Rainy attic room

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Rainy attic room


Rainy attic room is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SeonMin Park, Rainy attic room is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th July 2020 with the latest update 26th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,354 people have rated 1.2.6

You can download the game Rainy attic room from APP STORE.


When the game was translated, it was translated rather liberally.
So If you find a typo or grammatical mistake, please send us an e-mail.

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▶Game Introduction ◀
It is rainy here 365 days a year.

One day, you go to the attic and talk to your depressed friend who lives alone.

Watch as the room gradually changes with heart and water.

It is hard for people to get close right away.

But if you take it easy and slowly get closer,
someday, you may see a different side of them by opening your heart.

▶How to become a friend◀

  1. Listen to their story.

  2. Decorate the rooms with different furniture.

  3. Clean up spider webs, dust, and other things the room.

Discover the rest in-game.


  1. This game is fiction and has nothing to do with reality.
    Therefore, do not follow unrealistic or strange content in the game.

  2. We don’t recommend changing the time of your phone while playing. This could cause issues in the game.

  3. You can see the ads once every 4 minutes. If you can’t see it, try to check it out the internet or next day.

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Updated on 26th April 2022

Please update to the latest version.

  1. We optimized about ADS.
  2. We added the detailed explanation about milk delivery.
  3. Fixed typos and grammatical errors.
  4. Fixed a little bug.

Rainy attic room Review

We first downloaded this game around this time last year and got pretty far into it and worked on making progress for around 5 months. We then got a new phone and all of our progress was lost. We actually am glad that we did. We started new and fresh more recently and we can now appreciate the game more now then before. Its great when youre feeling a bit lonely or tun down; or just when you need an escape. But still, it is more than that. You bring the calmness that comes with this game with you for the rest of the day and checking back in with your little friend is really comforting. Thank you developers and we will always enjoy playing :)

Love the game so much but we have noticed every time we try using the water purifier we get a hot water shortage message.

This game is unique and different from any game we’ve played, we really love the music and its very easy but very long levels, keeps us interested!

Ok, so it can be a little slow at times but it is so relaxing and heart warming! Its so fun to upgrade his little house and take him outside, we just love it! Awesome game, 10/10.

We think this game is a very cute and amazing game! Its very decorative and kinda keeps you on track! Plus we think it teaches patients from waiting with the timer for sleeping/ chat. Also has a very good story. Overall 10/10.

We really like this game, even if we had to redo it all over again! We had some ideas that we thought were cute tho What if you could buy clothes for them? Like at the flea market? And they can wear it! We also thought itd be cute that pass 12:00 am a little thing pops up to say: youre up late! But it still lets you play, just as a little reminder that the players mental health also matters :) anyways we havent completed the game entirely but we really like it and we really like the music! And if any ideas make it into the game, thank you :D anyways have a good morning/evening, take care <3.

We absolutely love this game but it makes us sad because hes so lonely but in the ending its less sad!

Its touched our heart, and it really means something to us to take care care of a little buddy that wants to get better but needs a little push from the Player. Overall this game is great, its simple, easy to get used to BUTThe system with the hot and cold water, AND THE HEARTS? They dont even make sense! The facts that you need water to upgrade things around the house, and then hearts to eat, and WORK around the house. Its just annoying.

We love this game sm and used to play it a lot! We recently downloaded it again but this thing happened today where we reached level 3 but the game glitched so it counts us as level 2 but has different tasks and doesnt let us go downstairs apart from that we rlly love this game.

This game is super cute and has a cute meaning behind it with helping your depressed friend. The only thing that isnt very good is that it is very slow and it takes a lot of time to get rainwater and hot water and everything needs a lot of water and hearts to be bought. We are on level 6 and just got to be able to go outside but we need 20 hearts to go outside which takes a lot of time to get. Other than the expenses of the water the game is amazing from what we have seen so far. You need a lot of patience to play though!

