Pixel Pro Baseball

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 02:20 am

Pixel Pro Baseball

Pixel Pro Baseball

Pixel Pro Baseball is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Pixamo Ltd, Pixel Pro Baseball is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th August 2021 with the latest update 10th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Sports, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pixel Pro Baseball ?

5,302 people have rated 1.2.4

What is the price of the Pixel Pro Baseball ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pixel Pro Baseball released ?

Pixel Pro Baseball was released on 12th August 2021.

When was the Pixel Pro Baseball updated ?

The latest updated date of Pixel Pro Baseball on 10th March 2023.

Where can Pixel Pro Baseball be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pixel Pro Baseball from Apple Official App Store.



Pixel Pro Baseball is an addicting retro-style version of America’s Pastime. It features simple controls, realistic physics and in depth data, all wrapped up in beautiful pixel-art.

Pick up and complete a quick game with a few minutes. Or, start a Dynasty and take your team to the major league final – manage your roster, trade players and tweak your line up for your next opponent.

Addictive skill based batting
Fun skill based pitching
Advanced AI for fielding
Intelligent pitchers
Custom number of innings per game
Multiple difficulty settings

Team management
4 leagues, with regular and posts seasons
120 teams
1000s of player with varying skills
Dozens of player attributes affecting their play
Sign free agents
Draft players
Multi-player trades
Manage budgets and payroll
Move teams up leagues when franchises come available
Custom number of games per season

Updated on 10th March 2023

Minor bug fixes.

Pixel Pro Baseball Review

Best baseball game we’ve played so easy to hit home runs! So much fun :)

This game is so addicting and fun we love it we wish you could control the base running but still a good game deserve more than a 5 star.

Whoever says this game is not good is wierd and needs to get a life.

Overall GREAT GAME. One change we would make you would be above to hit it over the stadium. Not just keep hitting it to the concourse. And maybe add a=other changes.

We love the entire thing. Its hard to get a good baseball game this is it.

We havent had this much fun playing baseball since an old board game with circular disk cards as players, and a spinner to choose the at bat results. The developer focuses on what makes a game FUN. Very easy controls, but so much variation in the results based on YOUR skill. Best of all, the developer is one of the good ones, letting you try it out and then, if you like it, PAY ONE TIME to unlock everything. (So tired of these coin games and forced ad-only games!) LOVE this game! It has quickly become our #1 favorite. There are some VERY annoying bugs. Deep fly is a chance to wait at base, tag, and go for home (if player stats show high intellect and fast). Smart/fast runners never attempt a steal either. Really bad: player gets a hit (safe at 1st), runner scores, then a 2nd runner gets picked off at 2nd. Not the 3rd out, yet scores are not counted! Scream! No way to replace fielders mig-game either (except pitcher). And if a pitch hits the batter, they should get a walk. But even with all that, the game is so much fun and addictive. We’ve only had it for 3 weeks and already played multiple seasons.

We absolutely love this game and it is very well rounded. The only things we would suggest are: more ballparks to play in, home run distance tracker, more in depth player and game stats like a scoreboard, maybe a record book like in retro bowl, we would also love if we could look back on previous games and see how each player did. Overall, the game runs fantastically and Im very pleased with the gameplay!

They need to add player customization and name changing, and thats it.

This game is pretty good, but needs a couple improvements. First, you are missing out by not putting the score or replays on the Jumbotron. That would be quite cool. Second, the difficulty needs a slider. That way, we can transition between difficulties easily. Third, fix the AI. Everyone is complaining about it. Fourth, allow the names of players to be changed, along with team colors. We know you guys are busy with other games, but please release a larger update. Thanks.

We would definitely recommend that they add an option that lets you choose which base you throw the ball to. For example when we could get a double play because there is no choosing where to throw the ball to, we only get one out on the other team.

Very fun but needs improvements.

Play offs we wish there was a post season and something to play for besides great game.

This game has great mechanics, and is still fun to play alone. But if we could play against our friends it would be the best baseball mobile game. Until then it is just mid.

Amazing game we think this is a number one hit for baseball game but its very hard but personally, its fun we will share this with friends.

We really liked this game we love the batting system but when we get into the pitching system we dont understand it thats all really to say.

Gameplay seems fine very addicting and solid game, sad complaint that you can not turn off the game sound like you can in other Pixamo games.

We hit (tapped) perfectly on the ball the whole game (not a single pitch wasnt a perfect swing) and still lost. We gave up 1 run. It was the world series. FIX THIS AND GIVE ME MY WORLD SERIES TROPHY.

Its a really fun game and we really enjoy it but Id just hope there was to cancel out the sound effects and crowd.

We think in season mode you should be able to simulate games, its a long season if you do 162 games and it could be helpful for this game. Overall we enjoy it though.

We’ve lost multiple playoff games because when the runner crosses home plate there is a bug where the run is not counted. Many features are locked behind a paywall Still a fun game tho. We would like to see a multiplayer.

Easy game play but too many adds.

This is a great game, we really like the game play. Only downside is some very odd glitches. You cant control the outfield or runners so they will occasionally make some strange decisions (standing completely still next to second base waiting to get tagged out). We also lost a game on a run after the third out in an inning. Just wish we would have known about these frustrating glitches before we bought the no ads version.

Can someone tell us how we lost we played 3 innings and at the end it was 2-0 but it says we lost.

Found a bug with post season person being safe on base and not returning us back to home plate for us to throw the ball again tried restarting game and did the same thing.. Dont want to lose post season because it shouldnt be an issue.

Every time we get more runs than the opponents they take YEARS so we can win but the second they get more than us we lose but the game is pretty fun.

Bad graphics, simple plot and idea, and no fun in the game itself.

Dude we literally cant even hit the ball because its so small and there isnt a lot of time to hit it and it always swerves. We’ve been playing this game all day and we havent gotten one hit yet. Please fix bad hit mechanics.

Its an okay game. But one thing thats absolutely awful is the fielding of the players its almost laughable.

We can make perfect contact with pitches resulting in a east ground out or a foul nuke but the results is all ways a out. And if you get on a base your base runners will try to get themselves out with some of the worse base running you will ever see. On the other side the cpu will rake of waste pitches in the dirt that mike trout could not even hit. The game is not ready only playable on the easiest difficulty however its to easy to the point were you put up 20 runs. The difficulty does allow a middle ground were its realistic and a missed opportunity.


Batting, swung, made contact, ball in the aircuts to an ad. Pitching, same thing! Ad right as the ball was delivered! Uninstalled.

We do not have to explain this is just bad never ever play this game.


Make it 3 d and we will play again.


This game looks good but every hit is a pop up! Even when we hit it perfectly. And the pitching on your team is terrible but on the other team its like shohie ohtanie .

Literally everything is foul, timing and ball position do not matter. Foul ball.

Whenever theres too much of players the game doesnt have an option to automatically adjust rosters.

The defense makes no sense have the time taking terrible routes to the ball. The pitching is super random we dont fell like we get rewarded for making a good pitch. The Computer get the luckiest hits and consistently makes us want to through our phone across the room.

This game is the opposite it makes you want to kill yourself and never ever play a game like this again like if your gonna try to make a retro game make it fun.

Good game, sometimes the outfielders can be a little unintelligent and watch a ball go zipping right past them or take a bad angle at something but its still a pretty fun and fair game.

Love this game, its so fun to play when Im bored it saves all progress and is competitive or easy to play.

This game just blows our mind. Its actually fun, and makes you want to play more. Its not like those other stupid mobile baseball games, that are just cash grabs. This game makes us want to game more on mobile.

We just cant stop hitting dingers-Jimmy Charles Luke III.

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