Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption

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Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption


Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Vlambeer vof, Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th March 2013 with the latest update 24th August 2017

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


679 people have rated 1.50

You can download the game Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption from APP STORE.


A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters.

Follow Billy as he tries to find redemption from his uncertain past. Chase your destiny on the high seas and embark on a heroic quest for glory and gills.

  • Hours of gameplay across the continents including a never-ending Infinite arcade world.
  • Dozens of unlockables, weapons and items including popular fishing gear like the Most Expensive Hairdryer In The World and A Bowling Ball.
  • Fish that become hats.
  • No IAP – buy the game, play the game. No additional costs, no hidden fees. Even the hats are IAP-free.
  • Fish that become hats.

Based on Vlambeers popular 2010 original, Ridiculous Fishing was lovingly handcrafted over the course of two years by Vlambeer (Super Crate Box), Zach Gage (TypeShift, Spelltower, Bit Pilot, Unify) and Greg Wohlwend (Threes, Hundreds, Solipskier, Gasketball).

Winner of the Apple Design Award 2013; Nominated for the 2011 Independent Games Festival Awards; Declared Most Important News Story 2011 by industry magazine Control International; Featured in The New York Times;

"Ridiculous Fishing is such a complete package that it’s an effortless recommendation." ~ Eli Hodapp (TouchArcade) – (5 / 5)

"Every aspect of the game, from the rewarding upgrade system to the unique graphics, displays an intricate craftsmanship we rarely see on the App Store." ~ Chris Reed (Slide2Play) – (4 / 4)

"Vlambeer’s game is, as its title suggests, ridiculous. In its simple, gleeful rhythms of play, it’s sublime, too." ~ EDGE – (9 / 10)

"One of the most mechanically satisfying experiences you’ll ever find, and wrapped in a dazzlingly cool aesthetic." ~ Eli Cymet (Gamezebo) – (5 / 5)

"It makes the mass destruction of innocent sea life absolutely adorable." ~ Andrew Webster (The Verge)

"I’ve come to think of Ridiculous Fishing as the unofficial game of Wes Anderson’s movie The Life Aquatic." ~ Rob Hearn (PocketGamer)

"Ridiculous Fishing is from an alternate iPhone gaming universe where Nintendo is the production quality standard and action is everything." ~ Robert Ashley (A Life Well Wasted)

"A rare pearl amidst the endless sardines of iOS games." ~ Chris Bateman (International Hobo)

"I’m hooked up to an IV and playing Ridiculous Fishing. One is medicine, the other is a painkiller." ~ Ben Kuchera (PA Report)

"Ridiculous Fishing is something very special." ~ exp. Magazine

Updated on 24th August 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

This compatibility update of Ridiculous Fishing brings support for new iOS devices and functionality. Two brand-new speedrun leaderboards to fish fast for, and haptic feedback support for devices that support it.

Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption Reviews

Our kids started playing this on their hand-me-down iOS devices and were in awe at our achievements! We came back to play and found it not very updated. Lot of scaling problems with the higher resolution phones but who cares, its still a lot of fun. Dev, thanks for a fun game.

A truly great game. One word: More. 4 years and counting. Still waiting. You gots this. Give it to us! Update: still no more. Need more. Look at "plague inc." you could be millionaires with a cult following for years. We will pay for more!! Update May 2018: we still look all the time for more. Or a sequel. We are begging you. All of us are begging you. Where can we send the cash? Seriously. Update Oct 2018: Please? We are tossing money to worthless games. We want to give it to you. Update Dec 2019, with sugar on top? Just tell us where to donate. Im begging you. Where can we send money? Still the best. 2020 Update July 2020. Virtual fishing. Perfect for a pandemic. Pleeease! More. We will keep begging.

Used to be an amazing, if not the best game on the App Store. Unfortunately, now, the UI is tiny, and we cant see jack. Please fix this, vlambeer! Many people have said they want it fixed and Id absolutely love it, too!

Love this game, but needs a whole new remodel for new end devices ex. Iphone 6 and up.

We have been playing for years. This game always made the boring, less boring. Definitely worth it.

This is one of those rare solid gems of a game; on par with games like FTL, The Executive, Out There, Hoplite. Brings you many hours of melancholy happiness and makes you forget about other stuff for awhile. Please make more games. This is a masterpiece… Although not like the company who made Out There 2… Which got worse.

