Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 01:30 pm

Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire

Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire

Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by IDSI ARASTIRMA GELISTIRME YAZILIM BILGISAYAR SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th May 2022 with the latest update 28th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire ?

17,207 people have rated 1.22.3

What is the price of the Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire released ?

Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire was released on 7th May 2022.

When was the Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire updated ?

The latest updated date of Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire on 28th April 2023.

Where can Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire from Apple Official App Store.



Imagine you’re completely broke and have nothing but dreams! How are you going to get yourself out of poverty? Can you overcome all the obstacles and change your life?

You’ll have to start from the bottom, living in a small dormitory room, you’ll got no job and no money in your pocket. Find yourself a job to make money for living. If you work hard, you’ll move up fast, find a better job and climb up the career ladder. Build up an amazing career, become a wealthy and respected member of society.

Enjoy playing one of the most exciting real life simulators! This game is as close to real life as it gets. Don’t forget to keep vitals of your character in balance, because they effect the game. Think carefully about your every next step. Your decisions can lead your sim to becoming a millionaire as well as starving to death on the streets.

Maintain good relationships with friends and coworkers. Find yourself a soulmate and make
a virtual family. And don’t forget to treat your character right. Go to gym and hospital, have some
rest, otherwise you won’t have enough energy to build the life of your dream!

Main features:
Earn money, become richer and buy more fancy virtual stuff such as supercars, designer clothes and mansions.
Learn new skills and try various professions to make more money.
Take important decisions that will affect the life of your character, choose wisely, and you’ll end up a millionaire.
The rich also cry, so don’t forget to keep up your spirit by attending concerts, going to
bars or playing in casinos.
Try your luck playing mini games, such as slot machine.

Play Rich Inc. to experience what it’s like to go from rags to riches. Try to become the richest man alive with our life simulator!

Updated on 28th April 2023

In this update:

  • An improved store;
  • New in-store offerings;
  • Several other new features and improvements!

Rich Inc. Idle Life Sim Empire Review

Game helps pass time when bored or slow day.

We’ve been playing this game for about 3 weeks. We are on our second guy. The only money we spent was to buy our guy a mistress, just so he wouldnt be so miserable all the time. Our 37 y/o guy has almost 70 million in his wallet, makes 2+ million a month on business investments, lives on a private island, business lunches with politicians, dates a famous singer, travels in a heavy jet, and wears designer suits. Really think about how you play the game! Strategize! Dont give up so easily lol.

This game is very addicting and fun in our opinion this game is very entertaining and worth installing and we’ve only been playing for maybe 2-3 days!

As a game tester we really enjoyed this game. Im playing for couple weeks and tried everything. Theres somethings need to be improved. We finish the game by being president. Some of skill upgrades taking so long like 50 month and it makes us bored. We like when we are about to die and game giving us option for making it 5 years more by watching ads. Also when offline it would be great to have offline earning. And when we dont have money and we need new job which needs 2million to have you should put a watching ad for making 2 million faster. So far its great.

Good game but it need to some improvement.

We enjoyed this app at first, but halfway into the game each job requires expenses that aren’t worth the "pay increase". Our character was making a much higher net income in the beginning. We also think it’s a little ridiculous that we have to be actively using the app to move forward in education, job experience, pay check, etc. This app doesn’t offer much to do, except play 3 basic mini games and watch the time.

We’ve only started today and we’ve got exceptional money.

This game is great, but we wish there was more to do, Im sitting waiting for us to age up so we can do more.

Its a good game and its fun and many things to do but an objective that we have is that you have to pay a butt load of money for just 1k dollars and $1k is not a lot in this game like you can barely make over 5k to get 1k its $20.00 but its overpriced money dont make the game even less fun its still a great game no shade to the creators.

