POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino

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POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino

POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino

POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Playstudios, Inc., POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 18th July 2016 with the latest update 22nd December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino ?

57,470 people have rated 2.58.100

What is the price of the POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino released ?

POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino was released on 18th July 2016.

When was the POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino updated ?

The latest updated date of POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino on 22nd December 2022.

Where can POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino be downloaded ?

You can download the game POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino from Apple Official App Store.



The thrill of winning at Vegas slot machines – The excitement of live casino tournaments – The fun of playing social casino with friends – Get the Vegas experience from the comfort of your home!

POP! Slots is here to give you the ultimate Vegas experience! Bringing you a new look and feel for the popular slots games app:

  • With a new casino lobby with authentic slots favorites
  • More social casino events so you can play online slots with friends!
  • Win slots freebies when inviting your friends to play online casino games
  • Get ready for even more exciting in-app events and activities
  • Our biggest online Vegas slots tournaments yet! Play against 31 slots players!
  • Dress up for the casino floors! Customize your Avatar and outfit to show your unique identity with our Backstage feature!


  • POP! Slots Vegas casino games allow you to play free Vegas games anytime and anywhere to get your hands on the hottest slot games around.
  • Start your online Vegas slots tournaments right here! In this social casino slots game you’ll visit virtual casino versions of real casinos – Bellagio casino, Luxor casino, MGM grand, and more – to SPIN & WIN in our social casino slots tournaments at Pop Arena WinZone!
  • Join online Vegas slots tournaments and play casino games with friends or meet slots players online!
  • POP! Slots players can achieve slots VIP status on the spinning reels while playing our Vegas casino slots games. With the POP! Slots app, you can work your way to VIP status and get free chips simply by playing online Vegas games and other social slots games.
  • Your Las Vegas experience is just a touch away with POP! Slots’ social casino events, exciting in-app activities, new casino lobby, and the popular Vegas casino games straight from the casino floors.

Need more reasons to download POP! Slots?

  • Totally FREE Social Casino!
  • Real Casinos Slots’ Tournaments!
  • Mega progressive jackpots!
  • Real casino inspired slot machines and official MGM slot machines!
  • New slots machines are introduced regularly!
  • Different Events & Quests Every Day!
  • Chip Bonuses every Two Hours & Daily bonus!
  • Meet awesome slots players like you from around the world!
  • Win Slots Freebies when playing with friends! Just invite them via Facebook

POP! Slots makes it possible for you to achieve VIP status and win big jackpots while you enjoy a truly fun social casino experience online. Earn instant bonuses, huge progressive jackpots, and so much more exciting 777 Vegas casino games!


  • POP! Slots is intended for individuals 18 years and older.
  • POP! Slots does not offer real money gambling.
  • PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of POP Slots!, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains
  • Virtual chips used in POP! Slots have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.
  • Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.
  • In-app purchases are available.
  • PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of POP! Slots, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at www.i-sga.org. For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at www.smartsocialgamers.org.

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Updated on 22nd December 2022

Hi POP! Slots Fans!

Here’s a new update with fixes to improve your game experience!

Good luck & happy spinning!

POP! Slots ™ Live Vegas Casino Review

We actually find this game to be the best as far as play time and winning goes. Sure we have had bad streaks but we also go on excellent winning streaks. Most games we get to play maybe 5 minutes 98% of the time. So if you think yourself unlucky give this one a try. We hope it works for you as it does for us. Now if this is true or not, we dont know but we BELIEVE this game does not set you into a bought some chips so now your good times are over unless you keep purchasing because this is the only one that we noticed NO CHANGE in our play and we have been playing for a couple years. We have purchased and won a bunch and we have purchased and lost it all BUT we do go on winning streaks that have lasted a week or so many times just as we have losing ones. (It wouldnt be gambling if we didnt!!!). Just saying that when you hit a jackpot you can, and do, sometimes hit another and another. And when you increase your bets, you can keep on winning. Obviously we are a happy customer. What we are really hoping is that writing a good review doesnt change our game as it has in the past with other games but we dont feel it is right to punish POPS for what others have done.