We got this app years ago and played it once. So, the other day, Im on hour 4 of a 6 hour plane ride, and we’ve listened to all the music and audiobooks we can tolerate. Im scrolling through our phone looking for something new and we find this preposterous thing! Two hours later, our wife has to nudge us to say the plane has landed and we have to get off. She thought Id lost our mind, all the more so when we tried to explain the premise of the game. The thing is, there is no barrier to entry. Any idiot can play instantly. But theres a lot to learn – rolled out at just the right pace. And no jamming you up for money. What a breath of fresh air! And the humor in the game is just the greatest – no small part of its appeal. This is just perfect for withdrawing from the world yet retaining the ability to rejoin, reluctantly, if needed. The best!!!

Are you EVER going to update for iPhone X series or have you abandoned this game? Been a long time since any love has been given to this great game. Used to be our go to for easy fun time killing but haven’t played much since other games look so sweet on the extra screen real estate. Thx.

Im mad because we used to love this game so much but we just redownloaded it after a while and it isnt working? Everything is so small and you cant see the prices for anything.

We ADORE this game. The art is beautiful and the story is minimalist and sweet. The gameplay is addictive and engaging without being too difficult. This is one of the few games that, on our first play through, we worked hard to unlock all of the hard-to-catch species. All that being said, this app NEEDS a compatibility update. We cant play it on our current device. We know things have been a little quiet, but if the developer sees this, we hope theyre able to revisit the game to make it compatible on newer devices! Thanks for letting us fish ridiculously!

Love this game was one of the first games we ever got and brings us a lot of nostalgia to play.

The only good game on the App Store tbh.

Used to love playing this game with our little brother when we were kids. Very nostalgic. Now its borderline unplayable. We would pay for an updated game or even a new one, Im sure many others would too. See ya, Billy.

We love this game! Please update for iPhone X!

We love this game, we’ve played this game for years and we’ve wanted to play it again recently, but as soon as we downloaded it, we saw that the UI and interface are all messed up, the visuals are not how theyre supposed to be, and we wish that could be fixed so we could all enjoy the game again. We use an Iphone 8 plus and we’ve also heard this bug affects IPhone Xs, and itd just be a dream come true if we got an update for this. We wouldnt even want them to add anything to the game, just to make it playable. Because to us its already perfect as it is, its just this minor inconvenience that really doesnt allow anyone to play or get the full experience.

Literally the best game ever created.

Needs to be updated for the bigger phones other wise a masterpiece!

Please update for the newer iPhones.

We really love the concept of this game. But it would be amazing if you guys made it support the full screen of XS Xr and XS Max devices.

But this one had us hooked (pun intended). Highly recommended if you enjoy games that aren’t too challenging and provide consistent feedback and rewards.

We get to the play again! So happy!

We played this awhile ago with our dad we redownloaded it and reset our data. This game if you know what youre doing is about 3-4 hours long (if you cheat by changing time on your iPad/phone) But this brought us to tears… The ending just the memories from when we were younger. We know this havent been updated but its a lovely game with all heart poured into it. We would love a sequel even though that probably wont happen. Thank you to the devs. And thank you to all the people who enjoy this game.

Ridiculous fishing brings a fun concept and adds so much more onto it. It is definitely worth the money, add this to your collection and you won’t regret it.

A truly great game. One word: More. 6 years and counting. Still waiting. You gots this. Give it to us! Update: still no more. Need more. Look at "plague inc." you could be millionaires with a cult following for years. We will pay for more!! Update May 2018: we still look all the time for more. Or a sequel. We are begging you. All of us are begging you. Where can we send the cash? Seriously. Update Oct 2018: Please? We are tossing money to worthless games. We want to give it to you. Update Dec 2019, with sugar on top? Just tell us where to donate. Im begging you. Where can we send money? Still the best. 2020 Update July 2020. Virtual fishing. Perfect for a pandemic. Pleeease! More. We will keep begging. Update May 2023. Our life cannot be complete without more. You complete us one might say. If one wanted a copyright infringement lawsuit. Please. More?

Just wow. This game made us cry at the end. We recommend this to everyone. Even if you hate fishing. To the levels to the fish you can just tell the developers put their heart and soul into this game. We have loved this game since it came out and we still keep replaying it. Amazing work. Thank you.

We’ve been using iOS since the App Store. This is easily our favorite game. For 5-6 years we’ve hoped for a vol. 2, content pack, or something similar but its never come. We’ve honestly deleted the app and cleared the data just to replay it. This is worth whatever its being sold for these days. Its a fantastic game.

