Pulling USA 2

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Pulling USA 2


Pulling USA 2 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bowen Games LLC, Pulling USA 2 is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th December 2017 with the latest update 1st January 2018

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


172 people have rated 1.4

You can download the game Pulling USA 2 from APP STORE.


Take control of your modified truck or tractor in the world’s heaviest motorsport competition!

Pulling USA 2 gives you the experience of truck and tractor pulling anywhere you go with multiple classes and vehicles. Upgrade your vehicle’s engine, supercharger/turbocharger, fuel system and more with the easy to use garage system. Compete across multiple tracks and arenas with different track and weather setups.

Adjust the weights and tire pressure to accommodate the range of track conditions before controlling the throttle and clutch to get your arena shaking machine down the track. Build your RPM, engine temp and boost so you can take off with realistic dirt and smoke effects!
Enjoy a multitude of camera angles and tilt your device to steer in-bounds. Watch out for blown engines!
Start your career with either a Work Stock truck or Super Farm tractor as you earn points and cash to unlock more vehicles and tracks.
Challenge your friends to beat your pull score with a challenge and ranking system.

Features include:

  • Realistic trucks and tractors with multiple engine types
  • Setup weights and tire pressure depending on track conditions
  • Change your graphic quality to match device and best visuals
  • Easy to use upgrade system
  • Challenge system
  • Multiple vehicles and classes
  • Multitude of cameras to expand your gameplay
  • Multiple track/arena types
  • Tilt steering

Updated on 1st January 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Added Pro Stock and Compact Diesel Tractor Classes
-Added cloud backup menu in options

Pulling USA 2 Reviews

  1. Will you release the 3rd one 2. Nice game.

This is a aswem game but we want more semis and trakters.

Love this game, please continue to update!!!

You should put a farm class in the game.

If u guys make a pulling usa 3 make it realistic to wear ur able to pull ur tractor in the track and back it up and pull it off the track to ur trailer. Thanks for all the amazing games!

We really love the game, it makes time go bye. We think you guys should make the tires wrinkle up like the real tractor pull tractors. We think that would make the game even more realistic than it is. The game is really great. Thanks.

This is a great game 10000/10best game but it needs unlimited super stock and diesel super stock.

Make more tractors and and green and red.

An excellent game. You guys should add in a feature to do indoor pulling along with the option to customize the tractors.

Would be nice if we could choose what gear we took off in.

We would love to have it but it has to be a iOS 10.0 or later. Please change.P.S how do you make games.

We need more customization for vehicles, and we need to be able to make money a little bit faster because the grind is real.

Another thing that would be nice is that you can chose were you want the sled to be at the starting line.

The game is fantastic but the option for a floating finish would make it better. The floating finish would be whoever pulls farthest automatically wins which would eliminate having to pull twice to still win the same amount of money.

We absolutely love this game we also loved the first one and lt reminds us alot of summer when we watch our dad pull, we would love to see a an update where you customize the trucks like maybe pillar gauge pods,wheels,exhaust,hoods,maybe older style trucks ex:im a big dodge fan and would love to see a second gen, and third gen truck.. Anyway love the game and keep up the good work.

You need to put more tractors and trucks in the games we think more people would like it more.

Hell ya all, we gotta say. Maybe add online and the ability to bet other than that this is perfect.

Go to a mmttpa pull after that this is a good game.

Whens the next update?! New additions coming soon?

Our game is running at 3fps you might say that we have to many games on our phone but we have 2 games on our phone.

Great game but severe glitch issues with the throttle pedal, it just falls and you cant bring it back, lose your pulls over and over.

Love the game could you possibly add more tractors such as Minneapolis moline Oliver allis Chalmers and white.

Very good game we’ve had all the games of USA pulling in farming USA and this game needs customization options kind a like farming USA does but more in depth like options between the Decals and new rims and Colors of trucks and tractors we need customization options on exhaust pipes like actual dumps single stacks single stacks double stacks side axle dump And centered stacks we should be able to buy parts like aftermarket parts turbo chargers and stuff and be able to build up or trucks and tractors not just hit a button and purchase upgrade we should be able to purchase and see like pictures of stuff like put it in all one thing called catalog or something but overall theyve done a really good job on the game.

Will this game ever come to a console like PS4 or XBOX.

Hey there. Really great game but if the is going to be a pulling USA 3 maybe yall should add a shop where you get bone stock trucks/tractors then a few thousand dollars to upgrade them. And maybe a paint booth to so you can design your own paint jobs. :truck and tractor ideas: First gen dodge Chevy Apache Chevy el Camino John Deere 4440 Case IH 86 series Chevy K30 Ford eco online (old) pickup Sterling semi International lone star First gen dodge power wagon 2wd Chevy camaro funny car body Case magnum Cummins White workhorse If you take this into consideration or just read this that would be great. Thanks for letting us take a bit of your time.