Enjoy all the games… Its nice that they run special contests so you can play in other casinos that you havent gotten points to officially enter yet. We’ve never had problems with the tech, keep improving and offering more games! We would like to see you add Resorts World Catskills to your redemption offers… Try to work on that please. Also enjoy the team contests but sometime the minimums are exorbitant and will use all your cash. It is fun to see other players that you become familiar with. Keep up the good work!

We’ve played a lot of online slot apps and Pop Slots is the best in our opinion. Awesome graphics, real casino feel and look. Love the bonus games- they unlike any others! BUT, There are some glitches. If you manually spin, you may not get all your coins added. They need to fix this. If you set it to auto spin, or wait between spins to make sure your winnings are added , it seems to be correct. POP SLOTS, fix this problem and you will definitely have the BEST Slot game experience, and happier players.

This game makes our day every day we have been playing for about 2 years now.

Faaaantaaaastick!!! Mega Fun !!! Thaaaaanx!!!

These guys have made an incredibly fun addictive game! They are loyal too. Loyal customers equal the same in return, sometimes you just have to remind them….. But a lovely game, full of excitement and actually very good quality music to go along. They put a lot of thought and resources into the games sound and musical performance. Ya gotta love it! Graphics are top notch as well. We havent come across a game yet that can compare to these guys, Im a top fan for sure.

Great app to earn free money!!!

Really enjoy Vegas slots and Ill definitely taking advantage of the rewards when in Vegas thank you!

Great game!! We enjoy playing as well as using the perks in the rewards store! No complaints!!

Is bean a grate game but for some reason just one day the game has no sound at all in was thinking maybe was our iPad but definitely is not we’re already try to download it again but no change thanks.

This game stole money from us. We purchase coins and never received them. Contacted support that would not give us what was owed. They said we received them, when we know we didnt. They will give you the run around for days and make frustrating to even deal with them. Its a great game but they will steal your money.

Used to be fun. So tight you can hardly play. Dont waste your time unless you want to spend money.

What we like about this game is that it definitely teaches you to never, never, never play actual slot machines with real money ever. We enjoy the chance but have easily lost $1B over the course of playing. Fortunately, it has all been in daily collections so it has cost us nothing but time. Once you reach a certain point and havent spent money, the game no longer allows you to win.

Dont play it. So many adds you can barley play. So many issues if you do play the machines are always have tech issues with spin not complete and there challenges well they are broken so forget trying to ply a full challenge through without having technical issues. And you wont win much unless you spend lots of money for a broken game so why bother playing.

We’ve spent YEARS playing this game. Today we deleted it. Many of Microtransactions have been made. And we never really win. When we spend money on the game we never win anything back, but 5 days later, we might win 500 million. Also the sticker pack is a joke. We’ve played it since the event started, but guess what, nothing really completed. We’ve opened 100s of green packs even when we bet above 20 million. Im done.

This is by far is the worst game we have ever played with regards to spending your own money. We can promise you their algorithm does not change if you do decide to spend your money so your better off not spending the money because your odds dont improve.

We won on nudge mania and was supposed to receive 1,600,000 plus redeemable points and didnt get a single point.

This slots are trash they get your points fast and they dont pay not even the value of your bet the win sone just bull pup you win and you rank down every spin that we win we go down dont install it it was god at some point but now is not we been playing it for years and recently its not worthy to spend your money.

Im so tired of those stupid pop ups. Start the game and theres 3 pop ups and half the time the little X doesnt work to close them out. Then you choose a casino and then another pop up, choose a game and guess what? Another stupid pop up!!

This company used to offer great real life rewards, but now the much less generous ones with MGM wont even work. Their customer service is of no help. They only give out pre-composed irrelevant replies. Dont bother playing this anymore!

Pretty sad when you hit a bonus and 12Spins you only win half of what youre betting.

Dont recommend anymore, since update its horrible!! The bonus will pay ZERO sometimes and other it doesnt give you even enough got one spin. We loved this game for years before they changed it. Im nice we run out of chips Ill definitely be uninstalling.

We’ve been playing Pop Slots Daily for years now! Love all they offer.. Games are Great! We really need to finally get to Vegas sometime soon and start to use some of the2.8 million points we’ve acquired .. :)

The new games u have been coming out with 1 the payouts are ridiculous for the amount of chips being used and to not win anything in return we’ve played over 7b and have won nothing betting at a high bid . We stick to the old games the payouts and bonus are way better.

