Popscene (Music Industry Sim)

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Popscene (Music Industry Sim)

Popscene (Music Industry Sim)

Popscene (Music Industry Sim) is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MDickie Limited, Popscene (Music Industry Sim) is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th February 2014 with the latest update 29th March 2017

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Music, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Popscene (Music Industry Sim) ?

902 people have rated 1.13

What is the price of the Popscene (Music Industry Sim) ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Popscene (Music Industry Sim) released ?

Popscene (Music Industry Sim) was released on 7th February 2014.

When was the Popscene (Music Industry Sim) updated ?

The latest updated date of Popscene (Music Industry Sim) on 29th March 2017.

Where can Popscene (Music Industry Sim) be downloaded ?

You can download the game Popscene (Music Industry Sim) from Apple Official App Store.



Bring your music collection to life with animated performances as you embark on a career in the industry! Form your own band by recruiting talent from over 100 artists across 6 unique labels. Then record hits that will top the charts and take them on the road to over 20 different venues – complete with real reviews that scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses. With an endless schedule of possibilities before you, and an ever-evolving industry to immerse yourself in, Popscene captures the highs and lows of music in the palm of your hand!

  • Please note that this game’s use of MP3s may not be compatible with some devices. If this affects you, consider turning off MP3 music in the options.

Popscene divides the music making process into entertainment (represented by stars) and artistry (represented by hearts). As in real life, popular music is more likely to shoot up the charts and draw fans – but without substance, the success may be short-lived. Each of the game’s many artists has the following attributes that influence this process:

  • POPULARITY is the artist’s ability to draw fans to entertaining content.
  • REPUTATION is their ability to draw fans to artistic content.
  • PERFORMANCE is their ability to perform entertaining songs live.
  • TALENT is their ability to perform artistic songs live.
  • PRODUCTION is their ability to compose entertaining music.
  • WRITING is their ability to compose artistic music.
  • HAPPINESS is the pleasure they currently get from their work.
  • ATTITUDE indicates how likely they are to either contribute or cause trouble.

Each week, depending on the size of your team and their collective attitude, new songs may be recorded. Each member of the team contributes their score to a new song, and whoever scores the highest will be credited with making it. Members who are dedicated backstage staff will contribute twice instead of once – increasing the chances of a good song being written.

Once songs exist, it is the on-stage performers who must bring it to life. As with writing, each band member on stage contributes their score and the highest determines how well the song was received in each category. This time, it is the "frontman" who gets to contribute twice instead of once – so consider who is at the forefront.

The overall rating for a show is the average of all the songs performed – albeit slightly more generous so that perfection is not required. This is also true of album reviews. A 5-star performance may consist of consistent 4-star contributions. Reviews are where your performances feed back into the stats that produced them, because each attribute will rise or fall to reflect what just happened.

When booking venues, you must consider how much it will cost versus how much you are likely to recoup. Tickets are sold at $5 per song so it depends how long your set is. You will receive a percentage of this revenue, and must then use that to pay your employees and any other expenses. Singles are sold at $1 each whereas albums are sold at $1 per song for a maximum of $10. If you have a week of inactivity, you may find that you make a loss because of the expenses of your lifestyle (which reflects your wealth).

I regret there is more to this game than I could ever explain here, so enjoy figuring some things out for yourself!

Updated on 29th March 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Smoother breathing animations.
  • New faces and hairstyles from the survival sim, "Wrecked".
  • Lower lifetyle costs, higher profit margins.
  • Enhanced compatibility with the latest hardware and operating systems.

Popscene (Music Industry Sim) Review

You should honestly make a ceo version where you could manage the label or just add that as a game mode on this game.

We try to get on this game ever time it just go to a black screen what the heck is going on we tryna play and we think this is very rude u guys have millions off dollars and cant fix this lol small simple thing like come on know u guys can do better than that .

We love this game but we would be better if they had like plaque awards like for singles and albums.

We think we should get to have way more albums than 10 bc u can finish 2 albums in one year we feel like we should be able to ask characters if they want to collab not become a group we should also be able to make diss tracks to were they actually know their being dissed and we should be able to retire and start with a new character but these are jus some suggestions.

This game is awsome its really giving us a mindset like a real artist. Why dont you make a game and make it based off the 80s and like do the hairstyles and u could be whatever you want a popstar a basketball player a movie person or a kid in school like the breakfast club.

This is a great app and we enjoy playing it a lot we play it so much that we no longer have anymore album slots so we can’t make anymore albums and we don’t wanna get rid of any albums we have now :/

You should make a new game but Star Wars themed please we would play that every day.

This game is awsome and we really love it but can you make it so its free Rome like in other games like where you can fight other rappers, go to jail,have a girlfriend, and like stuff that happens in actual concerts. Basically that people can interrupt it and then you can fight them. Overall this game is great.

Good game is just needs more like life situations n other stuff other then tht we be playing for days.

For some reason it wont let us use mp3 and instead takes us back to the home screen of the game and when we go back in it shows a normal game generated song please fix.

