Five Suits Connected

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Five Suits Connected


Five Suits Connected is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Matt Gabriel, Five Suits Connected is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd March 2018 with the latest update 20th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,088 people have rated 1.76

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Five Suits Connected (formerly named "Five Crowns") is an online card game based on the Five Crowns game by Set Enterprises, Inc. It is a turn-based card game that the whole family can play. With online play games can be played with family, friends or someone new from around the world in a match that doesn’t end until all rounds have been played. Online play also features in-game messaging for interacting with your opponents. Five Suits Connected can also be played offline on a single device against others or against computer opponents.

The objective is to obtain the lowest number of points after playing all eleven hands of the game.

The game consists of two 55 card decks ranging from 3’s to Kings of 5 suits. There are an additional 6 Jokers in the deck. In the first round, 3 cards are dealt to each player. Each round the cards are reshuffled and an additional card is dealt to each player. This continues until each player is dealt 13 cards in the last round.

Each turn starts by either drawing a card from the deck or picking up the top card from the discard pile. The turn is completed by discarding one card. A player can meld some or all of his or her books and/or runs during any of his or her turns. When a player melds all of the cards out of his or her hand they "open". When a player is able to open, the remaining players each have one last turn. Each player will pick up a card, lay down a card and meld his/her books and/or runs to remove those cards from his/her hand. The remaining cards count as points against him/her for this round. The player who goes first in each round rotates. Play continues until the eleventh hand when the Kings are wild. The player with the lowest score wins.

Updated on 20th September 2022

This update addresses an iOS 16 bug that was causing crashes on the New Match screen. The fix also now allows you to select from a list of recent online opponents when setting up a new match.

Thank you to those who have provided feedback and helped improve the game. Feedback is always welcome.

Five Suits Connected Reviews

This game keeps getting better and better! We look forward to our opponents move, so we can get back into the game!

Our daughter and we live 6 hrs apart but your game being a common interest keeps us in touch almost every day.

This game keeps getting better and better! We look forward to our opponents move, so we can get back into the game!

We like playing 5 Crowns with our friends. Now our wife and we can play at home without getting the deck out. One bug though, every game at some point it doesnt register that the other player is done and its your turn. You need to go to the matches menu and reselect the current match. Thats the only problem we’ve encountered.

Love this game and play it all the time!

Love this game! Its our favorite card game without all the shuffling! Our husband and we constantly have a game going!

We love this game! Keep updating it! Its fun to play with family members near and far!

Such a fun way to stay connected to friends and family when youre apart. Five Crowns has always been a game our family played and we introduced it to our friends and we would meet up and play monthly. When COVID ended our regular gathering, we found Five Suites and this has done the trick. It has truly helped during a time of isolation for so many. Thank you for a fantastic app!

During the last year we have played Five Suits Connected with another couple every night at 6:30! For several weeks, it was the only event on our calendar! As life has started getting back to normal, we are missing playing some nights, but the game really helped our loneliness during the lockdown. We have been playing the box card game, Five Crowns, for almost 20 years!! Four of us travelled to all 48 contiguous states over 10 years, playing the game in each state! And before Covid we played together twice a week! Your online version helped us stay connected & continue our addiction.

We have played this every day and has gotten us through COVID quarantining, but very buggy. Need to shut down and reboot almost after very hand.

This is one of our favorites. Play daily with several of our friends with or without internet which is nice. You will agree with us if you begin this game!

We really love this game, but the app is a little buggy. For about a month we had a ghost match that was highlighted in green as if it was our turn to play, but each time we clicked on it it brought us to a different (and completed) match. That issue disappeared in the last couple of days. More frequently / more than half the time, it will switch random matches that we have started with normal scoring rules to make them alternate scoring rules. (This is a real bummer to us as we actively dislike using the new / bonus system and prefer the classic gameplay.) Another reoccurring glitch is that it will abruptly end our turn when Im in the middle of it by either reverting our hand back to the way it was when the turn started and switching to our opponents turn or by discarding something random from our hand and switching to our opponents turn. (This doesnt happen super often, but we’ve experienced it about four times in about 150 matches.) Lastly, however you set up the notification settings when you install the app seem to be unchangeable afterwards. (My mom had notifications on when she installed it, and she cannot figure out how to turn them off. (She works in IT.) we had notifications off when we started it, and we have not figured out a way to turn them on. (I never hear when its our turn unless Im actively in the app.) Other than those glitches, we love this app, and we really love this game!!!

We love, love this game but it would be 5 stars for us if you could block people. We keep getting matched with this one crazy person that flips out on us via chat if we step away from the game for 5 minutes. We end up having to quit games where Im matched with them. Thanks!

A group of us play this on our phones once a week. We like the alternate scoring feature. We also play that if you hit 100 (or 200) on the nose, you get to go back to zero. Our only complaint is to often the card in the pick up pile is the same the card that was just discarded-this happens to all of us way to often.

We play on our iPads or phones and zoom at the same time so we can visit while playing. It is the next best thing to being there in person, we were missing our game nights during quarantine. We just tried the alternate scoring and really like that feature. Karen.

It took a little time getting signed on and in sync but all is well and going fine. Love this game, good job guys.

We love this game but for some reason, we cant rematch anyone after the game is over. Why is this?

So you either have to play the computer or online . You cannot play with others on the same tablet. The other issue is you cannot beat the computer… We’ve played this game for years so its not like Im a beginner.

Serious work is needed. This completely did not function for us. After much hassle trying to get everyone signed up for Game Center (which is not mentioned) the game play never worked and we spent a half hour trying to make it work. We would like a refund.

