Tsuro – The Game of the Path

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Tsuro – The Game of the Path


Tsuro – The Game of the Path is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Thunderbox Entertainment Ltd., Tsuro – The Game of the Path is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd February 2016 with the latest update 20th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Family, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,374 people have rated 1.12

You can download the game Tsuro – The Game of the Path from APP STORE.


"Utterly fantastic… I cannot recommend Tsuro enough. An absolute must buy for sure." – App Addict
"Tsuro is the perfect relaxing game… I can’t recommend it highly enough." – App Unwrapper
"A phenomenal digital board game experience… a must have." – Apple ‘n’ Apps

Create your own journey with Tsuro: The Game of the Path. Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but take care! Other players’ paths can lead you in the wrong direction – or off the board entirely! Paths will cross and connect, and the choices you make affect all the journeys across the board.

"One of the prettiest apps you’ll ever see… as close as you can get to opening up a box and playing the cardboard version." – Board Game Geek

The intricate artwork of the original game is brought to life with fluid animation and sparkling pyrotechnics. Every component has been recreated in meticulous detail, including the box!

Intuitive controls deliver a board game experience so real you could almost touch it.

Classic Tsuro, plus 3 new ways to play, exclusive to the digital version: Solo, Loop Battle and Longest Path.

Tsuro is easy enough for anyone to pick up… but it requires cunning and strategy to become a master.

Tsuro supports up to 8 players, around one device or online. Play live against your friends on Game Center and Facebook, or go solo to see who can build the longest path.

Choose from 3 AI personalities to challenge your strategic skill.

Over 50 achievements put your path-building skills to the ultimate test.

Record your longest, loopiest moves and share them with your chums (supported hardware only).

Updated on 20th October 2021

Online improvements, better turn alerts, bug fixes.

Tsuro – The Game of the Path Reviews

We are going to start out by saying this game is a fun game. We played the real game at a friends house and loved it so we bought it on the App Store. We really like it and recommend it.

We’ve owned the physical board game for years, and this is an excellent implementation! It breathes new life into a classic game.

We love this game! We love that you can play 2 player, play with coms and you dont have to play with your friends.

A great digital copy of the board game.

A great digital copy of the board game!

Games that have an unpredictability of how the game board is created and have strategy in placement. Making you think ahead are always fun games. The replay ability is awesome and fast quick games are always nice! Great game. Wish you could shift or rotate the entire game board when placing the tiles at the very far edge on board. We do like how you can see the layout of the track before placing the tile though. Also it would be nice to continue to play a computer instead of your ghost. But its still an amazing game. Thanks!

Theres a physical version of this and a Sea themed game with dice, sea monsters… Would be nice to see that made for iOS!

An awesome thinking relaxing game highly recommended.

You should add Some game modes like tournaments and campaing mode where you Battle AIs and every level gets harder and the tokens should look like humans and walk like humans.

This game is easy to learn, simple and fast to play, and actually has several types of challenges to increase your interest level. Also, for those social butterflies, there is the ability to other real people. However, you have to connect to Facebook to interact with other living beings. This is truly an excellent game! Our only suggestion to the developer(s) is make the game playable directly through Apples built in Messenger App, too. We are not a fan of Facebook and its data collection policies/practices. So, we do not give anything access to our Facebook account. But, we would still love to play this game with our wife and friends directly.

TrueType enjoyable puzzle game with all the options.

Twenty-Two paths diverged on a game board and we I took the one less traveled by, And that has added to soothing our headache as we ran in circles, and that has made all the difference. SirTitan Frost.

Its slow, clunky and hard to had friends. Terrible interface for a $5 game. Looks great, and is fun but pass&play is pretty much the only good thing.

We loved this game and usually had 5 games going on. After the update we just couldnt play it anymore. It is incredibly slow connecting to the cloud that we ended up just deleting the game. Very sad because this was one of the best games out there.

After updating, the game-center games we were playing no longer appear, even after we "linked" to game center. We are baffled why we should have do anything to continue using game center. This is just one more in a long line of incoveniences the developers seem to enjoy putting into the app. Others include a startup animation that repeats at least once a day on ios12, a board that can’t be viewed from above, and lots of unnecessary gestures and long animations.

Maybe we’re butthurt. But this new multiplayer that erased games irks us. Had a game streak for more than a year now with some auto match person, C Lesley. Now we’ll never find them again. Maybe a chat option would be cool too, but people are dumb so maybe not. Now we’re tempted to delete this game.

We loved playing loops against the computer, now we can’t, we have to play unavailable humans or by myself. Why oh why did you ruin a great game?

Highly addictive strategy game with lots of replay value.

We love the variants for this game. The functionality and options are great. We much prefer this to the physical game now.

We downloaded this game to play with our 4 year old grandson. He loves it! Especially when he gets to take his picture multiple times and loves it when he can run us into the wall and watch our stone blow up! We are still total rookies, but this game is great for teaching little ones directionality and how to make a path.

When we had the 8 Plus this game was fun and gorgeous. With the iPhone X the aspect ratio changed and the apps been updated and its as beautiful as its ever been.

Its Tsuro! Very pretty and faithful to the boardgame. Minus one star because the animations, while gorgeous, take a long time and Id like to be able to turn them off. Also, the lack of text for the icons meant that we were really confused for a while when trying to set up a game vs the AI.