The only problem we see is the Margin. Like if we make $200 million dollars. Our expenses go up high when we might only make $5-7 million dollars off album sales. We say instead if each song costing 1 dollar. Make it 2 dollars for a total of 20 dollars when we have all 10 songs (album) and also allow us to buy cars and houses maybe? But really we just wanna see change in the margin. Its a nice fun game that teaches you business. No complaints here. Keep up the good work Mdickie@

We built up a big band worth over a Million dollars but then our band became well we would say greatly and Im losing tens of thousands of dollars every week and our band is done get this fixed please.

Please remake popcorn for android and IOS please.

We’ve played this game for a while now and we just installed it back but can you fix the MP3.

Release Pop Scene 2 for ios we really wanna play it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES EVERYONE THERE IS A PART 2 and it looks so much fun!!!!

Clearly its hard, yes. But yall need to stop being lazy and start playing it smart to enjoy what the game has to offer.

We like this game a lot, in fact we got the VIP edition to it too and we always have liked your games but one problem we have is that when we try to play songs in the music player option the game crashes so does anyone have a solution to it.

We love this game and everything but we do like other people have something to say about this there should be collaboration in the music industry and there should also have music videos and shoot them with google images like take one out of a singers background also add touring and interviews also they should be doing shopping or celebrities just being outside and theres crazy fans and paparazzi and other stuff like 15 or less songs you could have for a album and not have the people your working with decide what you have to do cause well its annoying so love you please do this and Im your biggest fan :)

Ayo, MDickie, been a fan and frequent player of your games for a good minute, but we really REALLY fw this game a lot. Itll be great if you could update it, and make it more compatible with newer devices. Thank you.

We really love this game we hope whoever created this games is still alive ima look into it so we can contact the person . Cause we love this game but we just refuse to do the same thing over and over .

The game is awesome but for newer Versions it needs a update but the is worth it :)

This game is great but you guys need to make a life sim where you can have jobs and stuff.

This game is soooo fun, it makes the time go by really fast! It doesn’t drain your phone battery life, which is good. Although this game is good it can be GREAT if there was more in depth than it already is. TIPS TO THE DEVELOPER(S) Add more places to preform. Add more drama. Add instructions in the beginning. Add more ways to get money (like Commercials, TV roles, Award Shows, merch, Etc.) Improve the Award show system. Improve the Talent show system. Improve the relationship system. Add a star ranking status. Add more in game music. Improve the group/ collaboration system. We have many more ideas, but we would like to keep it short. We love this game and we would be more than happy to recommend this game to friends and share the fun!

The game is very good overall, but we feel like we should see some new artists.

We really like the games but they should add more features to them. It would improve the games.

We love this game it’s very different and just what we like. It just need some updates, like letting you respond back to diss tracks, and letting you go on red carpets, letting you present, and some new clothing and hair.

This is the most awesome music industry game we’ve played but we really wish more came with it,so heres our suggestions on the next update. 1)Photo Shoots.. Just like how the person your working for books venues and shows for you and how you book them for yourself.. We also want to be able to book photo shoots and magazine covers. 2)Ask to Collaborate or remix with other people from the same or different record label one one song.. We want to be able to have a song that also features someone. 3)Travel Or Go on Tours.. We want to have a more realistic performance factor when our character gains popularity. 4)last one.. More venue options.. Itll be nice to have more fun places to perform. Thanks for reading we personally think this game is awesome and Id love it to have more updates very often to get more exciting and give a real life music industry experience.

Hi mdicky please make a game where youre in the hospital and you have to survive until you get released. Its like hard time but hospital style. We wold think it wold be a great game.

This game is super fun being able to use MP3, but it needs an update for newer phones. Please.

It would be awesome if there was more types of clothing like striped long 60s and 70s pants and more guitar types and more hairstyles especially curly hairstyles and faces and etc.

This is a 10/10 game if it was updated we all know it!

We won so many times but we still havent got our irl money so im waiting for that because we are very successful in the game and we deserve the money. Thanks luv xx.

We think the idea of this game is perfect just please fix the mp3 problem.

All we have to say is, we Love It!

So we love this game a lot and we used to play it. After we started racking up money (1 million, 10 million, 58 million) we had a court case against Mat Dickie. We have won all our cases and we know that you can refresh the app to not lose. But when we did that for the 10th we time we started to wonder if it is even impossible to beat Mat Dickie in any of his games. Not cool Mat not cool.

Hi the game is soo cool but Im on iPhone and it wont let us link to mp3.

So Im an IOS user and for some reason every time we upload a song from our mp3 the game crashes and the song has changed to a randomly generated song. Is there any thing you can do to fix this problem?

Everytime we Press on a song to make a new song it Brings us back to the menu of the game.

We love this game but can you make a update where are stats are saved like did a song go 1# or not. Are awards and stuff and we would like a little bit more action like that but over all we love it.

We have ideas for Popscene 1st one is that we can be any character we want but still be able to customize 2nd is that we can have a family Please do these.

We cant believe that every game that we have played by MDickie Limited Is Really Addictive.

Great game we just think y’all need to make a new game about movies and acting in movies.

Love this game but we wish there was an option to connect to Spotify Premium and other streaming services. That would be amazing!

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