase so we dont have to watch ads and when our Ship blows up we end up still having to watch an ad. We restored purchase and tested it out again and still have to watch ads. We think that if you are going to pay to not watch ads than we shouldnt be watching any ads. Im not sure how to respond to the developers but the issue doesnt rest with ads. We get you need them. But we paid for the no ads service so why am we still getting ads? If we paid in app purchase for no ads than dont give us ads.. Dont you think thats false advertising?

The game is fun dont get us wrong but the amount of ads. Holy smokes! Every 30sec-1 min theres an add!

Developer has built into the coding forced ads onto the users. Unbelievable. Dont bother downloading, youll delete it shortly after giving 5* review. Edit: there are ways to offer ads to players without forcing it on them. You can see how much players hate ads based on the reviews of this game. Sorry to say, consumers dont care about your revenue, but you should care about the consumers and how they feel about your game. So listen to them and adjust appropriately. Remove the forced ads and make them voluntary or do what other successful games are doing and mimic them. The best ones dont even use ads.

We paid for no ads and Im still getting ads like crazy! Very disappointing.

Our game wont open and it makes our phone really hot.

Sure its fun and all but is it worth an add every 5-10 seconds?

We paid the $7 to remove ads, and there are still ads on everything constantly. Ads not removed at all. This game is a scam Update: Developer claims that the game is free because of ads, completely ignoring the fact that we paid specifically to remove ads, but the ads didnt go away. Thats a scam purchase not delivered. Ill contact Apple about this, since the developers have made it clear that theyre scamming people intentionally.

The game is so pixelated. It looks like its on the lowest settings, but there is a setting to make it even lower somehow.

Watch ads for bonuses. Watch ads every 30 seconds or so anyway.

Really cool, but we paid $6 for full version without ads and the ads just keep on coming. Its slightly funny when you think about it. A pirate game stealing from everyone. Apple asleep at the switch again.

The game itself could be fun but its entirely ruined by the awful ads that feel nonstop. It honestly feels like you watch ads with a little game play here and there. Dont worry though you can disable them for $5.99 lol. 99 cents maybe but 6 bucks is a JOKE. Doubt the developers will respond to this because these types of games feel like they are just made as cash grabs instead of developers that actually want to create enjoyable content.

How can we give it anything higher, music plays but stays at the first screen kinda grayed out.

If there is one thing that devs seem to miss is that optional ads are the right way, forcing ads in a players face is just a desperate way to earn money from ads. Meaning the game isnt good enough to earn money without forcing ads so it isnt good enough to play so we always uninstall games like this.

Gets Stuck At Title, Will Delete.

App wont even open iPhone 13 pro.

Would have given 5 stars but the ads are just too much, an ad every minute.

This app doesnt even open on our iPhone 12.

The game is repetitive and the ads keep getting us killed. They randomly pop up when we are in combat and we are dead when the ad ends so everything we had collected is lost. It makes this game unplayable.

2 ads every minute yeah no thanks game is great but way to many ads. Find out a different way or this game will die.

The fact you have to pay over $5 to remove ads in any game these days is ridiculous. You greedy little nerds take it a step further and charge $5.99 for 50 ads you dont have to watch Then the ads start right back up! You should be ashamed.

Good game needs more content. Either add more islands or allow to keep increasing level on existing islands.

Easy to understand gameplay yet addicting to blow up the other little ships. Quite a good time waster if you ask us. Although, Id like to see some more Gem packs that arent .99¢ or $99.99. Seriously no in-between? Who approved of this XD!? Id also like to suggest an infinite island, every time you upgrade your ship the enemies upgrade as well, it would be cool to switch the gun type to something other than just cannons, and boat skins would be cool, just a few thoughts :)

We wish that we had known that we would still be watching ads after purchasing the ad free version of this game. What really bothers us is the revive ads. Ill watch an ad attempting to revive our ship mid battle and at the end of the ad we will still be dead. We have watched as many as 3 ads back to back (after paying for ad free) in an attempt to revive our ship only to find out Im sent back to a base empty handed on reboot. You guys need to do better for your paying customers. That said its a fun game. Im just not going to bother reviving any more. Response to reply, we understand that ad revenue is important to you. But we paid for an ad free version of the game. And we dont mind an occasional ad for boosts like revive. But when we come back from the ad,Im still dead. Im still playing and its still a fun game. We just wish that ad free meant ad free.

Have had this issue for the last 2 updates. Have not been able to do anything in the Ship tab at the bottom. Every time we press it trying to upgrade pirates/crew our screen is untouchable and have to close the app. Havent been able to advance without a very long grind due to this issue. Other than that game is pretty fun, something to definitely pass the time.

Need to update and fix the crashes that happen when trying to upgrade crew and on some adds cause game to full crash or dont allow you to close ads after youre done watching it.

First off there are way to many ads on this game. Game it self is fun. We paid to remove ads thinking this game would be fun. Couple short days later we’ve completed all levels and now theres nothing. Waist of money!!!

Paid for no ads. Continuing to get ads is really frustrating While somewhat enjoyable, unless you pay for no-ads we were almost unplayable.

Cant upgrade our captain because when we hit the ship button to see our captain it freezes.

This would be a pretty fun game if it weren’t for the bugs (windows for interactions popping up when you’re not near the target of the interaction, Godzilla firing at you from way far away, UI disappearing after interaction, game continuing to play when an ad appears that covers the screen) and the RIDICULOUS frequency of ads – every minute an ad appears, we kid you not, we actually timed it. We might have actually spent money to get rid of the ads if they were more reasonable – but at that frequency, when it becomes obvious how greedy and annoying the devs are, screw that.

This game is really fun, unfortunately though you get adds so frequently its unplayable. The kind of ads that just pop up randomly, you cant buy a permanent add skip just these parrots that watch the adds for you they are expensive and with the amount of adds youd be out of them quickly. Shame.

Would be an awesome little game but the ads are terrible. We’ve spent more time in ads than actually playing the game. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

As soon as an add pops up, the game still runs in the background and ships are sinking your ship and theres nothing you can do except to watch another ad to revive yourself. Wack!!!

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