Project Makeover

Last updated on July 30th, 2022 at 02:00 am

Project Makeover

Project Makeover

Project Makeover is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Magic Tavern, Inc., Project Makeover is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th November 2020 with the latest update 20th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


521,294 people have rated 2.43.1

You can download the game Project Makeover from APP STORE.


Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don’t forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar!

CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look!

MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams!

DECORATE a person’s room as well as their appearance!

DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities!

SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles!

STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet!

VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar!

BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!

Support: Dear Director, are you having problems with the game? Visit or contact us in-game by going to Settings >Help >Contact Us.

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Updated on 20th July 2022

PROJECT MAKEOVER’s newest guest is a professional harpist, but the only music she’s making these days? The sounds of silence. A busted harp, busted confidence, and no way to get to the big stage. Can you string together a makeover that will “tune” her situation into a plucky success story?

-NEW MAKEOVER: Help a Harpist!
-60+ new levels!

Project Makeover Review

Love this game so much it really gives you a perspective of your creative side and really let you just do your own thing but you have to pass levels and sunken be challenging but Im pretty sure you will pass it and its just really fun overall.

Honestly, this is our favorite match-3 game. But after we finish a makeover, we get the same reward as just beating a level. So our question-can we at least get a 500 coin bonus for completing a makeover? Other than that this game is the best game we can ask for.

These levels are tough, but the makeovers are so much fun! Just wish it was easier to win levels sometimes.

Game so much fun, it passes the time away.

We love this Game but we dont like the game to get money.

We like this show, its a lot of fun and brings out the designer in us. Cool music, too.

We’ve been playing this game for over a year and our favorite thing is NO ADS! We love the different challenges as well and we love dressing up games so we like that im still unlocking new clothes or accessories for our own character.

Im obsessed, we absolutely love this game.

Enjoy working towards makeovers!

We love the game, but give more bonus.

Men were hawter than the women M.

Perfect game when you’re bored it really makes you wanna play more and more really addictive.

We love this game and we are so new like we just got it.

So fun, not too many ads and the getting coins are easy which is great.

Im seriously obsessed with this game! Its so fun!!!

This is literally our favorite game. Im not even ashamed anymore. Goal oriented, design forward, puzzles!????! An absolute slay. Im in. Im down. Once during a depressive episode we spent like $50 dollars on gems and we dont even regret it.

Love this games so much have been playing it for like a few months now and we love it it does not give us no stress or unnecessary ad its interesting.

We love the game its about two things Fashion and basically like a candy crush game.

Hi your game has stile fun and drama so good gob on the game.

We like the game but the ads are nothing like real game play.

What pisses us off more than anything is working hard through challenges only to have womens items almost always be the prize. If you sign in as a male, then all the prizes (garments) should be for males and vice versa. Please take this into consideration. It wld make us love this game 100%

Where is all the clothes and goodies for the male aviator we get all these prizes that are for the female aviator and very little we can even see mere less use. We are a guy! So we have a guy for our caricature, but its here have a blouse, skirt, high heals, makeup, etc. All that we cant use! We really like the game but why cant we have and use the rainbow heart sun glasses? Oh because they are only for the girls!

Its really fun! You have to solve puzzles just like candy crush. But when you reach level 30 it gets so hard to play. Right now we cant do Anything because in out of lives for the puzzles and you have to do the puzzles to play the game.

This is a fun game. It has a lot of different types of challenges to keep it interesting. Also, although the story is cheesy, its endearing. We recommend it as a way to pass time.

We love this game. We really do, but we do not like how ads make it look like you do everything solo then we turns out you have to do those matching games or watch a zillion ads and stuff like that. We feel like it should be like you pick a person and you have like a bunch of tools and clothes and you get to choose whatever you do with it and also we dont like the room part of it. You do a lot of hard levels just for a picture or wallpaper. We still love this game, Im just saying it could be better.

Need more African American hair styles like Afros, head wraps , beads, Afro puffs, etc.

So we usually just play these sort of games until it gets too hard to play. This one is going good its really fun. Just wish there was more options when it comes to styling.

Our avatar appears different today and not in a good way. It looks like changes were made to her eyes, nose and mouth. Her eyes now seem weirdly too big and her fast blinking drives us nuts. Her snarky/smirky smile also annoys us with what looks like lip filler in only her bottom lip. Please change her back, this was not an improvement.

The game is fun and engaging but its definitely set up to make you spend money. Its a MANDATORY 20 minute wait to receive more health/life after you have lost it. And the only way you can speed up the time is to buy more life/health. They award you unlimited free boosters for tasks and such but that only lasts about 15 minutes and with the 20 minute wait for new life you can barely utilize the boosters. Overall dont highly recommend.

