Pokémon Masters EX

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 04:25 am

Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DeNA Co., Ltd., Pokémon Masters EX is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th August 2019 with the latest update 25th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pokémon Masters EX ?

200,684 people have rated 2.32.0

What is the price of the Pokémon Masters EX ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pokémon Masters EX released ?

Pokémon Masters EX was released on 28th August 2019.

When was the Pokémon Masters EX updated ?

The latest updated date of Pokémon Masters EX on 25th April 2023.

Where can Pokémon Masters EX be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pokémon Masters EX from Apple Official App Store.



The Trainer Lodge has come to Pokémon Masters EX! Invite Trainers as guests and interact with them! You can deepen your bonds to get special photos and stories!

Dark stories unfold in the villain arc, featuring Team Rocket and other villainous organizations! Stay tuned for new chapters!

Trainers appear wearing outfits exclusive to Pokémon Masters EX! Enjoy original stories connected to those outfits, too!

Hatch Eggs to get new Pokémon! Add hatched Pokémon to your team, and battle your way to the top!

Assemble Trainers and Pokémon to take on battles! Create a team all your own, and aim for victory!

Champions, Elite Four members, and Gym Leaders from the past have come together! Team up with Trainers and their Pokémon, and go on adventures!

・We recommend a device with at least 2GB of RAM.
・We do not guarantee functionality on all devices listed above.
・There may be cases where the app does not function properly due to your device’s capabilities, specifications, or particular conditions for using apps.
・It may take time to become compatible with the latest OS.

Updated on 25th April 2023


Added new content and completed minor game improvements and bug fixes.

For more details, visit the News section of the app or the official website.

Pokémon Masters EX Review

This app/game took over all of our other Games. No need to download another. We love it.

This game is honestly the second best Pokmon game we’ve ever played next to Pokmon go.

We play this game back in time and stoppedand wanna come back. But either clear cache or redownloading the game wont let us get into the game.

This game is awesome, its one of our favorites. But, you need to add Paldien Pokmon! You should totally add something to where we can chose our own paldien starter, because that would be so cool. Either than that we love this game.

We love this game in every way!!!! Just a suggestion but pls add Elio to the trainer lodge!!!

This is the best Pokmon game ever played.

Im here for ball guy aand after 80 pulls we got him. Thanks PMX Also why isnt he scottish.

We have never been able to hear anything though. Can you please help us out? We only recently found out there was voice acting!! We would love to finally hear your game.

We’ve loved Pokmon and this game made it evolve into so much more.

This game is so hooking with action packed battle exciting legendaries to beat and team up with and so much more!

This game is soooooooooooooo amazing.

This game is so fun and addicting!!!!

We say that this game is the best Pokmon game we have a every played. The only thing we want to ask is that could you add like Milo, Kabu, and Opal pls. Here the thing we really love that you get to talk to the characters that makes us feel happy and comfortable when we feel down or when we feel lonely. This game has inspired us to keep going on our journey to becoming an artist and draw more and more especially drawing some of these characters from Pokmon. We dont usually play games often but after the first time we had played this game before we deleted and got it back we love how we can meet some new characters, new Pokmon, and new sync pairs and attacks to use. We really do enjoy playing this game twice especially now we got some galar characters like raihan, piers, and nessa. And meeting some new characters that we had never met or knew before makes us happy to know them especially Paulo. We did have some haterd towards Paulo because he sometimes got on our nerves because he doesnt try but after playing again we actually liked having a rival like Paulo not because he kept giving up because he wanted to get stronger and facing him in the PML arc made us happy and made him a little more challenging then before when we met him. So this is why we really enjoy playing to amazing Pokmon game. Have a great day.

We love this game its amazing!

This game is fantastic but they should add all trainers in the game in the trainer scout so you can get a Chance on a trainer you want and they should be mega evolutions button instead of using the sync move.

The game is good but we just wish the red blue and green fight isn’t so difficult even though our team is over level 100 mega charizard x is too overpowered and wipes our team too easily. The watch out for critical hits doesn’t even help.

Pokmon master ex is a hero Now Is okay and our hero has been here for Pokmon.

