Puzzle Strike

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Puzzle Strike


Puzzle Strike is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sirlin Games, Puzzle Strike is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd February 2016 with the latest update 17th February 2016

Whether you are a fan of Card, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


14 people have rated 1.01

You can download the game Puzzle Strike from APP STORE.


Puzzle Strike is a deckbuilding puzzle game played amongst Fantasy Strike characters. It’s inspired by puzzle games such as Puzzle Fighter. Gems fall into each player’s gem pile every turn, and whoever’s gem pile fills up first loses. Improve your deck (of chips!) by purchasing new chips as the game unfolds.

Will you go heavy on economy, offense, or build an intricate engine? In any case, make sure to adapt to your opponents because Puzzle Strike has a lot more interactivity than most other deckbuilders. And like the other games in the Fantasy Strike universe, Puzzle Strike is designed to hold up to thousands of games at the expert level, and we fully embrace the philosophy of even-playfield competition.

The new iOS version of Puzzle Strike has these new features:

  • Cross-platform play with players on iOS, Steam or the web version on FantasyStrike.com
  • Chips have 4x the resolution as the web version
  • Climb the leaderboards in Quick Match and check out replays of top players to improve your game!
  • New Puzzle Challenge mode: learn advanced character tactics and think outside the bag! Beat these advanced challenges to become a real Puzzle Striker!
  • Complete your Daily Quests to earn Jewels, then spend them to play "Puzzle Smash", a high-powered version of Puzzle Strike
  • Contains all 48 Puzzle chips from both Puzzle Strike Third Edition and Puzzle Strike: Shadows, as well as the promo chips, Combinatorics, Dashing Strike and Custom Combo
  • Practice offline against AI Puzzlebots for the first time!
  • English, French and Japanese language support, with German localization on the way
  • The base game comes with the first four characters (Grave, Jaina, Midori, and Setsuki), with fourteen additional characters available in-app

Updated on 17th February 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • New language added for Puzzle Strike: Japanese!
  • Fixed the QM bug where non-webplayer hosts of Quick Matches would not have their chat lines sent
  • 5-gems are now untrashable (mainly to prevent Pilebunker from being too strong in Puzzle Smash)
  • Removed the cost circle from 5-gems, since they are now impossible to buy or trash
  • Fixed Big Rocks and Risky Move giving 5-gems outside of Puzzle Smash
  • Fixed some in-game text that didn’t render correctly
  • Fixed an information leak on chips drawn through blue-shield reactions when Mistress’s Command finishes
  • Mistress’s Command doesn’t control Hundred-Fist Frenzy-triggered crashes
  • Fixed some incorrect textfield max sizes (for usernames, passwords, room names, and chat lines)
  • Fixed "Declare Victory" button in Quick Match
  • Fixed preset bank buttons occasionally not setting their bank correctly, when Dashing Strike was in the previous bank
  • Fixed spurious warning and button text about buying Wounds during the buy phase, when no Wounds remain in the bank and you have not yet bought a chip
  • Quest notifications now popup from the top-right corner instead of from the top-left one

Puzzle Strike Reviews

We’ve played Puzzel Strike off and on for a couple of years. We have the board game version, and we used to play the Free Web Version while we were on our walking treadmill. This iOS implementation is very polished. We were a little worried after readinng the negitive reviews, but we went forward with a buddy and we both bought a copy. It played smooth as single player (and the puzzle mode is nice), and today we tried it multiplayer. At first we could not get a custom game started (we’d pick the characters but could not start it or edit the bank), so we posted on the Forum on their website, and within 5 mins (9pm cst) there was a reply from the admin stating the Server was in a "bad state" for iOS and he’d reboot it. Well he did, and our friend and we did about 4 hours of stable play across the internet (while running Facetime). Super solid implementation – though with hiccups and growing pains.

The game implementation is decent, but the "Create Account" feature doesn’t work. Also, when we quit a match, there’s some partial info up the right-hand side of the screen that looks like it might be a game log of some sort, but there isn’t enough to read. That goes away after a few taps on other buttons. Also not happy that we have paid $4 for the basic game, but that any variety of chips seems to require that we spend more. There’s no apparent way to unlock characters or other chips.

Puzzle Strike is a phenomenal game for the right players. It’s Deck building (like Dominion) with a high degree of counter-play that makes games between experienced players a joy. A good match of Puzzle Strike is more satisfying than Dominion or Hearthstone because the role of luck is secondary to strategic choices, and different characters mixed with the random stacks of chips allow for a high degree of variation. The game’s competitive core isn’t for everyone, so while we love the physical board game version, it doesn’t get a lot of play in our circles. Some had hoped this version would solve the matchmaking problem and let us enjoy the game more often. Alas, there are not enough players to find a game in a reasonable amount of time, and certainly not enough players for organized ranked play, at least not on the timeframe steam and mobile gamers expect. We bought the game and unlocks all the options at launch, was pleased with the port and usability on our iPad mini. Unfortunately the number of online players was always single digit,and it looks worse now. We think Sirlin made a big mistake not offering the base set for free. A free base would make it hugely more likely that players can find an opponent. Free players increase the quality of the experience for paying players. We don’t know if Sirlin made the choice on principal or because as a small dev his team wasn’t ready for that many players, but the choice has all but killed this app. The sad reality is that this app has made us less interested in future work from a designer we hugely admire.