Terrible user interface, we can’t believe they are charging money for this app. It’s so hard to use, very glitchy, slow. However their sounds are on point. Ohh yeah!

We rarely rate apps, but we really enjoy playing this one and so does our daughter-in-law. We play against each other every evening after our granddaughter goes to bed. We generally have two games going at the same time. We also got the upgraded utilities which makes the cards bigger on our phone. This games allows us to entertain myself by playing local games against the computer. This game is a worthwhile pick for sure.

Our family loves to play this card game and were super excited to learn about the app. Recently our app started crashing and we were unable to play no matter how many times we deleted and redownloaded. The customer service was top notch. They were in co tact and offering new suggestions until the problem was solved.

Five suits is a fantastic card game. Matt Gabriel who developed it has done a great job. And he is very responsive when we’ve had suggestions or questions about the game. We strongly recommend this game. Play with your friends online. Real time! Its easy to figure the game out but yet it takes a lot of strategy and decisions so its interesting to play.

We have been snowbirds in AL for several years and during our stay the card game five crowns is one of our card games we enjoyed. Now that we have been spending most of our time at home because of the pandemic, 4 of us (IL and NC) have played cards every week online since last March. We just discovered FIveSuitsConnected and played it last night. It was so much fun. The developer was so helpful with getting us all connected so we could play. We would really recommend this app for anyone who likes to play cards and want to be connected with family and/or friends.

Our family loves to play this game but we cant play was often as we would like. This game is the next best thing. Thank you for providing the same game experience on our phone. Also the bundle in the store is worth it.

Very responsive to bugs found. We really enjoy playing this game online with friends.

Matt, thank you so much for fixing the bug! We love Five Suits Connected. So much fun to play with friends and with Shannon and others. This game has kept us sane during sheltering in place.

Developer is responsive to issues.

This app has allowed us to continue to have card nights with our friends, even though we are in separate locations. The developer has been extremely responsive to suggestions weve had for improvements to the game as well as any minor problems we might encounter.

Love this game; used to play it with our dad when he was alive. But somehow it doesnt seem to be working at all with this latest update! Please fix! UPDATE: Developer responded. App is now working as it was before. Thank you!

We had to remove the app and reload. We had purchased the bundle but that didnt reload with it. App store says we purchased it but cant reinstall.

Luv playing Five Suits. It is awesome. However the recent update version 1.62 does not work on our iPhone with iOS 14.0. Version 1.63 fixed the problem. Thanks. Great app!

The bonus scoring for opening added in the latest release is a great addition to this enjoyable game. We have spent many hours playing with friends while physically distancing. It has helped keep us sane while we wait for better times.

We’ve playing for weeks without a glitch. We updated the app today and now its stuck. We cant tap on a new card or end our turn!! Whats up?

Fix game. Cant see cards to pick from since update.

Have been playing regularly and now when we tap to select a card we get the sound but no card shows up.

Our friend and we have been playing Five Suits Connected during Covid. We play on our IPads while we talk on our phones. Its been great to have this to look forward to weekly. We miss seeing one another, and this is the next best thing! We especially want to thank Matt for his quick reply when we wrote him about an issue our friend was having with her version. She updated according to his instructions- problem solved! Matt, thank you for your creativity and your willingness to help!

The changes to melding are great and speeding up the computers turns on the local games make this a more enjoyable game. The developer has done a great job getting any bugs fixed fast.

We love playing this game especially with our family.

Currently, the app has a bad glitch that happens multiple times per game where one player gets two consecutive turns. Worst part about it is if it happens after youve melded the opposing player never gets a chance to meld and gets stuck with all the points in their hand. Needs an update pronto.

We really enjoy this game. We have been able to play with our friends throughout the COVID quarantine. We think it could be a bit more user friendly in regards to setting up the game. When we havent played for awhile, there is always a re-learning curve. We also think it would be a nice addition to have a chance to review each hand. Sometimes, we have all felt we melded correctly, only to find we have a score we didnt anticipate. We stir have a ton of fun playing, but would like to know where the error happened. Again, we really love the card game and were thrilled to find it in an app. Would just like. Little more user friendly and the ability to review all hands after.

The spinner feature is annoying and slows the game down.

Startup is a pain. Not worth the effort.

Thank you for all the updates especially the large cards. Is it possible to have an auto arrange cards button or option in settings and can you make the numbers and letters larger up top (indicating which is the wold card)? Thanks again.

A fun app, potentially. But clunky when it comes to melding. Also on May 7, the automatic scorecard was showing wildly erratic totals. We hope this is only a temporary issue.

Our extended family are huge players of the Five Crowns card game. This is a great substitute to play with family and friends when we cant be together. It took a few games to get used to playing online vs in person, but have found this to be a great way to stay connected!

We get 3-5 friends on FaceTime while were playing so its like were all together during these estranged times. We also love that we can multitask & play multiple games at the same time… Id love to be able to nudge someone on demand though…

Its so great to be able play five crowns live with several friends accross the country, while talking on a conference call. (The call is not part of the app, but the point is you can use the iPhone to set up a conference call or an audio FaceTime call, and then start a game with the app. And just be talking and playing at the same time, with a bunch of friends) Its very to close having a real social gathering during the quarantine The developer is incredibly responsive. Hes made improvements we’ve requested, and fixed bugs we reported, and done both very very quickly. The program has become extremely solid, and keeps getting better in all kinds of ways. IMO this app has gotten better than five crowns with physical cards. No one has to shuffle, no one has to keep score, no one has to check that everyones melds are legit, and you can play outside without your cards blowing away Make sure you check out the new large card deck. Completely eliminates all eye strain. Enjoy.

Very buggy!!! Unhappy with game.

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