Plant X – Plant Survivor Game

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Plant X – Plant Survivor Game

Plant X - Plant Survivor Game

Plant X – Plant Survivor Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WEJOY PTE. LTD., Plant X – Plant Survivor Game is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th December 2022 with the latest update 20th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Plant X – Plant Survivor Game ?

1,400 people have rated 1.1.130

What is the price of the Plant X – Plant Survivor Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Plant X – Plant Survivor Game released ?

Plant X – Plant Survivor Game was released on 12th December 2022.

When was the Plant X – Plant Survivor Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Plant X – Plant Survivor Game on 20th April 2023.

Where can Plant X – Plant Survivor Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Plant X – Plant Survivor Game from Apple Official App Store.



This is a very relaxing and stress relieving reaping game! -There are many different checkpoints: forest, desert, snow, and even alien planets, each of which offers a rich experience to keep you on your reaping way! – A Variety of styles to choose from: playing with elements of ice, fire and electricity? Summoning pets? Creating barrage all over the screen? It’s all up to you! – With the freedom to mix and match weapons, characters and abilities, you can play 100 games in a row without getting bored! -Horizontal 3D, multiple difficulties, 10,000+ zombies slayed in a single game, giving you an awesome visual impact!
Download Plant X and fire at the Zombie!

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Updated on 20th April 2023

Update announcement:
Fight them back, workers! The Labour Day event will be launched on 29th April. Come and teach the dreadful bourgeoisie a lesson. Our Pitaya brother also has some fancy new clothes on…

Plant X – Plant Survivor Game Review

This is one of the few games we would spend money on and we want to purchase the growth fund and bargain packs but we just get a system error message let us know when the next update comes out!!

We were banned from the game not even after the first level because we left the game open on a tab and then clicked back into its then when we finished the level it banned us for cheating, when all we did was click in and out of our tabs to text someone.

We love this game and have been playing it for monthssss. Its so good, we decided to finally spend money on it and keep trying to make a purchase for the first time but it keeps saying system error, try again later. We never spend money on games and have gotten so far on this one without, and when we finally decide to it wont let us. Wish theyd fix it so we can buy more gems.

The upgrade u want is something to block lasers or projectiles so that way theres some way of a shield besides the rechargeable one like maybe change the purple birds be able to block them.

It was good but we keep beating stage 2 but it wont let us go to stage 3.

This game is fun. We just need to be able to use our Backbone on it.

We love game and developer read good reviews and bad and how can improve next update app and we love see new update every day and one day love to see Nintendo and PlayStation ps4/ps5 and xbox and good day.

You get to level 5 and it becomes horrendously slow to move forward in the game cant recommend total money grab like the rest.

Great fun game, but no info at all online. Needs a discord link in the game or a Reddit.

We love how you get abilities when you get gems and also we love how there are bosses and mini bosses.

We’ve always loved the double stick shooting format and we have been frustrated that there hasnt been good quality games in this genre. This is finally a great gift to the App Store in this genre. Great game. Thanks developers.

Really addicted to this game once we start we cant stop !!!!

Its SO FUN we love playing in the car,

Great game but you should definitely make it controller compatible Id love to connect our controller to our phone and play this game would be great fun!

It is a fun game when starting off and the gameplay is fun way to kill time, along with good graphics. However, it gets way more difficult the further you go, and the energy to play levels makes it hard to play for longer bits of time. It is a pay 2 win game and wants you to pay more money to get to higher levels, and the energy is so that you pay to keep playing. If they got rid of the energy system to play levels it would be better and they need to make progression in the level more smooth since levels ramp up and dont give you chances to get better perks. Also, the game is a copy of survivor. Io for better or for worse.

We wouldve given it a better review but now Im broke.

We have been playing this game for months, we have always had fun playing it, but to be honest it is hard and it gets frustrating when we spend over ten tries on one level. The events the game has are entertaining and intriguing. **** we would like to create a series on PlantX, if it is possible we would get a large sum of gems and coins to make the journey easier, so the videos are less grindy and more enjoyable. Our ID: #333391 our star rating will go up if a response occurs. Thanks ****

It’s a fun little game, but adding SP equipments in recent patch completely ruined this game. It costs $100 in average to get 1 purple SP equip, and you need 9 to upgrade it to highest tier ($100 x 9 = $900), and there are 6 SP equips, so you’ll need to spend $5400 to max out. Of course, devs will add more & stronger SP equips every few months. Yes, some ppl may say just grind and play, but there are impossible stages without maxed out SP equips because mobs scales very fast in later stages. Make this game easier or buff normal equips so that f2p or small whale players can clear later stages too. Also give SP equips in time limited event.