Ads dont work since the most recent update on 21 Jan 2022. Every time we try to click on something that requires an ad to play, it says cant see it yet, try later. The last update said they would update the way ads are played, but this most recent update has made it so ads dont play. Please fix this developers!

We really liked this game but it suddenly erased a bunch of progress, its super frustrating.

It’s a nice game to kill some time and also just an enjoyable "idle" type game.

Honestly we love this game it has helped us through so much the only thing we recommend for the developers is that you allow us to upgrade our furniture while the character is sleeping so he can get rest while we help him.

We’ve never left a review before and we never thought we would but this game deserves one . Though it has a very slow pace we make sure to check up every day its fun and relaxing and it makes us feel a lot less alone, tho its just a game. Deserves more hype!

We absolutely love this game!! Its so relaxing and endearing, and animations, storyline, sounds. chefs kiss we’ve really started to care about this character. We are having a bit of a problem tho, which Im not sure if its on our side or yalls. Recently when we open the app it starts to glitch super bad and loads really slow. Then when we swipe out of the app, the rest of our phone is the same way (a few times it wouldnt even let us turn off our phone for a few minutes). It only stops completely when we fully close the app. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

We really love this game a lot. It’s so perfect how it shows the struggles of one with depression. Our only problem is that sometimes there are bugs in the game, like when we bought the small fridge the stove is still unavailable.

The game says we need to level up box D, but we cant find a box D. We leveled up everything, but there are about 6-7 things that are covered up. We love the game, but we cant play it because we cant advance. We play on an IPhone, so that might be part of the problem. We hope this gets fixed, but thank you to the developers, because this is something we look forward to playing everyday!

We love this game, its been teaching us patience because theres no way to buy or cheat your way through it. The little uplifting comments it gives when it starts to get better and better is the sweetest purest thing. May god bless the creators for making such a thoughtful app. :)

Hey thanks for making this we started playing around an month ago. We were hoping finding a game to distract us from our pain. But it was so realistic we decided on an plan. We wanted to tell someone what we’ve been going through but we dont ever feel comfortable saying it in first person so we decided to say something like this to our dad. Hey dad wanna hear about our dream? We would say random things like it felt like a game while saying it was a dream and we would say something different then what Nura our person in the game said.

The game itself is simple and sweet, it feels great reading what our friend has to say as we get more familiar with each other. Its very rewarding to check in on them and the rooms and keep up the decor and functions. We look forward to using our collected rainwater to upgrade the furniture and drinking milk with them every day. The reason we dont give it five stars is because some of the dialogue is hard to understand due to the grammar and word choice. Its also hard to keep the game open for more than a few minutes before it starts freezing and overworking our phone. We dont know if this is a common issue, but it really hinders the experience.

We love this game but we wish you could cancel the sleeping cause we dont really like the fact that if we click it we cant really do anything change that and we will us happy to give you a five star.

The app overheats our phone when we play for more than 5 minutes. Everything then becomes laggy. We can not tap on anything and the ads get stuck when the phone gets too hot. The progression is quite slow with how long it takes to collect hot and cold water, especially since we cannot sit on the app and collect things from the window or by cleaning spiderwebs or dust like we want to. We think we could play this on our iPad without it making our device overheat. Unfortunately we cant transfer data from phone to iPad even if Im using the same apple account. Im already in level 5 in the game so we would have to start from the beginning and it would feel like we are leaving our little buddy behind if we make a while new friend and start over. Also if there was a way to opt out of watching ads for talk time we would take it. We would pay a one time fee to not have ads in game anymore. Replace the ads on the tv and radio with a mini game and let us pay to not have ads if you must. We truly just wish to play the game for as long as we want with our original game data. This is a great game nice simple yet engaging illustrations and audio and we want to progress more, but we cant.