We really Love Tsuro! This app is so relaxing just like the tabletop version.

We get that the soothing animations are part of the experience, but when we want to jump into the game to knock out a quick turn, we don’t want to wait for the box to open, it the board to set up dramatically. Or the buttons to slide into view. Just drop us onto the dang game! Tried turning on "economy visuals" and turbo mode or whatever. Still wasting 20 seconds on a 10 second turn.

Beautiful adaptation of simple, fun tabletop tile placement game. Like others, Im hoping for a matchmaking and multiplayer update that doesnt use Facebook.

We enjoy playing, but when Im playing io, how do we get it to make the first move? They said they would correct that, but… Oh wait… Nope. Lol. It was a good game until then.

Was better when you could play the ai. Now the only option is multiplayer. Why?

We bought this mobile game after enjoying the board game and was disappointed. The concept of the game is great but theres to much extra stuff layered on over the game(Ads for other games and in game animations mostly). Playing against AI is difficult to work as well.

We love this game! It is very fun and the stones and board are beautiful. We would just recommend it is made possible to chose your picture from existing photos and not have to take a selfie. Also, there is this problem where it says our most loops is 18 but our total loops is 3. We overall rate it 5 stars, although please fix these problems.

Great but still has some bugs at iPhone4s. It will stop working sometimes !

We have long enjoyed this tile game and was excited to see it go digital on iOS. This is a beautiful implementationsmooth, elegant, and feels consistent with the character of the original game.

This game is beautiful and we love the animation and everything about it! Our only problem is that when we try to play alone (as in with one stone), we try to start the game by tapping the deck and it bugs out! The game freezes for a second and then brings us to our phone screen. Other than that, we absolutely LOVE this game! Update as of 1/15/18 we TOTALLY love this game! We managed to help the bug by restarting the app whenever it happens. It seems to have been fixed, so we’ve updated the star rating! We recommend this game for fun with friends or even alone! Its an all-around amazing game.

Challenging yet zen-like and calm, this is a beautifully-rendered board game that translates very satisfyingly to tablet.

The game couldnt be simpler, or more relaxing. Its not deeply strategic, but you do have to remember your tiles and know what you have so you know what you should play. Really enjoying this relaxing game.

By far a great game. Would love to see some more updates. We think itd be really cool if you could increase the board size so theres more commotion and strategy. Hope its kept awesome!

The initial load screen is entertaining the first few times, but gets boring. Otherwise thus is a great boardgame and nicely implemented as an app.

A very good game, but unplayable on the X due to the screen size of the device. The developer(s) did indicate that they are fixing the app for iPhone X. So we will change our review when that happens Update Jan 12 2018 This game is now playable on the iPhone X. The Apple strip to indicate the swipe from the bottom could be a bit annoying. But does not spoil the casualness of this game.

Very fun to play! One bug, when eliminating an AI opponent and you can choose (drag) a card from the eliminated player the game suddenly quits. Over and over again this has happened to us.

We second the Facebook issues. We are not on Facebook. You can play with your Game Center friends. But Since Game Center is dead. There is no way to add friends. We tried playing nearby friends it doesnt seem to be working. Kinda wish we didnt buy it. Except for the fact the solo version makes it interesting. Update….. Got a response from developer they say they are working on multiplayer to make it better. It was a quick response too! So we changed our rating fro 3 stars to 4.

As a book is to a movie, this digital version is to its board game counterpart; a pale comparison. Placement of game elements and notifications around the board, deeply diminish the experience. Placing the stone can be frustrating, and there is no way to undo the start piece. Long loading time for a relatively lackluster experience. The sounds are ok. The constant push toward social media is a bit much. Remove the extra stuff. It was the simplicity of the original board game which made it so good.

This game is awesome. This app is not. The animations are beautiful, but they are slow and you have to wait through a lot before you play. You have to transition to the main screen to swap between games. You cant create games between game center friends only through Facebook. Worst of all… Looks like it was updated for iPhone X but it looks worse, cant see all the controls, and cant send the Facebook notification, cant see the go button. It looked better before the update. Update: the most recent update fixes the iPhone X issues. The developers havent addressed the other issues mentioned. Update 2: so not all iPhone X issues were fixed. Cant tap the go button when the Facebook send move view comes up.

Sitting right next to our wife, we both have IOS 11, iPad Pros, both logged in to FB, and we cant play against each other!! Well both get (maybe) 1 move in, and then it freezes. We both clear our board to try again, and it still has our last move from the previous game! Freezes again. Lame and frustrating…

New AR mode is pointless and the 3D viewpoint and dragging tile mechanic makes it harder to see the board and actually pretty ugly. We miss the simpler top-down version.

We love this board game, and the iOS version has been even more fun. Until now. It refuses to let us play the game without logging into Facebook. If we click not now, the game crashes. Fix ASAP or lose your customer base!!!! Youve COMPLETELY ruined what was a perfectly fun game. We want to play the game, not connect our family iPad to our personal Facebook account!

You have to connect to Facebook in order to play? Really? Time to delete the game!

We love the game Tsuro and used to like this app as a way to play it, but since the latest update if we click "Not Now" when prompted to connect the app to Facebook the app crashes.

Lots of fun. Just like the board game!

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