Its not relaxing. It made us feel stressed.

The game is quit awesome the graphics make us quit excited we are in love with the character they are quite cute.

This game is great and pretty fun but we just got the celestial sword and was hoping it would be great but it seems theres a 90% chance it wont even damage the enemy. And when they are close to you its even worse at not doing any ounce of damage. The swords just go through them and thats it. Am we missing something about it or is it just glitched?

It seems this game is made hard to incentivize people to pay money to get equipment/upgrade. We’ve been on the same chapter for atleast 10-15 failed attempts. The game has great potential being that it isnt too easy and requires more thought. Still though its entirely too hard to progress and for that reason Im debating deleting the app. If you make it more easy to progress let us know and we may redownload. Thank you.

The game looks nice and it is for a few stages but once you get to the ice stage early on the difficulty increases way to far to the point that grinding isnt a choice here and your only option is to straight up throw your entire wallet at the game to progress any further.

Unfortunately theres a lot wrong with this game and the first is that the in game currency (gems) are extremely hard to come by. Without them you cannot enhance your character at all unless you grind a ridiculous that would not be fathomable by a normal person. The 7 day mission when you first download the game is completion blocked because you have to spend money or an insane amount of time to accomplish the only other missions for the credit. On top of that the ads are everywhere. The visuals are the best so far IMO but personally Id stick to Survivor. Io. At least with that game you have same form of progression and the return on your time investment is worthwhile. With this game you could play for hours and be marginally ahead of where you were last week.

The game makes you want to keep playing to unlock more and more stuff. Not hard but its nice the powerups are randomish to provide better gameplay.

This game is way better than all those copy and past mobile games and it does not spam you with ads . It has some of the most satisfying gameplay as well.

We never leave reviews, but this game deserves one. Give it a shot. Pretty intense, very fun.

This game is very addicting and challenging we love it.

Fix some grammar and spelling. Other than that its an amazing game.

So level 5 youre introduced to this spitter that can easily hide in the horde. It shoots purple gunk on the ground which makes it so you cant shoot until you are off it. Doesnt sound too bad right? The issue being when there are say 10 on the screen in a horse and you get swarmed. Unable to tank through all those hits, unable to shoot. You get so close just to be torn apart and unable to move forward, over and over and over. -_- it would be one thing if there was a skill that could say block it, burn the gunk away or ANYTHING. But nope.

Best game we’ve ever played on our phone its brilliant if you go off the game when your half way through a game, when you come back on it its still there and it doesnt reset.

What a game!! Took us many attempts to reach the final boss of the first chapter but we found the strategy required and we had so much fun doing so! What a game we absolutely love playing this! Time to start the 2nd chapter! Thank you game developers!

Unlike most games which you delete cause of too many adverts, Only watch if you want extra items (Which you dont need) Fun and addictive Keep it up guys.

We absolutely love this game, its fun, its addictive, and just seeing all the monsters around you get demolished is so satisfying. And to top it off, it doesnt have any forced ads, which we think really topped it for us.

Its actually really fun, we would just love to be able to continue a level where we get everything upgraded and have constant waves, but Im only chapter 4 so hopefully it gets to that.

We personally think this game is great, it is very fun but also being super simple. We could play this game for a long time but not as much as other games, this means its not as addictive (at least for us personally.) Overall love the game think its great.

We think its great because you fight bosses and try to get to the next level but but we agree its pretty hard to get onto the next level but after awhile we did it so we enjoy it very much.

Dont get us wrong its definitely hard to move chapters, but the overall gameplay along with the creativity of the game is amazing. Possible suggestion: new weapons and power ups?

Great game play. Seeing an io game we instantly thought it would be filled with ads on every 30 seconds da of gameplay but no. Easy controls and a good time killer if you want to kill some zombies.

We actually love this game, its genuinely fun and addicting, you can feel free to find your own strats and this game is amazing :)

Its a great game, no force ads a but ton of chapters and even when the chapter is really hard. You will get through after a couple of attempts.

The ads are scuffed, uses plants vz zombies music and the zombies. Total bootleg, not even fun or addictive. Plants vz zombies on.

Much better option that surviver io.

Wow we really love this new update there is so many more new things to do and is also easier in our opinion to get new items or better ones and it seems a bit easier and also the daily challenge idea is really good and a very good way to get some gold.

This game is so good, its design, its layout and the gameplay itself is very fun. Every chapter theres something new, whether its the map shape and size or a new enemy or a new ability to play with. Brilliant game.

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