We honestly cant get over how much we love this game. It starts out so simple, turns into so much more. Theres no way to buy your way further into the game. It just takes patience. Like in a relationship. The only thing we have to say is that we think whoever wrote it was maybe a native English speaker so the grammar is a little off. But good on you for all of your work. Also certain things are a little bit unclear. Maybe its totally just us, but we didnt notice the second half of the downstairs for a long time. But that was probably just us. Overall great game.

Throughout the time we have played we have not yet once noticed the unique ability of the water purifier. We are literally so glad we were heard about it from the developers because now we dont have to wait out the period to get hot water. Aside from the that we mainly focused on the time it took to complete things rather than the things we were completing in itself. The game is a lot more complex than we first thought. It is well crafted and we really like how you can develop more of a relationship with your character and get to know more about them little by little. ~I also saw a review about pets and we honestly think that would be a cute aspect to game. Aside from that, thank you to the developers cant wait to see what you do in the future for the game!

This game great, and so sweet and calming. It helps with our anxiety, and its so rewarding to see the little friend open up and get better. Such a perfect idle game with a melancholy but hopeful atmosphere. One suggestion, maybe add more mini games around the house (like feeding a pet if you have one, or wiping down the windows).

When we first started playing a few days ago, we felt a connection to the atmosphere of the game. It really shows you the reality of depression. Best game we’ve seen that projects how mental illness actually is. We highly recommend playing.

We love this game so much. We love the mechanics, its simplistic but the art is so cute. We love helping the character in anyway we can. We really like that you cant jus buy more talks (not sure what to call them haha), you have to be patient with the character, which is very realistic. We hold this game close to our heart, and taking care of the character makes us feel better when Im feeling the same :)

Dear developer team, This game is so cute and we love this game as we were struggling with depression too. But we have an issue. Our bookshelf and watering pot are missing. What can we do to get those back? Please help us.

This game really shows what it feels like to be alone and in a depressed slump. The dialogue from the friend is sad but accurate, and their behaviors reflect what real depression can look or sound like. Our only issue is how slow it is it gain familiarity and the hot and cold water drops, but other than that this is a cute little game.

This game is very cute and well thought out. We appreciate the consideration taken to make the feeling of sadness feel realistic. The character really speaks to how depression can feel or show for many people, down to the pensive nature of the character and the fact that it is always raining. Its powerful in its message. However, we must be honest and say it is painstakingly slow. We understand the slowness adds to the concept, but it feels like all you are doing the entire time is waiting to collect water or hearts. You could be staring at the game and nothing is happening, which makes increasing to higher levels a very long process. There should be more interaction as time goes on because at the end of the day its a game. More and faster opportunities to develop in the game should be a no brainer for this format of game. The fact that you have to wait until sometimes three levels ahead to progress just seems a bit much. We like the game, but wouldnt recommend it to anyone who wants more interactive games because its just so slow and at times extremely boring. However, the concept is cute and we like the character. (Also, there are quite a bit of issues with translation but it kinda adds to the enduring nature of the character).

We loved the game and the plot. It was fun watching our lil friend get better and better BUT we cant get past level 3 Im literally stuck there and we’ve waited a few months to see if its fixed.

We are only on level two, but we can already tell Im going to put s lot of time into it, and reap the reward. This game helps us when Im bored on the school bus, and a lot more. The friend is absolutely adorable, though thoroughly depressing at times. It really puts humanity and depression into perspective, and we love cheering the little guy up. We love the cat, and wish it could be a pet eventually. Is that possible? Maybe there could be a little cat shelter it would occasionally pop its head out of? But we seriously love the game. Its absolute magic!

We love this game. Its fun to just check in on your little friend when you have a bit of free time, and watch them grow and be better. Honestly, this game has also helped our mental health a lot. The little buddy seems a bit like our inner self. We have to take care of it for it to thrive, and if we neglect ourselves, we become depressed and tired. We also really like that there arent in-app purchases (that we can find), and you only have to watch ads if you want to. 10/10, we’ve recommended this to our friends and family, this is one of our favorite games.