Its a mobile Pokmon game that gets us so hyped.

After u get blue its ez we got rayquaza totally not beacasue of g rant and auroras. But its epic.

Good game controls need to be more evenly explained and switching Pokmon would also be a nice feature for those of us who dont want the same Pokmon.

This Pokmon game is the BEST! Every update looks so sick.

We love this game its better than go and is super fun we like the story and the Pokmon cant wait to play MORE.

Ever since our Nintendo 3ds got destroyed in hurricane Dorian we have been looking a good poke mon game that has the same quality as Pokmon sun and moon and this is by far the closest thing only thing is that we wish you could play the game offline too but overall 7 start game keep up the good Work and Go Pokemon.

This game is so fun! We suggest getting this game when your bored alot.

Give other people and us a 100,000,000 gems or we are giving you guys a one star.

Very fun game but it is way to easy to get sygna suits we got one on our first recruit.

We’ve been a fan of Pokmon since the beginning all the way from ashes first battle to the new series but the problem with Pokmon EX is that it takes up TO MUCH of our STORAGE. Other then that the game is amazing but we dont like the prices of every summon. Thank you.

It was SO fun to play but pls make it that you can catch Pokmon pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plspls pls do it!!!!! (I love the game still(:

Hello, Game Freak. We have something you need to fix. When we try to buy one of the bundles, it says we cant purchase any more paid gems. Is this a bug or do paid gems even exist? Thanks in advance, Ella.

We play the 1st part brilliant, but it keeps on trying to download data and its taking forever!

The game itself takes about a gig and a half but the documents and data for the game take up nearly 5 gigs and customer support says there is nothing wrong with the game. By comparison Dx2 with all of the data takes up less than a gig and has a lot more going on. This issue is a huge problem for users like that don’t have a lot of spare space. We do not understand why this game has this massive problem nor do we understand why the issue is not taken seriously. It seems to us that the game is not clearing out event scenes after an event is over and no longer accessible thus it keeps all of the cut scenes and data for old events in the data thus leading to a bloated game. Only playable on devices with large storage capacities since this game is a storage hog!

If they shut down Pokmon go, theyll need to delete this app as well, they should also discontinue the video game series and television series. Everything Pokmon is slowly dying and needs to hurry up and get to its demise. Why cant everything Pokmon just disappear forever.

We would smile before when first playing but now its never coming back since gems are far and few, theres no diversity in scouting, and these so called 5 star units feel like such a disappointment. And to add insult on injury, YOU CANT SKIP CHAPTER 1 ANYMORE! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Ill still be here regardless but honestly it feels like you have no heart if these effects are still in play.

Another trash app that unfortunately using our loved childhood characters while their only interest is money they dont even care if the game is good and you will enjoy it they just counting on your love to the Pokmon world that you will spend some money with them hope it will reach to Apple this fake Pokmon game and hopefully they will Be charged for that Save your time.

Make it easier to get new characters. This game keeps pumping out new characters, but makes it next to impossible to have them. Theres a 2% chance to have new characters in the shop, and pretty much every time you get the same 3 star level characters that no one cares about. Even in the ticket scout, theres supposed to be a great chance of getting a new sync pair, but somehow they find a way to get us the same ones we already have. Also there is no reason that every sync pair needs to cost 3,000 gems when the game only gives us 100 gems at most a day. Decrease the cost of the sync pairs and allow us to have a higher chance to get new characters so we can enjoy the game. In the champion stadium, you are actually going to need some of these characters to get through it, but this game refuses to give the users a chance to get the sync pairs needed for it. Please improve the game.

The game was working at first but the stoped working.

This game is a scam and uses gacha mechanics and predatory tactics. We spent money on this and got nothing that we wanted! How is this allowed! Im not mad Im just sad.

We dont have time to play our switch cause of work so being able to play such a great Pokmon game with amazing gameplay on mobile really just makes us so happy.

So its super hard to get people who have starter Pokmon so maybe you could make a event so you can only get people who have starter Pokmon everything else in the game is just perfect and add Lusamin guzma and chairman rose to the villain arc.

Its such a good game ,and we already had 4 or 5 legandarys.

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