Its a great game, very entertaining, if you like yo spend money or if you have the money we guess buying the no ads is good but if you dont like paying or you dont have the money this game will give you a headache because every 5-15 seconds an add pops up, what we found helpful instead of having to watch the whole ad which is about 30-45 seconds just close the app and open it again it takes time but like 10 seconds maybe the max to get playing again you save about 20-30 seconds of ads, other than that is a great game we went broke and poor but we had businesses already so that help us out after that instead of trying to level up fast we focused on the businesses purchasing more and upgrading those, also dont be greedy and purchase the accountant that collects for you is a time saver although is expensive in the long run it saves you a ton of time Read!!!! This!!!!!! Dont listen to the guy thats always wining and crying of how unhappy he is cuz he wants this and that and hes never happy just screwed that guy focus on saving money of pay attention the the healt and the happiness businesses will help you pay for the happiness and healt bar so just dont listed to the character hes a freaking imbecile he doesnt know what he wants or whats better for him is up to you to control the outcome of his life so make it a good one.

We would like to say we’ve sunk time into this and enjoyed it without paying a dime we’ve become president and have every car collected BUT even though we are president and am making 300k a month it wont let us have our 10 mil for becoming president? If this wasnt a problem Id easily give this a 5 star.

This game is ok. We think it does a great job at getting young men to think about building wealth from scratch. The downside is that you get stuck in the rat race. We wasnt able to progress that far because we didnt want a girlfriend because they are expensive, distracting and destructive. Hard to progress in this game also when starting and developing businesses. If you truly want to build wealth, get a good job (preferably in the trades), save up 3-5% for a downpayment on a 4 unit property, live in one unit, & rent out the other 3. Then out of the rents, pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance (and upgrades), pay yourself back your down payment, and save up for another one. You are living rent or mortgage free Keep your job. After one year of living there, you can buy another 4 plex, move into that one (the key is that the one you purchase must be owner occupied for at least one year to qualify for the 3-5% down payment), rent out the unit you were living in, and then you will have 7 apartments paying you rent every month. If you do this for 5 years, you will have 20 units paying you rent every month and then you can quit your job, because you have a decent portfolio and the banks will take you seriously enough to loan you money on just about any type of real estate out there. And you can learn alot from YouTube as well on real estate. This game lacks a lot.

You can tell the game was made by men, only male characters, some females enjoy these games as well.

Honestly was fun in the beginning and we would have continued to play until we reached job tier 3. Everything starts going down hill. We tried to save up at first when we realized that the first job on tier 3 would put us in the red so we saved 10k and we claimed the job hoping the next job would help. It didnt and we got three more jobs while watching tons of adds before finally coming to the conclusion that even if the job pays more the requirements will always be more expensive than the job. There was absolutely no benefit. So we gave up and deleted the app. We would suggest making the pay more than the requirements if that makes sense, because then your actually getting somewhere.

The game design overall keeps you engaged and it isnt bad. In order to advance you need to be a crafting age and that helps generate money but it also wastes time. At age 60 you lose 50% of your health EVERY month. At the end of the game its almost impossible to win when youre constantly losing 50% of health. They should make it 25-30%.

Games ok, trying to get out of the res without having to buy with real money. But ny main problems are the ads. Yo go get a job, you HAVE to watch the ads, you get out of the jobs section you HAVE to watch the ads. Go get food? You guest it, ads. Get out of the food option, ads!!!!!!

If only we didnt have to stop and view the same ad every 90 seconds. This is the most absurd level of ads we’ve seen in a game in forever. The living expenses compared to the low wages is tough but not impassible. What makes it impossible is having to stop to view an add while your players health and happiness levels sink in the background. Fix it, Jesus!

This game is a fun game to loose your time when laying on the bed, sitting on the couch with a YouTube video playing in the back so you dont feel alone, however, this game is a bait to spend money on it, to get more money you have to throw yourself into bankruptcy, as every single purchase this game forces you to take can only be solved by paying for more cash or watching at least 10 ads for 1k each so you can at least make it through.

There are ads every 45 seconds on top of whatever ads you play for bonus coins. It ruins the experience.

Overall the game is fun with a nice concept, but the number of ads is outrageous.

The problem is there are way to many ads to enjoy the game.

