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Railbound is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Afterburn Lukasz Spierewka, Railbound is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th September 2022 with the latest update 3rd February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


71 people have rated 2.01

You can download the game Railbound from APP STORE.


Railbound is a comfy track-bending puzzle game about a pair of dogs on a train journey around the world.

Connect and sever railways across different landscapes, and help everyone reach their homes. Solve over 200 clever puzzles ranging from gentle slopes to twisted passageways.

Place, remove and reroute connections so that carriages safely connect to the locomotive. But, be careful and don’t make them run into each other!

Our main levels will take you through a variety of locations at a relaxed pace. Forks along the road will lead you to spicy brain-teasers that’ll please even the most demanding players!

Use tunnels to cover vast distances in an instant. Delay trains using well-timed railway barriers. Switch tracks to reroute cars in different directions. Pick up cute friends on the way and encounter even more challenges on your journey!

Across the game’s world enjoy our comic-book-inspired visuals and a relaxing original soundtrack by the team behind Golf Peaks and inbento.

Updated on 3rd February 2023

Minor fixes & optimization.

Railbound Reviews

Very fun, and beautiful design. Please allow players to examine a successful track layout before moving to the next puzzle. Meaning, let us pause it after we find the successful layout and the little cars line up with the engine and chug off – so that we can try to learn more about why it worked. We don’t want to just randomly try track arrangements – we want to learn patterns (like all humans, right?!). Thanks for your great work here!

All the other glowing reviews are right, but this would greatly benefit from iCloud syncing, so we can switch between our iPad, Mac, and iPhone.

5 stars! This game has beautiful artwork and simple to figure out mechanics. We really enjoy puzzle type games and this is perfect. We also like how the puzzles will differ in difficulty.

Add it to backbone for better access.

This is a great puzzle game with a healthy level of challenge. Enough to keep us engaged, thinking, and curious as to the next level, but challenging enough that we didnt simply walk through every level. Most impressively, they actually got the colorblind support pretty spot on: its something that effects us and Im picky about because for us it make a difference in how solvable or enjoyable a game is. In this day and age every game app developer should know how to do it right. These developers got it right. Thank you.

Loved every game they’ve released.

We historically gravitate toward puzzlers on mobile and Im so glad we stumbled on this one. It may be one of the best we’ve ever played. Simple yet challenging and totally fun. Im on world 4 after playing for one day. Each world has a new, different mechanic that keeps it interesting. The side challenges are quite difficult. We’ve only needed hints on two of them so far, which was after 15 min of trying each one. By the way, the hint system is perfect. The fact that hints can be activated is wonderful, which is why this game is leaps and bounds better than Cosmic Express. Plus getting a hint doesnt really give the board away. Its still challenging. Very well done Developer! Edit: we wrote this a little too soon. By world 5, similar to Cosmic Express, some levels get extremely difficult. The fun, quick puzzles turn into grinds of trial and error with large boards of ten+ pieces guessing and checking with loops, passengers and train car timing. In several extra levels, we found myself googling the final solution, and realize we never would have gotten it. Most levels are quick, satisfying brain teasers. The large, complex ones arent so fun.

We have absolutely enjoyed this game. But Im stuck on a couple of levels. Any chance you could provide solutions or hints? There are people out there much better at these types of puzzles than we am, and they can probably solve the levels without help. But we’ve been stuck for a while now and am ready to give up. Sad for us, but worse for the developers, as it limits the number of referrals and revenue.

The game has no tutorial and no hints. The puzzles have too many restrictions and only one way to solve them. It looked fun but its just a rude awakening to the fact that its not fun and youre out $4.

Great game! Starts off very easy but the side missions are great. The main levels are starting to get very clever and tricky, too. Controls are pretty amazing, we rarely ever tap the wrong thing. It really works as we intend. Our 6 year old loves trains and loves the style of this game but he can only play the first few levels. Theres a serious lack of good train games on the App Store but he would LOVE it if he could just place tiles and make them go. We dont know what it would take to implement that (maybe even a separate app?) but that would be amazing!

Excellent puzzles but it is a serious battery hog on an iPad.

What an outstanding puzzle game. You really cannot go wrong with Railbound. Phenomenally intuitive tutorial puzzles and frustratingly difficult challenge levels come together to form an extremely solid experience. 5 / 5.

Originally crashed on our iPads, but developer very quickly fixed the problem. Thank you.

Saw Aliensrocks video on youtube and immediately loved it. Found it on mobile and grinded out the first 5 worlds in 2 days. Love it.

Crashes, never starts on both ipad pros. One runs ios 12.2 and the other 13.3 we would like a refund please.

Its a blessing in 2022 to find such a fun, well-designed game that we can actually purchase outright. Wishing you great success, this game is worth every penny.

We absolutely love it – its a great puzzle game. Beautiful art and fun to play! There are hints available in the settings, which are super useful for when we get stuck. Highly recommend this game!

These puzzles are so satisfying to complete. The new mechanics for each level keep it fresh and interesting and the challenge levels can be mind boggling. We only wish there was more. We’ve bought this game twice! On mobile and steam!

We were looking forward to playing this ever since it appeared in our timeline, and it delivered as expected. Wonderful graphics, great puzzles, a pleasure to play. Kudos to the team!

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