Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops


Rebel Cops is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GmbH, Rebel Cops is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 23rd April 2020 with the latest update 19th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


21 people have rated 1.5

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You’re not exactly the police, but you’re the only ones on the side of justice

Viktor Zuev, a sadistic crime boss new on the scene, has quickly taken the town of Ripton by the throat. The community’s leaders and even the local police have surrendered to his will. A master of intimidation and blackmail, Zuev has seized every major business in town, all of which he now controls as his own private fiefdom. But an outlaw band of renegade cops refuses to bow. With little hope of success, they fight on — for justice and the soul of their town.

Gunfights are thrilling, but stealth is key

You’re fighting a guerilla war, out-manned and out-gunned. Use concealment and cover, approach the enemy quietly, and take them down before they can raise the alarm. You have at your disposal an arsenal of non-lethal weapons and equipment, as well as special tactical perks, which you can unlock as you upgrade your rebels. True, sometimes violence seems inevitable, but when the time comes, don’t hesitate: neither you nor the criminals have health bars. When someone is shot, they’ll bleed out quickly.

Explore, scavenge, and watch your back

Rebel Cops features not only compact operations where you need to fight for every inch of ground, but also large open locations to explore — the sandbox levels. Search each room, crack open safes and vaults, try to get into inaccessible areas — and grab everything that looks useful. Stay together and proceed with caution, or accept the risks, fan-out, and try to explore every corner.

Take the high road, or the low road

Zuev’s mercilessness is the key to his power. Can you defeat him without playing by his rules? Will you answer the needs of the desperate townspeople, even if it means putting the whole operation at risk? Will you spare civilian guards who are only doing their jobs? Some say that in war, you have to do whatever it takes to survive, but remember: reputation is more valuable than money. Bad blood on the street can easily put your good name in the mud. Merchants will refuse to do business with you, and even some of your own people might turn their backs on you.

● Tactical „This Is the Police“ spin-off.
● Focus on turned-based tactical operations.
● How long you can hold out when you’re constantly short on supplies?
● No health bars – a single shot can cost a cop their life.
● Be stealthy, be quick, and use your arsenal to full effect.
● Can you defeat the mob without playing by their rules?

Supported languages: EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, PT, JA, KO, PL, RU, ZH-CN

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Updated on 19th May 2020

Added support for iCloud
Changed the sniper handling so that it should be more clear how to use him
Added shadow setting "max" for a better quality of the shadows (default setting is "low" though)
Other small tweaks and bug fixes

Rebel Cops Reviews

If youre looking for a Jagged Alliance gameplay, go with this one instead of TITP2 because second has a way more of a manager approach, every fifth or less mission has 3D turn based fight while all others are just management of time and resources etc…

Really well balanced through managing your equipment with money raised thru missions and the number of objectives to complete per mission. Missions are awesome, large maps that give you a host of options on how to approach the objectives. Sometimes multiple objectives per mission, but its all up to you to accept all the available objectives before the start of each mission. So much is left up to you to decide how to accomplish the missions. Stealth is preferred, but you do have the option of going hot and getting into shootouts. Great work devs.

This game was sick. The last couple missions, especially the final one, were epic! The graphics are very nice. We love the detail of the levels. And simple things like the ticking clock as someone bleeds out on the ground over the course of several turns, creating stories within the environment. Very underrated game.

We normally dont write reviews, but we decided a $7 price tag for an iOS game deserved a review. Love the concept, love the mechanics, and we would totally play this on our PC. The strategy required and the in-depth mechanics and systems are just above and beyond. Not to mention the graphics and sounds, very nice touches too. Our only two complaints: the inability to rotate the camera. We love the top down style, but not being able to rotate the camera to get better angles KILLS us. It makes it very hard in some places (like the photo store level) to position your officers correctly because you cant see where stuff is. Its not that big of a deal, but our biggest upset with this game. And we understand its a key mechanic, but the tiredness of officers is annoying. If you stack 6 officers per level, youre always going to have two non rested officers, which is annoying. But other than those two things, we love this game. Great job devs, keep it up.

Both Glen Livet and Lionel Boone can only be able to get 9/10 perks. We are unsure if thats a glitch or unintentional. But we hope that gets addressed.

You should add cheats to the game but the achievements are not activated when you are using cheats because that would make the game way to easy if you were a achievement hunter but you should add like, Death shot it would kill anything it hits, or add the eye of a archer any shots would hit, head, legs, arms, and stomach. We dont know any names for this one but like a cheat were you can persuade the suspects very easily and it doesnt matter how far away it would always work. Maybe add some more cheats you think would be fun but this is just our opinion.

We really like this game! At this point, with the pandemic and financial insecurity, we will only buy premium games with zero iap, and this fits the bill! The tutorial is very easy to follow, but the first mission has us stumped so far. Im not sure whether to use the 3 member squad or add more members. Theres limited funds available so filling out the 3 seems like the thing to do, but thats part of whats cool about the game, because theres no right or wrong, just different ways to accomplish the mission. Its super challenging but fun. The graphics are interesting and we like them as well. We cant wait to see what the sandbox is like! We do wish we could repeat previous missions to try different techniques with different squad assignments and load outs. That would get 5 stars from us!

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