Rhythm Cat 2

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Rhythm Cat 2


Rhythm Cat 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by James Uhart, Rhythm Cat 2 is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th April 2017 with the latest update 6th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, Education, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


26 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game Rhythm Cat 2 from APP STORE.


Learn how to read music rhythms with Rhythm Cat 2 – a fun app that follows on from where the popular first one left off – with more rhythms and new music to play along to.
As well as being entertaining, Rhythm Cat 2 will teach you how to read and recognize the most commonly used rhythms found in traditional music notation.
A helpful tool for improving reading skills that can be applied to all instruments.

The app features:

  • 60 levels that get progressively more challenging.
  • 30 songs that mix originals and classics from Bach to Chopin – matched for each level of difficulty.
  • Simple, easy to use interface, presented in a game like format.

This app has been developed in collaboration with professional musicians and educators.
Although no prior knowledge of music is required, if you are a beginner you may wish to review
Rhythm Cat Lite or Rhythm Cat Pro first to familiarize yourself with some of the more basic rhythms.

If you have any questions or feedback please go to melodycats.com to get in touch.
We hope you enjoy playing.

Updated on 6th July 2022

  • Optimized for newer iOS
  • Design updates

Rhythm Cat 2 Reviews

Im 11 years old and we really enjoyed Rhythm cat 1 & 2. We prefer Rhythm cat 2 but 1 is great for beginners! We also recommend other games made by them: Treble cat Bass cat Ear cat we think theyre great for any young musicians. We used our dads account so his name will be on this review.

Im a piano teacher, and we enjoy using the app to let our students have fun playing the rhythm game. However, we wish you could provide the map showing the elements contained in each song. We do see this function in the original Rhythm Cat, but not in this App. This function is extremely helpful for a teacher to choose an appropriate song for the student to practice.

We love the concept, but couldnt get the dotted eighth with a sixteenth note rhythm to work. As a result, scoring was off. We can still use it with our students, but cant recommend they purchase it for home use. Also, wheres the outline that shows which note values are in each level? Thats really helpful in RC1. Update: we were using speaker. There was just enough lag time to mess it up. Using iPad speaker, were back in business! Still want the table of contents, though!

We are a music teacher and this gets our students to read music very quickly as we help count-sing. We even play it for fun!!

We use these in teaching piano. It is challenging and fun! Im so please with all the Rhythm Cat apps. The note apps are excellent too! Thank you for helping teachers keep it interesting for students!

Im a musician and an educator. We think this is an excellent tool. Our children are now learning instruments, and we just got it for them. They really enjoy it so far. There is some room for improvement. The first level has quarter notes and eighth notes. By the third or fourth level there are sixteenth notes. For someone who has been a musician for a while, its fine, but for beginners, thats a very quick progression. From what we’ve seen, this would be perfect for a student who has been learning for a while already or can get some basic guidance from a musician. It doesn’t really teach the rhythms, but you do get instant feedback. Id like to see an easier progression in the beginning and some assistance with learning. Rhythm instruction is closely related to language instruction. We wonder if a few small adjustments would make this a valid tool to improve reading readiness and reading skills, especially for those with dyslexia…. We were just working on a literature review on this topic. Youll have to get in touch if you want additional consultation.

It looks like a course, because each app released from LMuse becomes better and more difficult but absolutely feasible. Universal because it does not need a single word. Beautifully ludic. Beautiful songs. Im learning music with so much fun. Congratulations to the Developers! Thank you so much. *Waiting for the Rhythm Cat 3…

Good concept but doesnt function well.

When we press the button it doesnt fricking work!

This was an OK app. It helped us with our rhythm a lot. . It was also very fun app compared to some other things that help you with rhythm. . But sometimes when we tap the little button even if the button looks tapped sometimes it would not respond on the board and lower our chances of finishing of the song and going to the next one.. So we would recommend this app if you were OK with glitches.

We’ve started using this to teach some students and was at first very happy with it, but the song and tapping seem to be at slightly different tempos, so at the end of the song, our students have to try to compensate for the lag by tapping behind what the music is actually playing. We’ll change our rating once that’s fixed–until then, we wouldn’t recommend it!

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