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POPOP! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd, POPOP! is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th February 2021 with the latest update 8th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Strategy, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of POPOP! ?

3,575 people have rated 3.0.5

What is the price of the POPOP! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the POPOP! released ?

POPOP! was released on 5th February 2021.

When was the POPOP! updated ?

The latest updated date of POPOP! on 8th September 2022.

Where can POPOP! be downloaded ?

You can download the game POPOP! from Apple Official App Store.



Pop all the bubbles in the most satisfying game you’ll ever play! Can you pop ’em all?

POPOP! is a satisfying, relaxing, yet addictive puzzle arcade game that combines the ASMR sensation of popping bubble wrap with strategy and puzzle solving skills!

Take turns popping bubbles. You can pop as many as you like in a line in one direction. Win by being the one to pop the final bubble! Be sure to carefully plan your moves ahead of your opponent, as games of aren’t always as simple as they look!

You can also unlock "Free Play" mode and enjoy the satisfying ASMR fidget experience of popping whichever bubbles you want by yourself!

Updated on 8th September 2022

  • Rainbow boards now available!
  • Added new board colours!
  • "Free Play" mode can now be unlocked!

POPOP! Review

Jesus loves you! John 3:16 God bless!

This game is so cool and addicting. Popop is the best ever Download it now.

Good but just the pop its. They look weird lol and LE SOUND IS JUTS LIKE A POP IT and it would be cool if u added pop tubes and more fidgets to the game =w=

Really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad.

This game is so competitive and fun. So fun to play with other people. Because bestie we LOVE popits.

So we playing and we press to pop its things and it crashes the game to we hate the game.

Im so happy they made this because we dont have to buy the stuff when l can play with it on our phone !

We just download this game its pretty good to play five stars we like this everyone that wants to see this review you should actually actually try playing this this is a good game man we’ve been playing this over and over and we really want to we really want to times its good to play try playing it its a good game.

OK so let us get started on the noise the noise is like pop pop pop just trying to be cool with it is it and hello we never win and we dont care we just thought this game was going to be like it when you get a pop as many as you want but we guess its a competition in this game is a poo poo bag we hate this game so much that we wanna come poop bag but the bag we dont want any trouble but this poo poo bad game in his butt game is terrible like Pooh Pooh in the butt to the pool chairs out by the pool do that but its done and why would they even put that their date whoever made this game is horrible.

Its good you should try it you play with online people its free and challenging but its good.

This game is amazing how cool it is its basically a game that teaches how to play with your real pop it and it releases our stress and Im planning on play this our hole summer.

We love it so much our name is Eli for America and this is such a good game we really think 2- any age should play.

We love pop its and the game is so satisfying!!

Im happy with the app it is a great app.

The sound of when you pop them doesnt sound like the real thing!

Pop pop started out being really good and easy and a stress reliever and a fun game but when we play it it will like lag and bring us out and we cant even play it is fine about the instructions it doesnt bother us but it is a fun game.

Ok its fun but super hard. It says other people around the world and they make it super hard!

We dont really like it because we play against someone and we dont like it its sounds nice but we dont like it. And we are sorry we are useing we dont like it a lot but its true.

We think this game is realy fun but it could be faster like you can only pop one at a time so thats what we this but we love the game its realy fun.

People this is so boating also get of your phone and get a job and a girlfriend/ boyfriend or someone.

Where do we even start we saw and ad where there is levels FAKE AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHY A PVP ITS SO BAD and its really poorly made just buy one in real life they are soooooo much better so please dont play this its really bad.

Game is okay but we literally won the game and they say that we didnt win? Also Im pretty sure your playing against AIs.

It is good but we have a few issues, we speak two languages. The main one if French which isnt on their which made us angry. Also the fact that you have to pay for a different flag especially if you on a accidentally pick the wrong one. Also it automatically would just go like we couldnt pick how many it would just go. We dont know if its supposed to do that but it made us frustrated. Also their is way too many adds which we think is ridiculous we hate adds a lot we dont even like how they exist they shouldnt be a thing.

This game has a good idea, but it has a lot of bad things -it only has pop it -if it has things other than pop it it is hard to find -the pop does not have the sound of the real pop. Please dont get.

It was not what it told us it was going to be like to many ads and it also is kind of boring, the pop sounds arent even that good. Do Not get this app.

This game is trash it keeps crashing dont recommend.

This game is very boring and is not the real pop it sound.

This game is really bad its not fun and we literally got it one minute ago.

We hate it so much its very annoying.

When we first got the game we were so exited and happy beacause we’ve always wantwd a pop it but when we tried it out it randomley dosnt pop donst let you win we havent won once it would randomley pop 2 bubbles if we poped 1 or 1 if we poped 2 its realley boring please delete this game if you have it.

It makes no sense whatsoever. Why would you want to pop a pop it with a random person? We got this expecting it to be a stress reliever app. Please be a little clearer in the name so people dont just buy this expecting it to be an anti stress app.

So we love it and you should make a solo and ya.

This game is Jest so Relaxing we havent had any adds.

We think Popop! Is a good game Im not playing it all the time but it is fun to play against other people.

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