We are so happy that they updated this game for the latest iOS. We were bored the other week and remembered "that great fishing game" and found it on our purchased apps. We got the message about it not being compatible on the next iOS and had a panic attack. Well worth the money, our kid loves it too. Fun game, fun times, hours of entertainment. Offline play (which is rare these days, we’re looking at you, Mario Go) When we are offline is when we want to play!

We want to be able to use our finger not this phone sensor thing when am in the car it our phone tilts the other way and we miss up and thats pissing us off please fix so we can use our finger to control it thank you.

We Love the idea of a good grinding game and this is the one for us, but sadly we notice that the game is having a lot of problems: 1. When you start the game the menu and everything is too small to see what you are doing, 2. The store function works ok, however we cannot tell of if we bought something or not and thats one of many other problems with this game. We hope that the developers have the time to fix these issues as soon as possible. We still think that this game deserves to have a good 5/5 star rating if these issues were fixed then maybe many people would have a better experience with this the same as we do.

This game is actually amazing its so much more than a time waster theres a story a strong one thank you.

We have been playing this game since day one, and we cant believe that it has t lost its appeal. No ads, simple mechanics and pretty good sense of humor. Our only complaint is that its in a very very small aspect ratio on the modern iPhones.

One of the most amazing games to ever grace the AppStore. Been a fan of this for a decade.

We were about seven years old when we first played this game. Our mom had it on her ipad and we were hooked from the very first time we played it. Every time we went in her room, we played this on her ipad while she watched whatever show on the tv. We remember actually "completing" the game when she was asleep and being so shocked and surprised we had to take a few minutes. We were still seven years old so we couldn’t comprehend everything, but we know it was significant. Now we’re sixteen years old and this game has always managed to come into our mind. We downloaded it for myself just yesterday and we’ve been addicted. It’s so simple, yet so interesting that it just pulls you back in for more. The game hasn’t changed much since we first played it and we’re glad. We’re amazed by the simplicity of the game and how nostalgic it’s made us. Our life is going at a million miles per hour, but it’s nice to sit back and play this game. We even showed our mom and we ended up having a conversation about how excited we were playing the game. We’re extremely happy this game is still available and we really believe it’s worth every penny. Of course, we have a connection to it so one may say we’re biased, but we really believe it. It’s simple, but really brings you in to play it again and again. We can only hope you’ll have as much fun playing it as we do.

We have spent over $1,000 in games for iOS, and we can say with confidence that we regret 99% of our purchases. This game, however, from the moment we bought it and up to today, has always been worth it. It combines a unique approach to iOS games that rely on movement of your phone with a story that will make you laugh and cry. The story is emotional and well told, but also completely unessential to the gameplay. If you just want that high score, you dont have to pay attention to the story, because it doesnt matter! If you want it though, the story is there for you, with its loving message about family and redemption. We wouldnt recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a realistic fishing game, but we would recommend it to anyone who wants to play a fun game that combines the most essential parts of life: fishing, hunting, and family. P.S. There are many clones of this game, please dont buy them. Ridiculous Fishing was made by the original developers of Radical Fishing, the first game that combined fishing with throwing fish in the air and shooting them. This is the original game, dont pay for clones!

BEST GAME WVERRR we are not a bot im a bella.

We’ve been playing this game and we can’t stop.

This is the all time best mobile game and we just wish it was more playable on the newer iPhones.

We were hoping that the next update would be that big update with all the extra content. But it’s been 3 years we should probably let go.

Ridiculous fishing, from its gameplay hook to its precision, its music and immersive world building via its in universe mobile apps. Splendid, sometimes even heartfelt game. But lately, we’ve encountered a scaling bug that really takes away from the experience. Everything is just tiny now! Is a fix planned? Thanks, -jack.

Played through this game about 8 times in our life havent seen 1 ad or in game purchase its short and with no new update its hard to play BUT still playable we will never stop loving this amazing game. AND YOU CAN STILL BUY THINGS JUST SEARCH AROUND FOR THE PURCHASE BUTTON IN THE ALL WHITE AREA THE GAME IS STILL 100% PLAYABLE.

Its worth the price, its amazing and tons of fun its good if you want to waste time!!

We love this game but its unplayable on a full size screen. Please update it!!

Almost unplayable on iPhone 11 Pro. Hope to see another compatibility upgrade.

This is a great game. Its needs an update so badly its almost impossible to play now as you advance in the levels. Please give this one an update or release a newer better version. If you keep making them Ill keep playing them.

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