The game is fun dont get us wrong. BUT it cheats we played this game 4 times and every time we got half way through tier 3 its took everything from us job clothes girlfriend every thing. We would be doing good keeping up health and not in the red and all of a sudden boom it reset our person not the age tho and not the money. Id have to start over from hotdog worker when we were doing perfectly fine at tier 3 and this happened every single time plus the ads are crazy why allow us to watch an ad to get extra money or fast forward time just to make us watch another ad right after for no reason at all theres an add after every 4 clicks its ridiculous we had to delete the game it was unbearable.

Before you read any further you should keep in mind that we purchased the No-Ad thing so we wasnt randomly being bombarded with ads with no reward. Now that you know this you can make a judgement about the game without using the excuse you can just buy out of not having ads. The truth of the matter is that once you get into the third tier of jobs you will ALWAYS be in the red. The game doesnt calculate what you make in your business tab as part of your budget so if you invest an obscene amount of money it can be a bit misleading when your budget doesnt change. That said, we’ve taken an absurd amount of time and virtually money and watching TONS of ads to level up our businesses for almost no profit. Why should we spend 10k on a business thats only going to net us $150 out the gate when we can level the first business about 27 times and make slightly less? Our second problem with the game is that by the time you get to third tier jobs you are ALWAYS in the red because every job forward in that tier and beyond has requirements that are more expensive monthly than youre making. How is it an upgrade of a job if its not paying your new expenses? There should NEVER be a point in the game where from that point forward you HAVE to constantly watch ads to outpace your bills that you only have because the job requires it. The only conclusion we can come up with for this imbalance being here for so long and not being fixed is that they want to claim its not pay to win but are profiting too much from the constant need to watch ADS just to keep going. This is very scummy in our opinion. You can claim that there are multiple ways to play the game but the reality is that there isnt. The highest you can get for profit from working is about $650 (I think on the second tier) but it isnt sustainable the longer you stay there the more unhappy youre character becomes and the more money you need to spend to keep him happy. Then once you reach a certain age he complains we want a girlfriend and you wait until you have quite a bit saved up because this is your second attempt so you know its going to be a spiral as soon as you hit job tier three and as soon as you get the girlfriend it immediately becomes we should be more serious and move our relationship forward without any time in between so your negative debuff doesnt decrease or go away at all. Im done playing. Im tired of constantly running into a wall and making people money off our wasted time watching ads. And you cant say you should try the mini games beca it may say that its good odds but we threw away thousands on the wheel and won nothing over several spins and keep losing happiness on the pick a girl or whatever which means that even if we make money once we have to spend it on raising our happiness because theres really no real way to anticipate what card your pulling. And the rain money game isnt an f-ing game and whoever told you it was is a liar.

So this game really has the makings of possibly being a fun game but unless you plan on putting some money into this you wont go far. We were genuinely enjoying the game but the fact that the time is only recorded when you have the game open & the excessive push for ads really messes it up. If the game could run real time then that would help but ultimately it just pigeonholes you. At where the game is right not in its development is not worth it but has great potential.

We like the game but it should be other ways to move faster.

We only got through the intro and Insta deleted, It is the DUMBEST content we’ve come across (and we have downloaded some weird games!) If youre a 14 year old male youll probably find the game amusing! But its a no for us.

They make the game IMPOSSIBLE if you dont pay. Too bad game delete.

This game is uncool because it seems as if it impossible to win without using your real money. We have made purchases to be able to advance quicker and 1. The game has cheated us out of our age and 2. Keeps making us go to the hospital at 61years of age and we just got finished maybe 1 minute prior going to the hospital. How is this possible? 3. We cant win the game without upgrading all the cars as the president because we cant win enough money even though we paid for the analysis probability option to get better odds of winning. We never get a big payout. We only get the cherries or the cash in the slots and then we have to go right back to the hospital because we only have 5 years left to live. How? Lastly There are way too many ads! We spend more time looking at ads to advance rather than playing the actual game. We need answers. We took screenshots of all of this as well! It is very frustrating to have spent actual money and have nothing to show for it!!!!!

We literally just spent an hour watching ads to try to keep up with our expenses in the game and to speed things up to upgrade jobs. But unfortunately the stuff that youre required to get like the girlfriend puts you in the red and theres no way to get out of debt without watching ads. We upgraded jobs 4x from watching ads and stuff and still cant get out of the red. Deleting the game.