This game is so fun we just with there was more chats like instead of 5 why not put 6 cause you could get one more in but we love it so far pls make more games like this.

First of all, this is our first time writing review to any apps. We decided to write a review to this game because we really like it. Its relaxing, calming and helps you mentally. It helps us with positive thinking and such. But the thing is that It becomes so buggy. We’ve been playing this game for almost/over a year now. At first, it was all fine, game is running smoothly and without glitches. The glitch started from the audio and then, the stairs and now, almost everything. The latest glitch we’ve experienced is that the game restarted to the beginning where boxes and stuffs are unpacked. That scared us that we exited the game and refreshed it. Idk if its back to normal now. We really want the bug to be fixed because this is a really good game and we dont want to stop playing. Thanks.

We love how calming and relatable this game is. We’ve been having a hard time recently so to have a little buddy who relates to us is nice. This game is really good and cute and we cant wait to continue playing :)

We downloaded this and instantly loved it. Its so relaxing and sweet. We love upgrading things and seeing it all come together. However it does seem to lag once we go downstairs. Sometimes it freezes our whole phone for a minute but besides that its an amazing game and we cant wait to see whats in the future!

This game is insanely well made. The choice to not have in-app purchases is one we applaud. Since the game does not have in-app purchases, it helps us to be more patient and enjoy the game instead of trying to win all the time. The level-up could be faster but im not very bothered by it. :) this is a good game and a good representation of depression and mental illness. Thank you!

We played it for a long time and eventually the guy got happier than us. At that point we stopped playing because he no longer needed our help and also every time we played we got really sad we wasnt that happy. Loved it tho.

We love this game so much. We downloaded this game because it seemed interesting, but it has become so much more to us. Seeing our little friend depressed has brought to our attention the severity of our own depression. Being able to help our little depressed blob and improve his life has helped us get through life. We may not be completely ok but Im definitely better then before. We love every detail about this game <3.

This game has to be the most comforting and realistic game we’ve ever played, we love it much however we just wish it was a bit easier to earn hearts but other than that we love the game :]

Sometimes the game plays music from ads that arent on display. Sometimes your buddies lips move without you clicking him/her so you cant talk to him Other than that the game is great <3 Side note: Will you be adding more furniture?

What we like most about this game is its storyline its trying to tell. The game tells its storyline well; getting a relatable character and with the characters speech bubbles are well written and lots to the game. We also really like the art style of it! Its super cute and simple. Although, simple may come across as bad we mean it doesnt need very detailed to look amazing! Oh we like the slow past of the game as well! Well, thats all we have to say about this game. We really like it and you should play it!

Thank you so much for this game. We haven’t had it for very long but im also very depressed and when we play this game it makes us feel motivated to do something. We’re almost exactly like the character and whenever we feed xav (character name) we make sure to get up and eat something too. Whenever we buy new furniture we try to clean up bits of our room. It might not seem like much to some people but it’s really difficult for us and we understand xav a lot. We also love how you can interact with your character sometimes and we really enjoy that too.

Very relaxing, slow paced but still fun! We really love this game. :)

Hello we were depressed for a long time and nothing helped but this little friend got better and we did along with him thank you for helping us get through this.

As someone whos been severely depressed before: this game is pretty accurate. Some of the dialogue for example: we feel tired even when Im doing nothing. Is accurate. The fact that the character wont speak unless it wants to is accurate, the reluctance to meet new people, the time it takes to get them to come out of their shell, its accurate. We appreciate the details.

The game is simple and easy to use. The rain sounds / piano music are very relaxing. We like the little character, the things it says are very relatable so it feels like we have a friend who understands us. Im always excited to see what new furniture we will get when we upgrade the ones we have. Because this game was obviously made in Korea, we want to thank the creators. We know that mental health is kind of taboo there and most of the time people react poorly to those who are suffering from depression or other issues.