We’ve been playing this game for so long and dont know why we keep it. Lately our annoyance is that we have caught this game removing gems from what we actually have. With different weekly challenges you can gain gems or items to help you clear each level. If you run out of moves but need a few more to beat the level you can use 300 gems to get 5 more moves. For the past few days we’ve had 280 gems. We won 50 more gems on a challenge but when the game added it to our stock we suddenly had only 230 gems so we still dont have 300. It wants to force you to pay for a pile of gems. We’ve questioned this more than once the past few months and now we know for sure it did that. We’ve been stuck on this level for 2 days.. We dont know why we dont just delete the game! We agree with the other review about more choices for items and having to remove 7 pieces of an outfit separately.

Please Remove The In App Purchases In The Scenic Route Please In The Update!

We really enjoy this game. We play it everyday. We would give it a 5 but we think the items cost too much and that they only want you to buy coins.

One reason this game appealed to us is because the characters did not have a cartoonish look. Since you added the five new gentle-hosts, there have been changes to the game that are making the look of the game kiddish. For example, the look of the avatars have changed. We’ve noticed that our avatar looks more like a cartoon. The features are hard and super imposed, less like a human being. The new avatar faces are very very unappealing. We become very annoyed whenever we look at our avatar face now.

Super fun, love the puzzles. But the amount of coins it takes to get anyone leveled is obscene. And it gets more difficult as you go. So be prepared to spend money or wait it out for lives/moving forward. Not FTP friendly, but fun if you can stick it out.

So much potential! Its fun, challenges get harder as per usual. But alas, we’ve timed out (again) on a makeover so cant even finish all the work we put into the level. We play daily, but we have a life too so we dont have hours a day to play – and def not enough to finish it seems. The options for each avatar are limited to 3 options – and some outfit options dont even make sense together, no matter what you choose. Too many pts needed to clean up the avatars as well – makeup is makeup – why must we need 300+ pts to remove each eye shadow, lipstick, wash face, etc?! Ok rant over – moving on! To another game unfortunately.

For some reason, the avatars faces have been changed. They have horrible bug eyes that twitch and blink like some sort of neurological disease. The mouths have become distorted as well. Whats up with that? We cant stand to look at our avatars face anymore without putting sunglasses on it. Its not so fun anymore.

This game is sort of fun but it does need a few changes. Every time we open this app it lets us play then it freezes and takes us back to the home screen. But otherwise the game is fine.

We like the game but the booster rainbow circle with another booster doesnt work like other games. It doesnt clear like it should. There is not enough moves given to pass a level ,until the game lets you or you buy extra!

At the time of our writing this, we are at level 2640. Clearly, we enjoy the game. Our biggest issue however- is the lack of effort you guys give the male characters wardrobe. We are a Black man with locsam am over 2000 levels into this game & have put on zero effort to reflect the diversity of Black mens hair. We mean, clearly Ill still play but jeez. We cant keep this br hat on forever.

We like this game but the only problem is we try to play and we have to wait 20 minutes. It is getting on our last nerve. But we still play and we cant wait to play more and unlock more and more levels! Keep up the good work!!

We absolutely hate the new face of the avatar. The smile and the eyes make her look insane!! Please change it back.

This update makes our character look terrifying and ugly with this weird creepy smile. Please change the smile back to what it was. THE SMILE IS SO WEIRD AND UGLY we HATE IT. Honestly makes us not want to play the game. Gave us the ick. D-

We played this game a year ago, and we liked it. But it got too hard and we deleted it. We tried it again and we got stuck on level 44. Im not the person to by in game currency, so we couldnt do anything. It gets way too hard then super easy for no reason. If the games levels were easier we would give it 5 stars, but its not. Otherwise its a good game and we love it. If the levels were easier we would be happier.

We thought we were going crazy. We updated the app today (7-21-22) only to find that our avatar now has crazy alien/anime eyes and a joker-like smile! Ugh! Shes ugly now. Changing eye make up used to give her a sexy, bedroom-eye look. Now she just looks unreal and stupid. And the grin! Go back to the way she used to look, please!

Its almost impossible to win levels and if you do, its with maybe 1 turn left to spare. It shouldnt be this hard to finish levels.

The latest update to the game changed how the avatars looked and now the girl looks so creepy and ugly. At first we thought we were just seeing things but it really does look different. PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE HER FACE BACK TO HOW IT USED TO BE!!

The ads freeze up the game. Its enjoyable but when you are so close to beating it and you click to watch an ad the game freezes. Not cool. Dont mind the ads but get back to the game! Houseparty.

Why are the eyebrows on our avatar suddenly blinking with her eyes?!? Aaaargh! Its driving us crazy! Im leaving sunglasses on her face just so her eyebrows dont make us lose it!