We have to watch add on top of add to try and survive very annoying and wouldnt even start playing if we new what the games was like very addictive for an hour then they lay adds on you, we bought the no adds but we still needed +1000$ 3 times a month which is just boring and un balanced DO NOT PLAY and for some reason when you get to 60 years old you start losing 50hp every month so annoying.

Not happy, we purchased the no ads deal. But, that doesnt stop the ads. Disappointed And in order to win the game, you have to spend $6 upgrading your car and you have to do it 9 times. That is a total of $54. Wow.

It is not fun to play without pay. At certain points moving up positions will be net negative providing no incentive to do so other than game progression. At some point you need to pay to get certain jobs putting the player at huge losses. Job titles do not match up to their pay and makes no sense a CEO makes less than a cleaning company worker which ruins the realism aspect of the game. Jobs have material requirements such as cars/wives/houses while those do NOT provide any benefit/boosts only money losses. Overall a cash grab, not recommended if you dont have ~$100 to spend on removing ads/getting a paid business/pre-reqs etc. Quite honestly one of the worse life sims out there.

We spent week playing this game, watching insane amounts of ads and constantly fighting to have our character earning money instead of going negative. We finally get to the end and only needed to earn enough money to upgrade the last vehicle in our garage to win and there was an update. Since then, there is no option to upgrade the last vehicle and therefore we cant win. Our only option is to allow our character to die of old age and start again. Not cool.

Seemed cool but ads every 2 minutes. Unplayable.

This game doesnt make any sense. Why do we have to have a girlfriend to get a certain job. Its hard to progress without watching ads which is fine but Im deleting the game purely because it is nothing like the ad. The ad said make decisions get rich. So we could have any job with any type of car/companion/food. Like seriously what job asks do you eat hog dogs or hamburgers. Its unrealistic and a stupid waste of time.

Could be good, but 30 minutes into the games, our finance are in the red. To get further into the game, we need to go to school which is 1.8k a month. This, plus all the other expenses require to have the job we currently have make it impossible to continue. Unless we pay. The dev keep commenting we will work on balance yet nothing change. Avoid this.

We really like this game but what made us give it a 1 star is because this is the second game we downloaded and we Always pay the $$ for ad free and we paid the $9 and the ads are still there!!! Why would we pay $9 almost $10 for ad free when there are still ads. We hope they get that bug sorted out and refund our money.

This game is done for you to spend money. Stressful and imposible to finish if you do not buy packs. Additionally, it has a 20 to 30 s video every step of the way. Stay away from this game There are way healthier games. This is not for you to enjoy its for the creators to make money.

Theres no way this game has an honest 4.7 stars. It is designed to MAKE you pay if you would like to continue playing. Simply put; in order to get a new job you have meet certain requirements and buy certain things. Those things cost a lot of money. Sure, the new job pays a little more but eventually ALL these things (that are honestly completely unnecessary when trying to build wealth) cost even more money than you can make. So youre in a deficit each month. Im on job tier 3 right now, just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but its only getting worse. Our profit/loss each month is currently $-1,950 and getting worse. Meanwhile Im watching an ad every 30-45 seconds trying to stay afloat. This game is nothing but an elaborate trap to get you to 1) watch more ads than youve ever thought was humanly possible. We mean its to the point where you spend more time watching ads than you do on the user interface. You cant even focus on a good strategy because youre CONSTANTLY being bombarded with ads that net NO REWARDS. Or 2) give up and spend real money so you either arent going bankrupt or dont have to watch ads the entire time youre playing. This game is lucky to get 1 star.

After the fist two tiers of jobs you are pushed to use ads to get money, since the jobs pay you nothing compared to what your spending you have no other choice. There is a spot where you can make got income on the second tier. However, the character will force you to go up to the next tier to keep him happy which is annoying. There are no benefits to upgrade tiers since it gets progressively more expensive. We like the premise of the game but after being shoved in front of ads every 15-30 seconds just for looking at the job, car , accommodation tabs it gets tiresome quickly. If youre willing to pay for no ads it is a better experience but not worth your money in the long run. TLDR: Forced to watch ads to live.

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