Pokey Ball

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:35 am

Pokey Ball


Pokey Ball is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Pokey Ball is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st September 2019 with the latest update 9th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


100,673 people have rated 1.16.3

You can download the game Pokey Ball from APP STORE.


Try to poke and flick your ball as high as you can.

How high can you go?

Updated on 9th April 2022

  • New app icon
  • add a new voodoo button on the first screen

Pokey Ball Review

This game is actually surprisingly very good and its free :). It has minimal ads compared to most mobile games and is very fun and constantly challenging with new levels and ball skins as well as a house feature where you have to climb up. Its a very fun concept and an amazing game imo. Voodoo always delivers fire when it comes to mobile games theyre epic.

What is the new house/tower for??? Im building on top of it but theres nothing around but blue sky lol just wanted to know it keeps offering to go to the house, but it only lets us go so far and no new boxes have shown up. Its kinda depressing tbh.

Im actually so serious when we say this is the best game ever. Its so simple but so fun im so good at it this gamr gives us reasons to live.

The game is pretty cool.. But when you go into the home.. You are literally just buying boxes to go higher for no reason. It doesnt lead to anything.. Just more boxes. Its kinda useless.

This game is so fun but first of all level 101 is impossible im pretty sure they made it like that so you would watch a ling ssa ad to skip it but besides that im in level 132 and we noticed everytime we make it to the top of the level and it says enter home we enter it and it used to give us a choice to buy gifts and it doesnt have any gifts so theres no reason to go in there anymore and when you try to leave the house it makes you watch ANOTHER ad like wth we like this game but it could have some better qualities.

First off, the voodoo button doesnt do anything. Secondly, you give absolutely no explanation as to what the boxes in the house are for!!!!

At first we thought it was a fun game so we end up paying for not advertisements for every second we play but down the road we realize it was just a waste of money, the game has nothing exciting to keep playing for, same levels and same levels the only thing that change is the money you get at the end of climbing the same repeatedly levels and lately now you get to go inside a castle and buy blocks to keep climbing up and up and nothing happens so we dont recommend it at all after all its a boring game not worth to pay. Im very dissatisfied so Im gonna delete it because Im done and we dont see any fun playing this boring game.

Im not the type to leave reviews but this app is horrible. We used to love it but then we downloaded it again after years. Way too many ads and made our phone super laggy!! Deleted it immediately.

Please add a way to go to the house easily.

They put so many ads in here knowing that youre either going to pay to get rid of the ads or youre just going to delete the game which is what we just dead. Kind of a fun game but after every round having a 30 second ad its just insulting to everyones time. What a waste of time.

Ok this game is awesome. We are on level 505 right now, and if we could rate past five star s we would rate !!! Like when we first got this game we were like and now Im like !!! Please make a sequel to this game it is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! With lots of smiles, Mr. Po-ta-to!!!

Love it!! Very entertaining and fun to play!!

We love this game it has really fun parts but we now own all the skins in the shop and we were hoping you guys are able to create more for the fun of it.

When you look at the bonus totals is 300,000 more or less then 1,000k < is that one million.

Im not even notice good things are happening we mean at first we were really bad and this will keep you busy for hours so download it really fun what do you say.

Great game! But level No791 working right? Im stuck because we cant go to win !

We’ve made it to level 791, and Im trying to get to 792. Im on the last little stretch and its literally impossible to clear this level. Its one of the thin curvy ones and you can get super close to the edge and bounce up but its physically impossible to hit the edge of the end. We absolutely love this game and have been playing it for years, but this is the first issue we’ve had with it. Id be so happy if it was fixed, we’ve tried to find the Voodoo help email but there doesnt seem to be one on your website. But anyways, 5 star game, but level 791 needs some work.

Does this game even have an end we’ve been buying those presents and getting higher and higher but there is nothing.

We love this game. Its a great pass time and super satisfying. Like when you have to poke the targets directly in the middle to get that super jump boost. But there are a few problems we have with this game. 1. Repetitive – Its super fun climbing the tower and seeing what kind of "coin" score you can get at the end aslong as your accurate enough. But thats it. Adding the house and the tower all the way up was an awesome decision, but easily beaten. 2. No more floors? – we have reached the peak of the "house" tower and its nothing but sky. We’ve gone higher and higher and higher and would have figured to have reached space or something by now but nope. Just more sky. 3. Maps – There is a particular map that is physically impossible to pass. This map is the #791 going to #792. We have sort of reached the top, but there is a section of the tower that is just to spaced apart to be able to make the climb. 4. Awesome skins but – The skins are awesome and really cool design wise. But theres not that many skins to choose from. We have purchased all skins and have officially decided to stick with the 8 ball unless more skins are released. 5. All in all – Overall this is a great game but has sooo much potential to become more. The repetition is tolerable but not for long. The longest we have played this game in a single stretch was maybe 20 minutes. Add more things to see or do. 6. Finally the ads – we understand most games have ads. We dont know if its a "rule" or something but throwing in an ad every 2 completed stages is a bit ridiculous. Especially when you reach the end of a (xx0) stage that moves on to the next set of 10 stages and you go into the house. Then boom, ad. All we ask is reduce the ads. At minimum, give us 1 more stage before putting in an ad giving us 3 straight stages.