How do we enjoy playing your games it makes you feel like you can really Wynnsong one day sides on your game.

Love love love the updated version. Keep up great work.

We have been playing this game for years and we’ve gotten quite far in it. We just opened it tonight to play and its taking us back to the beginning and all our history is gone. Can someone please fix this for us?! We dont want to start all over!!!

We really like the games in this one and usually participate in the mini games and challenges, but lately we havent been getting the rewards from the challenges which is a bummer because they take a lot of coin and time to complete.

We’ve been playing this game for awhile. Our favorite room to play in is MGM. However we also love to play the Gold 7s in Luxoras long as we’ve been playing, and no matter how much we’ve bet, we have never gotten more than 6 gold bars! You can hang up winning from 7,8,or level 9!!! Also, if you get a balloon that gives you coins, you better hope when you spin and win coins, the coins from the wheel fly up first because if the coins from the ballon fly up first, the coins from the spin will fly up, but will NOT add to your pot! This is really irritating. Please believe youll lose a billion coins to win a few millions. Anyway, its a good way to wind down for the night.

Once youve been a loyal player for a while they treat you like crap if you dont keep giving them money.

Updated 12/5/22: This update is to share our experiences after recent updates. -Bonus features rarely ever pay back the value of one spin. -The enjoyable content is disappearing rapidly, and the rewards program they offer has severely limited offers. Still wont tell anyone to not play, but if you are someone who spends money to entertain yourself through apps, we would NOT recommend this app. The programming is always full of bugs and until MGM makes it make sense, we would say there is no reason to spend money. You can play for free, especially when they interrupt your playing (during time sensitive games) to tell you about their next sale, or to divert you to another worthless bonus feature which pays less than what they give you for daily logins. Even though this game has been around for awhile, there is still much potential, just maybe not with the current dev team. We live in Vegas and can say the odds in this app have trained us to NEVER spend money gambling at MGM casinos, which is probably the best part of this app. Original: you can play for free dont spend money.

Bet 125m per spin, spins around 72 times, cant get even one spot on luck of the devil. And treasure take over, during bonus triggered, 14 people seated but only 1 attack every single time and it land on blank spot, whats the point of people saving up their credits in hope to get mid or high return but get way way less than expected. Its like spending real several hundred dollars but got 10 cents return . Game got rigged. Easily spot bugs so we keep on loosing .

Dont waste your money folks they take take take.

We’ve played this game on and off for years. Its gotten so bad Im done. Deleting this game after posting this review.

We’ve been playing Pop Slots daily for months (missed a day, once). Pop Slots used to ROCK!, but sadly, not anymore. We complained that when winning chips they dont seem to be credited unless we wait for them to be registered before spinning again. We were told that chips are credited even if we dont see the animation of it. We’ve paid great attention to our chip total and NO, won chips arent credited if we dont wait for the animation to be almost completely registered, especially when in a timed game! Another complaint is the game doesnt pay out nearly what it used to, something changed in a dramatic way! This seems absolutely crazy to us since we would think letting people win to keep them entertained would only increase the number of active players. Winning virtual chips often and eventually losing is the way to get people to spend real money buying chips because then people feel like winning is a possibility! Who wants to spend money buying chips, when all you do is lose, lose, lose with the free ones given? It seems like the number of users is down given that we can go into many rooms and it will be empty or have 1 other player. Its not uncommon to get a message saying, This room is empty. Would you like to change rooms? Yes, please! We’ve lost hundreds of thousands in chips here, anyway! Im really curious as to how so many people that Im playing with have apparently won billions? If we bet big, we lose big, quickly! We’ve read that there are fictitious players, are these the other players that all appear to be standing on their seats? We’ve tried to find out why players appear to be standing on their seats, but your FAQs leave a lot to be desired. Cmon Pop Slots, go back to the win ratios that you used to have!

This slots are trash they get your points fast and they dont pay not even the value of your bet dont install it it was god at some point but now is not we been playing it for years and recently its not worthy to spend your money.

You can play for hours is 1am and Im still playing.

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