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ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online

ROBOKRIEG - Robot War Online

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online! Developed by the innovative team at Krieg Games s.r.o., this Action game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 18th December 2016, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 31st August 2019.

Are you a fan of Action, games? Then ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online

Over 107 players have rated ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online Cost?

Good news! You can download ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online on your iOS device absolutely free!

ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online Release Date

Eager to know when ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online first graced the App Store? It was launched on 18th December 2016.

When Was ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online Last Updated?

The latest version of ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online was updated on 31st August 2019, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online?

To get started with ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online

A free sci-fi 3D online multiplayer robot war game for mobile devices.

Select your robot from many mech machines and upgrade its destructive powers! Join the robot force of tens of thousands of real players and drive into ferocious team deathmatch and special CTB mode battles!

Choose from many different robots and drones.

Improve your robot parameters with multiple upgrades.

Join epic robot battles on many cosmic landscapes (Mars, Saturnus and many others).

Cooperate with friends via platoon play or create/join epic clans and dominate in Clan Wars.

Experience entertaining gameplay and thrilling wins!

Enjoy the high-res graphics, detailed robot models, realistic robot animations, moody scene lighting and spectacular particle effects.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online updated on 31st August 2019:

  • NEW big mighty robot – The PROTECTOR!

User Reviews on ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of ROBOKRIEG – Robot War Online below:

Idk man we give it 5 stars just cuz we use to play this game and we vaguely remember It kept us from being bored.

THIS IS A GREAT GAME. We want all robots.

This game is crazy like we fight a lot of robots.

We love this game! Stomping around as big robots and taking out the enemy has never been so fun.

Really enjoy the game. You dont have to pay to play. Easy to get coins and upgrade robots. You can buy bots and coins if you want but you dont have to. But please update the game, you are losing players in mass!!! Maybe a new map or two and a couple bots or something. Players are getting VERY discouraged. No one is playing anymore. The clans are dead and players are quitting. We know its an older game for you devs, 3years, but come on. You still have players that love this game like we do. DO SOMETHING TO KEEP US!!!

This is a good game not gonna lie, but we would like it if you could add a few new features and stuff for a update. First of all, Torso Time shouldnt be a thing because youre only supposed to see the back of the Torso, never the front. Second of all, since this is a remake of War Robots(Dont lie and say it isnt because it is), it should have Titans at a certain level to make the game more fun. Robokrieg, please add that as a update. Im sure it will make the game more fun.

We have a couple hours put into the game and have enjoyed it. Pros 1) Bot Design Variation 2) HUD and Aiming Capabilities 3) Not P2W Driven Cons 1) Little Map Variation 2) No Customization 3) Lacking in Strategy we hate to say that War Robots is the gold standard for Robot Combat Games. This game is checkers to WR chess. The bots in this game are fun but there are no load outs so there isnt any personalization. Matches consist of shooting AI bots faster than they can shoot you. Its fun to play for a while but nothing to invest in at this time. Hope they add in some customization to the bots and keep progressing.

The game wont let us play it. Im running the game on an XR and a hi speed wifi connection yet, it keeps saying our network is slow when its the opposite. Methinks you dont have enough servers for the player base.

Came to the game through Armored Aces a pretty ok tank game. This game is nothing like that. This game is stupid. No point if references. No back story no nothing. Just a waste of time. So stupid it has us questioning all the games by this company. So so sad.

This game is top quality but it should be more similar to the drone one because whenever we use a teir 3 robot it puts us with teir 4-5-6 robots and we dont stand a chance but in drone war all of the servers are balanced with teir 1-2-3 in one game and higher teirs separated also the ability to swap cannons and to ad balance upgrades will take time to install adding these features will make it even more quality also robots should cost less.

It would be nice to know when someone is on chat by having a green dot on , having the name of the clan over the robot and have a avatar along with the clan name and the name you use in the game keep up the good work we hope you take our recommendations it would improve the game thanks.

This game is good Im surprised this games rating is only 3.9 because we love it we play it more than war robots and as far as the loading screen sometimes when it takes its time we close the app and that usually helps and even if it is a rip-off we wouldnt consider it one (for one thing war robots doesnt have flying units) its just a really cool game that we strongly recommend.

We used to think that this Game was a Knockoff and was Lame, but its actually quite Enjoyable. Everything looks pretty Cool and the Movement System has been greatly improved and its not Pay To Play like War robots is. Great Game!

The game has been fixed and as promised, we adjusted our rating. Very fun game and a nice alternative to war robots.

Every time we try playing because we love the game, the game just stays on the first loading screen right as we enter the game. :(

Please do something about these wimpy sounding weapons. It feels like Im playing with our sons toys. Then theres this trotting movement with walking bots. We know it cant be done overnight but bring on the improvements please. Im pretty active so we would like to continue to be. Thanks, KILLSWITCH.

This game looked cool but on the second screen we would wait half an hour and it wont load. We believe this is a new glitch and a common one, so If you please, FIX IT NOW.

Game wont load past secons screen.

Three strikes youre out. We even went one better to a fourth attempt to download. Makes us wonder if they provided the Chrome App to the Apple App Store… SMH.

Looked interesting but never loaded.

Game just sets on what seems to be a loading screen, no sound or even music. Just sets there, waste of time and over a gig of space to download.

Our son tried to get the app to open for about half an hour and was super frustrated because it wont open.

Found our NEW daily Mech fix. Love this game gonna invest some money just because we want it to do good. Totally skilled based game, not pay to win at all. Names MechLovin so you can trust us guys. Make the switch youll thank us.

So far this game is pretty awesome from what we expected. Although it can do away with some of the voices, overall, the graphics, physics, motion, and overall gameplay is great quality. Hopefully in the future updates they can improve the sounds of the shots fired so they dont sound so arcade like. Overall we recommend this game.

We’re not sure about the negative reviews, but we have enjoyed the game so far. It’s still in its growing and improving, the developers are active and working on updates. It’s a different game from WR and we like it. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to what’s next!

A ripped off version of wot and wr.

Needs a lot of work. Flying bots are uncontrollable. Shooting controls not responsive and right side of screen jumps to a magnified version if you miss the fire button and you loose all contact with the game. Not going to waste our time to see if it gets better,later. It only has room to improve.

Bad tries to copy warwalkingrobota.

It looks awesome but it won’t load. Fix that and get more stars.

Fake opponents and allies, unique weapons and bots, convaluted controls that sporadically stop working. Really nice backgrounds and cool maps (could always have more maps.) What ever they do to match opponents is sub par at best. Problems that have been common: being out numbered, half your team is awol or not real, unfair teams. Takes a bit of grinding or $ to gather better bots. So game play gets tedious and boring when grinding. Can only get bigger tougher bots by buying everything before it on linear tech-tree. Each (3) faction has one of these tech-trees. It’s is a decent game but better ones exist.

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