If you want to get rid of all ads just turn off your Wi-Fi and you wont have to watch them anymore Youre welcome.

We love this game so much and would play this game all day because its so addicting. But we think the game updated or something and when Im in the castle or home, it doesnt show a present. We cant go all the way up and we cant open presents, so what am we supposed to do? We are level 524, so we enjoyed the most we can do!

We love this game but im very confused on the point of entering the house. We’ve built the tower up a lot and there is nothing else you just keep paying coins and building it up. Is there a point to the house?? PLEASE respond lol its so confusing.

We really liked this game it was fun , there wasnt a lot of challenges BUT it was still fun to buy blocks and continue going higher , but we reach level 511 and it doesnt let us buy anymore boxes we dont know if its like the end of the game or we have to update it, but its kinda sad because we spend ALOT of time playing this game and we want to know WHERE THE BOXES LEAD ME TOO, we dont know if you win a prize or something but hopefully the game fixes that issue. OTHER THAN THAT THE GAME IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Its a really fun and addicting game, the amount of ads are tolerable but we were on about level 270 and we hadnt played for 2 days, we opened the app and we found all of our progress was lost, we still had the skins for our ball that we had purchased but all of our coins, levels, and the blocks in our home thing were gone, we closed the app to see if it was just a bug but it still showed no progress. Really disappointing because we found the game really enjoyable and had put quite a lot of time into it.

When we first downloaded it it wouldnt work and when it did the game wasnt all that fun.

We liked this game a lot but now it doesnt work when we try to play it. It only worked after download. Whenever we try to play it no buttons work. Pretty upsetting considering it was actually fun.

Its so frustrating that you seemingly purposefully leave the ads on the bottom where we cant help but accidentally hit them while trying to play the app which takes us from the app to our browser where we fail the level were playing.

It is so laggy and will just freeze randomly its super annoying we will just open it and it will freeze we cant click on anything with out it freezing and it will stay frozen Intel we shut of our phone fully.

We think. Is bad cuz when we get to level 14 it never let us play.

Level 100 is just impossible. No matter how high you possibly go you cannot reach the other platforms.

The game opens but wont work and just kicks us out.

The adds on this app are UNBELIEVABLE we think that they should take off some of these adds. Some of them dont even make sense. It is very annoying. We cant play one game without an add. Please slow down the adds.

Deleted all our progress we were almost at level 200 and had purchased majority of the skins. We liked the game but deleting our progress for no reason was wrong.

Fix it. Its absolutely unbeatable. Its annoying. ITS IMPOSSIBLE. FIX IT NOW.

After we reached level 100 its unbeatable so fix your game.

Really buggy, not fun at all, and levels repeat. Also its incredible how much higher the prices go after you go into the home and buy the prize. Also the skins for the ball are horrible.

Im on level 600 now. It is just as simple as level 1. Doesnt increase in difficulty. Theres like 10 balls you can upgrade to. The bonus house is the biggest waste of time and theres no point. This game was created to just supply ads. No creative thought just a tool to get paid. We really wanted to give it a chance and we feel like we have but enough is enough Ill never download a game from this company again.

App was amazing the first 20 minutes we played. Then began to realize that the levels are all the same after a certain point, they just rotate their order. Also feel its very interesting that they can come out with a new logo for the app, but do no type of updating to the game itself. No new balls, no new levels. Nothing. Really like the concept of the game, just wish it was out together better.

We’ve had the game for awhile completed everything we thought was completable, but now it seems like a new update dropped with the enter home thing we lost our balls like we had one that was a person hanging but its gone now and we cant seem to find the more expensive balls like the box and the weird shaped one.

The game ends at level 791 which is a bummer but all around great game.

Bro if your dealing with adds just turn off your internet. That way it cant locate the adds and you get to play a lot.

Im on level 2852 and we love this game we just dont get the point of the house? You buy blocks we’ve bought so many we just dont understand why like what does it lead to???

This game is actually pretty good, we love the idea and all but if it wasnt for the lag we wouldve loved playing it more. The lag irritates us we hate it, please work on it!!! Other than that though, the game is amazing.

Hi, we just went to play the game and we HAD over 100k+ coins and a couple of skins. We HAVENT deleted the game. This is unacceptable and we always loved this game but Im deleting it. Dont know if we will install again, hopefully never cause this horrible glitch made us very upset. :( please try to fix your game a bit.

It makes you phone become SUPER glitchy. When you are falling and trying to poke at the target or walk it WONT LET YOU. If you try to poke at the highest prize at the end of the level you wont poke it. It is a scam and terrible app!

We paid $3 for this app so we wouldnt get ads, yet Im still getting ads. Pretty annoyed by this. Please fix.