This is a Free to play game that costs you $4 (thus not free at all). It comes only with four characters out of like 30ish and you cant unlock them at all except through ANOTHER $12 in app purchase. Nothing to unlock them in game. The pricing is nothing near online with other games. The gameplay itself only merited the extra star we gave because the board game is fun. Until they give you all the characters for maybe a $5 purchase… Just pass and spend your money on a better and complete game.

Seems like a good implementation, but no pass and play, an option almost every board game app has, ruins it for us. If we had known this common feature was missing we would not have bought it. Game is great, we own the physical copy.

Messages that display programmer info (like an empty object showing as "{0}")’ no Undo for many actions, and a Custom game mode that doesn’t let you choose your bank or start the game. This feels like a Single Player beta. It is in no way finished and doesn’t merit the $4 price tag. Keep your money until Sirlin gets their act together.

As mentioned by others, the create account system just doesn’t work. And there’s no way to contact the developers to alert them to the problem. Which means we won’t be spending the $12(!!!!) to unlock the rest of he game. Which, by the way, feels a bit exorbitant for an app that doesn’t support pass and play, and since we can’t log in, means we can’t play with our friends at all. See, if you do the math, $12 * 4 means that you and your friends will pay $48 to play the full game against each other. That’s more than the cost of the actual board game.

Sirlin has a disappointing habit of creating great games like puzzle strike and codex and then not putting in the effort to maintain them.

This is a very interesting bag-building game. Similar to quariors, you are building a bag of things, in this case it’s poker-like chips. The rules are interesting and different. You win by giving your opponent gems and filling up their gem meter. What’s really interesting is as your gem meter fills up you can use chips to send a gem from your pool to your opponent which also reduces your gems. There is a mechanic of combining chips so your "attacks" (called crashes in game ) "hit" harder; there are chips that combine your gems in your pool, so even though you can only send one gem you can end up sending a large gem over to your opponents. It takes a little getting used to the flow of the game. The app does a good job of walking you through the concepts and rules of the game but you need to go slowly through the tutorial and read the pop-ups. There aren’t many glyphs to learn and they are all explained in the tutorial. Briefly there are: arrows which indicate you can play more chips, circles which mean you can draw more chips from your bag, money with let you buy chips, piggy bank which let you save chips for your next turn. We might be missing one or 2 but it’s not complex. The interface does a good job of displaying a lot of information in a small screen and by pressing any chip zooms in so its easier to read. We are really enjoying the game so far. Our one complaint is the price of the iap for more characters. It’s $12 to unlock all the characters. We think their thinking is $1 per character but we think that’s a bit steep.

We love puzzle strike, and was excited to see the iOS implementation. The pricing is great ($4 to play four characters… Another 12 we think to get all the rest). If you have two devices, you can put it on both and play a friend. There are a few bugs, but nothing so severe that it detracts from the great gameplay. If you love Dominion (and you were disappointed by the recent IOS release of that game) this is definitely one to check out. This release definitely took the sting out of our Dominion disappointment.

Being a huge fan of Dominion, Ascension, Dream Quest, and other deckbuilding games, as soon as we saw screen shots of this game we had to have it! If youre familiar with deckbuilding games, then youll jump right into this. If not, it might take you a little time to sort it all out but dont get frustrated and eventually itll all become clear. Thanks Sirlin for this wonderful game!

The game itself is very fun and rewarding to pay. The strategy can be extremely deep but new comers will be able to pick up the basics and have fun in the ritual and AI. We highly suggest playing the AI first until you can consistently beat it, and then move on to paying live people. We do agree that the UI on the phone could be better, but we haven’t had any problems with it overall other than chatting is difficult. Still highly recommend to anyone who likes deck building games.

Great implementation! We love this game.

Still some bugs. Unable to put a password on room without freezing.

We couldn’t wait for this game to come out on iOS, but the UI leaves quite a bit to be desired. We realize Puzzle strike is a complex game, but the interface is busy and difficult to manage. The game has crashed more than once as well. Will continue to play and hope to see improvements in future versions.

This is probably a good start for a game that has this much going on. But it crashes too often and online play is fairly impossible with how much it freezes. Also, we realize game companies need to make money, but fans of the game really don’t want to have to pay a total of $18 dollars to be able to play with all the characters. Especially since buying the physical game was already pricey enough…

We love Deckbuilding Games, having played Dominion, Star Realms and Ascension. We found this game really confusing in the tutorial. Maybe if I’d have played the physical game first we might understand it better. We were thinking about reading the instructions for the physical game so I’d better understand it that way. So many symbols, so much to remember. We’ll try it again and see, but wow… Just overwhelming.

We liked the physical game a lot, but the app is frustrating and expensive. It looks cheap, but the version you buy up front only has 4 characters. The rest you have to buy, for a total of about $16. The interface is poor; you cannot undo simple deterministic actions, which is terrible since it is easy to mis-click and buy or play the wrong chip. We often find myself just trying to read the chips’ tiny font and accidentally selecting one with no undo. That kind of mistake can ruin an entire game. All in all it’s a sloppy implementation for a premium price. Don’t fall for it.

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