We think that for the new game if it is released we would like to see more tractors/ trucks per class with new sounds. There should also be a thing were when you get to Regionals with the 2 tracks there should be other tractor/ trucks pulling so there is more time for you to wait before you pull. Two classes that we would like to see are the mod turbo tractors and the 8050 rwb trucks.

Really good game. A lot of noticeable improvements over the 1st game. Looking forward to more updates. Maybe better throttle and clutch response. Very hard to bump the clutch and build boost on the line. Also maybe be able to customize the trucks some? Wheels, paint, exhaust ETC.

For the beginning can you add lawnmower tractors.

Love the game fun and entertaining but sometimes it wont pay me.

It would be nice that when you sell a vehicle, you get how much much its worth with the upgrades, and not just the original purchase price. Love the Midnight Gambler in the 2WD Trucks.

We love this game but just add more vehicles although our money was spent and lm not disappointed.

We love this game so far but the sounds dont work for us :/

We really like this game, one thing we would like to see is more upgrade options as well as the option to build your own puller as far as looks and parts used. Also would love to see more classes and options for tractors and trucks in the game. Also how about a 4×4 stock farm tractor class like the tractors used in farms. Overall a really nice game though!

Nice game but we feel it could use some additions. We think truck and tractor sounds are basically the same. The new hollands and internationals sound the exact same. All gas vehicals sound the same exc. Also there should be like a view of how the other pullers do maybe from a crowd audience. Like after your pull u watch the others pull and u can use the same camera changes like u can when you pull. Also maybe there should be more options to customize vehicals: like maybe second gen first gen third gen cumins exc or 7.3 6.0 6.7 exc powerstrokes and choose the tire width length and paint color and more . We feel these would be really cool changes.

Could you please ad antique tractors like a John Deere A and B and farmall Hs and Ms. And some stock farm tractors like a John Deere 6030 and an international 1466.

Please update and come out with new stuff and new games.

Really enjoying this game! Something we wish was added is Since the modifieds dont use a clutch how about making it to where if too much throttle is applied too early wed lose traction , that would make it feel like we accomplished more. We were a little disappointed when we brought a modified because there less to do driving the tractor.. Also is there a way to lock the camera angles so we dont have to change it each pull ??

Dont get us wrong this is a great game to kill time. It is though basically the same thing as the pervious Pulling USA with different vehicles. Something we were hoping to see with this newer version of the game some vehicle customization and a little more variety of trucks and tractors. But all in all this is a great game.

When will the pro stocks and compacts be available in a update version we would also like to see some allis charmers tractors. Also some hot farm and alt farm tractors. We’ve been around this sport our whole life so Iam pretty much aware of everything about it. Also would like to see start with a hot farm or super farm then build it into a class u want and move up if u wanna build it to a super stock u can or stay in as a super farm or light pro theres many options u can do.

Really love the game and all the vehicle options but you should add a farm stock class light pro stock class and a hot farm class and an indoor track with a smoke tube and decent details also speed up some of the classes like mini mods compact diesels blown 2 and 4 wheelers they just seem really slow compared to other classes and add a 6030 John Deere pro stock called river rat. Ps the turbine tractors turbines are backwards.

Everything on the game so far is awesome but the only problem we have is how do you get to a Friend challenge we know you can go into the screen that has the challenges but how do you actually get to the pull itself???

Would have given 5 stars however our screen shuts on and off during gameplay. We have a brand new phone and it doesnt do this during any other games so Im not sure if its a glitch or what not.

The game is great and a lot of fun! But… The fact that you pay $3 for it then it wants you to buy in game money is kinda sad. We feel it if was free and pushed you towards in game money is ok. But pay to play then you make money slowly with that little buy money icon always in the corner is disappointing to us. To clarify you do not have to purchase in game money to progress or play but progression is slow and the tractors sell for the original price with no money return for upgrades. Great game would give more stars if it wasnt for the money grab kinda feel.

Cant seem to get first place period because it tells us pull off. Not sure if that is a normal part of the game or not but its made 1st place almost unreachable.

Game needs more customizing options and tire options maybe throw in tug of war. Good game but only fun for a couple days. Also the main screen needs work when youre browsing vehicles game has a lot of potential.

We loved the first game, and still do. This one is almost identical to the first, minus a couple graphic upgrades. Sounds are the same. Itd be nice if you could customize your vehicles more. Maybe even add a flagged,green flag when you can go and a red flag when to shut it down. We hate the fact that it shuts down the tractor itself. Could be a lot better.

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